Eva Perón, a fairy tale life

Don’t cry for me Argentina, the truth is I never left you …

We are in Buenos Aires and soon to return home. I don’t normally use the blog for travelogue purposes, but this seems appropriate. While here we visited the La Recoleta Cemetery, a place where wealthy people are entombed. It is perhaps a thousand crypts, all elaborate beyond the pale. One of them is for the Duarte family and is said to house the body of Eva Perón, or Evita. The words from the song above are oddly a statement of fact, truth hidden in plain sight. Eva Perón did not die in 1952.

On plaques at the tomb I was able to calculate her age of death as 30, July 26, 1952. 7/26 is a spook number, adding up to both 8 and 33, but I thought perhaps a death at age 30 might be real. Later I learned that her real age at death was also 33, that she or someone had forged her birth certificate to give her credentials as a Duarte, also making her three years younger in the process.


Eva was a child of wealth, but has been given a background of abject poverty.  Her father, Juan Duarte, had two families, his official one, and Eva’s by Juana Ibargure. We are told that when he abandoned the Ibargure’s the only thing he left them was the legal right to use the name Duarte. The photo above is Eva at age 20. By that time she had made her way to Buenos Aires, starred in theater play, several B movies, and had done some modeling. She then turned to politics.  She became one of the founders of the Argentine Radio Circuit, which advocated progressive change.

In 1944 after an earthquake devastated San Juan, Argentina, killing some 10,000, Eva attended one of those frightfully stiff and boring gala events to benefit earthquake victims. There she met Juan Perón, and immediately took up with him, becoming his mistress. He was 48, she 24.

He was Labor Minister, but was considered the most powerful man in the government. He was said to be the voice of the underclasses,  and because others in government feared his power, they had him arrested. Thereafter came a large gathering outside Casa Rosada, which appears to be the seat of government, and at 11 P.M. on 17 October 1945, he was freed and addressed his followers from the balcony. It is said by some that Eva organized the protests even as she was at that time just an actress. In a startling move, the two married on October 18 and in a formal church setting on December 9, 1945.

Juan decided to run for President in 1946 and won handily, Eva his First Lady. It was in that capacity that she embarked on her Rainbow Tour, visiting heads of state in Europe without her husband.  Her first stop was Spain, where she visited Francisco Franco, then on to the Vatican and Pope Pius XII. She was rebuffed by George VI and so did not visit England. While in Switzerland her car was hit by rocks and she was pelted by tomatoes … devoid of context in Wikipedia, it is hard to grasp why a South American First Lady would engender such an outburst in a small European country. There is speculation she was there to either open or deposit finds in a secret Swiss account, but her biographers imagine this unlikely. Indeed it seems there are less public ways to do this, so the Swiss affair is a mystery.

On return to Argentina, Eva took up popular causes such as women’s suffrage and medical reform. She formed a foundation that would gather up over $200 million and employ 14,000 people for purposes such as distribution if sewing machines, shoes and cooking pots. This is most likely the source of her idealization in the public mind. So powerful had she become that her supporters wanted her to run for Vice President. She deferred.


Later, we learn, that she deferred because she suffered from cervical cancer. She was said to be emaciated and weak, hardly able to stand, weighing 79 pounds at death. A miracle worker of sorts, a man able to bring the dead to life, Dr. Pedro Ara, injected her corpse with glycerine, which gave it lifelike qualities. This explains the photo above.

Eva’s body was on display for two years in her former office while public-style crypt was being built in the manner of Vladimir Lenin. But Juan Peron was removed from power in 1955 and had to flee the country.  Peronism was outlawed in Argentina, and photos , even mention of the name, were forbidden. Eva’s body disappeared. It was rediscovered in 1971 in a tomb labeled María Maggi in Milan, Italy. Because it sat upright, the corpse had deformed, and face compressed and a foot deformed. Juan Perón had the body moved to his home in Spain where he and his wife Isabel kept it on a platform in their dining room.

In 1973 Juan Perón returned to Argentina and became president, Isabel Vice President. He died in 1974 and Isabel became the first female head of state in the Western Hemisphere. After a mafia-like body kidnapping and swap, Eva was returned to Argentina, put on display briefly, and then laid to final rest at La Recoleta cemetery, where we encountered her two days ago.


Internet speed here will not allow upload of a photo of the crypt or anything in color (just enter “Eva Peron crypt” for a host of very interesting photos). As we stood there among a group of people, a man devoutly approached it and kissed the door, as Eva Perón is regarded as a saint in this country. She represents hope for a better country, a better government, a better life. Both she and Juan stood as controlled opposition, preventing any of that from happening.

Gee whiz, what a fairy tale! Did I forget to mention that her life is a major motion picture and Broadway play? Yes, almost forgot. Almost forgot too, that there is this sentence in Wiki:

“Also included are allegations that many wax copies had been made, that the corpse had been damaged with a hammer, and that one of the wax copies was the object of an officer’s sexual attentions.[61]”

Wax copies of her body? Hmmm.

28 thoughts on “Eva Perón, a fairy tale life

  1. it demonstrates how easy it is to setup a religion. And the funny thing is, it is all based on the news. Without news, nobody would ever heard of her and her great achievements. Similar things happens everywhere. People became conditioned to believe everything which comes in the form of News is the truth and news reporter have to be protected even in the war zone. Soldiers are not allowed to shoot a news reporter no matter from which side he comes into the war zone even if they know he will make them look very bad in his report. The believe in news is the only real world religion. As for Evita, she was mocked in Simpsons already. That’s proof enough for me.


  2. Interesting, Mark.

    Not only her year of birth was falsified (it is said she took 3 years off it, from 1919 to 1922 in 1945 when she married Juan Perón), but also her place of birth. Two locations are given, the pampa village of Los Toldos (where she was baptized on 11/21, 1919) and Junín (something she always maintained as her birth place). Los Toldos looks very spooky. It is said that it was a village with a large mapuche “indigenous” population, but the mapuche were not living in that region; they came from far more south and west, in Argentinian Patagonia and Chile. It is said the midwife for Evita and all her siblings was an indigenous woman.

    Her older brother, Juancito, one of 5 illegitimate children of her father, doesn’t have an English wiki page, but in Spanish it is said he had “an inexplicable fortune, probably gained from corruption and collaboration with Nazis who illegally moved from Europe”. He was railroaded into politics and acting (excuse the tautology) by Evita after it was him she followed by train to Buenos Aires when she was just 15. Another account speaks of her move to Buenos Aires in the car of a famous tango dancer and actor, Magaldi. So also that part is mysterious/contradictory.

    Allegedly Juancito, actor and politician, committed suicide just the next year after Evita’s “death”.

    In the book “Evita en Europa: Un viaje iniciático. La construcción del mito” by Guillermo Enrique D’Arino Aringoli, it is written Evita’s maternal family was not part of the poorest class in the rural community, with Evita’s maternal grandfather being the carriage driver transporting the rich people to the trainstation where her brother Juancito later worked too.

    After breaking up with Juan Duarte, Evita’s mother starting living with her children, who later all married politicians, in the house of a powerful politician (Carlos Rosset), who became her lover, and there are rumors he was the actual father of Evita…


    1. I’m starting to smell a franchise character rather than one actual person. Given the cuddle puddle between Nazi’s and Argentine elites, they may have run their own Hitler project only with a first lady rather than the dictator himself. Presumably, Juan Peron was of the peerage, gay and Jewishy on some level. Having a beard wife taking world tours would take the heat off Juan and his Nazi leather boys back home. Just a wild guess given so many repetitive narratives.


      1. Her Rainbow tour had no apparent purpose, and so was weird. The meeting with Franco was probably at its core, something that Juan could not do but she could. Something happened in Spain that was the reason behind it … the dust up in Switzerland makes no sense at all. That is when the tour ended – maybe it was just done to end it, mission accomplished.

        I intended to do a little genealogy on both Perón and Duarte. The thought that Juan was gay crossed my mind, Eva the perfect beard, young and sexed up. That has to be at least a week after we return.


        1. My guess is that she was assisting the Nazi ratlines (mostly getting Nazi flight capital out of Swiss bank accounts and into Argentine accounts) but she was also running interference- Franco gave her a big introduction just as money and Nazi scientific talent were landing in Argentina. All eyes were on Spain when they should have been at the Argentine airports*.
          That said, I doubt the ‘Evita’ coordinating with the Swiss/Nazis was the cheesecake model. The Evita in Spain could have been another Duarte from the bloodlines and the makeup and photo retouches could be close enough. Whoever she was, they don’t hide the fact that she was a professional actress.
          The Eleanor Roosevelt pose was just that- (And like Oprah, all sizzle/no steak.)

          *Argentina declared war on Germany with a matter of weeks to go in the war. This made them immune to war crimes prosecution. All that really did was keep the show trials from having to travel to South America from Germany.


        2. Greetings: Miles covered some of the genealogy for both Juan and Eva in his paper on Hitler. The section on the Perons starts on pg. 27 and runs for about a page. You may find it interesting.

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  3. I think Miles Mathis created his own religion too in the way people blindly rely on his papers. Of course Evita is a literary invention put upon us as reality via the News. All of it is. It makes it easy for Miles to demonstrate the obvious, no?


    1. And yet the obvious, when it’s looking straight back at us, is still missed by the vast majority of people. I think most people who read Miles’ stuff do so as an affirmation to what they already perceive to be dodgy, it’s always good to know that other folks concur.

      ‘So stay in the light, don’t take your eyes from the prize’
      ‘Good Enough’ by Dodgy


  4. She had many abortions after working her way through various influential male lovers until she finally landed Peron. By then, she could no longer get pregnant, so much damage had been done to her organs. Some reports said she developed ovarian cancer, not cervical, but incomplete abortions and a lack of D&C’s afterwards, due to the times plus the severely Catholic mores of that era, didn’t help her health any.

    As for the Rainbow Tour, Eva was an actress and narcissist, after all, and dreamt of being a worldwide star. She enjoyed spending her government’s money at all the most expensive fashion houses in Europe ( save for England’s where she was not invited.)


    1. That all reads like misdirection as it is so obvious that she had a privileged upbringing and so no need to get pregnant to snag a man. In addition, her death as obviously faked – the doctor injecting her with glycerine is fake, done to explain the lifelike condition of the body; the presence of wax dummies (as the one in the coffin at the end of the article above), and disappearance of the body for 17 years only to be replaced by someone else’s (the compressed face and deformed foot are indications the body is someone else’s, not that it was deformed). A New York doctor said many years later on examining the skull that it was apparent that she had had a lobotomy, which he said was probably to relieve her pain. Far more likely that Maria Maggi had the lobotomy.

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      1. Aurelia Tizon, Peron’s first wife, allegedly died of the exact same thing- cervical cancer. To me this indicates that both wives were spooks and retired, but for different reasons. Tizon reads like Peron’s tutor, translating english language military texts for him. They adopted, indicating a likely beard marriage. She was listed as 17 and a school teacher when they met but that doesn’t add up. She was likely from a pool of bi-lingual assets and they matched well for expanding Peron’s acting skills. Once finished with polishing his image, she “died”. Evita then enters, stage right, and takes on the role of arm candy/Madonna of the poor…of course-


        1. She died at age 20 … it is so unlikely that one wife would die at 33 and the other at 20 of cancer that I have to think they were, as you suggest, just show fillers to get him on his way and carry out a bigger agenda.

          Eva’s Europe photos all, with a few exceptions, look like her. Her Time magazine cover looks like her. Being on the cover of Time is Spook Hall of Fame.


        2. How about this: The trip to Spain was in anticipation of her fake death, kmowing she would need a place to live and a new identity. He made the arrangements for her life after death. She was there to check out her future home.


          1. MT- That sounds spot on. Just like Jackie visiting Greece in October of ’63 in anticipation of JFK relocating.


  5. Someone told me years ago that he had attended an upper crust party in South America, I believe in Nicaragua during the Somoza days, and danced with one of the young ladies in attendance. He was surprised to see her wearing a small star of david on a necklace. He queried her, and she told him she was Jewish. Just another data point…


    1. Possibly for the same reason that “Comments are Closed” on the Velikovsky paper. The admins here have lost their cred and simply stifle conversation, censoring what they wish now. Time to move on to a more free-spirited, free-willed forum somewhere to discuss events and ideas.

      When even Facebook is less heinous about censorship, you know you’re in some bullshit.


  6. Welcome back, Mark. I Hope you enjoyed your adventure. Care to share what became of the Miles Mathis post and comment thread?


      1. Bringing bright minds together in a precious piece of full research; the WWII analysis by Kerry, Mark’s looks into (and touches with) Argentina and I hope to contribute wherever I can here from South America (coming from Germany as last stop in my life), perfect!


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