Recommended reading: Faith Dealers

“Kevin,” in the past has spent tedious and long hours investigating the background of celebrities. This link takes you to the first of four papers in that series. (Hint: no one gets famous on talent alone, and often enough talent is not even a requirement. Right, Damon? Affleck?

He turns his sights now on a rich vein for exploration, evangelists, faith healers, preachers. The paper is called Faith Dealers, and I hope more research follows. In this first segment he takes down a woman who held me enthralled until her highly improbable (and likely fake) death on 12/25/2015 – Dorothy M. Murdock, or Acharya S. It turns out she’s part of the peerage, just another a spook. I always found her writing tedious and over-referenced, and now I know why – it was committee work. She was just a front for another Intelligence operation.

Live and learn, as they say, but sometimes I sense that there is far more learning to do than my living has time for.

13 thoughts on “Recommended reading: Faith Dealers

  1. I have been ambivalent about Team Murdock for a good long time. What I have been able to digest of her/their work never seemed to lead to the point, just a piling on of more facts/conjecture, like a document dump, so that no real firm conclusions could ever be drawn. In some ways she was the Ariana Huffington of that wing of the historical “truther” movement; barely attractive enough to make the geeks think they have a shot. If she/they was pulled from the field, I suspect it was because of the work at Postflaviana and by John Bartram at Google+. Archie S’s stuff wasn’t nearly as compelling and, again, never drew any firm conclusions. That is not to say the two sites mentioned are not intel: Bartram, especially, has some serious connections, and Atwill/Stanley(!)/Russell all admit they may be distant blood-liners, Atwill admitting his maternal line are Randolphs going back to Thomas Jefferson, so by Miles’ reckoning, they are also “dirty” (my word)-.
    Even so, I don’t consider the source as much as the specific information; the context within which the information is stored is of no interest to me. I’ll interpret for myself, thank you very much.


  2. ” I’ll interpret for myself, thank you very much. ”
    Amen !

    It gives me discomfort that the two main guys at Postflaviana are a Stanley
    and a Russell , but I think that is just a coincidence and they are
    really pulling apart the masks of the Huge Players of ‘ history ‘ .
    But of course so few people are taking the time to read anything
    let alone rethink the info .
    Kevin also did not connect his Raders to this guy .

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    1. I personally think it’s not a coincidence that a Russell and a Stanley are prominent contributors on Postflavina. I think we should first be suspicious. I think someone is playing with us.

      Also, Postflaviana and Gnosrtic Media contributor Joe Atwill has proposed collecting DNA on movers and shakers to sift out who are the bloodlines and who are not — what genuine truth seeker would ever propose such a draconian notion? He has gotten flack on that, rightly so.

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      1. Joseph Atwill’s perceived philosemitism arouses suspicion in some quarters as well.
        I have wondered about that crowd as well.


  3. Great article kevin. BTW another faith stealer was this guy. I mentioned him because the current leader of the group is married to ryan oneil’s first wife.

    I too am torn on most of the people involved are members of the major families. I have Green’s King’s Robinsons etc in my family and sure we could be related way back but we are not in touch with them😊. However., if members of my family were successful in say entertainment (one of them is/was) then it is just assumed we must be working with the families So, as Dave remarks above if 2 players at postflaviana are a stanley and russell. Does that mean they are ‘in on it’?

    I love Miles work, I love Keven’s work, esp. his strange relations series, and Josh is also great. I am new to this site so just catching up😀 Love thoughts on how far back and how many times removed in a person’s genealogy do we go for it to raise serious. ????? that the person might be ‘in on it’. get the job becaus ethey are family and aon on?


    1. I have never gotten in to genealogy for the simple reason that I get soaked up into things and it would consume me. It is not easy. Columbine just consumed me, and that is just a matter of reading and piecing things together. I let genealogy go by, especially with the likes of Miles, Kevin and Josh doing it. I read their stuff. But with my own family I can go back to great grandparents, and it ends. That is true for most of us. The peerage can trace back to the 1200s. There are rumors swirling about Egyptians and Romans and Venetians, and who is to know. This much I know about this place: There are people who have secrets and keep them. They signal to one another. They are insiders, we are outsiders. They consider themselves of higher breeding, and us of lesser. So they appear to be involved in running projects to control us, keep us occupied, afraid, ready to go to war, but uneducated too. It would not surprise me if evangelical ministers, Quakers, Catholics are all running a scam on us.


      1. I agree with what you are saying. Think just because you have one of those last names it doesn’t mean you are an insider. Kevin in his strange relations series showed how close they were all connected – I think it was great grandparents, so yes they are all insiders. Miles sometimes writes papers where it seems just having one of those names means they are in on it. Maybe they are.

        I am enjoying your site thanks for all the hard work. Have you looked into the work by Anatoly Formenko. He thinks they made up the dark ages so as to push our history back a 1000 years or so. Very interesting.


  4. You’re gonna love this: The BigEyeBlog by Stewart Ogilby

    | | | The BigEyeBlog by Stewart Ogilby Discussion of NASA and 9/11 television myths and narratives. | |



  5. Not exactly an evangelical, but I’ve had my suspicions for a long time about Louise Hay. She mentions in one of her books that an ex-husband moved in high places and they once had dinner at the White House. I can’t find any details of her early life anywhere. The New Age movement served to make people’s emotions overcome their rational minds and switch them off from current affairs – that’s been my experience of it anyway.


    1. I’ve also had suspicions about Louise Hay, the New Age evangelical leader and minister of the Church of Religious Science/Science of Mind movement. She started the Hay House publishing firm, which produces media from Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, teachings of “Abraham” channeled through Esther Hicks…many of the big names in the New Age movement. She also claims to have studied Transcendental Meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at the Maharishi International University. Then there’s this notation on her Wiki page: “This biographical article relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this biographical article by adding secondary or tertiary sources.” So many red flags! It seems her biography may be fiction. I admit I used to have quite a few books from Hay House, but have since discarded them–too much of that feel-good nonsense!


      1. Ah, so she was an evangelical, thanks for that Carri. I agree with you about her fake bio, I couldn’t even find out her birth name. I’m convinced that the whole New Age movement was a psyop. It also seems that the Hay House route to enlightenment entailed buying a whole load of stuff – I once went on a retreat to California and it seemed that the Americans there would buy anything on offer. We Brits were almost as bad, only slightly more tight with our money! I did buy a Hay House book a couple of years ago, I would have lapped it up years ago but thought it a load of meaningless fluff and it went straight to the charity shop. A fool and his money are soon parted, and Louise Hay must have made an absolute fortune from Hay House. I bet it put a lot of people into debt too.


        1. Even here we have to be careful with the endless divide and control game afoot. There’s a lot of kookiness in New Age material, but they do emphasize some important things, like the emotional component of disease, which allopathic medicine has poo poo-ed for a century (although reality is beginning to intercede there).

          So they can pull the plug on any of their actors and still win. “Hitler” has made rational defense of race and culture impossible. (Apparently Louise Hay was asked if the Jews deserved their fate in the concentration camps because of karma and said “yes.” At least she was consistent.)

          These psyops are like mercury in vaccines. Toxic metals carry the “cure” into every part of the body. They’re so interwoven that it’s impossible to unwind everything without a full restart.


  6. This page contains interesting names . I found this page by looking for info about the Ulvungar dynasty. Hugh Montgomery says that this dynasty is connected to Jesus. Hugh Montgomery belongs to the elite Montgomery family, so expect misdirection if your read his books or watch his video presentations. In my opinion the misdirection probably involves using wrong dates or chronology and still claiming that various feuds were legit. Even during the era around the Norman conquest, both sides were from the same extended family (France,England, Denmark, Norway, Belgium etc). Hugh makes some claims that the Catholic church was against this Jesus family. He even claims that the Church brainwashed some members, so they went on the Catholic Church side. The idea of brainwashing members from this elite families is ridiculous to me. This ridiculous idea is probably maintained to explain the conflicts where all these people belong to the same extended family. Nonetheless I will try to finish the book called “The God-Kings of England”. This guy wrote 3 previous books. Some reviewers on amazon claim that this guy chops his books so that he can make another book to sell. Since this guy is from the elite families (I believe he mentions this in his books, so no name coincidence), the reason behind leaving info out his books is probably not related to making money but to leave people hanging. Here is a video playlist with an interview on Red Ice .
    The first link contains some names connected to Hollywood. It also contains the name Kennedy.


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