The Great H Mystery

Few plots are so peculiar as the biggest of them all. In terms of scope, people involved, culture creation, social engineering, money scam (only superseded by the AGW – Anthropogenic Global Warming one) and the single one of them covered by (weasel) laws. The Great H Mystery is more controversial than any other, and that means proper language is even more needed with this one.

I have shared the excellent overview article before, but last month finally recorded reading the paper at Hoax Busters Call, together with my fellow truth seeker kelito from Scotland. The article is long, yet concise, for an era about which more textbooks are written than someone can read in a lifetime. What makes this particular paper so great is that it summarizes all poignant points in an academic, scholarly way, assessing all the peculiarities of this plot and above all that it does not go into childish lalala-hahaha-hoax mode, seen so often when treating this sensitive subject which cannot be called “a hoax” as too many real things unfortunately happened.

The two audios of 3 hours together cover about 60% of the article, and I will finish reading the text later, as I am focusing on other things in life at the moment, but want to share them now to have good (background) audios to listen to. Comments in between chapters are by me and kelito.

The Great H Mystery – part 1 (01:58:00)

The Great H Mystery – part 2 (00:57:00)

The purpose of this recording is to understand “first base” in this part of history. Many people stop at first base, which for me shows a convenient laziness and a refusal to start contemplating inconvenient answers. Those answers are crucial, not only to understand the full story well, but especially providing answers for when one is dealing with -mostly well-meaning yet gullible and innocent- believers in said stories; “What happened then?”

That question will be covered in a later audio, or a series of them, hopefully with more participation by others. I call that hypothesis NaZionism, or Nazionism, an idea I developed by myself and only later saw others have done a lot of research in exactly that direction. All my research I shared at Fakeopedia has been taken down unfortunately, so the more important to also document that in audio. A good audio on that subject is the interview by one of my favorite podcasters Tim Kelly with Guido Preparata:

Constructive feedback on my reading and additional comments about the huge topic are highly appreciated!

6 thoughts on “The Great H Mystery

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    Tried it on a friend’s newer computer, same error message.


  2. Not the former H Mystery, but a new one in the making:

    Still convinced of the “innocence” or “being used as a pawn” by them jewists?

    It is THEIR ideology of “goyim” that inspires the Animal Farmers. It is not judaism or individual jews who left that criminal cult, it is not genetic.

    It is Jewism, the mental disorder of seeing oneself as “part of the chosen people” and treating those who are not as livestock.


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