The Obvious Nature of Scripted Sports

For those that don’t know, I used to be a major sports fan most of my life. I gave my time, money, energy, and emotion away to the NFL, NHL, NBA, and NCAA for decades, like everybody else in the blue collar city I was raised in. It was only over the last year or two did I suspect something wasn’t quite right. Since then, it’s been a bumpy ride from “the referees are fixing these games” to “everybody, including the players and coaches, are in on it”.

Nowadays when I turn on a game I laugh a little at how obvious the scripting is. When it’s a hometown team, it’s better if I don’t watch at all since when I see my hometown teams purposely throwing a game and my friends and family back home are in a bad mood, I get very angry at the deceit. For more on my work tying sports with Intelligence, please see the comments in these two posts, where I was posting as MH.

While watching the Buffalo Bills purposely allow touchdowns to the New England Patriots this past Sunday, I got angry and started looking for Youtube videos discussing some more about scripted NFL games. What I found was disinfo, which I will get into. But first, watch this 3 minute video which is the absolute best evidence I have ever seen of scripted sports.

I want to make clear, that Youtube poster is disinfo. There are 4 or 5 giveaways that he is, however the replay he is showing is real and that’s my purpose for presenting it to you.

In that video, there is absolutely no logical explanation for what is happening besides scripting. It proves conclusively that the referees did not look for the ball once they got into the fumble pile, and called a change of possession based on nothing at all. And then there is the offensive player with the ball in his hand, waving it in the air.

Now let’s say the NFL is legit, and that this was just an extremely embarrassing situation of the referees being incompetent. The Browns head coach would’ve gone ballistic to the point the cameras would have recorded him. The Browns players would be throwing their helmets and screaming at the top of their lungs. The announcers would have mentioned the horrible mistake, and the Browns coach would have challenged. If he was out of challenges and this play would have been allowed to stand, it would have been all over Sportscenter and would’ve been on every “funky story of the day” on every news broadcast from Washington D.C. to Bangladesh. If you think the NFL would want to hide an embarrassing moment by a referee, then you obviously never heard of the Fail Mary or watch ESPN blaming the refs week after week.

But instead we never heard about it. Despite knowing they didn’t fumble, the Browns accepted the call and continued on with the game, a game they ended up losing. Note that this was a fumble in the 4th quarter in a one possession game! This was a pivotal possession that the Browns needed. There is just no explanation for what happened here. It was a total exposure of the NFL’s scripted nature.

So why would disinfo want to lead us in this direction? Well, many fans and former fans are onto this direction anyway. Note that in the description he blames the scripting on “Vegas”. Saying “it’s all about the money” has been a disinfo go-to for years, leading us away from the social engineering.

Another thing they are doing is discrediting by association. Take a look at the speaker in this video, Tony De Lorenzi. His squeeky voice, oversized glasses, and “dweeby” demeanor is meant to make you think “Ha! look at these idiots”.

Here’s another video of Tony, opening his eyes as wide as possible and conveniently placing a Marijuana leaf poster in the background. See, only stupid, weird, crazy, stoner college kids think sports are fixed. No reasonable person would think they are.


As I’m typing this, the Cleveland Indians just hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the 8th inning at home during game 7 of the World Series to tie the game at 6-6. The Indians have not won a World Series since 1948 and the Cubs have not won since 1908. How dramatic. Almost like it was scripted 😉

Cleveland has not won any titles from any of their sports team since 1948. They, along with Buffalo, have been known as the “loser” sports city. But in the last two years Lebron James came back to Cleveland and they won the NBA title this year. (they just showed Lebron on the TV celebrating), and now the Indians may win the same year.

This is all very reminiscent of Boston, whose Red Sox did not win the World Series for 80 years before coming back from a 3-0 game deficit against their arch-rival Yankees to win the conference and then win the World Series. Soon after we saw a Stanley Cup for the Boston Bruins, an NBA championships for the Boston Celtics, and continuing Super Bowls for the New England Patriots.

Are we seeing the same thing with Cleveland? Why? How does this all tie together?

29 thoughts on “The Obvious Nature of Scripted Sports

  1. If making Cleveland teams champs, then what is with all the shit calls against the Browns that seem to make them lose. The Browns have never even been to a super bowl. I believe there is game rigging, but not to the extent you talk about.


    1. I used to be where you are at, but as I opened my eyes I see it every single game now. It took a while to deprogram my years of watching sports before I can see how obvious it is.

      I don’t know why they want the Browns to suck, but you can see in the video above that it is being done on purpose. It’s not “shit calls”, but obvious scripting.


      1. Check out this article that addresses the fumble in the Browns game.

        These things stand out…
        1. The article mentions one camera angle that supports the Browns (Johnson) recovering the ball. That video has been removed from the article.

        There is a supposed quote from Browns All-Pro guard, Joe Thomas, where he says, ‘I saw the Redskins defense with the ball on the ground, meaning the play was over and then the ball switched hands after that.’
        How convenient! The Browns best player succinctly sums up what happens, and it concurs with the NFL ruling!
        Most interestingly, Will Compton, the Redskins player who supposedly recovered the fumble, tweeted this strange statement…

        Will Compton

        Must be an extra ball Bc I had a ball too..

        While watching the video, I couldn’t understand what the ref could possibly be seeing that would prompt her to signal Redskins possession. Is it possible that another ball was somehow planted?
        Obviously, not all players are in on these coordinated plays, otherwise, everyone would have just allowed the Redskins to legitimately recover, and Johnson wouldn’t have displayed the ball like he did.

        One last bit of info.. In 146 career rushing attempts, this was Johnson’s only fumble.


        1. It shows that the NFL already has a playbook for when obvious scripting gets exposed.

          They get a respected veteran on the losing team to support the refs. They say that the call on the field stands and the play was either unreviewable or “not enough video evidence to overturn it”.

          I wouldn’t be so quick to say not everybody is in on it. Can you direct a film if only 15 of the 22 actors on the screen know their lines? I think it’s more likely Johnson forgot his “lines”. He must have been strongly reprimanded after the game for such a bonehead move like raising the ball (or even recovering it).

          The Compton tweet is indeed strange.


          1. I leave the question open about the percentage of players “in on it.”
            I will say, that the more players relied upon to follow the script, the more difficult it might be to actually maintain control.
            Like with most fake events, it really wouldn’t take very many “actors” to produce the final result. In fact, it might add legitimacy if most players thought things were on the up and up. You get most players actually trying hard and competing… the product would then look more real.
            I would suppose that there are multiple ways that a game and/or score could be manipulated, without having to involve more than the refs and a few, key players.
            I could be wrong, of course. I understand that you have researched this far longer than I have. I guess it’s just difficult for me to wrap my head around the thought that every single player on every team, plus all the coaches and refs are complicit.


            1. My knowledge is centered on baseball and if you’ll take a gander at the layout of a baseball field, the design is a compass and square- Then take a look at the Freemasonic seal- Compass and square- I suspect all major team sports are this way, a league of lodges, in effect, where loyalty oaths and ritual progression is a mandatory part of a ballplayer’s development- By the time you get to the show, you have been thoroughly vetted- The skills of your average big leaguer are developed not just for surface qualities, like control or speed or power, but also how to use those skills to appear to make errors- Jon Lester’s wildness in game seven this week looked to me to be the use of pin point control to give the illusion of wildness- He and his catchers practice this sort of thing- Miscrients like Tony LaRussa and Earl Weaver, and now Joe Maddon, are praised as geniuses and have very long careers because they are brilliant stage managers, not tacticians- (Joe Maddon and tactician in the same breath- Forgive me)
              Football seems harder to manage, but with unlimited substitutions, the right players can be inserted whenever necessary- And there is a whole phalanx of coaches and wranglers to herd the roster in the right direction, along with the refs who certainly go through the same vetting process- Jeebus Chrest, the quarterbacks have radio receivers in their helmets and the plays are called from the eyes in the sky coaching staff in the third deck- If that isn’t a thoroughly controlled environment, I don’t what is-
              The NBA is the easiest to control- Small rosters, the filthiest refs on all of planet Earth, and, after watching Staph Curry these last two years, I’d say there is likely some kind of transponder system in use, being flipped on and off to control the point spread- I think it was one of those Vegas magicians like David Copperfield who demonstrated a remote controlled basketball-
              Hockey means nothing to me- Canadians, defend your honor!
              And FIFA? Nuff’ sed-
              It’s all entertainment, like TV drama- You know it’s fiction but you watch because you want to see who dunnit-


              1. Thanks Tyrone, I was looking for something like this:

                Just what I suspected. It’s probably more complex than that, but I’m willing to bet the commercial is part of their “hidden in plain sight” policy. It also explains field goals, long putts, pucks off the crossbar, great outfield catches, etc. This may be THE big secret in every pro sports league.

                Brandon, I thought it was only a couple players per team just a few months ago and you can see that in my previous writing. I’ve been watching the games with a new eye the past two months and it’s very obvious to me it’s every player. It’s difficult to explain without breaking down every play, but it’s just not possible to get the results they get if only a couple players were in on it. Rookies, nickel corners, backup DTs, all of these guys are in on it and miss just the right tackle, fall just short of the 1st down, etc. The best way to explain it is for me to break down each game play by play. Maybe I’ll do that one day.

                I had a drunk conversation with an assistant coach of a minor league swiss pro hockey team about two months ago. I asked him if the games were fixed and he admitted that they were, all of them, in his league and in the top Swiss pro league (where Austin Matthews played before he was just drafted). He says it’s not something they talk much about, even in the locker room, and it’s not something they’re proud of but everyone knows the deal. He was very sad that this was the reality of his favorite sport and he said he had no doubt the NHL was the same way.

                I like what Inside Baseball said in the comments, “we have to wake up and grow up at some point”.


    1. Hey Ann,
      You’ve mentioned Hubbard before and I’ve spent a good amount of time diving into his work. It’s my opinion that he is disinfo, although very good disinfo. At this point, I am not sure exactly what he is misdirecting us from but I believe he goes a little overboard on the numerology and gematria on purpose. His demeanor and personality on video gives him away, in my view.

      But I still recommend that people look at his work, since there seems to be a lot of truth to it and shows the tremendous interconnectedness of everything we see in sports and current events.


      1. It’s the interconnected aspect that I find fascinating. When Prince “died”, Niagara falls was lit up purple (or something like that)…just co-incidence…the lighting was for Queen Liz’s birthday. I found this interesting….when the gorilla had to be put down after the little boy fell into his area at the zoo.
        He must be upsetting someone, they wrote about his “crazy theory” about the games being rigged in USA Today back in January of this year. Here is the link
        I know some of it is overboard, but I think he is onto something and I believe he is the real deal and not a plant.


    2. Hi Annette,

      I was just listening to Hubbard and have to say that while numerology is intriguing, I have a hard time imagining that everything is so tightly wrapped. I guess I’d be really surprised. He did, however, call game seven correctly, and I do believe that sports are rigged. But, for example, for Golden State scoring 89 points, which he mentions as significant – there are so many energies in a basketball game that are directed at scoring points – even a missed free throw makes it 88, and then to stop scoring once at 89 …

      But it is fun. When I deciphered Brynne Hartman’s Social Security number, 501-74-2911 (501= 6, or 3+3, then three ’11s’ (74, 29 and 11) for another 33) in another post last week, I was excited. There is significance to it! It meant that she faked her death, and I could be certain of it. JFK being (fake) killed on 11/22 (11+22=33) seals the deal for me.

      But he’s a bit over the top, in my view.


      1. I’m open to every NFL play being scripted, but Hubbard claims that it’s rigged to the yard, stat, and hashmark. While I’m sure some plays are rigged to the yard, I think there are just too many variables involved for thousands of plays involving 22 different players to be rigged to the yard.

        Rather than a certain play calling for a 3 yard gain, I think it is more likely that the players are told to have run for under 5 yards instead. That leaves some room for error, along with the ref’s penalties and spotting of the ball to account for some more margin of error.


  2. Anybody who is reading this, make sure you go and read the comment threads that Straight linked to in his post. OMG. What a goldmine. That video of Richard Zednick is just shockingly flagrant fakery. Amazing anybody bought that. It looked like special effects you’d see at some school play. (Here’s the link if you’re too lazy to go to the thread. Note that he just squirts the blood onto the ice from the glove n his his left hand: It should have been obvious to everybody that he didn’t actually cut open his carotid artery, given that the white towel the trainer applies to him at 0:27 doesn’t have a speck of blood on it. Plus he would have been gushing blood all over his hands he held up to his neck and dripping onto the ice as he skated out.

    It’s strange: we are desensitized to blood and gore through the movies, yet people still tend to look away from these things. Nobody seems to look closely. I would say that the makeup and special effects in movies trains us to view fake injuries as real (or blur the line between them), but the makeup and special effects in these hoaxed events isn’t nearly as good as what we see in the movies.

    And I see your e-mail to MM prompted him to take a look into faked sports, focusing on his area of expertise, golf. Nice. I had read his article on Tiger Woods, but your work on this subject is far more extensive and points to a more wide-ranging and systematic level of hoaxing. Plus all the military connections. Great work.

    I read your brief interaction with that spook on Quora. Woah. It made the hairs on my neck stand on end. You came face to face with an operative of the MATRIX who encouraged you to keep going to find smoking-gun evidence, which you obviously have. You clearly hit the nail on the head, and he was impressed. Though his on-line moniker has since changed.

    You mentioned that maybe they pushed football due to its obvious military undertones (a la George Carlin in his famous football vs. baseball routine). I can see that. But another thought occurred to me: maybe American football became so prominent because it is easier to fake than baseball? What I mean by that is that it’s easier to manufacture a critical pass and touchdown than to manufacture a game-winning home run. Even if a batter is able to connect with the ball 100% due to some hidden technology (like magnets or whatever), can they be guaranteed a home run? I don’t think so. Unless there is still some hidden technology that could guarantee that. But if there is, then we also have to post that that technology existed back in the 50s and 60s when football began to supplant baseball. In other words, even if they have the technology now, maybe they didn’t have it back then and so turned to the more reliable option — football.

    Whatever the case, I will never look at professional sports the same way. You really opened my eyes with this one.

    Say, whatever happened to “Rico Sauze”? Seems like he used to comment a lot but now we don’t hear from him.


  3. I think it is perfectly possible for a pitcher in baseball to put up a fat one for a hitter. These guys are some of the best athletes on the planet, and hitting a ball moving at ninety for them is only difficult because pitchers change speeds, spins and locations. But if a hitter knows a certain pitch is on the way, they can put it in the seats with ease. I think this point was made clear in Bull Durham when Costner’s character would tell the batter what pitch was on the way just to teach his pitcher a lesson.

    In football referees control the game, less so umpires in baseball. They can still make questionable ball/strike calls, but the rest seems up and up. The camera work in baseball these days is amazing. So the only ways for the fix to work in baseball is between pitcher and catcher and batter, and maybe timely errors.

    Anyway, I use to gamble on football, small stakes, back in the early 90s in a fantasy league, but I got tired of complex motives, wanting certain players to do well, hoping for a field goal instead of a touchdown, not caring about the outcome of games. When I quit doing that, football was dead to me. I didn’t take an interest again until Aaron Rogers came along, and then only to watch the athletic performances. A few quarterbacks and the amazing receivers are the game, in my view. Gronkowski is a treat all by himself.


  4. I actually wrote an article about this 8 years ago and am trying to find it in my files. It’s titles “Super Bowl or Super Scam” and it talks about two obvious fixes involving the Baltimore Colts, one for and one against. Although I see it all of the time in big games that need a story (two super bowls ago New England vs. Seattle, obvious), I do not believe it goes on week to week and here’s my reasoning. In addition to the huge business pro sports has become, there is also a very large market (both legal and “illegal”) in sports betting. If it became common knowledge that sports were scripted on a game to game basis, people would stop betting and a huge money making enterprise would stand to lose.

    This would also include fantasy football.


    1. If it became common knowledge that terror attacks were fake, people would stop getting scared. But it doesn’t become common knowledge. There are precautions put in place to prevent that. Precautions like Tony De Lorenzo I mentioned in my blog post.

      Most people who bet on sports don’t know the difference, and 99% of sharps (sportsbook experts) don’t realize the games are fixed either. However, they are more likely to and if you google “rigged games” you’ll see that most people who realize the games are fixed are sportsbook gamblers.

      Please link to your article. I would like to read it.


      1. Thanks, very good point. I no longer have the website up, but I think I have it in hard copy. I’ll check the “rigged games” thing out though.


        1. I do have to agree that for the most part the fans would still watch it even if they had a 50/50 belief that it was fixed. I’m living proof that it becomes an addictive habit after a while.


        1. I just read Phil’s aticle. It’s an interesting read. As a Dolphins fan growing up, it certainly puts a new light on Don Shula, Earl Morral, and the “perfect season.”
          I tend to agree with Phil’s logic regarding the amount of fixing that goes on. Although, I’m open to it being more frequent.
          With so much money at stake, it’s only logical that the owners would want as much control over the final product as possible.


  5. Maybe that’s why Manziel gave them the finger and went on the Johnny Retirement Tour. He was confronted with the reality of the NFL after playing real football at A&M. He certainly has showed no interest in returning.


    1. Hey John,
      I felt that the games in college were clearly fixed for him. Just think of all those miraculous plays he pulled off. We saw them pull the same stuff with Tebow just a few years earlier. I, along with everybody else, fell for that hook, line, and sinker.

      They seem to have sacrificed Manziel’s pro success for a multi-year tabloid story. I have no doubt most of the drug pictures, domestic violence, etc. is fake. I was at the Bills-Browns game where Hoyer got hurt and Manziel stepped in for his first pro action and proceeded to slice through the Bills defense like a hot knife through butter on his first NFL drive on the way to a rushing TD. Afterwards he turned into a “struggling QB”.

      It’s all scripted. They admit Manziel comes from a wealthy Texas oil family. He’s a very divisive person, and they just love to have us arguing. Don’t be surprised if he has a storybook comeback in the next few years.


  6. College football has been filthy since the 19th century- The NFL was created by gamblers in the 1920’s to give gambling addicts something to bet on Sundays as Saturdays were reserved for the college game- Wellington Mara, owner of the NY Giants, was the last of the original wise guys of that era-
    Many towns had “blue laws” on Sunday which forbade competition and such- It was the Lord’s day, you see, and bounders were not encouraged to practice their dark arts- That’s why the original NFL teams were in industrial burghs where the enforcement wasn’t as strict- Green Bay is the last remnant of a minor town with a big league team- Decatur and Canton and towns like that were probably influenced by mobsters already which is how they first got a toe hold- Pittsburgh only rescinded those restrictions in the fifties, if memory serves-
    One of Meyer Lansky’s associates came up with the point spread as a way to keep control of the score and still have the illusion of competition-
    As for baseball, the sacrifice of the Black Sox late in the 1920 season (which, btw, allowed Cleveland to win it’s first of only two WS) was sufficient to appease the public even though it was common knowledge inside the game and the press that the Yankees threw both the 1921 and ’22 series- (Something ruled legal by the courts regarding the Black Sox- It’s entertainment and as such is a species of free speech, I’m assuming)
    Today I think the biggest mechanism in controlling pennant races is strategic use of the disabled list to pull key players from better teams and allow a lesser but more demographically valuable team to advance- The Dodgers have spent big on very little but the three time champion SF Giants have had strange injuries the last two years that I suspect allowed the LA franchise to get deeper into the post season- I’m confident that the Giants’ woes are less than advertised but the Dodgers are such a dysfunctional organization that the baseball pooh-bahs who want the biggest post season ratings had to help the Dodgers by scuttling the Giants-
    The Boston Strong Red Sox of 2013 was a joke- Two vastly superior teams, Detroit and St. Louis, simply laid down to let the bullshit reach its pre-ordained conclusion- In a four year stretch, 2012 to 2015, Boston finished last, save for ’13 when they won it all- That doesn’t happen organically-
    This just completed World Series was the most comical and obvious affront yet-Was super genius Joe Maddon ordered to take out Kyle Hendricks? He was doing just fine with a four run lead and only 60 something pitches with two outs in the fifth- Was Jon Lester, Hendricks’ only competition for the NL Cy Young award, and his personal catcher, Ross, brought in to feign wildness to give Cleveland a chance to get back in the game and keep the audience in front of the between inning advertisements? You know the answers- Cleveland was the better team but spent the week stumbling over its shoes- The overrated Cubs had to stay alive and needed a lot of help- They are too valuable as television programming to get kicked to the curb in five games- And that Javier Baez, boy o boy, is he a piece of work*-
    I agree with Mark about baseball in game controls- In the post season, it’s obvious the players on both sides stick to a tight script and the umps are likely a last resort- With replay surveillance now the norm, only the home plate ump can use his “judgement” on balls and strikes- I agree that the battery and a secretly informed hitter, with the ump’s collusion, is the only way to control the offense on a pitch by pitch basis, but the Keystone Kop routines that the Cleveland’s performed this week are also encouraged- I wonder if the fielders wear ear pieces to get real time instruction on committing errors-
    Meanwhile, my old team, the Oakland A’s, have been loudly suspected even in the MSM of simply pocketing the luxury tax without spending anything on improving the team- They are holding the league hostage in order to get a new stadium which the neo-feudal economy of California simply won’t support- But, there’s a sucker born every minute, so the scam continues-

    *Who holds a player’s soul in escrow? His Worshipful Master or Satan himself?

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  7. It was either game 6 or 7 where Baez stood about three feet inside the bag at second, letting an almost perfect throw bounce to him while the runner slid in safely with a double. If he’d been in the right position outside the bag, he could have caught it on the fly and had a chance for the out. Not a peep from the announcers, who were bragging about his tagging ability all series.

    Just one of the many little things that add up to create the ruse. It’s sad to realize what a fraud it all is, but we have to wake up and grow up at some point…

    It would be interesting to see Straight’s take on Eric Show’s wikipedia page. He gave up Rose’s record breaking hit, on September 11th of all dates, and his career spiraled out of control afterwards. He was a bright, talented guy I got to meet once when I was an usher for an MLB team. His whole story seems quite bizarre.


    1. No problem.

      Show has a funny Wiki page. There are only 9 footnotes, but #8 (a spook number) is cited 7 times.

      His personality and hobbies are flagged. His marriage is flagged (no children). His tardiness and confrontations with teammates are flagged. His 1991 arrest is flagged. And most importantly his death and funeral are flagged. All the good stuff is flagged with an 8.


      1. Interesting. He was a jazz guitarist, as he took me back in the locker room during a rain delay before a game and played for me. Also mailed me a record he made during the Padres’ World Series run up after promising it to me if I wrote him in the off season.

        Bright, articulate and personable fellow. Maybe he has reappeared as a zombie…

        BTW, another experience that year was when Pete Rose was in town as the manager of the Expos. He was signing autographs for a few of us before the fans came in, and one of the ushers kept badgering him to “give me seven points” on a college football game coming up that weekend. Pete ignored him, and I thought it was odd, not knowing anything of his gambling habits at that time.


        1. It would make sense that they would gamble. If you knew the outcome of the game, wouldn’t you want to gamble on it?

          If MLB wanted someone high profile to take a gambling fall, Rose was a good choice. Hall of Famer and World Series winner but a tier below guys like Mantle and Williams. Face of a smaller city like Cincinnati. Solid 2nd tier guy to give the impression that MLB had good ethics.

          Just like they sacrificed so many guys during the steroid “scandal” and Sosa’s corking controversy. I believe all of these things were manufactured to blackwash male strength and testosterone for the future gender psyops, as well as remind everyone that if there is a controversy, it will be exposed.


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