What is the true purpose of the fake Russian hacking story?

“This anti-Russian card is being played in the interests of some political forces inside the United States with an aim to strengthen and consolidate their position.” (Vladimir Putin)

Putin is, of course, saying something that is true. But he is in the awkward position of being an official “enemy” in our domestic propaganda system, so his words are automatically disbelieved.

The Russian hacking story won’t die, which means it is being kept alive with a purpose. It is nonsense, but set that aside. For what purpose?

Tyrone in his JFKTV paper, which I know now predated the Mathis paper on the JFK assassination, had an interesting line that caught my eye. It was to the effect that JFK would not lower himself to press the flesh as he did for cameras at Love Field on 11/22/63 and before the charade kicked in. He did not need to. Even in 1960, votes were not counted. Election outcomes are not left to chance.***

I have long assumed that our 1948 election was stolen for Truman, and 1960 for Kennedy. But that assumption rested on the notion that otherwise election outcomes are a reflection of votes cast even as choices are controlled. Look at 1992 and 1996, for instance – in those years Ross Perot entered the contest as a third-party candidate to ensure that Bill Clinton won as a minority candidate. That tells me that voters were manipulated, but also that in those days votes were largely counted. Otherwise, as with Trump in 2016, they could merely have announced that Clinton won.

I saw the spectacle in Florida in 2000 but did not grasp its purpose. When I saw 2004 stolen for Bush I briefly thought some dastardly deed had taken place. But I suffered cognitive dissonance as I knew that our alternative, John Kerry, was as empty a bag of flesh as had ever occupied a podium.

Fair or foul, the 2004 outcome did not matter. But they went to great lengths using the new phenomenon of electronic voting machines to hack the outcome. Exit polls, still somewhat useful at that time, verified tremendous artificial shifts in not just Ohio, but all across the nation where paperless voting had taken hold. They must have been testing the new system. (Montana, my home state at that time, had an apparently clean outcome, but also had real paper ballots. It too has since succumbed to the new regime, so election outcomes there too can be assumed to be fake.)

Green Party candidate Jill Stein forced “recounts” in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and it was quite telling. Stein is controlled opposition, I assume, and her role was to verify the illusion that Trump had won the election. The recounts were a farce, merely reaffirming machine tallies in Wisconsin. Judges halted the proceedings in the other two states.

If that does not tell you that vote counts are fake, nothing will. We cannot have “recounts” if there is no count. In fact, recounts are essentially illegal.

My only question now is how far down the ballot the election fraud goes. Obviously major puppet office holders are secure knowing they are safe from voter anger. They have always served at the pleasure of oligarchs, but now installing them and casting the illusion they are there by voter choice is an easy task. Just tell the news readers to announce they won. (I look around me in amazement that so few question the Trump victory. Maybe, just maybe he carried Utah.**)

What about County Commissioner? Judges? School bond issues? Are there issues too small to matter and where we are allowed true vote counts? I only know this: with electronic voting, with no recounts, there is no need to count votes. If they don’t have to count votes on any issue, why would they? So yes, I think it safe to assume that all vote outcomes are fake.

Back to the Russian hacking story. Knowing that our elections are fake, it is a no-brainer to know that this story is fake too, serving some other purpose. It appears now that counter forces are at work, and the Susan Rice disclosures over the weekend are meant to kill the story before it mushrooms. There is indeed fighting behind the scenes – both sides are lying, all the “disclosures” are fake. But the stakes are apparently real.*

I always learn as I go as I write these things down, but also learn from comments what else I am missing. Please do chime in. I am at a loss to know the true purpose of the fake Russian hacking story.


*Some time if you have a chance, watch the movie Wag the Dog. It is as close as Hollywood ever comes to portraying actual reality.

** Again, what is the alternative? Good lord, they have so little regard for our intelligence that they openly flog us with incompetent actors.

*** This is true in Britain as well, so that we can assume that the Brexit vote was done with purpose and that we have no clue what the true vote count was.

23 thoughts on “What is the true purpose of the fake Russian hacking story?

  1. Hi Mark, can you explain this portion for me as I don’t know what “Press the Flesh” means or perhaps I am missing a reference?- ” It was to the effect that JFK would not lower himself to press the flesh as he did for cameras at Love Field on 11/22/63 and before the charade kicked in.”


  2. I don’t think the stakes are real. I think the Russian hacking story is just that- a story line- a narrative written much like the plot of any TV thriller/drama series. I don’t think narratives like this point to any power struggles among factions or can be parsed as to “what is really going on.” I think they are pure fictions that push major memes that TPTB want out there that shore up their power and provide excuses for expanding it. There is precious little in media that can be parsed or deconstructed as to what is “really going on.” We have a fictional president and a fictional government and fictional dramas and controversies and issues. Perhaps one can detect disagreement among the script writers of these fictions but I think they are mostly about style and effectiveness rather than content and purpose. Where to look then for hints and clues as to what is really going on? The real world- the world around you.

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  3. I personally think that this is fodder and a prelude for TPTB to get us into a war and out of that conflagration will emerge a one world government. That is what I feel is behind all these machinations. Destruction of sovereignty of the United States has been part of that. Russia is in on it. WWI and WWII wasn’t enough – the ravaging controllers want it all and have laid it out piece by piece in a patient way. The writing on the wall for me was the insanity going on in Europe and Sweden – it seemed so deliberate that I could barely believe my eyes because what leader of a country would allow their country to be invaded unless they were part of a nefarious scheme. America’s borders have been breached too and that is intentional. And then I learned of the Khalergi plan. TPTB , who were behind the two great wars , will stop at nothing to bring about one centralized governing body ruled completely by the elite controllers.


    1. I think we are already there. We have one world government now. The mass media narratives about national conflicts and disagreements and rumors of war are just that- narratives that exist only in propaganda land. TPTB seem to be working slowly and deliberately to bring the propaganda up to speed on the reality of the one world system already in place- but then again why bother? The appearance of national sovereignty- of independent actors on the world scene is useful. The Nuke weapon hoax has a draw back for TPTB. It makes staging large scale conventional wars nearly impossible.

      No, I think we will continue to see what we have seen- fake narratives about threats of conflicts among superpowers and threats from comical villain nations from North Korea.

      The game is over. TPTB are simply mopping up in the last corners of the globe not fully on the grid yet- the Middle East- Africa- Central Asia. Where they are going- what they intend? Who knows? They can do anything going forward.


      1. I suspect you are dead on, that it is standard operating procedure to announce intent to do something already done. They would never publicize their machinations while in the works.


      2. CJD I agree with your comments. The only thing I want to add is that they must create a narrative that will make the NWO acceptable to the people. You mention some of the problematic regions like Central Asia and Middle East. They probably still have some problems with many tribal societies (Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya etc). In my opinion, they may also introduce a new Islam (both Shia and Sunni) that will be more modern , pro science etc. They must do different things to different regions, but they achieve their goals in a Fabian manner.

        I also believe the Nuke hoax made a World War almost impossible. They still have sand box “wars” in Ukraine, Syria and “tensions” in South China Sea. I wonder what people here believe about the casualties in these regions (Ukraine, Syria, Libya etc). They can agitate people to do a few thousand casualties and infrastructure damage, even if the things are coordinated at the top. Real casualties in these regions can make people there angry and now mass media can show that there are actually angry people that now hate the “west” (especially Muslim countries) . They provoke the tribes, the tribes fight back and finally they have a reason to go and tame the tribes. Is all faked or there are still some real tribes that fight back (like in Yemen)?


        1. Probably a mixture of both. Any tribal chiefs, clan patriarchs, or other traditional sources of authority and power are targeted outright with any real resistance merely serving as propaganda fodder. The point of these anti terror campaigns is basically to destroy the existing local political and economic culture completely, allow a miserable period of wanton chaos to fill the vacuum- and then imposition of grid control on a thouroughly traumatized and decapitated society.


  4. A couple days ago I did a little math in my head. I figured that on 4/4/2017 there would be some significant hoax event. 4+4= 8 and 2017 is 10- put em together and you get 18. Syria gas attack today- “the worst in years”. I would expect 4/7/2017 or 4/8/2017 (21 and 22 respectively) will also see significant hoax events.


      1. Ball park figures. The usual so far- people playing dead in blankets lined up (children of course)- etc etc etc. Lots of youtube videos of people “gasping for air” apparently.

        Why? Why did Assad do it? Because that is what you do when you are a comic book villain. You give the Heroes just cause and right to do whatever they want to you. Does gassing civilians to death help Assad or his government in any way? No. But no one is going to ask that. He is Lex Luthor and that is what Lex Luthor does- just kills people for no particular reason other than he is crazy evil- and Superman is thus justified to do whatever he wants to defeat him. Assad in this case in just as much a part of the play act as any of them. I suspect what is going on in Syria is simply the wiping away of any and all traditional systems of property ownership and cultural impediments to a fully monetized economy and it is being done under the cover of a fake war. Syrian traditional tribal and clan based systems are wiped asunder- and the entire country being put on grid and the auction block. Assad will either suffer a fake death- or perhaps even a “victory” over “The West” and be lionized as an Anti Western Hero- meanwhile Syria is carved up and sold off- all the stumbling blocks of traditional economies and tribal and clan loyalties having been erased. They can do whatever they want really with the storyline- the end result is that Syria will ready to be remade in the image of any Midwest American development (with “local flavor” thrown into the mix of course.)


        1. Dear CJD… your thinking is fascinating and no doubt spot on. I’ve never swallowed the ruse that Assad is a villain, nor Putin. I think “we” are the villains for what we have done to Libya and Syria. Who “we” is — the smart people on this blog already know.

          So what do you portend for America?

          I have long had a feeling that the globalists’ plans are not going to go the way they think they are. There is going to be some surprise, such as their war machine schemes get out of hand and POW. I don’t feel we are out of the woods when it comes to some kind of small nuke or nuke missile. I know some say that nuclear weapons are a hoax, but it seems to me that malicious, horrific WMDs are indeed in existence. TPTB may try to pull something off otherwise how do they consolidate their power if not through destruction of sovereign nations? But as you share, sovereignty is no doubt a ruse, too. I want my freedom and I don’t want a cashless society and I don’t want to be microchipped. It would be great to live in a world where leaders were trusted servants and we didn’t have lies after lies, hoaxes after hoaxes. It’s getting downright tedious.

          I’m sure many might not agree with me, but I’m just putting this out there for what it’s worth. We can speculate all we want — when it comes down to it, we basically don’t know what the heck is going to happen. Most of us operate through our intellect which is limited. It’s good for another sense to come in, the one that operates through our right brains. Better yet, have a balanced brain, and not be lopsided on one or the other side.

          We have pockets of strong men and women in this country who are independent, strong, virile, honest – we all have them in our lives and families.

          And so I ask, are there white hats anywhere in leadership roles?



        2. I would make Assad out to be a Western Intelligence agent along the lines of Castro, Noriega, Chavez. It could be that fake death or fake jail awaits him. I have got to get back to my get out jail free series. I have been swamped and am sans mojo.


        3. The victory over the “west” is an important observation. They want the people of the entire world to accept the NWO. The Old Wold Order is the colonial and imperial form of order and it is usually associated with “white dominance”. They will do many things to reduce the influence of West like reducing the voting power of western countries at UN, IMF. The standard of living will be reduced in the western countries, and slightly increased in a few countries like China, Vietnam, India etc. They will do a few things, so the new order looks more attractive to the non-white countries . China opening the asian infrastructure bank is part of this game (also the BRICS and their bank). You also have some alternative people talking about China and Russia fighting the NWO.

          White countries becoming non-white is another important piece in my opinion (actually I consider it the most important). White countries were used as golems, but the golems can still turn against you if you are not careful. People may say that the white people are the most domesticated but there are still a few things that make the white countries more problematic (even if they don’t revolt). I should also say that if Le Pen wins, it smells like a trap. Brexit, Trump, Le Pen all with initial small chances of succeeding (of course we will never know the true statistics or votes). Let’s see the Le Pen drama, but like I said, it may signal a trap and a big transition (not for the good but still not the end of the world)


  5. I will leave a comment regarding the latest Paris shooting. To me this signals a Marine Le Pen presidency. This is so obvious, I actually couldn’t believe they did a terrorist attack a few days before the election. I was betting for something after the first round (maybe some immigrant protest or other bad behavior). Of course this is obvious for me but not for the zombified majority. Nonetheless I am not certain she will be the president, but this event increases her chances in my mind. We will not know the real voting numbers, but such events will turn voters towards Le Pen. Analysts can also point to this event and others to explain why she won. Of course they will not point to the fact that the event was staged to manipulate people (I didn’t study this event, I assume it is staged considering everything else).
    If she will become the next president, it smells like a trap. I already said in other comments that Brexit, Trump and Marine Le Pen taken together look like a trap.


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