Farewell Josh

Our friend Josh (aka Daddieuhoh) has opted to take his leave from POM, following Straight, but leaving on a positive note. His new blog, Cutting Through the Fog, linked below, will be interesting.

There are not many interesting blogs out there. Most are caught up in politics and news, hashing and rehashing the same subjects that have diverted our attention for the entire postwar era, to no end. They are boring. Our list of links is a short one. It used to be much longer.

I am left to ponder now the state of this blog absent two of its driving forces. Left to my own devices, I could never have uncovered all that Straight did – he had such a fine eye for the masks that famous people wear. Judge Lance Ito is a fake, and was once known as Bruce Lee, and Bruce Lee is or was a set of twins. Freddie Mercury, also a set of twins, did not die, and instead morphed into another famous fraud, Dr. Phil McGraw.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Straight became so accustomed to seeing through the masks, that he and I got a little carried away, but that’s all behind us now. What I take from it is this: The world presented to us by news, entertainment, education and common wisdom is completely fake. Newscasters are all phonies and fakes.  Entertainers have the one thing need for success – bloodline, but lack the essential ingredient to be entertaining – talent. We are surrounded by liars who lie all day every day for a living, and entertainers who only survive by power of suggestion. We are told they are good. They are not. Not only are they fake, but so too is science, medicine, nutrition …

… the world constructed for us is made only to keep us in the dark. Thus is it as it has always been.

So much of the world I was raised in was fake – there are no nuclear bombs, never were. The “duck and cover” I went through was designed to scare me into submission.

  • The launch codes for nukes during the 1980’s the height of the Cold War – now it can be told – was 00000000.
  • The vaccines I was forced to take have either done nothing for me, or shortened my life. We’ll see.
  • There is no AIDS. The current regime that diagnoses AIDS and then kills the patients is involved in murder of Mengalish proportions, making ungodly money from every patient who dies from the treatment of AIDS, and not AIDS itself.
  • Of course there were no moon landings, but what was up with that? It was a diversion of funds, and the best we can do is speculate that it was to serve higher interests in hidden new technologies, or simply went to feed the already wealthy.

That is the tip of the iceberg. For myself, I’ve never been happier in my life knowing that assassinations were fake, and all the terror events too. I’ll be 67 in a few weeks here, and realize now I have no worries! The scourge of old age, cancer, is something we live with, and it can and does shorten lives. But far more people die from treatment than the disease. Because of what I have learned in this quest, I realize now I can be healthy until I die, and when I do it will not be the assisted suicide called radiation and chemo … I get to avoid all of the drugs sold to us at exorbitant prices by the criminals who hide behind the label PhRMA. I am a happy man, relieved of worry!

My point is simply this: Had not Straight and Josh stopped by here, these paths of inquiry, which are only attitudes of discovery rather than specific ideas, and which now seem so obvious, would not have opened. I am deeply grateful to both of them. (I do not presume to know if they agree with everything I write or have specifically written here. I am only saying that they cleared debris from the path of rational inquiry.)

The question now is can we continue with forward movement without them? We have other writers here who are holding back, perhaps for the same reasons expressed by Josh and Straight on departure. Perhaps just shyness. All I can say is that writers write.

The erosion going on here, the loss of Straight and Josh, each stem directly from the Mathis attack. One of our writers maintains that Miles is a high level shill. Look at what happened, he says – Mathis attacked, but we held together. Shortly thereafter, Vexman arrived, and we descended into darkness. Now, by erosional force, our two strongest voices are gone.

If that was indeed Mathis’s intent, he has, sad to say, succeeded. Meanwhile he appears descended into … not darkness … but away from human reach. He is scorning ordinary people as boring, claiming no longer to socialize.

No matter the level of intellect around us, we need human contact to stay normal, happy and sane. Isolation removes the filters, the checks and balances on our ideas. We need other people to laugh with and at [and be laughed at], bounce ideas around. We are not preachers. We are also listeners. While the co-called “mainstream” is wrong about everything, we need it to stay sane. I wish Miles well, but do not forgive him for his act of destruction, and hope he does not go into social isolation. No good can come from that.

Oh well … there is only one direction, forward. Before there was a Straight and a Josh and Tyrone and Maarten, there was just me, driven to write. I cannot stop. I hope we can keep on with what we do here, searching for truth. Maarten is a rare treat, and Tyrone is my favorite writer of all time, smart and crusty to the core. What we have learned so far is staggering, what more is there to uncover?

Stay tuned. I am not deterred by any force, and will carry on even if, as before, it is to a shrinking audience. The invitation for writers is always out there. If you think you’ve the stamina to put up material regularly and withstand criticism, join us. We welcome you. And to those who linger in the background here, only one thing can happen when you publish: You connect with other people. All that is good and bad about that follows. It is mostly good, and by force of criticism, we only get better.

29 thoughts on “Farewell Josh

  1. The programmers’ myrad of control methods seem to work best “inside out.” We have all been effectively “colonized” from birth with a set of comprensive, malevalent social instructions. It’s pretty hard to “fight the man” before one has realized how pre-programmed everything is. It really is like The Truman Show. This means we all need to fight like hell to stay human, take risks, and fight against fear. I believe it is especially wise to embrace our vulnerability and it’s equally fearsome cousin: change.

    Kudos to all you writers who venture into the unknown with nothing more than a pen and flashlight.

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  2. I seriously wonder if Dave McGowan was swapped out for Miles Mathis.
    Much like Bill Cooper for Alex Jones.
    Alex Jones gets himself established, he and Cooper get into some kerfuffle and then Cooper was allegedly assassinated by the government (possibly faked?).
    Mathis establishes himself, starts criticizing McGowan, McGowan suddenly develops cancer and dies. I am not saying McGowan was killed, but maybe his death was faked.
    For a while, Mathis was a big follower of Alex Jones and had a link to his website, but he no longer does.


    1. We don’t see a lot of how infiltrated the media is until we see a little of it, that first startling realization. For me, it was the discovery that Amy Goodman is a lifetime actor once known as Janis Joplin. Then it was not hard to see through the others, and finally to reach the conclusion that anyone who has a perch in our media is a fake. So I don’t hold it against MM that he did not right away see through Alex Jones or McGowan. Who among us did?

      It took me a long time to understand that McGowan was fake (and yes, he did fake his death – all of that cigarette smoking in public was predictive programming, just as Joplin’s alleged alcohol and drug addiction was the same). Once I realized that he never interviewed the subjects of his research, that he did not do something as basic as checking SSDI, that he accepted every death in and around Laurel Canyon as real, I understood that to be his role – lead us this far, no further. That’s classic limited hangout. But it is not for amateurs to understand right away. It takes time and effort and immersion in spooktech.

      I do not necessarily agree that MM is a shill. Life is too complicated for such a syllogism. He has exposed too much that otherwise would not have been exposed, and not in limited hangout fashion. Perhaps he’s been compromised somehow, but I doubt it. It is just the incidence of IQ and ego that produce such a unique character who is unable to play well. But I take the good. I resent that he attacked us as he did, saying as he did that he might be sullied by association with amateurs. That kind of hubris chaps my ass, but I do not then assume him to be anything other than occasionally an asshole.

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      1. I just re-read MM’s 07-15-09 The Business of Art. His attack on all things art puts him among what I would call: small-breed attack dog. A “nipper.” It’s what he does. I will not elaborate here. I’ve been an (“official” with credentials) artist since 1992, and in the art business since 1997. For over 10 years Clarice and I put together solo and group exhibitions each and every month, with an opening reception and appropriate promotional media. I produce art. I always paid my gallery rent, but was never in it for the bucks. Over the years I’ve run into a few other small-breed attack dog artist types. I never exhibited this type of artist, no matter how much I liked their work, or how well I thought it might sell. I figured it’s not worth the trouble.


      2. Nobody has to bat 100% to get my respect. If one makes mistakes it is only because they are doing something. There are plenty of people who don’t make any mistakes.


  3. Maybe college basketball isn’t your thing. Doesn’t matter, the number 77 is looming large again in this year’s final 4. 2017 finalists: N. Carolina 77 – Oregon 76; Gonzaga 77 – S. Carolina 73. Last year’s champion: Villanova 77 – N. Carolina 74. What are the odds?

    Here’s a fun, by-the-numbers guy with a pretty good story to tell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0D-xBTIE6I


    1. That stuff gets pretty intense, and I have a hard time thinking they have such control over events where outcomes are the result of apparent controlled chaos. That said, the Pentagon I am told is on the 77th degree longitude, and of course one of the fake planes on 9/11 that supposedly hit the Pentagon was flight 77.


  4. I went back to MM’s Tranny(ie) article and re-read it. I was hoping that he was attempting some weird form of satire and not actually alleging new psyops are created to discredit his work. I know he has a sizable ego, but had no idea he thought he was so important. Sorry, should have written this comment under Tyrone’s article…anyway, Josh will certainly be missed, but I intend to bookmark his new blog and visit regularly.


    1. As I was shopping today at COSTCO, busy as can be on Sunday, snack trays empty due to traffic, I was saying to myself “be patient with people all the time. I am one of them.” That way I did not get annoyed when there were no chip and dips or when I had to wait while grandma figured out which direction she was going to go after parking her cart right in the middle of an aisle. In the same fashion when I meet someone like MM, I want to forgive every human element about him and accept the good parts. I am fully aware that some suspect him of being just another planted misdirection agent, and also that I can be and have been fooled, and often. All that aside, there has been erosion. I am now suspicious where in the past I was not.


      1. I can certainly agree with that! I first discovered him through a link from another website to his article on the Tate Murders. I devoured it in one evening and read Hidden Kings the next. This was my first glimpse into how long psyops had been SOP for TPTB. I was excited to find such original thinking and it definitely had “the ring of truth” to my ears….but yes, there has been erosion. I don’t check his site every few days hoping for a new article. I hope he isn’t a plant…I hope he just needs a break. Learning about the lies can certainly change a person.


  5. I think you’ll agree the crust is awful flaky.
    McGowan held me almost to the end, but then I read Weird Scenes and was dismayed by how he pulled his punches with regards to his original blog postings. He was never that good of an interview but what further roused my suspicion was his initial take on Boston and the backlash he received and then his about face and insisting it was indeed a hoax. That seemed weird and convictionless, like he missed a cue, and tried to run right past his gaffe hoping no one noticed.
    The idea that he has been deliberately replaced by Miles holds some water for me as the high jacking of the Lincoln research was pretty blatant (as well as his convenient roll out on JFK a month or so before I went to press. Is someone reading my emails???). I think the muff over Boston spelled McGowan’s end as a pied piper and the job was given to Miles. And that’s all speculation on my part and I could, for once in my life, be completely wrong… I had similar thoughts about Mae Brussell “dying” at age 66 and Dave Emory, her prized protege, stepping right in and going much wider than he had been before her retirement.
    PS: I hope I am wrong about Miles. I know the obsessive type, believe me, inside and out, and he’s no different, just a little elevated in his self-regard. But, that does make him a fun read, also.


    1. And just for the record, I took one look at Jones’ web site years ago and realized he was being underwritten by intel. At the time, I referred to him as a trailer park Rush Limbaugh, another ass for hire who would say the exact opposite of what he was saying, and with the same conviction, if paid a dollar more to do so.


      1. I was fooled very badly by Jones after the fake killing of Osama where he showed a televised link of a neighbor who claimed that a helicopter had crashed in that compound and many soldiers had died. I swallowed whole, unfortunately. That was 2011, so at least I moved forward after that.


        1. When I was in college at UT, Alex Jones had an access cable tv show here (Austin, early 90s). He basically sat around in dark sunglasses ranting about black helicopters. He was a great source of amusement to us college kids. Nowadays, I’ve found that most locals take him as more of a pop cultural joke. Here, I’ve never met a person that takes him seriously, fortunately 😉


        2. When I was shown a photo of a man, who could be a relative. Who was left handed, with a watch on his left hand and a TV remote in his tight. Watching a TV plugged into a 110 strip, in a house with no electricity, in a country that only has 220, connected to a sat box only available to the military. Next to a 6 foot blast hole in the wall that somehow was only visible on the inside of the house. I could only assume that he was watching a pretty good program. I would think he would at least get up to check on the dogs. The cut and paste job from Blackhawk down stuck a fork in this 2nd grade project. We can only hope that in the future, they raise the minimum to 15 before we all die laughing.


  6. (Austin, early 90s). He basically sat around in dark sunglasses ranting about black helicopters.

    Around “Airwolf” time, wasn’t it ?
    A smooth, persuasive voice and quick-wittedness are obviously the most important features of those audio/video-producing CIA installations.


  7. I could never understand why Miles wrote the critical essay about Piece of Mindful. Something did not sit right with me. Why couldn’t he simply leave you guys alone… why did he go out of his way to put you all under the spotlight? I’ve been reading Miles for awhile, so it seemed somewhat out of left field. Perhaps to discredit your work? But why go so out of his way, since normally per his own words he never reads anyone else’s blogs. He claims to have no time, but he sure had time to write about Piece of Mindful.


    1. It was a calculated move. I am still chuckling over how he said it was “my readers” who brought his attention to the matter. In fake news, they call that anonymous sourcing.


  8. I invite any of the current or former writers of this blog to research MM the same way MIles research and exposes other people. It is not fair you just throw out opinions or inferences as to if he is or is not a plant, disinfo, etc. I do not think he is any of that. He has been denied advancement in his fields… he advances in his own way, nonetheless. Here (this blog) you should not have stopped doing what you do for what he wrote about you (honest mistakes, etc). Opinion is not a fact. It seemed harsh from him but reasonable what he did. His paper did not divide, you were already divided. His paper just brought that to light.


    1. His paper did divide. As to his status, plant, disinfo, all of that, it is hard to imagine that he is anything but genuine, or said another way, if is disinfo, I give up. I am overmatched.

      That said, what he did was not necessary, not kind. He wants to sit there like a guru on a mountain, but there are others around with good minds and insight, and he fired a shit cannon at us. For that, I downgrade his character (on a scale of one to ten) from seven to four.


  9. I agree… the way was not the best. What I cannot fully understand is why some writers left because of that paper. You seem like a curious, avid, well intended bird. Perhaps, you were surrounded by not so good intended feathers. When I wrote “you were already divided”, I meant it as in the saying that goes by “When you say you are leaving is because you already left”. I do not know how many of your current or former writers you know in person but, remember you met Miles in person.


    1. It is cause for wonder, for sure. I often don’t understand things until they are far behind me. The Vexman thing threw me for a total loop. With time comes understanding. Right now, I do not have it.


      1. We all do (understanding some things way after they happened and why). Most of us are very good Monday morning quarterbacks, don’t worry…Yes, with Time comes understanding… and Time will pass anyway, so understanding will come. You spent some days in HI. I would say that is a good place to reboot and restart. Keep it up.

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        1. Thank you. Mojo has suffered, but that is a good thing, time to reflect and evaluate. I still have a file cabinet of things that need exploring. You’re comments are very much apropos and appreciated.


  10. I see that I never said thanks for the fond farewell. So thanks! Also for the good times!! I’m still around. Just chasing my tail at the moment…


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