Vintage Psyopera: The JFK hoax, a half century too soon

New writer Vexman is digging through some interesting stuff at his blog and since it has come up in the comments section of his first post here at POM, I though I’d post this excerpt from my Hitler research to add to the fun…

The spark that supposedly lit the fuse.

The victor’s history will tell you that the match that lit the fuse of World War One was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir apparent to his father, Emperor Franz Joseph, the fossilized figurehead of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Like the JFK assassination near fifty years later, the target was riding through hostile territory with the rag top of his touring car down with largely absent security.

However, this particular iteration of assassination on wheels supposedly contained an actual cabal of conspirators, unlike the American versions with their ubiquitous lone nuts. The Black Hand, a dissident group of Serbs looking for independence from the empire, was the band of misfits that has taken the blame.

The official story is as ridiculous as can be. Though no laws of physics were apparently broken on the streets of Sarajevo in late June of 1914, unlike the magic bullets flying across Dealy Plaza in late November of 1963, credulity is strained to the breaking point when the series of mistakes in judgement and bald-faced coincidences that led to the Archduke’s alleged demise are tallied.

The nonsense started at the Sarajevo train station the morning of June 28th, 1914. Three local police officers allegedly boarded the lead car of the six car motorcade by mistake. Three special officers brought along for security were then left at the station. That is the first excuse to sell this farce. The minimum security for the Archduke was now reduced to zero. Like JFK, Franz Ferdinand is driving through dangerous terrain with no military presence anywhere. The second excuse was that the local citizens would be offended if the military were seen openly protecting the heir to the imperial throne, even though intelligence reports indicated the area was teeming with violent revolutionaries.

At least a half dozen of these violent revolutionaries were stationed at points along the announced motorcade route. While the entourage passed by the waving crowds, the first two would-be assassins did nothing. They were armed with a bomb and a pistol, and for maximum melodramatic effect, cyanide capsules in the event (likely) they were caught. Murderous terrorists willing to also commit suicide- where have we heard that trope before?

One Nedeljko Čabrinović, standing near the Miljacka River did supposedly toss his bomb when the Archduke’s car was within throwing distance. The bomb was said to bounce off the back end of the folded convertible cover and went off under the car behind, blowing up the occupants and sending them to the hospital.

Čabrinović then dutifully swallowed his cyanide pill and jumped into the river. The pill had long expired and only caused vomiting, while the river was only a foot or so deep from drought. One can almost see Čabrinović doing a poker faced double take ala’ Buster Keaton, standing in the shallow water, completely nonplussed as the Keystone Cops slosh awkwardly towards him.

As the motorcade sped on at heightened speed, the three remaining assassins placed along the route were helpless to act and so dispersed.

The Archduke arrived safely at the Town Hall, attended the reception and cracked wise about the near miss. One of the Archduke’s attendees strongly urged the Governor-General, Oskar Potiorek, to summon local troops to secure the streets so as to allow the party to carry on unimpeded. The excuse given as to why the Governor- General vetoed the idea was that the troops would not be properly attired in dress uniforms fitting for the occasion. So far, that was the lamest excuse yet, but we are no way near done with the preposterousness of this hoax.

The Archduke, at the urging of his wife, decided to forgo their original plans and instead visit the injured members of the motorcade at the local hospital. Such spur of the moment change was apparently so confusing to the rigid Teutonic temperament that the drivers were not informed of the changes in plans and routes. Their superior just happened to be one of the injured and so was not there to insure proper chain of command.

By then the Governor-General was apparently the only man able to give orders, so he decided to avoid the center of town and suggested yet another route. Clairvoyance must have been assumed of the drivers for they were not told of these new changes. The driver of the Archduke’s car, still the third car in the procession, turned right at one point to head down a side street towards the center of town as originally planned. Why he didn’t follow the cars in front of him along the new route, and how they suddenly were aware of the change of plans is unknown, unless this story, which was concocted postmortem, is a patchwork of revisions and inventions tweaked over time, so some details are bound to make no sense.

Meanwhile, Gavrilo Princip*, the Lee Harvey Oswald of the piece, had abandoned the mission and was finishing a sandwich and coffee at a local deli when, of all people, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian empire, was not three yards away, trying to get his driver to back up, make a U-turn and head back to the frontage road that would avoid the center of town the driver had mistakenly made for. The excuse here is that the driver was unfamiliar with the local streets, so naturally you’d want him driving the most important man in the empire through dangerous territory, especially after a near miss assassination attempt.

Well, Princip pulled his Belgium made 9×17 millie and blew a hole in the Archduke’s jugular, then for good measure popped a cap in the wife’s gut, killing her instantly; shades of Oswald taking one in the gut from Jack Ruby who for some reason eschewed the wide open, point blank shot to Oswald’s left temple. (For the record, gut shots take some time to die from, head shots are instantaneous-)

Long story short, the entire cabal of conspirators eventually found their way to police custody, court and prison, some even to the grave via execution. If you believe in blind justice, you can leave the story where conventional history has placed it and go back to sleep. Princip got all of twenty years because he was allegedly under twenty and twenty years was the maximum sentence for a man of his youth. Some leaders of the Black Hand got the firing squad or the noose, whichever was in vogue at the time in “executing” fictional characters. Certainly, the names of the perpetrators were intelligence aliases and most probably never actually existed as anything other than fictitious characters written up in the papers. It is also certain that no one did time or was actually executed. Like actors after the final curtain call, the personas were dropped, the makeup wiped clean and the actors sent home to their real countries, pensioned off for their silence.

The Archduke left the stage as well, taking along his wife and kids. His funeral was unattended by all save the immediate family, political rivalries being the stated cause- apparently, the heir apparent was not a beloved figure. But all to the good as there was no bodies to inter and the smallest number of funeral attendees would favor the secret being kept. The number of people who actually saw a body, save the vetted coroner, would have been zero. Therefore no one would be telling outright lies. All concerned assumed the Archduke and wife were in those closed coffins and so the falsehood of history was secured.

*The name Princip is close in kind to Princep, a Latin term meaning first or most prominent individual. As an alias, and as he is often sighted as engaging in the most influential act of the age, it would indeed make for an amusing allusion… and just for shits and grins, Oswald means variously, King or Divine Power or Divine Fire. Grandiose monikers for supposed lunatics. An assassination hoax staple.  

16 thoughts on “Vintage Psyopera: The JFK hoax, a half century too soon

    1. I’m posting it piecemeal as it’s too unwieldy for me to present as a comprehensive volume- Too many tangents and so I feel better about releasing one tangent at a time- Eventually I will have exhausted all of it- Eventually, too, I will address The Six Million Pound Gorilla-


  1. Interesting, a lot of new details.
    But, just based on those facts, have you considered the possibility of an inside job ?
    I.e. someone close to the Emperor wanted him dead ? That would explain the bizarre sequence of “mishaps” as well. And hardly anybody involved on ground level would know what was really going on.
    Not that I have any proof, just an idea. That person could have had the support of foreign (Russian, English) secret services. (I avoid the term “intelligence” here, as it seems an oxymoron …)


    1. fm-
      Here are a few tenets of my “faith”:
      Real power is never seen, ergo, royalty, while of the bloodlines, are/were largely front men/women- (I feel most of them are actually royal bastards, ie, Harry the secundo)- They, and various heads of state, are the actors who take the fall in these phony assassinations/revolutions- Inbreeding and the separation from real people, thus stunting empathy and compassion, made this form of presumptive authority easier to control from behind the curtain-
      When these hoaxes occur, it is because everyone is on the same page, not at war with each other- No “inside job” by spies and traitors required-
      Agreements were reached to sweep royalty into the dustbin of history, save one: Britain, who has housed (within the Commonwealth) the truly powerful since Elizabeth I at least- Nobody of that rank dies, like we are sold the Archduke or JFK or Caesar or various Tsars died- “They” don’t break the law- That is the key to how they can pull these “murders” off- The boots on the ground know no one gets hurt and recruitment of assets for these plays is easy- No crime, no guilt, no fear of legal reprisals- Good pay day, too, for their silence, especially when on a need to know basis and therefore absent the big picture to testify with regards to-
      Those “revolutions” et al, and the wars that follow, are theater pieces, or in the case of using large armies, also quasi-religious processions- The violence in most wars is grossly overstated, IMO- Wars are staged to convince the masses to change their location and their behavior and their numbers and their loyalties- The alleged combatants are always on the same page- Their media sells the lie that they are not-
      History is supported by a foundation of literary tropes- History is a thicket of fictional narratives aimed at the emotions of the masses- Dissent is difficult when fake children die and new, restrictive legislation is rammed through governing houses- Polly Klass, for instance, begat the three strikes law by acclamation here in Cali- Or the demonizing of Saddam Hussien made the narrative of war after 911 seem necessary to most news consumers- Large and small fictions drive the “thinking” of the hoi polloi-
      The old fashion pageantry of war has now been mothballed because the technology of control has been replaced- We police ourselves today largely through social media, thus generating remote peer pressure which changes our attitudes by the subtle direction of the media controllers- No advancing armies required in such an environment- No despotic royals required to defend the realm from other despotic royals- Not even phony apocalyptic narratives involving phony tech like nukes is needed, really- The battlefield, as I often say, is now between our ears- We have been made our own despots- As the façade of democracy fades, thought crime will become a real thing, subject to judgement and penalties of a tangible sort- Not sure yet what the forms for this will be, but I feel it in my replaceable joints-


      1. Tyrone you summarize well what I also believe is the truth regarding wars, famous assassinations etc. It is good to point out that kings belong to the most powerful bloodlines (or maybe one big bloodline) but they are not necessary the most powerful. For example even the standard history says that the Capetian kings were poorer than the other dukes in France in the beginning, even though they were the kings. Of course all belong to the same extended family and they intermarry.
        The wars from our history were not about royals, countries or factions fighting each other. The wars were about controlling the citizens. The novel 1984 describes the nature of the wars. But since the common citizens are the enemies of the elites, the wars don’t end when the citizens return from the battlefield. We actually have one continuous war. Financial crises, demographic engineering, degradation of foods and other shenanigans are part of the “peacetime” war. The nature of this war changes, and in the near future we will probably have a marriage between 1984 and Brave New World . The entertainment (movies, music, video games) and drugs (legalization of marijuana) are belonging to the Brave New World part of the equation.


      2. Basically I agree with you.
        I don’t claim to know who exactly sits at the centre of this global elite spiderweb, but the secret service agencies and publicly visible figures are obviously not. They know as much as they need to know to fulfill their role – what is called compartmentalization.
        And I consider the possibility that, from time to time, one of those outer figures that stepped out of line is actually removed by force from the picture. Killed, in other words.

        As the façade of democracy fades, thought crime will become a real thing, subject to judgement and penalties of a tangible sort- Not sure yet what the forms for this will be, but I feel it in my replaceable joints-

        IMHO, this future is basically here already. Mussolini defined fascism as merger between corporates and state, i.e. corporatism. Compare this to the current actual conditions in the “developed” world, especially the US and the EU. And then, look where you find his words. Orwell’s memory hole at work.
        Being technically inclined, I gathered a lot of facts that point out how the control is currently executed – beside the obvious control of mass media:
        – food poisoning, to dumb down the populus
        – water poisoning (especially fluorides)
        – direct chemical poisoning (chemtrails, officially “Solar Radiation Management”)
        – ULF/ELF radiation for “mood control” (exactly the EEG frequency range of the brain !)
        – subliminal brainwashing and mindcontrol through mass media audio manipulation
        Does anyone think that the mobile phone transmission frequencies coincidentally match the resonance frequency of the human head ?
        For the last point – subliminal audio – I might recollect the US patent numbers that document those techniques. Usually the run under the name of “subliminal learning”.

        To make my point – which is also yours – there is hardly much need for open war and repression. That few individuals that see through it can be easily dealt with …


  2. The nature of this war changes, and in the near future we will probably have a marriage between 1984 and Brave New World . The entertainment (movies, music, video games) and drugs (legalization of marijuana) are belonging to the Brave New World part of the equation.

    I beg to disagree.
    We are already living in this Brave-New-1984 world, aren’t we ?


  3. Seen from the internet savvy post-2000 era, the supposed Archduke Ferdinand incident reads like a fairy tale for brainless, comatose, terminal patients with Alzheimer.

    Non the less, said narrative is Rabbi approved tex book & Wikipedia material, short: the only politically correct explanation of the ‘direct cause’ of WWI. Deviance from this holy script is considered a heresy and will be algorithmically adetected by CIA-Google web bots and prosecuted by the Politburo.

    Not fun. And something else we learn: The history told by the victors will not only be deception from beginning to end, but that the lie will be told int most perverted way possible – Pizzagate style – just for the Talmudic fun of it.


  4. And, of course, his death was also presumably an insurance hoax. His 1947 insurance policy was $10k, which is $126k in today’s money, which in 1963 would’ve been $13k. What a massive scam.

    “Kennedy’s $10,000 life insurance policy in 1947 in all likelihood originated during his Navy service during World War II.”

    “$10,000 in 1947 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $126,075.34 today, an increase of $116,075.34 over 75 years. The dollar had an average inflation rate of 3.44% per year between 1947 and today, producing a cumulative price increase of 1,160.75%.”

    “$10,000 in 1947 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $13,721.97 in 1963, an increase of $3,721.97 over 16 years. The dollar had an average inflation rate of 2.00% per year between 1947 and 1963, producing a cumulative price increase of 37.22%.”

    1947 was also the year the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) was created, which was an extension of the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.). Apparently, this insurance policy was drafted just a month before the C.I.A. officially came into being. Fascinating stuff.


    1. Oh, and that money came from the paychecks of your parents and grandparents (if they paid federal taxes, of course). That policy was issued by the Veterans Division Insurance Administration (VDIA), a branch of the Veterans Department. So it was another taxpayer grift.


  5. As far as I can tell the only law broken on November 22, 1963, was the signing of the phony death certificate by Dr. George Burkley. That would be against the law. A misdemeanor at best but filing fake shit with the state is probably felonious. Burkley was a rear admiral and assistant physician to JFK- if he wasn’t ONI then I’m a Hottentot!
    It would also be a crime to fake one’s death and try and collect on an insurance policy, but since the numbers are so small relative to the Kennedy fortune, I doubt they bothered.
    That said, cashing in a life insurance policy, though illegal, may have been necessary to further the ruse of the assassination.
    That that said, I recall a few years ago somebody had posted somewhere that JFK was not in the Social Security death index. On points, I’ll list not cashing in the policy as more likely. That, however, is in very light pencil.


    1. People leave the spotlight for different reasons. Sometimes it’s just the “right time” to make an exit…And sometimes you’re worth more dead than alive. I don’t personally know what that is like, But I can only imagine the hell and stress that comes along with the “Fame of being in the Flame” I have friends who can’t even enjoy the so called normal life of going out in public and enjoying anything without being invaded by the mob. Everyone dreams of a life of fame and fortune… it sounds so appealing and glamorous…But like anything, it always starts out as fun…until the fun runs out of it.


      1. Well, Like the line from the John Denver Song…”Oh where do they go when they just disappear?” People might stop and stare… and say, “Oh my God you look just like him…But then be on their way…While they are still right here.


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