Dr. Phil Revisited

As I sit down to write, I do not know how this project will end.The match-up between Freddie Mercury and Dr. Phil in the original post was so dead-on, except for the ears. Now that I know that Freddie was twins/replicas, that problem is receding.

tom-brady-matt-damonI say “twins/replicas” because we are in transition in outlook here. There is a large program in place wherein duplicate people are somehow manufactured. I hesitate to use the word “clone,” but there have been hints in the back-and-forth among the writers here of farms or factories where people of a certain mold are turned out. See, for example, Straight’s piece on Matt Damon lookalikes. It is shocking. Since he wrote that, at his suggestion, I ran Matt Damon against quarterback Tom Brady. Except for ear height, they match up almost perfectly!

We stuck our foot in the door with the weird match-up of Judy Woodruff and Dalida. Now it branches out into sports, and I would imagine, politics. Here is an interesting comment from another blog piece that was in my mailbox this morning concering our discovery that Brad Pitt was a set of twins:


Hmmmm. Originally we were finding “Zombies,” people who fake their death and reemerge as someone else, Brandon DeWilde as Thom Hartmann for instance. I am now more open to the idea of replicas as well. We have much, much more to learn. The Matt Damon piece was a breakthrough.

Back to Mercury/McGraw:

The transition from musician/pop idol to TV shrink is not as far a reach as one might think … if we remember that these are actors hired to play roles. Freddie Mercury pushed the gay agenda and existence of AIDS as a real disease. Dr. Phil’s role is to make us feel bad about ourselves. He is marketing antidepressants, junk food, consumer products – all the stuff we do to feel better. So it is not that much of a reach for a competent actor.

We must first inspect timelines. In our Zombie projects, we have learned to ignore personal histories before these people become well-known public personalities. Wikipedia is an Intelligence front and can supply fake lives, families, careers as dictated by the writers at Langley.

Mercury was born in 1946, Dr. Phil in 1950. Mercury faked his death in 1991. Dr. Phil emerged through Oprah Winfrey in 1998. That is plenty of time for Freddie to bulk up and have his teeth fixed.  Mercury had dental problems, while Phil has beautiful teeth.  As an actor, he could also learn to speak American, specifically with a Midwest drawl. So there are no timeline conflicts.

There are not many photos of Phil McGraw as a younger man. I managed to find three.

The one on the left can be tossed – it is not Phil. It was most likely chosen because of the similarity in the eyes. That’s enough to fool people. But this photo is a ‘tell’ in that it shows that they are indeed trying to fool us. Here’s Dr. Phil and that photo.


Anyone defending Dr. Phil is going to have to explain how that false photo got in there. It is deliberate deception.

The other two are a closer match, though not enough to satisfy me.

The head shape is wrong. Phil has a more pointed skull. That is obvious looking at where the skulls meet at the top. In the photo on the right the eyes do not align. It is not Dr. Phil. On the left, it is closer still, but the ears and chin are off. Again, not Dr. Phil.

I would suggest that the Langley photo team using a computer algorithm went through thousands of photos looking to line up certain features, and found only these three. Dr. Phil, born in 1950, would have graduated high school in 1968. Look at the grainy quality of the second and third youth photos presented above. In 1968 we could take much better photographs than those. I suggest the photos are either much older than late 1960s, or that they have monkeyed with them and grained them up to hide the deceptions.

Dr. Phil is twins, or replicas. Once I discovered a second Dr. Phil, I ran him against the youth photos above. I am not showing them here as I need to move on, but the mismatches are even more pronounced. If anyone asks, I will show them in the comments.

Here is Dr. Phil McGraw, Twin One:


And Twin Two:


They are very difficult to tell apart. Here is one of each, side by side:


I can spot them now, but it took some time. Twin One has higher ears, about 12 pixels higher in this comparison and consistent on all. Also, the distance from the center of the eye to the base on the nose is longer on Twin One – about 11 pixels longer. Twin One has a longer nose. There is a bit of angular distortion here, but the apparent shorter schnoz on the right is a real difference.

But as always, it is easier to see the differences by chopping the faces in half. Here are four comparisons:

On all difference in ear height and noses are apparent. As with Freddy Mercury, they are very difficult to tell apart unless you do this, as they both project the same person very effectively. They could easily slip in and out if the TV shoes of Dr. Phil. I imagine they do.

The final part of this series of blog posts is a revisit to the Freddie Mercury/Dr. Phil comparison. It will have to come later. I have been looking at Phil for a long time now, and I am depressed. I feel bad about myself. I am going out to get some antidepressants and a big, big bag of potato chips just to feel better. Dr. Phil’s job is to make us feel bad. Just looking at him these past hours got to me.

I will finish up this project by running Mercury and Phil side by side. Perhaps surprises await, but I doubt it. In the meantime, Dr. Phil is added to the Honor Roll of Twins/Replicas.

18 thoughts on “Dr. Phil Revisited

    1. Hey Swede, long time. How’s the ranch? I generally don’t follow bait such as your link, as I am traveling an independent route and making judgments on our perceived world versus the real one as I go. I was shocked to read the paper I am linking you to below, but then as I thought it through, it made perfect sense! Of course! All of those assassination attempts on Castro failed because they were fake. The Bay of Pigs was meant to fail, done to convince the Cuban people that Castro was their real leader. He lived such a long life because he is an American agent. It was a real head-slapping moment, but this is what we are doing with the blog now – uncovering things hidden in plain sight.

      Happy holidays to you and your family!

      Click to access castro.pdf


      1. Yes, 600 assassination attempts. JFK should have had it so good. Got that poor bastard on the first one. Who would believe such nonsense? Answer-most everyone.


        1. Other plots against JFK have emerged in recent years, obviously designed to buttress the Dallas hoax as doubts about all of it have arisen- Miami and Chicago plotters have been written up, even by the likes of Jim Douglass-
          The most ridiculous attempt was by one Richard Pavlick, an old coot who tried to blow up the then President-elect in late ’60 with his dynamite laden station wagon, but balked when he saw Jackie and the kids with JFK as they were on their way to Sunday mass- Right, some yahoo is going to plan on the then most famous Catholic this side of the Pope to go to church stag- That fiction was clearly written by someone ignorant of Catholic customs, wink wink…


          1. I don’t know which disinfo agent I read, perhaps the guy who paired up with Hartmann, but they constructed a narrative of a mob hit on JFK with attempts in Chicago, Tampa, and finally succeeding in Dallas. (LaMar Waldron is the name, spook all the way, no visible cv last I looked.)


  1. Come on? 600 assassination attempts, tortured and killed Cubans, Cuban missile crisis, Bay of Pigs “invasion”. Can we really believe any of it? Castro was obviously another in a long line of actors.


    1. There must be a name for the psychological phenomenon where we so easily accept absurdities when offered by authoritative sources. This is the same thing we experienced when learning that a hijacker’s driver’s license was discovered in the rubble of WTC. It was delivered when we were in shock and highly suggestible, but still should have produced laughter.


      1. I looked it up the official diagnosis in the DSM-V: it’s called gullibility syndrome. Turns out medication cannot cure it. In fact can be a side effect of too much medication.


  2. Regarding replicas and clones, I wonder if the Hitman series gives us some clues. The main character is a clone and he is called Agent 47. He works for International Contract Agency or ICA (47 and ICA can easily refer to CIA).
    I know that Straight is already skeptical about the cloning technology. I am also skeptical that they can do these DNA or biological manipulations.


      1. My mother likes thrillers so we watch NBC’s The Blacklist when I visit and it is jarring at times when this piece of well-crafted pro-FBI propaganda uses actual methods of deceit as plot devices- Of course they flip who is responsible (never the Intel agencies, unless within them there are rogues…oh so many rogues…)
        Here’s my favorite tip of the hand, from the first episode of season three, where James Spader’s lead character, Red, explains the eponymous bad guy, The Troll Farmer:

        Red: [ Chuckles, walks away, trying to regain his composure ] “The Troll Farmer uses social media to conduct highly coordinated disinformation campaigns on behalf of governments, lobbyists, corporations, crime syndicates, and on occasion, a humble fugitive. He’s mastered the art of information warfare by creating events, virtual hoaxes designed to piggyback on real public anxiety. He activates hundreds of fake accounts to post thousands of tweets, creating the appearance of, say, a terrorist attack in Paris that served as cover for an art heist. He doctors screenshots from news outlets to report an ebola outbreak in Atlanta in order to drive up the stock of a drug company developing a cure. The Troll Farmer is much more than a rumor monger. The events he creates appear to be real and provoke a very real response. Smoke manufactured to draw the cameras away from the real fire.”

        This from NBC… But, then, only a small fraction of the viewing public would know how to apply this confession to “real” life shown on the 11 O’Clock news that follows?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Speaking of media “confessions”… I haven’t seen any comments here about the Michael Bay movie THE ISLAND (2005). Seems to me it could be a “revelation of the method” in plain sight.


    1. One hypothesis we have been entertaining is artificial embryo splitting or twinning. This was discovered back in the 1880s and is now widely used in agriculture (livestock). Its use in humans appears to be a bit more complicated, but I need to look into it more. Combined with IVF, it could go a long ways to explaining whats going on, though we would have to suppose TPTB made advances in private well before those advances became public. (Probably not a difficult supposition for most of us.) That in my view is the most “low-tech” explanation.

      You might notice if you start to look into cloning, they very quickly divert you into somatic cell nuclear transfer cloning and either ignore or wave you past embryo splitting. The very long wikipedia entry on cloning is a good example, where they only have a short paragraph on twinning where they say “it is not considered in the same fashion as other cloning.” Or in other words: “this isn’t the cloning you’re looking for.” I have a post gestating on this topic, which I hope to get up in a couple of weeks but currently just swamped with day job stuff.


  3. Dr. Phil has a pumpkin head, whereas Freddy Mercury has a narrow cranium with obvious forehead bones sticking out on his forehead. I’ve been comparing old and new photos of the two. While I can see possible twins for both people, I’m not seeing Freddy is Phil all these years later. Awaiting a revisit on this one.


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