Columbine: Not a tear was shed for victims (Conclusion)

How did they pull it off?

  • In the 28-second video above, note how the evacuation of the cafeteria is so blurry that no faces can be made out. Also, it is very hard to make out faces of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in the cafeteria. In fact, at 24 seconds, if you can freeze it there, see if you agree that Klebold’s face has been blurred. Harris, on the other hand, usually has his back to us.

Matrix redux

  • In this photo, the boys’ faces are darkened so as to be unrecognizable. There is a noticeable height difference between the two.

Sanders after evacuation

  • In this photo, which is oddly much clearer than the others, I noticed that it looks like Coach Dave Sanders was wearing a mask. He certainly has full rich black hair behind the balding area, kind of like a mullet.

Sanders in mask

I know that is hard to make out, but assume just for sake of argument that I am right, that this is a man wearing a mask. What to make of it?

Now let’s go back to the yearbook photos:

  • It was suggested that these photos are paste-ups, and that the images of Harris and Klebold were added to class photos in a dark room. But are they Harris and Klebold?

Harris Klebold Time Magzine Cover

I am mostly struck by the pitch-black hair on Klebold in that photo, as he is a redhead in this graduation photo. Harris too has much lighter hair in the photos immediately above. What is going on here? There is certainly a strong resemblance … did they dye their hair? Or were their faces pasted on other heads?

  • In Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore interviews two young girls sitting on a front porch,  Nicole Shleif and Amanda Lamontagne. Both claimed to be classmates of Klebold and Harris, but only in one class, a 6 a.m. bowling class.

I will try to tie all of this together:

There were no students at Columbine by the name of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. There were photos in the yearbook, but since this event was long in planning, those photos were either pasted in, as shown above, or were real photos of two older Colorado men who would later go on to be the creative force behind South Park, the Book of Mormon, and other productions. Or so we are told.

How can that be? It is a big school, 1,945 students in 1999. Kids form cliques, and probably know at most 50 other students. In a school that large, it is very easy to run ghost students. Every kid would assume afterward that Klebold and Harris were real (after all, their photos are in the yearbook) and ran in other crowds, or were just loners.

Shlief and Lomontagne (if that is even their real names) were acting, as was everyone else in Moore’s movie. The effect of that scene was to give testimony to Klebold and Harris being known students at Columbine and having classmates who remembered them. The class just happened to be at 6 a.m., and off-campus, and if such a class even was real, perhaps only a couple of students would enroll. My guess: There was no off-campus 6 a.m. bowling class. It was invented for the sake of Moore’s movie. (Harris is said to have had a friend, Brooks Brown, whom he warned to go home before the event. That story too serves to make Klebold and Harris look like real students. Brooks Brown is a player.)

The cafeteria evacuation scene was shot in advance, possibly during the preceding June, when the school is shut down. Extras were brought in to make the mass exodus, which is why they blurred the faces. Since Dave Sanders was not there, they had a man in a mask pretend to be him. (Sanders, an insider (age 47), might simply have been unavailable on the day they shot that scene.)

It is very easy to shoot video footage with fake dates on it. The camera does not know the date – it has to be manually entered. The cafeteria scenes for the entire day of 4/20/1999 were shot long in advance, as I see this shaking out.

Two actors were brought in at some time before that day to play Klebold and Harris, and they had two jobs: One, the cafeteria scene, deliberately blurry so we cannot really make them out, and the death scene where, again, Harris’s face is not visible. These same two actors performed in what were made out to be amateur movies and which included the one above where they are walking into Columbine wearing trench coats.

4/20/1999 Reconstructed

  • There were agents there and hired actors, perhaps a drill of some sort going on involving police and SWAT teams. They were kept outside the school.
  • Inside the school there were noisemakers, and a real evacuation, done in an orderly manner to get all the students out of the school.
  • The only ones left behind were the actors.
  • No one got shot.
  • There were no bombs.

There was some staging, some noise-making, but since the FBI took over the scene in the “aftermath,” it was all under spook management, and no outsiders ever saw any bodies of wounded or dead people. It was a TV show. It was coordinated with news, which flew helicopters overhead, and hospitals, who pretended to care for the wounded. SWAT teams marched around looking busy, but we have no photos of any such people inside the building. Four of them, Dan Delmonica, Robert Broden, Ron Fox and Tom McKibben, were in on it and later were used to offer witness testimony in the various documentaries made about the day. They are either actors or real SWAT team members with inside juice, probably ex-military.

This event was years in planning, so that actual actors, the kids who fake died and were fake wounded, were moved into the town, and many actually attended Columbine in preparation for the day of the massacre. Isaiah Shoels, the only black victim, was not one of them. He is a ghost.

There was an objection to my statement in Segment Six that Trey Parker was Dylan Klebold and Matt Stone Eric Harris. Here are the birth dates of the four:

  • Dylan Klebold: September 11, 1981 (what a coincidence!)
  • Eric Harris: April 9, 1981 (April 9 is the 99th day of the year, or 3*3 three times in that date.)
  • Trey Parker: October 19, 1969 (292nd day of the year, a way of plugging in 911?) [October is the eight month though we officially call it the tenth now, so his birthday is 8/19, or two nines! Spook!]
  • Matt Stone: May 26, 1971, 146th day of the year, 1+4+6 =11? Also, 2+6=8.)

(No doubt commenters will have fun with those dates. I find Harris and Klebold’s birth dates to be very spooky indeed.)

That is too much difference in age for Stone and Parker to have played Harris and Klebold. And they did not, but spooks did use their photos for the yearbooks during that time. Parker and Stone, after all, are actors. They are also insiders, otherwise they would not have the platform they do in the entertainment industry.

Here is our writer Tyrone McCloskey on the pair:

“Parker and Stone were said to have attended college in Colorado and studied film under Avant-garde filmmaker Stan Brakhage, the namesake of the South Park character, Stan Marsh- I caution that those two may in fact be theater people, trained in the various theatrical arts they have had great success with- BUT, that does not mean they aren’t spooks of the first order- It’s well agreed that no one gets a platform the size of Parker and Stone’s without the right connections and agenda driven content- There are many ways to contextualize characters like these to ultimately smother them in red cloth-

First, Brakhage as their mentor: Brakhage was born in 1933 (Ca-ching!) He commiserated with a host of modernist spooks in the late forties/early fifties as the CIA made their big push to destroy traditional art and its political potential- Brakhage I would describe as the Jackson Pollack of film- Like Clement Greenberg, the champion of abstract expressionism (an admitted CIA project) Brakhage et al had their press champion in Jonas Mekas who explained at great length in CIA co-opted journals what a great talent these spook artists were to a befuddled public who just didn’t get it- Fake awards soon pushed this ultimately Warhol/Sutcliffe inspired anti-cinema to illegitimate scholarly status (Spoiler alert: All of Brakhage’s films are utterly unwatchable, no matter the attendant superlatives)

Brakhage had earlier mentored another CIA sanctioned degenerate “filmmaker”, Kenneth Anger, he a Doonsebury-like connector of the many nodes of Manson-era Laurel Canyon- (It’s possible Kenny, the character on SP that dies every week, is named after Anger (Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyer)

As I argued in JFKTV, these blockbuster psy-operas require serious show biz vets to pull these things together and keep track of the parallel narratives that are engineered to divide the public and simultaneously have the public agree that the hijackings/shootings/suicides actually did take place-

Given the overlay of teenage angst that the Columbine narrative fetishized, I would not be surprised to find that asset Brakhage recommended two of his former pupils to infuse the narrative with up to date memes and imagery that the two much younger protégé’s would be familiar with- The additionally perverse touch of Parker and Stone using their own photos from a decade or so before is perfectly consistent with the brand of sick humor South Park is infamous for-

I’ll also bet half a day’s pay that Columbine was infiltrated with “transfers” who could pass for seniors to get a lay of the land- A beta test of sorts for such a maneuver was concocted by Rolling Stone magazine in the early 80’s when they sent Cameron Crowe, a featherweight writer/director who was just starting out as a “reporter”, to return to his alma mater after college and pose as a high school senior, thanks to his still boyish good looks, and then write an article on what life was like from the inside of a teenage hive like a white suburban high school- A subsequent book, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and a film version launched Crowe to commercial success- If there was an overall producer/director of Columbine, Crowe would be one of my prime suspects, with input from another cinema knave who made his own film about Columbine, Gus Van Sant-“

It is my contention that the images of Parker and Stone were used as Klebold and Stone – it would be ideal. They could then have invented families, invented backgrounds, and real photos to convince us they are real. Since actual photos of real insiders were used, they kept it in the family. There was no chance ever that the real people in those photos, who are known now as Parker and Stone, will ever talk.

Here are some facial comparisons:




Note the photo of “Klebold” above is taken from a yearbook, and the head has been superimposed on another body, which is why it looks awkward. Here is the full image:

Klebold senior

How subtle to put him in a t-shirt with the word “killer” on it. That could be a joke, I suppose, some after-the-fact monkey business, but it is advertised as a class photo.

I realize that the above photo comparisons, due to the span of time between them, will not be totally convincing. I could work it more, but am so tired of Columbine, and in the end it doesn’t really matter if the Klebold/Harris-Stone/Parker connection is there. The overarching point is this: Whoever those two boys were in the cafeteria and in the death shot are, they did not die that day, and they did not kill anyone. I say that photos of Stone and Parker were used to keep it in the family, and for no other reason. On April 20, 1999 Stone and Parker could have been anywhere in the world. They were not at Columbine.

I started this Columbine journey out wanting to know how they pulled it off, and it has only been over the last couple of days that I came to realize that Parker and Stone, whatever their real names, merely lent their images to the event, and that everyone in that school that day after the real evacuation was an actor. The cafeteria scenes were shot long before, as was the death shot. everything else was a TV show, perhaps a rehearsal for another TV show set for 510 days away, September 11, 2001.

I know people are going to wonder what became of the “dead” … I do too. The wounded could return to school, or transfer out. Richard Castaldo and Anne Marie Hochhalter were both said to have been paralyzed that day. Did they carry forward as paralyzed people? The Denver Post indicates that Castaldo returned to Columbine in a wheel chair. That might have been seen as necessary to sell the event as real. Ann Marie’s mother committed suicide later on. Was that real, or staged? Did she want no part of the gig?

I only know this: At Columbine High School on April 20 (110th day of the year), 1999, no one died, no one was wounded, and not one real tear was shed by any victim or onlooker.

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29 thoughts on “Columbine: Not a tear was shed for victims (Conclusion)

  1. Your first segment on this topic contained this line: ” It is not a matter of whether Columbine really happened as reported. It did not. I know that. I will reveal the reason I know that later.”

    I never felt you highlighted the “reason” that gave you the absolute knowledge in any of the subsequent segments. Or did I miss something?


    1. Out friend Straight told me a long time ago that “Klebold” and “Harris” were Stone and Parker, so that if that part was fake, everything else had to be too. It was just a matter of unraveling it. I simply trusted myself in that regard, and hope I have succeeded. I also hope as the comment string goes on there are more revelations, as this TV show, as Tyrone mentioned, was very sophisticated. It took real cinematic and writing chops to put it togther and make it work as it has worked. They created a nightmare out of whole cloth. (It also helps that the media is controlled, and that police, FBI and medical community cooperate too. Denver being a community that in large part relies on military makes it an ideal location.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mark, thanks for this series it really sucked me in and I will come back to it occasionally in the future. I can now see that most of this Columbine hoax was made at an earlier date than 1999. Which means the videos and photos would be from a decade earlier if it fits into Stone and Parker’s high school time frame. However at this point I still can’t put Klebold and Harris as Stone and Parker, if so the photos and videos would be from a decade earlier and they didn’t age very well lol, gotta be two different people. I’ve looked at all the photos and videos than I care to, yet as you mentioned it doesn’t matter who these dudes are at this point. What matters is that local police and education entities use this event as a way to rape tax payers to beef up security cameras and metal detectors and for their active shooter drills using multiagency tactical emergency response teams at all the local high schools every year. And also fits in to the eventual disarming of the populace agenda and creating fear.


        1. Thanks, and I appreciate your skepticism. To be clear, the yearbook photos of Stone and Parker, whatever their real names, were ten years old. The cafeteria footage, I am guessing, was the prior summer, June of 1998, when the school is shut down for a month. The two boys in that footage and the death photograph were actors who looked like Stone and Parker. That is why “Eric Harris” hid is face in the death scene. He did not look enough like Stone. Or Parker. I get confused.

          I have lots of questions … if Isaiah Shoels was a ghost, is it possible all the dead were too? That would leave only a few wounded actors, the primary ones being Mark Taylor, Richard Castaldo, Anne Marie Hochhalter (sp), Munson, Ireland, the art teacher Nielson, Tom Mauser … who am leaving out?

          Why did they use Stone and Parker? They are bloodline. And Damon and Affleck were shooting a different movie. OK, that is humor and I am not good at emoticons.


  2. Cameron Crowe = CC = 33
    “Vanilla Sky” was released 3 months 3 days after 911 for another 33.
    It had a running time of 137 minutes and 137 is the 33rd prime number.

    Just little things which show the possibility of spook coding.

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      1. I comment at Extra Capsa. Fascinating stuff on there as there is at Free To Find Truth (Zachary Hubbard’s blog).

        They basically outed themselves with the Manchester Arena Bombing.
        A 22 year-old killed 22 people on the 22nd.
        Even some “normies” noticed the 22s.
        And revealing that Ariana Grande has followed Kabbalah teachings since the age of twelve.

        Also, I liked straightfromthedevilsmouth Wikipedia numerology stuff. Very useful imho.

        We keep chipping away.

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  3. Look at this for coding!
    Like Columbine, the Norway Breivik massacre involved fake bombing and fake shooting.

    The fake Columbine massacre was staged on Hitler’s 110th birthday on the 110th day of the year.

    The article linked above was published on Hitler’s 127th birthday.
    Look at the number of comments. Why it’s 127.

    Note that the time that the article was published at is 13:09 BST|.
    That’s a 139 which is a hoax number.

    Even the name of the writer – Lizzie Dearden – reminds one of another likely hoax (per MM), that of the Lizzie Borden murders.

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      1. It occurs in proximity to reports of events which are suspected hoaxes.
        “Freemasonry” in Simple Gematria = 139
        “Freemason” in Simple Gematria = 96
        “ninety six” in Simple Gematria = 139

        Charles Whitman reported IQ of 139
        Orlando Pulse gay nightclub was the 139th mass shooting of that year:
        Ted Bundy, supposedly posing as “Officer Roseland” (OR = 33) of the Murray Police Department (MPD = 33) took supposed kidnapping victim Carol DaRonch to what he claimed was a police sub-station with the number 139 on it.
        Miles Mathis claims a connection with McGeorge Bundy and that the Ted Bundy thing was a hoax:
        “McGeorge Bundy” in Simple Gematria = 139

        “In total, 139 officers died nationwide — 64 from firearms-related incidents, 53 from traffic-related incidents and 22 from other causes, which the NLEOMF said include incidents such as drowning and falls.”

        In 911 there was United Airlines Flight 175 which had 65 fatalities from all those on the plane:
        “sixty five” in Simple Gematria = 139
        The 175th prime number is 1,039.

        There were 130 “victims” in the November 13, 2015 Paris attacks and 9 participants.
        130+9 = 139

        Operation Entebbe involved Air France Flight 139.

        On Wikipedia we are told that gay serial killer Randy Kraft “graduated tenth out of a class of 390 pupils” 10th from 390 is a hidden 139.

        Regarding the death of death of Jean Charles de Menezes we are told on Wiki that “Three surveillance officers, codenamed Hotel 1, Hotel 3 and Hotel 9, followed Menezes onto the train.”
        That’s another (poorly) hidden 139.

        Golfer Jordan Spieth recently won the recent British Open in spectacular fashion:
        “Jordan Spieth” in Simple Gematria = 139
        His warm-up routine involves exactly 139 strokes.

        There’s a lot of other instances and I don’t always find a 139 but if I’m ALREADY suspicious of an event or a person then finding a 139 makes me even more suspicious.

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  4. I regard the numerology as interesting, and nothing more. Columbine, for instance, was loaded with signals. Not some sacred mystery, just signals. They are communicating, as I see it, nothing more, advising one another that the event is a hoax.

    That in mind, and with respect, I am aware of Jungle Surfer, if that is the right guy, and how he reduces everything to numbers. I think it is nonsense. While it is for sure no accident that Columbine ended at 3:30, a football game having a score of 33-27 is completely feasible as random.

    So I ask you politely to keep the numerology to a minimum. I do not want this blog overrun by it.


    1. Numbers are more than just numerology with the controllers/hoaxers. They symbolize hidden powers of the universe. Enough said.


    2. I think that’s Zachary Hubbard who claims that pro sports are rigged by the numbers. I don’t think it’s feasible to choreograph games down to every move and play
      Jungle Surfer is the guy who asserts that everyone famous is transgender.
      Will refrain from excessive numerology on this blog.


    3. I think that’s Zachary Hubbard who claims that pro sports are rigged by the numbers. I don’t think it’s feasible to choreograph games down to every move and play
      Jungle Surfer is the guy who asserts that everyone famous is transgender.
      Will refrain from excessive numerology on this blog.


  5. “Robert Broden”- Reminds me of Robert Groden, the number one defender of the Zapruder film’s “authenticity”. Groden has made his living selling JFK stuff at a table in Dealey Plaza forever. A rabbit pellet, nothing more.
    Also, awesome series, Mark. I don’t see anything missing from your presentation. To argue Columbine as a hoax, though, I would not bring Stone/Parker in right away, either. Leaving that til the end was a good idea. I’m for it, but the zombie angle will always be the most difficult aspect of the great con to convince doubters. It is Very important, but it’s the most delicate element, like it’s wired with explosives, so it takes an expert eye and a confident demeanor to make it work. I think you have displayed just the right touch.
    Discussing JFK, Mae Brussell went on at length about what she termed, “migrating birds”, which were individuals who moved into the Dallas area months prior to the event. Columbine certainly had their own flock descend well before the “massacre”. Mae compiled a long list of such birds by name and I’ll bet more than few names can be culled from Columbine, especially planted students. For me that has always been the most interesting aspect of these ops; planting actors to help spread the attending urban legends that keep the hoax alive years after. The yearbooks would be of great help to that end.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. I intend to view the yearbooks after the school year opens and we return from vacation.

      Migrating birds: Stephanie Munson, the girl with the “wounded” ankle helped by friends, transferred in four months earlier. I did go through the Denver phone books from 1996-99 looking to see if the names matched up. Those that were not so common that I could not sort them out were indeed there, including 10 of 13 “dead.” That is when I began to realize what I was up against. I then looked up the addresses on Mapquest, and they were real addresses.

      Only Steve Curnow, Isaiah Shoals and Kyle Velasquez (who could have been a member of three families) were missing among the “dead. Valasquez was mentally disabled, so I thought he might have been token, like Shoals.

      Seven names among the 23 “wounded” turned up, the rest too common. Mark Taylor (mother Donna) had a Boulder address throughout. Richard Castaldo (wheel chair guy in B4C) turned up under dad’s name “Rick” and Ricki” but never with an address. It is an odd name. Two of the dead turned up in Highlands Ranch, but in 1999 I think that community was so new it did not have its own high school. It sprung up almost overnight. Klebold and Harris were both in all four phone books. Klebold’s dad worked for an oil company (which was odd as it was an OK company) as a geophysicist and Harris’s dad was Air Force. Since both boys were invented, the parents are in on the deal. Klebold’s mother, an actress, has given interviews and done a Ted Talk. She is stoic, never shedding a tear, of course.

      My next project was to go back to phone books from 91-to 95, but it is a whole day to go into downtown Denver, and I simply never got around to it. There is time for all of this.


  6. Dear Mark,
    I cannot seem to find your contact information on this site. I would like to talk to you about some new insights regarding Columbine in private.


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