The Middle Ages never ended

During the frenzy of the past couple of weeks, I took time off to engage in other pursuits. In particular I have been focused on Immanuel Velikovsky’s Mankind in Amnesia, which dovetails very nicely with other things I have read about on the effects of child abuse in younger and formative years.

Children that are traumatized in early years usually develop effective defense systems that they carry with them throughout their lives, often misdiagnosed as some sort of mental “illness” like “bipolar” or “ADD.” In fact, these particular “diseases” are rare, but child abuse is, sadly, common. The great manual of collected drivel that the mental “health” professions use to match their disorders with available drugs is the DSM-5. That desk reference, as Dorothy Parker famously said, should not be set aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.

The most common condition of adults who suffer abuse in their formative years is called “PTSD.”  Many add a “C” at the beginning, for “complex” to distinguish those traumas from which we can recover from those that permanently scar us. PTSD often results in a hyper-alert amygdala, or primitive brain. In traumatized people the amygdala can quickly take over in any situation where any danger is perceived, often overreacting to normal stresses. Such people are then traumatized by their own overreaction, and experience regret, even grief. Thus the need for meditation and removal from stress points (and often people), in order to lead a calm and healthy life. Drugs don’t work.

Velikovsky, who was a psychiatrist by training, referred to child abuse as creating a “mental scotoma,” or blind spots. It is thought in psychiatry that PTSD can be relieved by revisiting the trauma and removing the blind spots. That is above my pay grade. I might prefer to live now, rather than then, if I were abused.

Velikovsky, in Mankind in Amnesia, applies our scotoma to a far larger tragedy which he addressed in his earlier works, where he has planets and comets passing by the earth and wreaking an indescribable nightmare of terror and death. Most of humanity was wiped out, he claims, along with species and most human structures. One video I watched described the effects as sitting in the front row of a movie theater, and then suddenly witnessing every row behind you wiped out, everyone killed. It would leave a mark.

Such memories, says Velikovsky, are repressed in our collective psyche, but lay at the root of much of our behavior, our conflicts and wars. He even credits this mass repression of tragic memory to the Catholic Church forcing Galileo to apologize on his knees and also to scientists of the 1950s effectively banning his book, Worlds in Collision. Aristotle, he said, wiped out human memories that Plato chronicled, ascribing them all to mythology.

“The teaching of uniformitarianism (Lyell, Darwin) is a nineteenth century version of Aristotelianism. And as much as the Church Scientific (Thomas Huxley’s expression) still follows in the steps of Darwin, it is still Aristotelian; and, in following Isaac Newton in the study of celestial space and the bodies populating it, the Church Scientific is again Aristotelian. And as much as the latter term is an equivalent of Scholasticism, the Middle Ages are not yet at their end.”

Whoosh! Try, along with me, to pretend to understand all of that. I only know this: my late older brother was a Catholic priest, and was schooled for eight years after high school in theology and philosophy. He told a group of us over a campfire one night that he was deeply influenced by Thomas Aquinas, who was Aristotelian. That tells me that Velikovsky is describing something real.

Time for me to leave the deep end of the pool, get back to my depth. The reason this has all been percolating with me has to do with two events of my lifetime, the JFK Assassination, and  9/11. Both events were TV shows, no underlying substance in either (except that the World Trade Centers really were demolished). Both events were designed to traumatize us. Both were followed by booster shots – JFK by RFK and Martin Luther King, and recently again with JFK Jr., all fake events. 9/11 was the big daddy, and was preceded by Columbine, Waco, Oklahoma City, and since by a long string of mass shootings, again, all fake events.

Why? These events create PTSD in the population, and with it destroy our collective ability to think rationally. Because PTSD often recedes to the background, we are in need of constant booster shots.

Have you ever noticed that if you broach the topic of a mass event, say the Las Vegas shootings of 10/1/17, as being fake, that you encounter not just disbelief, but hostility? In dealing with our fellow citizens on these matters, we are not dealing with rational brains, but with the amygdala. Such discussions are pointless because the fight/flight response has been triggered. So effective is this highly skilled mass indoctrination that it is best for us to flee rather than broach these topics.

These mass terror events probably strike some deep embedded memory in our collective psyche as Velikovsky refers to, that Carl Jung studied. As used by our overlords, they are deliberately aimed at traumatizing us as a means of controlling us. They are our true form of governance. Everything else – news, the president and congress, elections and public discussion, is for show, a distraction for rational minds. Our real form of rule is a firm hold on our primitive brains by the overlords. We are in their grips.

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  1. All the hoopla and distraction is keeping the faithful from choosing self-governance over man-made law, which is ultimately, and in all instances, designed to defeat nature and the laws of nature. Choice is always there for us, but we are “under contract” with the U.S. of A from birth until death unless we, individually, and irreversibly, unplug, walk away from the debtor’s hell we live in voluntarily, knowingly, or unknowingly. After all is said and done, ignorance of the law is no excuse.


    1. It is not that I am not interested. I am leery of new commenters at this point in time. You’re in France, it says, but could be in Tel Aviv or Slovenia as easily. Just a little shell shocked.


      1. Your mistrust is expected. It couldn’t be otherwise… France? Interesting. Never been to, I wish I had. That is not accurate. Although the reason for inaccuracy is deliberate. In the digital universe, that what you are reviewing is somewhat useful for locating someone, but not completely reliable. Tel Aviv and Slovenia? I do not have anything to prove to anybody, but I am positive I am neither of those 2 bastards. Where I come from, there’s this phrase: “Those who betray an order are rogues; those who betray a trust, traitors”.


          1. They were writers at this very blog. The blogroll trimming is much appreciated, long overdue if I may add. “bastards”, I reconsidered: “scoundrels” is a more fitting term. If they are still your friends, I have nothing to do here.


          2. Kind of ambiguous statement your last one is. Those, I’m not very good at. You meant moving away from those topics, but still keeping the scoundrels as acquaintances? I may be remotely wrong in my assessment/opinion about those two… but someone once told me: If you are doing it wrong, do it strong… and I took it to heart ever since.


          3. My mistake -I take that back, no mistakes here, just happy accidents- is I am being patient with you. I did not brought them up. You first mentioned Tel-Aviv -filthy place- and Slovenia, former land of the old hawks, the HABSBURGS. You think you are the only one with grievances? I still remember exact date when the last of my enemies fell: August 2011. I do not publish exact date and time or you will find that sp00ky, like the paper published on (drumroll): 5/3 here.

            Besides, I agree, superior things to write about or comment on. I will be on the lookout and if you allow me to comment, I’ll have a say when pertinent. Don’t let my cool moniker deceive you, I have a distinguished mind and am not subjected to any agency, team or committee. Regarding Mickey Mouse, MM, get it? This just like NYSE, the Stock Exchange: To win, to make a profit, you gotta be right when the market, the majority is wrong, isn’t it?


          4. Ummm… Your blog, your rules. Your last remark left me thinking… Don’t know what is worst, but online, you have to pick the lesser of 2 evils: a hidden identity with a real person behind it… or a fake person (project) behind a real name, sometimes even with a full bio. Besides, who doesn’t have an agenda? Those infamous two clearly had one the moment they started writing and being published here… but I’m a lion, enough talking about gazelles. So far, you, it happens to be, feel more comfortable with real names and fake personas. Bye.


  2. I just learned about a theory by a 17th/18th century historian, named Jean Hardouin. He proposed that the whole history of Roman times was forged in the Middle Ages. Other people have claimed that “all history is fake(d)” which would be a not-so scrutinizing but armchair-claiming position.

    I wouldn’t go that far without proper research, but this historian presented an interesting idea to explore, by the way, the whole website is a gem of great hoaxes of history:

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    1. I’m not sure how you find this stuff Gaia, but thanks for sharing. I see many hours of enjoyable exploring ahead of me on that site.

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      1. Usually it’s a good question “how do you find stuff”, because I surf around and click through and forgot how I came to it.

        In this case I do remember, it all started with research I am planning to publish on my blog. I have a couple of drafts waiting to be added, but finally back into the “normal world” of doing some actual work, so don’t sit too tight, but it will come.

        In the meantime, enjoy the website, there’s a lot of good stuff on there, and it reveals the methods of today’s hoaxers for those who see it.

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  3. a German historian Heribert Illig wrote a very convincing book about how the years between 614 and 911 AC could have been forged and that there is no real proof that Charles the Great or Charlemagne ever existed. The entire chronology criticism may be a hoax in itself. To me history is propaganda and you always have to read between the lines and know a lot about the background of the annalist which again also is history and questionable, so nothing can be trusted. Does it really matter if Socrates lived as described? His work is not even known from his own writings because there aren’t any. The same happened with Jesus Christ. All we know about him is from gospels written long time after the crucifixion. Yet still our children have to waste a lot of time memorizing lots of dates of births and battles instead of learning real knowledge about our universe. Muslim children waste time memorizing Quran, which is basically the same thing.


    1. I am probably being over-cautious, so your comment went to moderation and stayed there for an unduly long period until just now, when I realized it was not visible. I hope that does not happen again, but if it does, be patient …


      1. I don’t mind. Caution is advised this days. You wrote ” you encounter not just disbelief, but hostility”. It is because of all the brain washing. We are conditioned to behave that way and defend our conditioning. If you feel angry when confronted with a new information that has no direct influence on your life, it is always a sign of brain washing. I experienced that very early in my childhood when I told other children that I don’t believe in all that bible stuff anymore. We were a small christian community where everybody knew anybody and people were usually anti communist. Religion was not forbidden but also not encouraged by the authorities and it was a sign of being pro communist if one rejected religion as I did. But the most hostility or even hate came because of not believing anymore and not because of being supposedly pro communist, which I never was. It was like the others feared that it weakens their religion if one of them stops believing. And I feared that if I stop believing, I will go to hell for quite a while. And I had to say to myself every time that even if God is real, which I didn’t believe anymore, he will not punish me because I’m not a bad person according to his standards. I was maybe 10 years old back then. It makes me smile now.


        1. I had similar experiences … but at a more advanced age. The brainwashing ‘took’ on my for a much longer time.

          I do not know why your comments are going to moderation. I haven’t put up any roadblocks. There must be something on the list in common with your name. Will check it out.

          Nothing I can see. Just understand it is something about WordPress.


        2. Rewriting history (including religious history) is the perfect propaganda tool for manipulating and controlling people – at least before modern times (e.g., before mass newspapers, radio, television, internet), and has been going on for a long time.

          Religion has been used by leaders and controllers to justify their power (e.g., by birth) – “Divine Right of Kings” for example.

          God knows how much of the history that we learn starting in elementary school is false, perhaps most of it.


        3. Most normal people in the Western industrialized world do not think that their governments and establishments (schools, media, etc.) would lie to them on such a massive scale – at least I didn’t.

          Massive government lies like fake nuclear weapons, fake NASA and moon landings, the fake holocaust, fake 9-11, fake mass shootings, fake terrorism, fake serial killers, and God knows what else they have been doing, etc., seem incomprehensible to normal people.

          I bet if you walked up to some normal people at the nearby shopping mall and told them that nuclear weapons don’t exist, they would think that you were a lunatic, they wouldn’t believe you.

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          1. I should have mentioned nuclear weapons as part of our mass PTSD – back when i was in grade school, they had us ducking under our desks in case of a Soviet nuclear attack. How is that for conditioning?


          2. we had to do it too. The teacher suddenly said:”Blast!” and we had to go under our desks as fast as possible. Makes no sense today but we all were scared of the possibility back then. After commercial airlines started to fly people allover the world they stopped scaring us with the fake tests in fear somebody could claim he was flying there and didn’t see anything. Then after 911 I worked in a skyscraper and was regularly looking out of the window for airplanes. It is just now that I’m relaxed, not fearing anything anymore, knowing this is all only a part of a show. Once you know how the trick goes it doesn’t work anymore.


  4. If we are talking about collective amnesia of events from ancient history, then none of us have any personal memory of this… or do we?

    This gets down to what we are willing to include as facts in our world views. A person can be punished (like Galileo) for accepting the wrong facts. There are teams of people enforcing the belief in a limited range of acceptable facts, for instance I was refused an information technology job (with a charity) because I would not sign a statement agreeing to certain theological beliefs.

    We live in a world where there is no common belief in reincarnation, but in ancient times it was a quite common belief. By repressing the memory (reincarnation declared heresy in 553 AD) of all previous incarnations, then the historical traumas are also repressed. If reincarnational memory is personal, then some of us may have a lot more trauma buried there in the past, and some of us may have less, so some of us may have an emotional stake in maintaining a belief system.

    Remote viewing is becoming more commonplace with the work including that of Ingo Swann, or Courtney Brown at the Farsight Institute. But a few hundred years ago “witches” and “sorcerers” were being put to death in an organized holocaust (see Appendix A in Dreaming The Dark, by Starhawk. The Burning Times: Notes on a Crucial Period of History) The church repressed the doctrine of reincarnation, and then may later have killed a huge number of people with psychic abilities, generation after generation.

    The people who are currently teaching remote viewing say that we all have the capacity to do it, and the entire past present and future are open to the human mind. I think the mind contains a holographic fragment of the entire universe, and through it we can look anywhere at anything, although like with a hologram when the fragment is small then the resolution of the images would contain less detail.

    If some of us really do, somewhere down deep, really remember the past history of humanity, then historical proofs and archaeological reconstructions of the past may all become a moot point. Once you remember then you have an entirely different basis on which stories to believe. Made up theories seem to be just empty blather, while accounts which confirm other things you know seem more reliable. Obviously I am not going to try and prove any of this to you. You either remember or you don’t. Or maybe you can take the word of someone who remembers as being true.

    Rudolf Steiner claimed to be able to see the distant past and wrote a history of Mankind and the Earth that is quite different than the conventional mainstream. He said that Saturn was the “first sun”, in a prior age of the solar system. The transition to how things are now has taken several stages, so according to the Hopi this is the “fourth world” we are in now.

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    1. I don’t care for such out-there topics as reomote viewong, unsupported by hard evidence. It’s not a good thing to associate a blog trying to make headway in truth with topics like that.


      1. You are welcome to try getting to the truth by your methods, and you are welcome to delete my comments if my thinking is too far “out of the box” for you. Perhaps you can arrive at the truth through using censorship?

        However, I think you will never actually be sure what the truth really is unless you develop the spiritual senses to see it for yourself.

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      2. Remote viewing protocol involves having multiple viewers confirm each other in a blind study where they are kept isolated from each other. How many similar reports does it take until it actually becomes “hard evidence” ? Perhaps you should look at the accumulated evidence before you reject it.

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        1. I have been following this topic for many years, and I am not going to do your research or learning for you, though I can give you some starting points if the topic interests you.
          There have been many books written on remote viewing most of which have their roots in military projects. They were first advised by Ingo Swann. Later authors are David Morehouse, Stephan Schwartz, Joseph Mc Moneagle and others who were involved in the work when it was mostly military. Courtney Brown got into it later after the methods and protocols were made public, and his website is:

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          1. Mark,
            I was glad to see you read Mankind In Amnesia, which sparked this most interesting thread, after I had commented on that book in the now vanished Iconoclasts thread. I agree with you that the current mass mind control is being layered on top of the ancient trauma.

            Well I started with the books by the people whose names I listed. Pretty much any one book will lay out the protocol and history of remote viewing’s use.
            Pretty much any remote viewing session with multiple viewers is done as a blind study and some of them are more evidential than others, but any of the remote viewing books will lay out how it has been proven useful. If it’s of interest to you any one book is a good intro. I probably started with a David Morehouse book 20 years ago.

            At the Courtney Brown website I found the videos advertising his recent War In Heaven project to be fairly explanatory, where three young viewers were kept separate and directed at the same targets.

            Reading about or looking at other people using remote viewing pales in significance next to the reality that you could open up the capacity in yourself. As the world descends into confusion it provides an advantage.


          2. Well Mark,
            In the post you made at the top of this thread you talked about how trauma causes blind spots. The blind spots may include the limits on what is acceptable knowledge, and I used Galileo as an example. He was forced to recant what he had seen by those who considered his new knowledge to be heresy and then he went blind after he verbally denied what he had actually seen. The blindness of the human race is immense and I have been studying it a long time, even before I realized in the 1990’s that were I to succeed in creating a free energy device it would be stolen or suppressed. Since then I have spent a lot of time studying the subconscious or unconscious mind which still contains all the repressed content and all the things we refuse to look at.

            I think deep down people know when they are being lied to, such as about hoaxed events, and this subconscious knowledge comes out in dreams or in fascination with certain stories. It also comes out in the form of psychological projection which may take the form of unreasonable anger, or in imagining that someone you are dealing with is playing a role in your drama.

            I write from experience that we all have abilities that remain for the most part unused, untapped. This is part of what is hidden by the blind spots caused by trauma, personal childhood trauma as well as inherited trauma from the collective unconscious.

            I had not intended to write even this much here, but was just intending to point out one or two useful observations. I certainly have no intention to divert your blog but intended only to add a short comment on where you had begun, above, with the topic of collective amnesia. It turns out that remote viewing is fairly easy to learn and quite accessible to most people. The use of multiple viewers in blind studies is beginning to amass an interesting track record.

            Many years back I read the entire collected works of Carl Jung. I spent many years learning the language of dreams which is also the language of myths and stories. In doing this work I had to uncover my own repressions and learned to look beyond my own blind spots.

            Velikovsky found that bringing up topics that are generally repressed can cause such powerful reactions, that he hesitated to publish his final book and waited until after he had died. I think you need to pause and look at your own reactions.


  5. In my opinion Borderline Personality Disorder [BPD) is the strongest indicator how badly a child was affected by child abuse. Google it. You don’t hear about it much but believe me Bipolar sufferers got it good compared to BPD sufferers.
    Anyone who has experienced even from afar being around someone with BPD knows exactly what I’m talking about. Think Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction. You think I’m joking? I wish I was. I’ve lived it. More than once. They pray on those with genuine hearts. Those with BPD will charm your pants off like no other. They are the most dangerous of all psychopaths. Why? Because they are the most polished storytelling liars you will ever meet. If they can’t dazzle you with brilliance they will baffle you with bullshit. They know exactly what to say and how to say it. They move highest up in companies. For real. They are chameleons. They will mirror you, worship you, idealize you. You will think you have met the absolute perfect person. One who sees and adores all your hidden qualities only you knew about. Then one day out of the blue the devaluing begins. You are scum, you are worthless. They physically and emotionally abuse you, cheat on you, steal from you, smear you. Think you can get away? Leave? Think again. They stalk you. All hours day or night. They fear your abandonment while hating on your guts. They will falsely allege everything about you. Think jail. They are Projection on crack. They accuse you exactly of what they are guilty of. Cheating, lying, stealing, being unloving, cruel, sadistic, cold, selfish. You name it. But they are usually so mind blowingly seductive and skillful lovers everything I describe seems worth it. For maybe an hour. And until you get away, which can take years and/or in middle of the night, there is truly a hell on earth.
    BPD is a direct result of childhood abuse. In my opinion you cannot be born BPD. BPD is learned and embedded. A wrecking ball defense mechanism against perceived or anticipated trauma: Abandonment. Medication barely helps. Therapy barely helps. Which means nothing helps. The BPD hates themselves more than those who encounter them. Imagine. What was my point sharing all this? I’ve no F-ing idea. I honestly can’t remember. Oh wait… To The Powers That Be: When it comes to BPD, Booster Shot need not apply.


    1. I think the DSM-5 unnecessarily identifies disorders aplenty when there are really only a few. I regard PTSD and CPTSD as normal defense mechanisms, and those that suffer them normal people who have to be careful about who they associate with. There are “sociopaths” around as well, but my reading tells me that narcissism is what you are describing as BPD. Narcissists come in all stripes, and some do not get positive feedback from the world around them, and so have to be more subtle in their approach, and become “shy” narcissists. Each are destructive and harmful to those around them, the latter more so as those people wear masks and fool people into thinking they are normal, their effect almost like gaslighting.


      1. Yoinked from BPD Treatment dotcom.
        Here are some other differences between
        Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder:
        mber of differences.
        People with BPD tend to be highly impulsive and may engage in such compulsive behaviors as excessive spending, binge eating, and risky sexual behavior. People with BPD are also more likely to engage in self-harming behaviors, such as cutting or suicide attempts.
        People with NPD, on the other hand, have an inflated sense of self-importance and may take advantage of others to get their needs met.
        People with NPD think they are “special” and that they can only be understood by other special or high-status people, while people with BPD feel misunderstood and mistreated.
        More men tend to be narcissists, while women tend to be diagnosed more often with BPD. People with NPD expect others’ lives to revolve around them, while those with BPD will devote their lives to another person. People with BPD will frantically try to avoid what they consider to be abandonment, while narcissists are more likely to do the abandoning.


        1. We do a lot of hiking close to home, trails that are heavily used. We encounter people and their dogs all during the hikes, and generally the dogs are friendly, harmess and disinterested, but occasionally we come across one that is threatening, might even be muzzled, and the owner has to pull it off the trail as we pass and especially keep it away from other dogs. This is all a reflection on the manner in which the dog has been treated. There are some varying characteristics in breeds, as Shelties, for instance, are indifferent to any people but their owners, while pugs act like little gregarious people. But generally, dogs are all pretty much the same and adapt to their upbringing.

          People, like dogs, reflect their environment and upbringing. These fine distinctions as you outline above are pointless, in my view. Narcissists, for instance, can be community leaders or sulking and withdrawn, all depending on how others reapond to them. Further, people can change as their environment changes. I surely would have been classified as ADD (as if there were such a thing) simply because I was, like everyine I knew, bored in school. But give me somethjng that interested me, and I was anything but. Take me out of school, free me to pursue my own interests, I was OK. School was and is considered effective training to the degree we are able as adults to be bored and not object to the boredom. That is a useful work force. (I was a lousy employee, well adjusted when I became self-employed.) The drug regime as foisted on highly alert and active kids is a human tragedy.

          So NPD or BPD, antisocial, bipolar, cyclothymic, horseshitothymic -all in my view overthought and nonsense. With rare exceptions we are born with potential for successful lives and intelligence, and either grow or shrink in response to our environment. That is how I see it. It is an old debate, but again, I regard the DSM-5 as bird cage lining.


          1. Mark, dogs have their own characters too. Our current lab for instance likes to jump people on. He’s lovely and friendly and only licks hands but still. We have to hold him back quite often while walking him. Our last dog wasn’t like it at all. We have experience with dogs.


          2. So any links to evidence about the recent Waffle house and Texas school shooting being staged events?
            Have a few local people from my town involved and would like to confront them, but need to jump in with the facts.


  6. “Mental health” diagnosis is the new pretext for mass rights grab. New mental health classifications are being formed as we speak that will make roughly 50% of the country eligible for a subjective police determination. It isn’t the AR 15 crowd they’re after, it’s ALL OF US. It will start in schools with registry and lists of behavior as simple as watching video games. The legislation is being written for mass preemptive mass detention. Wake up, people.

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    1. I found it interesting that you show ALL OF US in capital letters. One of the subjects that I am currently researching has led me to a program being conducted by the National Institute of Health called ALL OF US and it’s objective is to “to gather data from one million or more people living in the United States to accelerate research and improve health. By taking into account individual differences in lifestyle, environment, and biology, researchers will uncover paths toward delivering precision medicine.”

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    2. Indeed this seems to be the path the perpetraitors are following.

      I heard a personal account from an Australian and it was so shocking I couldn’t believe my ears. Apparently in Australia it is (already) legal (showing how lex has little to do with mores) to detain people branded with a mental “illness” and even restrict them in their daily lives regarding movement (country or emigration) and financially. The “””patient””” is obliged to receive mandatory injections!

      It sounded like a dystopian cocktail of Minority Report and Equilibrium but then for real.

      In the many staged events presented to us by the media there usually is an element of a “confused” or “disturbed” person committing “unexplainable” acts. Another example are the “no (apparent) motive” psyops as recently the Las Vegas, Parkland and YouTube mass shootings.

      To me this theme far outweighs the importance of “terror” in religous or racial scares because it applies indeed to ALL OF the world. It allows future social engineers to compile a database of “horrific events” caused by mentally “ill” individuals. Due to the massive size of that database, people will not question the measures taken because of the “come on, they w/couldn’t fake those all”.


      1. In China you don’t even need to be mentally ill to be restricted. Just a little naughty, since this lowers your “social credit” score.

        People who would be put on the restricted lists included those found to have committed acts like spreading false information about terrorism and causing trouble on flights, as well as those who used expired tickets or smoked on trains


    1. You’re paranoid, Steve. ID2020 is sponsored by Microsoft, Accenture, and the Rockefeller Foundation. They’re just trying to help those poor unidentified people who have been deprived of their basic rights and protection of the state.


  7. @ Alan Ackley, that whole Galilei thing was a scam. It was not about the Copernican/Keplerian model. That is how the school books framed it to us. Copernicus was pushed by Catholic scholars to even publish his theory. Jesuits were at the forefront of astronomy in those days and also there they were divided between 3 models; Aristotelian-Ptolemian geocentric, Copernican-Keplerian heliocentric and Tychonian geo-heliocentric. It was not the black-and-white thing taught to us in school of “science-right, religion-wrong”. It was far more complex than that.

    Galilei was an obnoxious persona with whom other people were fed up with.

    At least I got those learnings out of Simon Shack’s TYCHOS analysis, a “model” I think is (still) far too faulty to present as a decent alternative to centuries established observations of the skies, but at least something good precipitated out of that.

    It relates to the topic, because the simplified mainstream story is that “Middle Age people were stupid Bible-believers and then there came the great ‘enlightened’ scientists who changed all that”. A far too simplistic description of the time, even following the mainstream version of history, let alone the real (=unknowable) historical timeline….


    1. Gaiassphere – I respect your view on the Galileo thing, you have apparently looked into that item more than I have. I used that example because Mark cited Velikovsky’s reference to it in the initial article above. Still, the story as it is told has symbolic content like a dream does, even if it did not actually play out that way in the real world. That he was said to have gone blind after recanting what he had seen is an evocative story.


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