Can Uber-Marketing False “Green Awareness” Save Capitalism?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey’s Green New Deal is being unveiled today.

Democrats appear poised to take a page out of FDR’s New Deal promotional tactics with a media blitz of their own, pushing a “Green New Deal.”  Sorry, no fireside chats.  There will be an impressive electronic/digital media blitz.  Soon we will all hear the story.  It has been playing nonstop for a while now.  The trick is to gain consent.  By hook or by crook commoners will be taught to sing a single chorus line in harmony – all from the same green-energy/climate-change hymnal.

Is it time for a real shift toward conservation and protection of nature? Or are we – most of us passively – sitting on the sidelines, witnessing yet another clever ploy to coopt “the left” and once again, save capitalism and the two-party system (how many times is this now?) from recurring fatal flaws:  Greed, wage and wealth inequality (slavery) and ecological destruction.  In order to fully understand the implications of the Green New Deal, one must be familiar with the New Deal.  We only think we know what happened in the 1930s.

“Our president took such a dry subject as banking,” said Will Rogers, “and made everybody understand it, even the bankers.” Years later Raymond Moley, a member of Roosevelt’s “Brains Trust,” concluded: “Capitalism was saved in eight days.”

For years, the Green Party has talked about instituting a “Green New Deal.”  Now, newly-elected U.S. House Democrats are chiming in, sounding a lot like Bernie Sanders in his 2016 bid to unseat the Clinton Machine.  As with most mass-marketing campaigns it’s far from settled as to what, exactly, Green New Deal means.

Is it the “…whole new clean power industry to spur our economy into the 21st Century…” that unabashed neocon/neoliberal, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman talked about way back in January, 2007?  Quite possibly.

By 2008, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) unveiled its Global Green New Deal Initiative, which envisioned “green industries” revitalizing the world’s economy and controlling climate change simultaneously.  Is this not the “Third Way” of the Blair-Clinton era that caused the mess we’re in today?  That’s the beauty of marketing.  Slap a new label on the same old shit and it’s “brand new.” 

Not everyone is falling for the same-same-but-different line of bullshit. 

“And this is really, for me, something that has been nagging at me during those insomnia hours before dawn.  Nagged at me while taking long walks ….and that is how the Ecological and Environmental Crisis is being marketed. And from that, how to process or trust the various conflicting alarms that are a constant now. And for many on the left to even say this much is dangerous.”

“The environmental crisis, all too real, is viewed as just another business opportunity. Only its more than that, too.” 

“Now when I say it’s an age of hyper marketing, it is useful to really remember that almost everyone who is visible in media is being handled.  Or ‘handled.’  Everyone.  EVERYONE.  And nothing is ever what it seems, if it is visible to the mass public.  It is an age in which the very idea of trust has been so eroded as to be almost anachronistic.”  ­- Trust Nothing, John Stepping, Feb. 1, 2019.

As the music gets louder and more intense, we are led by our ears, and eyes, to the crescendo: Panic, “emergency.”  Adrenaline is coursing through your veins.  You have been punked by MIC once again.  The house is burning down.  We must act now!  Hey, I know, let’s start in the southern hemisphere, where there are no regulations? 

Bill Gates and his fleet of NGOs to the rescue with an impressive array of vaccines, imported GMO “food,” and reproductive “services” aimed squarely at reducing the number of what Henry Kissinger has been credited with describing as “useless eaters.”  Sounds like a war on the world’s most vulnerable to me.  “Collateral damage.”  What else is new?  If global capitalism’s business model – full-spectrum war — is to continue to grow wealth and profit, creative new weapons and technologies must be researched, developed and mass produced.  R2P indeed.  More like lab rats being infected and injected with all sorts of drug concoctions and chemicals that aren’t anywhere near ready for the government-regulated markets of North America and Europe.  Once mass chemical weapons are perfected, and brought into production mode, the next (emergency) mass die-offs can begin under a spanky new marketing strategy to let everyone know how “we did everything we could” to “help.”  

“For powerful capitalists such as Gates, the State is merely a tool to be harnessed for profit maximization, and they themselves, having acquired their wealth by exploiting and manipulating the economic system, then take it upon their own shoulders to help relieve global inequality and escalating poverty. As one might expect, their definitions of the appropriate solutions to inequality neglect to seriously challenge the primary driver of global poverty, capitalism.”  –  Michael Barker, Variant, issue 35, July 2009

The combination of public and private global capital has led mankind like live-stock to this historic brink of extirpation.  Is it okay to blame capitalism yet?  There are voices raised in opposition, questioning the whole leap to a Green New Deal.

Nobody breaks this scam down better than Cory Morningstar. The big con needs to manufacture the “emergency” needed to kick off an avalanche of investment and industrial activity on a scale with the Marshall Plan in post-WWII Europe.  Are you ready for this?

 “With “capitalism in danger of falling apart” (a rare, cryptically honest quote from Al Gore), and years of stagnant global economic growth now in a free fall, the Greta campaign must be understood for what it is. An elaborate distraction that has nothing to do with protecting the natural world, and everything to do with the manufacturing of consent. The required consent of the citizenry that will unlock the treasuries and public monies under the guise of climate protection.

But before we go further into what we can aptly describe as a politically correct – and unprecedented global bailout, we must look at how collective society can be successfully manipulated and manoeuvred, in order to sanction the release of the funds.  The very strategy to unlock the public purse – and thus save capitalism itself, is that of a climate emergency.”

In 2013, Jay Taber wrote (on Morningstar’s blog):

 “…the evil empire Buffett, Gates and Rockefeller built in the private sector is mirrored in the evil networks of NGOs they — along with Clinton — have constructed to provide cover for widespread environmental devastation, ethnic cleansing and Indigenous genocide committed by their corporate investments. Using bagmen like Tides Foundation in cahoots with magicians like Bill McKibben at 350 dot org, and sleight-of-hand artists like Tzeporah Berman at Tar Sands Solutions Network, Buffett, Gates, Rockefeller and Clinton have become thick as thieves in producing political theatre to distract us from the parade of refugees in their caravan of doom.”  – Jay Taber (Wrong Kind of Green, Oct 2013)

One major element in this rapid expansion and investment strategy will be wireless, 4G/5G installation of densely-located (every few houses) high-frequency antennas on leased street lamps, utility poles and other public infrastructure.

Martin Pall, Ph.D issued the following warning to California legislators:  “…higher frequency electromagnetic fields from 5G technologies on the horizon pose even greater biological concern than those to which we are exposed today.”  He says the human species faces extinction risk due to the DNA mutations known to be already occurring, and that “further increases in exposures will be more rapidly self-destructive.” 

““Thousands of published studies show biological and health effects from electromagnetic fields. We now know the mechanism that can explain these effects…The EMFs put forces on the voltage sensor that controls the VGCCs (Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels) of about 7.2 million times greater than the forces on other charged groups in our cells. This is why weak EMFs have such large biological effects on the cells of our bodies.”

“The popularity of progressive policies has been rising steadily since the 2016 Presidential Election season and has increasingly moved the Democratic Party in a more progressive direction. Mounting concern over economic inequality, injustice, and the threats of climate change are leading an increasing number of progressive candidates to call for more dramatic action. They propose an equitable transition to a 21st century economy and clean energy revolution that guarantees clean air and water,modernizes national infrastructure, and creates high-quality jobs.”

Where is this planning for this 21st-Century industrial investment gargantuan coming from?  Surprise, it’s a new “think-tank,” loaded with date analysts, named Data for Progress. Data for Progress is a project of Tides Advocacy. 

The parasites in charge are moving to a new location near you.  Capitalists do not change, they subsist, as always, on the wealth and interest accumulated on the labor of others.  A portion of all wages of debt and loans of interest in return for services rendered (slavery) is paid to keep government agents acting as licensed monopolists in a system that is labeled “fair and equitable.”  The feudal system is about to shed its old exterior (skin), but the land-lords and tenants will continue as ever if there is no change in the silent consent given (by action, or inaction) individually.  Keep your power and inalienable (God-given) rights, or give it all away, this is the choice everyone must face eventually.  The system cannot perpetuate itself without your consent.  Resistance is not futile.      

17 thoughts on “Can Uber-Marketing False “Green Awareness” Save Capitalism?

  1. but just think of the weight loss and health benefits for “useless eaters” everywhere, TPTB must really be looking out for us, surely there isn’t an “agenda”??? (LOL)..

    sorry bunch of useless “politicians and oligarchs” is more like it.

    and AT&T is currently advertising that 5G here is up and running….very scary

    Great job as always….thanks Steve


  2. I received my B.A. in Environmental Studies from Sonoma State University in 1993. I did internships as a writer for The Environmental Impact Reporter published by Juliana Doms out of Sebastopol, CA & The local Clarion newspaper of Rohnert Park, CA where I lived. I also rented a table at the Farmer’s Market in Marin County selling recycled stationary printed with soy based inks and beeswax candles. I was also the recycling coordinator on campus. Anyone pushing the environment can kiss my ass they’re 25 years behind me. It’s sickening how people wait for a movement or permission to do things instead of just doing it. Like that joke who wrote don’t sweat the small stuff or that idiot who wrote don’t worry be happy. I remember people I knew telling me I had to read the book or listen to the song as if they had discovered a secret of the universe. Losers couldn’t think of that on their own they had to wait for permission first before not sweating the small stuff or not worrying and being happy. I used to say “I’m not saying I’m smart I’m just not as dumb as you are”.


    1. Here’s your man with all the answers,Mark. He has a P.H.D. and a BA in everything. if there is one thing I can’t stand…is a fucking liar.


        1. C’mon Rico, Face your fears- and face your Bully…”You’ve been the chump”, You’ve been lumped-up by the Boys , dumped by all the girls…and jacked-up for your lunch -money…I can smell it on you from here.


  3. If 5G really is a health risk, it’s another one that makes me ask, how will “they” avoid it? It would lend credence to the idea that they’re true believers, and acting on sincere (if delusional) utopian impulses. Following the logic of the system. Believers in tech and progress.

    Which might be scarier than if they were Machiavellian cynics, callously herding the lower orders…


  4. TIMR,
    Why not both. That’s the beauty of the Blair/Clinton “third-way,” which operates in mindless pursuit of “ecologically-sustainable growth” and ever more profit — a “win-win” for all 1%ers? The true believer face (mask) has faith that sufficient capital investment in a technological fix will mitigate the — in this case — cancer risk. Always mitigate, never prevent, protect, or properly assess risk up front. The cynic (mask): “We’re trying to access $100 Trillion in “locked-up” retirement fund investment AND the treasuries of the U.S. and ALL its vassal “allies” simultaneously.” To save capitalism! Again!

    Health risk? What health risk? Don’t we have a pill for that already?
    Remember, these masked men are not real men, but convincingly, life-like sumulacra.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Steve, new to the blog here, and I appreciate the work you guys are doing all around. not sure about this josh guy and his new trump/q thing…but I digress.

      not trying to be overly critical at all, but I think even the bosses have bosses and while money is at the root of all this, the end game is that capitalism will eat itself. I think we are seeing a Hegelian dialectic at play here with capitalism being the “problem”. of course the solution will seem grand and all of that, but globalist literature seems to reveal that a technocratic society is where we all are heading. of course the usual suspects will have to finish looting and stealing everything first but I think thats the direction we are heading in.

      IMO, there is always a “master plan” in the mix that has been in the workings for at least a couple centuries and probably longer than that depending on if you are looking at things from a non-materialistic point of view.

      technocracy dot news isn’t hugely fringey and somewhat balanced and jay dyer (youtube) has some pretty decent research on sustainable development and globalist literature. I recommend them both.

      cheers to the all of the writers here and the work you do. found you guys while being suspicious of a certain man in Taos.


  5. to me this just strikes as a move by the technocrats towards their “sustainable development” initiatives. This is where most of this “green/environmentalist” nonsense has been heading since its inception.


  6. T-man, Rico,
    I’m having difficulty understanding the need for this kind of banter.

    substance noun
    sub·​stance | \ ˈsəb-stən(t)s \
    Definition of substance
    1a : essential nature : ESSENCE
    b : a fundamental or characteristic part or quality
    c Christian Science : GOD sense 1b
    2a : ultimate reality that underlies all outward manifestations and change
    b : practical importance : MEANING, USEFULNESS
    the … bill—which will be without substance in the sense that it will authorize nothing more than a set of ideas
    — Richard Reeves
    3a : physical material from which something is made or which has discrete existence
    b : matter of particular or definite chemical constitution
    c : something (such as drugs or alcoholic beverages) deemed harmful and usually subject to legal restriction
    possession of a controlled substance
    substance abuse
    4 : material possessions : PROPERTY
    a family of substance
    in substance

    Please, help me understand what, if any, substance exists in this (above) exchange. Right now, I’m questioning my interest in continuing to research and write on subjects of interest to me, ones I also think may have some value when shared with others.

    Comments like yours (both of you) give me doubts about blogs in general, and this one in particular. Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this matter.


    1. Steve K. You’re right. There is no place for banter and bullshit here. Your work is very much appreciated and respected. This is not the place for it and I apologize for any disrespect. I realize how much time and effort you put into this. I value your shared views and your above article was awesome as usual. I’m sorry for intruding upon your work.


  7. Propaganda becomes public relations becomes advertising becomes Tavistocking. Green Capitalism becomes a third way, triangulation. Triple-speak. Problem, response, solution. Always the same playbook. Divide, divide, divide. Obfuscation. Distraction. Mind controlling us so efficiently and effectively that we never connect the dots to the big picture and always end up nowhere. Since the modern universities were re-created in the last half of the 19th century based on the pseudo-science (propaganda) generated by the Royal Sociey and Darwin’s dangerous idea -natural selection and random mutations lead us to the conclusion that we exist by chance and our lives are meaningless, or have only the meaning we construct-almost all writers on this site embrace scientism and dismiss the supernatural realm. Once a the preternatural is eliminated scientism by its very nature always employs deductive reasoning. Starting in the middle is the key to the perpetual Gran Fallon. This is why so many of us in academic fields never can see the big picture and the magnitude of the Globalist agenda. When only obvious and more narrowly based conclusions based on their merits (green economy, triangulation, third way) are posited and marketed instead of thinking critically about multiple whole-part-whole interactions that include such variables as beliefs, incentives, motives, capacities and history. For example, the renewables scam is more likely a foreign military infiltration ( Red Chinese) than a green solution. What better way to establish another pillar in the 5th column? In the essay referenced the quotes and their sources are important. For example, a Neo-liberal/Neo-Con Thomas Friedman and a so-called capitalist/NGO Bill Gates present seemingly contradictory positions yet each know precisely how the “ look at the left hand whilst the right hand accomplishes the long-term outcome” (e.g., a third Temple, and eugenics respectively ). Friedman may be more sincere and less diabolical than Gates but they are both playing their role. Hopefully, the careful reader and critical thinker sees the NLP being employed. So what’s the punchline? The Globalists, some identified above and through out the text, market green solutions that will be embraced so that we will pay for our own extinction while they play the long game. The final goal, their agenda is “ye too shall be as gods.” H+. Transhumanism. No longer human. Singularity. Why do they want to eliminate humanity?. Because they’ve been promised immortality. No deduction here. Induction. Those who rule the world are deep into the occult. Very deep. What the reader believes is unimportant. What’s important to know about the Globalists is their agenda and what they believe. They believe you, me, and many others need to be eliminated. And so do their dark lords. Prove me wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Welcome, Paul. Plenty of evidence that we’re the enemy. I don’t personally know any “Globalists” or any of their “dark lords” but various plans (PNAC, Yinon, Agenda 2030, etc.) are out there for anyone to read. Much longer than the 140 characters on twitter, so not much chance of any of that “getting out.”


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