11/24/63: They fake killed the wrong Oswald

[It would help, before reading this, to review our work on the Lee Harvey Oswald twins.]

Imagine you are in a field, and that all about you are rabbits. If you try to catch one, it disappears into its hole. You can chase it, but will be lost in a maze of tunnels. Meanwhile he’ll resurface and peacefully graze as you try to find your way out.

This is the Kennedy assassination. It had to be one of the best-planned psyops of all time. It comes with fake deaths at every turn, false leads, golden apples, villains and saints and fake evidence … all contrived to keep us busy for decades. I am thankful for a certain man, Miles W. Mathis, who in 2007 or 2008 solved the riddle. It allowed the rest of us to get on with our lives.

Another man, our own Tyrone, in his paper JFKTV concentrates on TV coverage of the event, an essential part of the scam. He has said in conversations these past months that nobody died that day – not JFK, Oswald, Tippet, or later Jack Ruby. Given the volume and depth of his work, I am using that as a guidepost. It is one of the few things we can rely on. I operate on the assumption that everyone who participated in the hoax lived to tell about it – JFK, both Oswald’s, Officer Tippet, and Jack Ruby.

A while back I put up a post describing the supposed body of JFK in the morgue after his shooting, showing that it was his face pasted on another body. In the comments below that post someone put up a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald in the morgue, post-autopsy. It will turn up below, so be prepared. It is a bit gruesome. But the photo did not look right. I decided to have a go at that photo, and see what was up … you know, enter the rabbit hole.

At first I aligned the faces of the “Lee Harvey Oswald” who was supposedly shot by Jack Ruby while being moved from Dallas Police headquarters to the nearby county jail.


This was a staged event, complete with studio lighting and correct camera angles so that news photos could capture the shooting without obstacles. Notice that this photo is taken from above. What planning! But forget about all of that.


This is the man who was the object of the fake shooting. He is one of the Oswald twins. He put on a fake grimace as the blank was fired. (I put those yellow dots there to approximate the location of the pupils of the eyes.)


This is the same man, shown in a reflective moment after arrest. He knew what lay ahead, we did not. The important thing to realize is that this man is the same man being fake-shot by Jack Ruby in the photo above.


That is an awkward comparison, I realize, but is done to show that the ears, eyes and nose align. The biggest difference in the Oswald twins was ear height. This comparison had to be done in order to establish that the Oswald who was fake-shot in the police basement was one and the same with the Oswald arrested by Dallas police, and who stood for questioning on Friday evening, 11/22/63.

This is that man, photographed in that press conference:


Below is a photo of Oswald on a gurney at the morgue after autopsy:


I took the head from that image and overlaid it on that of the Oswald above, the one fielding reporters’ questions. The result is as follows:

The red circle shows where the ear of the man on the right, the gurney man, does not align with that of the man on the left, Oswald answering questions. The eyes do not align either. There are two sets of eyes in the middle image if you look closely. In fact, this proves that the man on the gurney is not the man on the left, and from this, that the man supposedly shot by Jack Ruby is not the man on the gurney.

But who is he? Below is a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald, the other twin, handing out photos for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New Orleans in the summer of 1963.

I took that image and lined it up with the Oswald in the gurney.

Shown in the middle there is the overlay, and we have a perfect match. Everything lines up – eyes, ears, nose, mouth and chin. The face of the man in the gurney is the same one who was in New Orleans handing out leaflets, but NOT the one who was shot in the basement of the Dallas Police Department.

What does it all mean? Tyrone was right. Nobody died that weekend. After all, we know that the man on the gurney did not get shot in the Police Department basement. That was the other twin. Would they have sacrificed the twin for the sake of a photo? No. Of course not. That would be extreme when all they had to do was fake the photo. But they screwed up. They used the wrong twin. (It helps to understand that it is not illegal to pull off public hoaxes, but that murder is a serious crime. Those who did this hoax did not want to risk going to jail.)

If they were about the business of actually killing people that weekend, they would have used one or the other. There would be no gaping holes in the story as shown by this photo evidence.

So we need to take another look at the gurney photograph:


Several things are odd – one, the eyes are open. It even appears as though mascara has been applied to darken the lashes, but that was done by the photo sleuths. This would indicate that the photo of a living Oswald was used. Second, that wound on his lower right does not look like a bullet wound. Surely it was probed by the coroner, but would he have taken off such a large swath of skin to examine it? In fact, I see three wounds – that wound, another in or near the armpit, and yet another on the left arm. This appears to be the body of a man who was in a knife fight. The wording on the blanket would be informative, but all I can make out is “Y  SP  DISTRICT.” Does that ring a bell with anyone?

I had the advantage of being able to blow the photo up really large to examine it. Since the ears lined up so well, I included it above the red line in this photo – the part that appears to have been pasted in on someone else’s body. But the ear showed a grainy texture not evident on the face, as if it were applied separately. But it does match Oswald in size, shape and location.

It appears this is a real cadaver. But that is not much help – it could be from Dallas or anywhere in the country. It could have been a photo from 1955 or 1963 for all we know. It could be Bethesda or Anchorage or anywhere. The one thing we know for sure is that the head is not that of the man who was supposedly shot by Jack Ruby. It is in fact the twin.

So welcome to the rabbit hole. For me, it is enough to know that Oswald did not die, nor did his twin. I am resurfacing at this point.

17 thoughts on “11/24/63: They fake killed the wrong Oswald

  1. Really nice work, Mark. You’re coming up with all kinds of new techniques. I took a very close look at the picture of the cadaver, and the line where they spliced his face in is clear as day. The texture of the photo is also a bid smudged/blurry above the line. I guess they thought it would make it look more natural. But it still looks like a mask. I was going to comment on it, but then when I read further down I saw that you had seen it and pointed it out. Anyway, kudos!


      1. Happy to be of some use. I’m just glad you were able to find a profile pic of the other twin for your match-up. And I think you made the right decision in this case to go with an overlaid picture instead of the animated overlay.


      2. mark,the thing that jumps out at me is the size of the neck on the one oswald,looks like a wrestlers neck compared to the skinny neck of the other oswald.i just found your site and am going thru your different subjects. hince all the comments. this is the one that got me started on waking up about 10 years ago..oswald.


  2. I was thinking, if Oswald #1 didn’t match with the autopsy photo but Oswald #2 did, then maybe the reason JFK’s ear didn’t match in his autopsy photo is because JFK is twins. Just throwing it out there 😉


      1. Haha I’ll throw it on my endless conspiracy to-do list. Identical twins born in 1917 would stretch our IVF theories in crazier directions.


  3. Mark, this is incredible work- I feel like one of the robots on Westworld whose sentience is slowly emerging- I’ve known the Fair Play pic and the autopsy pic for decades and would never have thought they combined like this- I would never have seen it-
    The first time I saw the autopsy picture was in a strange article titled KingKill/33 by a crank named James Shelby Downard- He claimed Oswald’s organs were fed to a dog as some part of a ritual whereby Oswald would be reincarnated as a canine- Or was it JFK that got fed to Fido? Can’t recall but who cares? POM is a much better paradigm to inhabit-


    1. Tyrone, I read your paper JFKTV and enjoyed it very much. I do like your Greek scenario much better than Mathis’s underground leader idea. What do you mean by “compiled and edited for committee referral” ?


  4. Great work, thank you. I was a JFK “conspiracy theorist” from the get go. Even though I was only 13 years old when the drama occurred. You guys really make my head spin sometimes. You prove that there is some very weird stuff in our false media based “reality”. I am really fascinated to see where your twins/zombies work leads to.

    Also, I just read Tyrone’s JFKTV which really is excellent. I had already see Miles work which satisfied me about the lack of a corpse. Tyrones’s JFKTV takes this a lot further. Plus there is so much more than just the JFK saga in his book. So much more that chimed for me anyhow.

    Keep up the great work
    Best wishes

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  5. there’s a photographer who was present and took the classic pictures of Ruby supposedly killing Oswald. the photographer says no blood showed up in the photos and he saw no blood anywhere, in Oswald or anywhere. It was a fake shooting.


  6. Excellent article. This article and the entire blog is like a breath of fresh air! I’m glad I woke up gradually because the real truth can really hit one like a mack truck. Now I can’t get enough. Bravo to all the writers on this blog! However, I do have a question, clever they are, but people MAKE MISTAKES. How long can they keep up this tedious charade that covers up so much? I think the curtain is being pulled back slowly and soon will be ripped off completely, but meanwhile these comedies will continue.




    Jack Ruby is holding a Smith & Wesson which was alleged to be Oswald’s gun that shot Tippit. It is clearly identifiable. The murder weapon was supposed to be a Colt Cobra. There is no muzzle flash. There is no gunpowder residue on the escorting officer’s light colored jacket or burn marks from a close range shot. The people in the photos are in different places as Ruby lunges forward. One even disappears. There are two takes to the filming. Lee’s arm is covering the entry point. A subsequent autopsy .

    Ruby’s .38-caliber bullet entered Oswald’s lower chest just below his left nipple and lodged in a noticeable lump under the skin on the right side of his back. It pierced nearly every major organ and blood vessel in his abdominal cavity – stomach, spleen, liver, aorta, diaphragm, renal vein, a kidney, and the inferior vena cava, a major vein that carries deoxygenated blood from the lower extremities back to the heart. Oswald bled out very quickly through a dozen or more holes.


    There should be blood everywhere. There isn’t. He shouldn’t have even made it to the hospital alive with injuries like that. And you have it quite correct the ear lobes are different. That isn’t Lee.


    This image is very clear.


  8. It’s worth noting that the Beers photo of Oswald (at the top of the page) being shot shows a microphone in the upper right corner of the picture.

    The more famous Jackson photo of the same event shows no overhead microphone even though the Jackson photo was taken about 0.6 of a second after the Beers photo.

    So, if this event was genuine and not staged, why is there a microphone in the Beers photo but not Jackson’s photo?

    Look at an uncropped version of these pictures and you can spot the difference.


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