The Matt Damon Batch

[Note to readers: The images that Straight originally used for this post have vanished, to where I do not know. However, I used the same people to do facial overlays using Photoshop in this post, so the work still stands.]

To anybody new reading this, I highly recommend reading this post first so that you understand the odds of getting facial alignment this perfect.

First a quote Mark found regarding Matt Damon:


We see above that Damon is firmly a part of the elite bloodlines. I know from my personal research that Jake Gyllenhaal goes back to Swedish royalty after about 200 years, so everybody you see above is technically royalty.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg.

While doing my alignment research I used Matt Damon as my generic A-list Hollywood actor to compare all other A-list actors to. I made a list of the top 60 male actors and found a picture of them with a relaxed face and a straight ahead shot at a similar angle to the Damon picture. Here is the picture:













And then I made alignments. Here are the closest comparisons I found. You will notice that Hollywood appears to be a factory.
























































So what is causing all of these insane alignments? Notice that these are just from a batch of 60 actors, who knows how many more in Hollywood match like this. While Damon is in the same age range as most of these actors, some actors are clearly older than him such as George Clooney, Rob Lowe, and Brad Pitt. So we have multi-generational batches here.

What’s curious is that the resemblance is not obvious, however the facial template appears to be nearly identical. Whereas there is a 1 in a few thousand chance that an individual has 5 or 6 checkpoints with a random person, Damon has 5 or 6 checkpoints with 5-10 actors from the 60 actor batch. There is something very funky going on.

Damon has been getting a lot of play in the conspiracy community with this recent speech about the NWO. I think it’s fair to say that Damon is controlled opposition, and not the savior we are looking for.

43 thoughts on “The Matt Damon Batch

  1. So here’s something that’s been rolling around in the back of my mind for awhile — and mind you I’m just spit-balling here: We can acknowledge I think that celebrities on the whole are generally better looking than the average person. It has also been argued that ‘beauty’ is a function of proportions between facial features. In particular, proportions that conform to the ‘golden ratio’ phi (1.618). Is it possible that the 7 features you’ve chosen for facial alignment match up so often due conformity to this golden ratio? (I’m not sure — they might not be part of the golden ratio beauty formula.) And that the reason so many celebrities have this conformity is because they are better looking? I realize that often there is no exact match. But at the same time, there is not an exact match with most these face chops here. Very, very close, to be sure. But not exact. And this strikes me as an important alternative hypothesis to test. Anyway, it would be interesting to set the pictures at a fixed pupil distance and then measure the pixel distances between the 7 features and see if they conform to the golden ratio. Here are two relevant links:

    A search for golden ratio facial features gives many more relevant links.


    1. I’m glad you asked 🙂

      I already did that about a month ago. First thing I noticed is that when I matched Damon up to the Aberdeen set that he was more likely to align with the random college students, particularly in the nose and lips. My first thought was that it was the Golden Ratio.

      What I did was select 60 random male models from top level modeling firms in NYC and LA. What I found is that Damon’s alignment with the male models and his alignment with the random college students was about the same.

      While there does appear to be a Golden Ratio, it is true that a particularly ugly person is less likely to matchup to others, the odds are still very low of a 5 or 6 checkpoint matchup.


      1. I can’t say I’m surprised that you’ve already thought about this and looked into it. All right then, steady has she goes, gentlemen. Mr. Straight, you have the conn.

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    1. I’m actually open to that, believe it or not. That’s a good idea. I’ll try comparing Damon to A-list actresses.


  2. Well, now I have a clue as to why Scorsese’s ho hum programmer, The Departed, won those Oscars- It was Hollywood bowing as one to their highest ranking royals-


      1. Steven Soderbergh must be twins- He’s too varied and prolific and has had every door in Hollywood propped open for him from the beginning even while his films can at times be deadly dull- That said, I did like Che’, all of it, and I do like some of his smaller films like The Limey- One appears to be a better filmmaker than the other-
        If not twins, he must surely be to the manor high born- He routinely employs the Damon batch and their henchmen-


  3. Wow, that was really freaky and unexpected. I wonder if the women will match too since they tend to get more plastic surgery, I guess it really depends on the surgeon’s preference and skill in those cases. I am related to a person on the list and I don’t think I came from a factory..cannot confirm this lol. I might try the experiment using a picture of myself and maybe one or two other normal people to see if the farther you get away from the A-listers the less you match up. Strange indeed.


      1. The Astor’s are my 5th or 6th cousins. A few years ago I tried out and when I put my info in to start my tree I only had to add my parents and myself…the rest was already indexed in the “one world tree” (creepy) and I’m not sure by whom…, my entire family, both sides- going back hundreds of years and it seemed to be correct. They know exactly who’s related to who.

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  4. wow, remarkable research, has anyone been able to locate pics of any “not so pretty” people to align with each other or with the “pretty people”? I suppose the random college students fit the bill fairly well. While reading the post, I noticed at the bottom of the copy/paste that Damon and the director of “Elysium” denied that it had any meaning. Here is a link to a 2013 post of Realitybloger Clint Richardson’s take on it’s meaning..he also goes into the bloodline links and multitude of famous cousins


  5. Great work, as usual Straight. I might suggest a path for further plowing here … we found with Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, John Denver, Anderson Cooper and possibly Taylor Swift, that they had been dropped into various families … Jim was not a Morrison, John not a Deutschendorf, etc. If, as it is beginning to appear, these people are gened and birthed up by some yet unknown process and then given fake backgrounds before being davidcrosbied to fame, then there should be fake photos and holes in the family background. I am willing, of course, to carry a fair share of the load, as I am retired, more or less. This sort of thing keeps my mind active and is better than playing shuffleboard with other retired men in yellow pants and white belts.

    By the way, did we not already uncover Damon as a himself a twin, just not written up yet?


    1. Yes, that’s the next layer of the onion. Damon is a twin. From the above, Pitt is a twin, and I have done work on DiCaprio and Franco being twins. My assumption is that every A list actor or actress is a twin.

      So in a sense, I matched one of the Damon twin’s photos up with the first compatible picture I could find of each celebrity (twin). So yeah, this is VERY complex and weird.

      The family photos are a good idea. I’ll put that on my list along with matching Damon up with the actresses.


      1. Another idea is going back in time to compare him to other Hollywood ‘leading men’ like Douglas Fairbanks, James Cagney, Cary Grant, etc. This Buzzfeed list of ’33 Classic Hollywood Leading Men’ might be a good place to start.


  6. It appears to me that with one obvious exception, we are looking at identical hairlines on all of them. It is one thing to be handsome, as they all are, but hairlines vary tremendously among good looking people. I was just thinking of the ‘golden ratio’ and thinking that hairline is not a part of it and should not be the same on these men.


  7. Perhaps I have some royalty in my bloodline -what do you think?
    I’m only kidding of course.
    Another great post guys. Very intriguing indeed.
    (I apologize if the pic I meant to post doesn’t show up. This will be my first attempt at including an image in a comment.)


      1. It is possible and allowed, but I don’t think you can just paste in a picture. Instead you have to paste a link to a picture, in which case you would first have to upload the picture to, say, imgur, and then past in a link to the picture’s URL.


            1. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]


        1. Can you tell me which one to choose for this site?
          There are URL links for:
          Email & IM,
          HTML (for eBay, Craigslist, blogs, websites),
          IMG (for forums, boards)


              1. THANK YOU!

                That’s me in the face split.

                I used to always get people telling me I looked like Kiefer
                Sutherland, which I thought was interesting because my last name is so similar.
                After speaking with some relatives a few years ago, I come to find out that my family’s last name used to in fact be Sutherland but had been changed by one of my ancestors at some point in an attempt to disassociate from a group of Sutherland’s who were known horse thieves.


                1. Thanks Jack, it’s an interesting resemblance. The only alignment is on the eyebrows. But still very interesting.

                  If you look at the pictures above you’ll notice how most of them align exactly on the eyebrows, nose, subnasale, bottom and top lips, and chin. In particular look at the James Franco (Mark Ruffalo?) comparison.


                  1. Understood.

                    Or perhaps I might could pass as Matt’s cognitively challenged twin. LOL!

                    Life’s not always fair for every set of twins.
                    Remember Don Swayze?


                    1. Now I wonder if Patrick really died of pancreatic cancer like we were told. That could have been another psyop as well for all we know.

                      He did appear to be sick before they told us he died -but then again, he was/is an actor.


                    2. Jack, you were able to achieve better alignment of the nose and lips only by changing alignment of the pupils. No one would deny you bear a resemblance, but you clearly do not align with Damon according to our method (the one developed by Mark and Straight).

                      The method calls for first equalizing the pupil distance in each picture (say, 1 inch apart), then line them up the split faces so the pupils are aligned. By aligning the nose as you have in your second split picture, it throws the pupils out of alignment. But when you align the pupils as in the first picture, almost everything else is of. These examples underscore the soundness of the method and the importance of doing it right.

                      If you want to try to master the method yourself, I suggest going to the “Do It Yourself Primer on Face Splitting” link at the top right of blog under ‘our methodology’:

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                    3. Jack,
                      What I meant was simply to point out the alignment differences from your first matchup. You shouldn’t attempt to force them to matchup, just align by pupil distance and pupils and then let the photographs do the rest.

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                    4. Thanks for the instruction…I’ll give it a try.

                      For the record, I don’t think I look like M. Damon. I was only having a little fun.
                      I’m much better looking, and judging by the movies of his I’ve seen, probably a better actor too.



                  1. I think there’s a similarity.

                    This is by no means exact, as I’m away from my PC and doing this on my android phone in an editing app called photo layers.


    1. LOL they do like putting it right in your face! I did laugh at the comments, which contained a couple more match ups, where people were dead set against them being the same person.

      And that rag, which I’ve now called The Daily Male, is chock full of men dressed up as women.


  8. Great match ups Straight

    there’s a couple I’m not sure about. One is the orangey bald guy (don’t know his name) and Eddie Redmayne, purely because Redmayne – or whatever is real name is – is very skinny.

    I’ve seen the Damon playing a role in an Aussie series (he was totally blonde in that) and I’ve pondered if Robbie Williams is played by him as well.


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