33 Thomas Street

I woke up this morning to a link in my email box to the following article:


The NSA’s Spy Hub in New York, Hidden in Plain Sight

It’s a long article from The Intercept, an online investigative journalism site founded in 2014 to act as an outlet for the documents made public by Edward Snowden. Its founders are Betsy Reed, Glenn Greenwald, and Jeremy Scahill. Its funding comes from EBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

The address of the Long Lines Building, code-named “Titanpointe” by NSA (says the article), is 33 Thomas Street. Get it? “33?”  That’s code, the highest order achieved in Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Why, that building is full of spooks, and is up to no good! Photos of the building show it to be dark and foreboding, right out of Ghostbusters.

And indeed, it might be. At this point my fellow writers here, Straight and Daddieuhoh and Tyrone, are thinking “Mark, it’s early in Colorado. Have your coffee! Open your eyes.”

No worries, fellas. My eyes are open. The whole thing is a psyop, starting with Snowden, who is fake. Glenn Greenwald is a spook himself, and most likely Reed and Scahill are too. Otherwise, we would not know their names.

Funding coming from Omidyar is the final clue, for those who need it. I’ll leave it to Straight to unravel the embedded clues at Wikipedia regarding Omidyar, his specialty. Understand that an Iranian immigrant does not enjoy the success he has unless he is well-connected, or fake.

It helps to know that none of our great entrepreneur class of the modern era are true geniuses. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg are all spook creations. Perhaps they were allowed to succeed as they did using DARPA technology without having knowledge of its origins. More likely, they are cardboard cutouts used to mask the Intel work going on behind them.

So what is going on in Titanpointe? Very little, probably, despite the address. As an American living among Americans, I have difficulty believing that we are being spied on – not that they couldn’t. It’s just that they have no need. Education, television, movies, news have already made us passive and dull, incurious and submissive. What point would there be in massive surveillance? It would be like watching a 24-7 fishing show.

Keep in mind, they watch people of interest, people who show signs of a rebellious nature. The passive and dull, incurious and submissive nature of Americans is key. Curious, intelligent and inquisitive people are fenced in by that incuriosity, usually reinforced by the “conspiracy theory” meme.

So what are Ryan Gallagher and Henrik Moltke, authors of the Titanpointe piece, up to?  They might believe that they are doing important investigative journalism, but what is really going on is one level deeper. They are helping the powers behind Greenwald, Omidyar and friends sell the Edward Snowden myth.

STASI was the acronym for Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, the feared East German secret police of the Cold War era, much like our own FBI*. They were limited in manpower, and technology of the time prevented them from spying on everyone, but they had a better idea anyway. If people thought they were being spied on, it would have the same effect! So STASI made a great show of spreading rumors, arresting people in public, and looking menacing. Newspapers there, just like ours under state control, would highlight its activities, thereby intimidating the East German people into submission. It worked.

That’s all that is going on with Reed, Scahill, Greenwald and Omidyar. They are reinforcing the notion that we are being spied on. That’s their job. Edward Snowden may be a real person, but he is not holed up in Russia. As soon as we were sold the idea that he was real and on the run, he probably went on to a new assignment. Like Charles Manson, he makes a public appearance now and then to seal the impression. He’s not holed up in Russia, he never had any documents, his dramatic escape through Hong Kong was scripted.

What about “33” Thomas Street? That’s a signal to spooks all over the world. What is it telling them? It is not about what is going on inside that building. It is about what is going on with The Intercept. It is saying to them “We are spooks too.”

My British correspondent who furnished this link, who is inordinately absorbed with UFOs and Chem-trails and Dr. Judy Wood, is now, officially, under suspicion. I’ve been wary of him for some time now. He’s either got a lot to learn, or is himself disinfo.


*Ha! Bet you thought I was going to say CIA!

18 thoughts on “33 Thomas Street

  1. Brilliant observation! No doubt the threat of spied on is more than enough deterrent. I think here in the US the IRS is the best example of it. Fake arrests of known spooks (Lyndon LaRouche comes to mind) and so forth. And, you’re absolutely right, we are far beyond a time where they really need to worry about us revolting.

    But, your best line was the 24/7 fishing show. I actually had to sit through an hour of that years ago with a former business associate. My only response to him afterwards was, I can’t believe people watch that shit!


  2. The Snowden fake disclosure can be connected to the multilateral transition .In October 2013 immediately after the sandal, the Montevideo Statement was released (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montevideo_Statement_on_the_Future_of_Internet_Cooperation). October this year the “control” over the internet was passed to the global multi-stakeholder community ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICANN ).
    But if you consider that Ted Cruz “fought” against the ICANN transition, this can be another distraction (the importance is more symbolical ). The fight against free speech and the first amendment is/will be done mostly by the private corporations. I believe Youtube already tries to demonetize certain types of videos.


    1. All of their real projects are covered with misdirection, so that the Montevideo link can be seen to be a cover for an attempt to do exactly the opposite of what was stated, and is therefore useful for that purpose. But anyone who attempts to post controversial material on YouTube or Google knows that censorship is already present and pervasive. It is only truly effective if people are not aware of it.


  3. I so look forward to your article’s daily. I’m a newbie to all of this and now a believer to hoax, fakes, and spooks. Thanks for keeping me interested.


    1. Did I pass?

      Are you checking to see if you’re banned? You’re not. Sometime comments get put in the moderation bin for various reasons I do not understand. I will go check.

      [Found nothing.]


      1. My guess is that Phil was testing out getting notifications of new comments. But they don’t send you notifications about new comments posted by yourself.

        Mark, I think you make some good and interesting points here. When I heard about this bit of news, I noticed the 33 but just said ‘OK of course they put a spook building at 33.’ And I am on board with Snowden being a spook and his revelations being part of a psyop. But, despite all that, I never considered the possibility that the NSA’s ‘total information awareness’ and spying projects were also just made up. I figured Snowden was put out there to let us know what was happening — for exactly the reason you spell out: it’s an effective way of getting people to police themselves. The panopticon effect. But I assumed the did have those capability and really were gathering all that data. I might very well be wrong about that. I’m not sure. I do think they would want to have those capabilities, even if they don’t need them right now. But who knows what’s in store for us? Anyway, it’s good food for thought.

        EDIT: for anyone wishing to follow developments of the surveillance state either as hoax or as real, I recommend this subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/panopticon/


        1. Welcome back, Daddie, and thanks for the new word, panopticon. I do not wish to minimize the capabilities they have amassed in the area of spying, but note the futility of such an effort – looking out over the vast city of Denver as we do at night, I imagine hundreds of thousands of people clicking away on keyboards – Facebook, movies, recipes, Tinder, pornography, and just friendly banter and Googling. I cannot imagine that monitoring it is fruitful or necessary. So long as people imagine they are being watched, it is enough. If there is no need to do something, why do it?

          There is the concept of data mining, sold as real, perhaps so, enabling them to reverse engineer anyone to find out what is up. It might be real and useful to them. But I think real eavesdropping is done as always on those who need to be watched – anyone with a media platform, all journalists, congresspeople and senators, every agency of government nationwide, along with police and large banking transactions. That would keep a whole wing of Langley busy. The rest of us escape unnoticed, having done nothing worth notice anyway.


          1. I would agree with you Mark, that it ‘s probably goes down just about the way you described it, given the information we have. I might add that if they really need to come down on someone, they have just about everyone on digital. It’s recorded just as if St. Peter himself had your life record.


            1. That’s what I’m thinking. I don’t think there is active eavesdropping or anything like that. 99.99% of it all just sits around in some data warehouse for however long. Think of it this way: it’s a huge, useless project they’ve used to justify spending ungodly amounts of money (giving it away to their cronies in ridiculously overpriced and under-audited contracts using black budget money). Even for the reasons they use (‘fighting terrorism’) it’s massive overkill. I do believe they’re collecting the information, but the vast majority of it goes unused, for exactly the reasons you specified, Mark. But I might be wrong and their fancy new data centers are like potemkin villages: https://www.wired.com/2012/03/ff_nsadatacenter/


        2. Afterthought: We know that the White House was completely bugged at least from 1968 forward, and I have heard tapes of JFK and LBJ in phone calls, meaning the capability existed before that time too. This is nothing new.


      2. No, I was just trying to set myself up for notifications and didn’t know what else to write. Daddieuhoh is correct.


  4. It is possible that part of the psyop is to give us that creepy feeling that we are being watched. It’s a common trope in movies, where we see the protagonist being watched on surveillance without his/her knowledge. So they want to instill that fear in us.

    But I still think they are recording everything. Not just our emails, texts, and phone calls, but I suspect that camera and video recorder on smart phones and tablets is always on, or can be turned on anytime without our knowledge. There’s fears that smart TVs are eavesdropping, but I think they could be video recording too. I agree that it’s passive and goes into a database, rather than someone sitting around watching.

    The purpose? One to scare us, two to know exactly what we’re up to, and three to eliminate surprises. It creates a feeling of powerlessness.


  5. I found myself at Greenwald’s site when he was still at Salon I think. I was in the final stages of “awakening” then and his site was a stop on that journey. But he like all mainstream or major “alt” people- eventually betrayed himself. I think it was the torturous “torture” debate that did it for me. Greenwald doesn’t like torture. It’s not effective at getting the truth you see. And that basically did it for me. Greenwald’s anti torture arguments- like all mainstream anti torture arguments- presuppose the torture is being done in good faith- to get the truth. When of course- torture is not about that all- and never has been. Torture is done to get untruth. Torture is done to get the person to admit to things they did not do- to create conspiracies and entire organizations that do not exist. Torture is done precisely to produce false narratives that provide cover for active (not re-active) policies and operations.


  6. 33 Thomas Street.

    One notable Thomas is “Doubting Thomas”, if you’re looking for a possible “scriptural” or religious reference. The name, or I should say the root of the name, is ancient. Tum or Atum was, among other things at various times, the god or personification of the sunset, the autumnal equinox, the “underworld”, etc. It’s from Tum/Atum that we derive the word autumn, the word tomb, the word dumb in its sense of silent or quiet, and many many more.

    Remember that it was Doubting Thomas who refused to simply believe what he was told; who refused to believe even the evidence given by his own eyeballs; who ultimately had to physically stick his hand in the wound of the risen Christ before he would consent to believe. Remember too that belief and knowing are not the same thing.

    33 has been gone over and expounded upon so many times that it’s now a meme of its own. Among other things it’s the temperature at which frozen water thaws, in degrees fahrenheit. The so-called “cradle of civilization” or Mesopotamia lies at 33 degrees North. It is the number of a high-degree initiate in Freemasonry. It is the “number” of the so-called “Star of David”, said symbol being composed of two 3-sided triangles: 3 and 3, 33. The number 11 has what some would call great significance in “magic”, and if we apply this to the three “aspects” of the mind (Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom; Intellect, Emotion and Action; Spock, McCoy and Kirk, etc etc call them what you will) we would expect to find the most “magical” or enlightened person being the one who had attained to this magical number in all three aspects of their life, a 3×11 or 33 person. And so on, for-fucking-ever.

    33, in short, is largely used these days as more misdirection, more obfuscation, more fuel for poor Doubting Thomas, i.e. you and me, to fret and worry over and attempt to elicit some deep meaning or significance from. Is it used as a “spook marker”? Maybe. But then so is 8. So is 11. So is 47, and 74, and 88, and 93.

    To me the name and number of the street, in conjunction with the referenced article and its claims of what the building is used for and by whom, fit perfectly with the theme of “the wizard behind the curtain”, with Doubting Thomas and the mysterious and thus frightening “mysteries of the tomb or unknown”. If I had to guess I’d say the building serves as HQ to a group of spooks whose main purpose is the casting of doubt and the summoning of shadows. In other words, pretty much what’s already stated above: yes their is real spy capability and yes there is all sorts of nefarious crap going on, but I’d guess this particular place is tasked more with making you terribly afraid and doubtful of just about everything related to communication.

    Because if they can cause you to be afraid to even communicate, they don’t need to expend much effort censoring you, do they? (All of the above is offered not as a concrete “explanation” of anything. It’s simply the thoughts my brain spit out when I read the article. Evaluate your own experience and form your own conclusions.)

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