It’s murder I say … murr-durr

ITheory of murder

I start from the basis of the theory that James Paul McCartney is dead since September 1966 and that he was intentionally.

I do not get involved in theories such as, many doubles, twin brother or that he is alive. Nor do I get involved in comparisons of faulized photos that flood the web or in declarations of the same faul who does not know their own history. All this has no chance of integrating into the context of the environment that surrounded the Beatles until 66 and has prevailed to this day, which explains why the lie is still valid.

A premeditated death must have a motive, a cause. It’s a matter of thinking, who has the power to keep a lie for so many years. Faul alone could never have done it. He was only fortunate in having some resemblance to the victim, he was selected, his reward was adjudging property, money and fame of a deceased. And he keeps working for them.

The intellectual authors are those who have much to gain, and for them winning is not money, it is power. They have their plans and if some get in these, they eliminate them. The world is full of these examples.

The music industry is just one of the many ways they use to achieve their desires. They just have to find those who have the potential to serve their plans.

In those days the plan was to manipulate the youth, with music and drugs to instill ideologies.In this context the Beatles were found when they became famous and were targeted. First they would involve them in any way and make them try LSD. Three of them gave in and were caught, but not one of them. The result is PID. (Salvador Leopoldo Vanda Soler)

TwinsI was invited into the FB group “I Believe that Paul McCartney is Dead” and quickly withdrew last night after a brief exchange with SLVS. I presented my evidence that Paul McCartney is twins, bolstered by childhood photos that are (inexplicably) available for all to see to this day. The one to the left shows two boys, one standing, one partially seated, who would be the same height if both were in the same posture. We are told they are two years apart, not readily apparent. Note that they are dressed alike, and note also the parted hair on the one on the left. This hair part is a distinguishing feature between the two that was apparent well into adulthood.

Do take a gander at the childhood photos, still available to any of curious and independent mind.

Twins 3

Hair PartThis photo in particular is useful because it so clearly shows that hair part again, more like a cowlick. It will be seen again and again as Mike McCartney (or whatever his real name) supplanted the original Paul in the public eye. Both were used interchangeably in the early years, but Mike, perhaps better looking and more talented, became the Paul we know today as Macca. The other receded to the background, briefly reappearing as John Halliday.

Paul from Dhani songOK, that is as far as I go, as this is all old ground. I am completely satisfied that there was a set of twins who became Paul McCartney, and that the Paul Is Dead hoax was fashioned as a way to misdirect people away from that obvious conclusion. SVLS above will have nothing of it. When I suggested he go look at the photos, he answered “The photos are false.” The exchange wrapped up as follows:


SVLS is married to his theory. There can only be two reasons, in my view: One, he is emotionally invested in the sweet and ‘cute’ original Paul so that his supposed death tolls like a cathedral bell in his mind. He feels a sense of profound loss.

The other reason is that he is paid to advance the PID theory against all evidence, keeping the juggler’s balls in the air. Honestly, he doesn’t seem that well versed or skilled in argumentation. He comes off more as a fanboy. Review his words above, note how he says that the Beatles were “… found when they became famous and were targeted.” Thus do we see that SVLS imagines that they were a natural phenomenon that were derailed by higher powers and corrupted. The existence of a twin derails that idea, as it suggest advance scripting of their rise to fame. Acknowledgement of twins would be a painful loss for SVLS.

In separate discussion, offline, it was suggested to me that Lennon and McCartney happened on each other to form one of the most famous songwriting teams in history, two musical geniuses who by synergism brought out the best in each other. That is possible, of course, but then again, the theory is derailed by the existence of McCartney twins. Which one was the genius? Here I offered that

The idea that two musical geniuses, neither of whom had musical training, sprung up and happened to bump into one another is far-fetched, the odds against it immense. Think of all of the sand on all of the beaches of [California]. Think of one grain of sand. That STILL does not accurately measure those odds.”

Maybe that is not so profound that it deserves a quote box, but I stand by the improbability of the Beatles being a natural phenomenon. The existence of McCartney twins disrupts all of the evidence so painstakingly assembled over the years by fans and zealots. I derive from the simple fact of twins that the Beatles were a scripted phenomenon, that their musical talent was far overstated, that they did not write their own music or play their own instruments in-studio, and that to this very day the McCartney we know as Macca is a well-trained fraud.

After all, the existence of twins points at premeditation, planning. The gentleman with whom I had this exchange is a nice fellow and has an interesting theory that the Beatles were formed of more than one group of twins, four complete sets actually. From that the world saw two groups that were carefully kept out of the public eye at the same time and used to flood the media with appearances and at the same time allowed down time.

It’s maybe far-fetched, but I came away from my work with Stu Sutcliffe and John Lennon with the lingering impression that each of them was a set of twins. Then I quit. I felt like SLVS above, a fanboy of the group even as I had come to detest them.

The question left unasked is why the boys were carted off to Hamburg, Germany, for training to be Beatles. Was it done to keep them out of sight during the audition/selection phase of assembly of the group? Was one of the qualifications for audition twinhood? Far-fetched as it seems, it is intriguing. I hope my new-found acquaintance keeps at it, keeps plugging away.

Here I am writing about them again.

PS: It only gets better. Here is an article from one of the PID sites that admits that McCartney is a twin, using the same photos I have used here, and also that Mike McGear is not a McCartney. It then goes on to claim that nonetheless, Paul still died in 1966! They are doing everything in their power to keep the psyop alive, even incorporating my work here. (I say “my” knowing that MM also wrote on this matter – he used my work and expanded on it with his own ideas and information, and did a  good job with it. I steal no credit from him.)

21 thoughts on “It’s murder I say … murr-durr

  1. hi Mark, you have had the misfortune of meeting Salvador Leopoldo Vanda Soler, a character that uses several names (at least seven, I know him) and his only reason is to make all the fans believe that Paul was always unique and is the same one that was always; it does not matter what arguments you present to him Salvador will always manage to try to make you believe a fool, my advice is that you ignore him completely and go ahead with your ideas.


  2. I follow a FB page run by a woman named Tina Foster, who has also written a book on the subject, which also pushes PID. She also believes they were “discovered” by Tavistock and corrupted for nefarious purposes, and that original Paul was killed because he wouldn’t go along.
    She also believes that all of the originals were killed and replaced.
    If anyone brings up the twin theory, or Halliday, she immediately shuts them down and just says “that is disinfo.”
    She and 90% of her followers absolutely worship original Paul. They say he was an angel, constantly heaping praises on his talent. It’s almost creepy; in fact, it IS creepy.


  3. Hamburg was in the British occupation zone after the war and that is where the British arm of Rock and Roll was fermented.
    “One of the factors, which had strengthened the link between British musical acts and the Hamburg clubs, was the presence of large numbers of British servicemen (see British Army of the Rhine), in the north-west of Germany.”


    1. That does have explanatory power. I wonder also if Hamburg was the center of Intel for that region, so that a spook operation might have been present at the origins of the band. The fake death of Stu Sutcliffe at that time was a planned and precise disappearance and reappearance as another man. That’s spooky, top to bottom.


      1. I recall reading that Liverpool had a large US Intel presence (We all know the tales of British youth hanging around the docks, waiting for US goods, and especially records, to land at port)
        Hamburg was the center of Abwehr intel during the war, and given that it also was the clearinghouse for communications traffic from Britain (re: collaboration with Germany in stage managing the war), it seems the obvious location to send assets abroad to hone their “skills” after the war’s orchestrators reached their objectives.


  4. The PS link leads now to a page stating – ” is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this site.”

    Their long and winding (ie misdirecting) road has disappeared! Someone getting too close for comfort?


  5. It used to be, not too many years ago, that if you did a goo-gull search for a “hoax”, you would find a multitude of “alternative” theories on any given story. Now if you enter a search with the word “hoax” there are no alternative articles to be found. It seems THEY have done a nice job of cleaning up anything that exposes “fake news” at the same time that RUMP talks out his ass about “fake news”.

    The most recent example of a big FAKE NEWS HOAX is the story about 11 Jews shot in Pittsburgh. MM has of course done an article on this fake story but I would like to add more than 2 common scents here.

    The total ages of the 11 alleged victims is 814. Charlemagne (Charles the Great) died 28 January 814 AD. Charlemagne was HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR for 13 years and 33 days, with his Coronation at Old Saint Peters Basilica in Rome on 25 December 800 and given the Title of AUGUSTUS. Looking at any painting of that man reveals that he had one Hell of a SCHNOZ! One of Charlemagne’s children was named Charles the Younger and by no small coincidence, the 11th listed victim in the “Tree of Life Synagogue” Shooting Hoax was Irving Younger and the simple numerological value of that name is 184, another reference to the year 814. Charlemagne was succeeded to the throne in 814 by his son, Louis the Pi-ous, AKA Louis I.

    It is worth noting that Charlemagne made Latin the Official Language of the Frankish Empire and the name Charlemagne is 11 letters.

    There are 3 names on the death wish list with 13 letters and the last 3 names on the list total 33 letters.

    Now the total value of the 11 listed ages of the 11 alleged victims being 814, gives an average age of exactly 74 (74X11 = 814) which just happens to be the numerological value of the words “Jesus” and “Lucifer” and the birth of Jesus is celebrated on…25 December and Jesus was a Jew!

    The total numerological value of the 11 names given is 1654 with a total number of letters in the 11 names at 141. Does the year 1654 hold any particular significance to Jews? Well, it just so happens that is the year of arrival of the first known Jewish man to the American Colonies, to New Amsterdam (now Manhatten in New York City). That man was Jacob Barsimson, a name with a numerological value of 141, and he arrived in New Amsterdam on the “Pear Tree” on 22 Augustus 1654 after the ship departed from The Netherlands on 8 July 1654.

    Jacob Barsimson was followed to New Amsterdam by 23 other Jews, who arrived in September, after having been evicted/exiled from Brazil just for being Jews? These 24 Jews, founded the first Jewish Settlement in the American Colonies. I guess the Goyim needed to subdue the Natives to make it safe for their arrival!

    There is, of course, much more numerology in this fake news story, such as the first name on the list is 11 letters and the 9th name is 11 letters followed by a 9 letter name, Melvin wax who is said to have been 88 years old and the name Trump has a value of 88 and Trump took office in the year of the 88th ani-versary of the 1929 CacaRash, with 1929 being 71 years before 2000 and T’rump took office 17 years after 2000 and it seems Rump has been Tweetin’ his ass off/on Twitter, reinforcing the narrative of the shooting hoax while supposedly waging a war against “Fake News”.


    1. Have just finished reading Graham Hancock’s chapter ‘ The Precessional Code’ as developed by de Santillana . My head hurts. Seems to me, numbers can back up any personal philosophy that you want them to.


    2. 6 + 6 + 6 = “BEELZEBUB’S, Flies on shit”…3×6 = 18… 1+8=9…..and “9” is, the highest number…Before that “BULLSHIT” goes right back to “ZERO”.


  6. Have to agree with you that Paul McCartney was totally overrated. His silly little songs always sound like nursery rhymes to me and the fact that he managed to reach such prominence in the musical world hints at manipulation. However I really don’t know why you seem to think that he’s a twin. There is eighteen months between me and my younger sister and all our old photographs show us dressed in the same clothes. It was something that many mothers did…………..don’t ask, I haven’t a clue…………but there we are smiling proudly in our photos and dressed like identical twins. Maybe it was because many mothers handmade children’s clothes in those days and obviously two of the same would have been so much easier. Sizewise , we weren’t that different either. Original birth records show them to be brothers. All that you write about them may well be true with one standing in for the other when needed etc. but why does this necessitate them being twins and not just brothers? Genuine question.


  7. Alec Baldwin…Arrested over a parking space in New York…it’s just another “BRONX TALE”….”Did you really kill that Man,over a parking space” ?


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