Information Clearing House “suspended.”

Who’s Next?

I have no way of knowing what caused this suspension, or who may be responsible. Suffice it to say that all alternative media is being systematically culled. I suppose this is part and parcel of the culling of the human population of “useless eaters” (goyim) that have outlived, or outnumbered, their usefulness to the oligarch-“gods” who ultimately make most of these life-and-death decisions.

17 thoughts on “Information Clearing House “suspended.”

  1. “Useless” eaters?
    Who will keep them (in their fancy cities in the lap of luxury if not for us?
    Have we not learned anything from watching movies?

    If we do not change our ways, we will surely become like the Eloi of the movie The Time Machine.

    *** sorry… you had me at “goyim”


  2. I just ran across this from MacBeth:

    “And oftentimes, to win us to our harm, The instruments of darkness tell us truths, Win us with honest trifles, to betray us in deepest consequence”

    That is a Shakespearian definition of the limited hangout, or controlled opposition, the object of which is to gather us up in one place and then crush our spirit.


  3. The problem defined is the story of Esau and Yakob. To sell one’s birthright for a bowel of Quaker Oats. They said: You can’t keep your money safe – put it in our banks and we’ll keep it for you. They said: You can’t grow your own food – pay us and we’ll do it for you. They said: It’s a scary world out there – give us your money and we’ll build a police and army for you. They said: Here’s a military communications network that collects psyche data, biometrics, geolocation, analyzes everything you say and do in personal and commercial venues, creates histograms of all of the subversives connected to you, and WHOOPS! — went offline, don’t know what happened – thanks for playing.
    What everyone has to ask themselves is not what they were able to buy with debt notes but what they actually created and used themselves. If the answer is nothing then I hear music: Nothing from Nothing leaves Nothing.

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    1. Powerful comment (s). I came across a website by a woman named Celeste. She has connections to FEMA/DHS and even knew Jacque Cousteau (her father was ONI [Office of Naval Intelligence]). She has expertise in several areas and one is synthetic biology. Her research says all wild-lands in Amerika have been poisoned by synthetics (the S in GRINS technologies ) so that natural foods, seeds and
      of their own kind CAN NOT grow/reproduce. The Chaldeans/Nosferatu are VERY close to achieving their new world order. No ‘bugging out’ possible for long-term survival. After the killing fields here, and elsewhere, they move closer to what they were promised in Genesis 3:15. Immortality. No longer human. Trans-human. Transhumanism: the New Singularity.


      1. Hi Alan,
        thanks for the reply, I got no notice of it in my inbox so I only just discovered it from the bell icon at the right corner of the blog.


  4. Alright, Patrick that cinched it, I’m getting 6 more laying hens and planting an extra couple rows of corn. Still waiting for the snow to melt off. Grumble, grumble.


    1. Dear Mr. Grumble Squared:
      Don’t forget the perimeter fence with Active Denial and drone survelliance, plus storage facilities for your extra corn, an outbuilding as a bank for all of your barter transactions, and if your hens go on union break for laying I know a guy who knows a guy who can be pretty pursuasive.


  5. Was he suspende for posting the just released “The Veto”: Documentary Film Exposing Western Media Propaganda War Against Syria


    1. I read a little about the You’re A Pee’in (I hope I don’t get in trouble for this) mental masturbation geared solely to actually shutting down all creative exchange on the internet; so I wonder did they post the actual video (alleged infringement) or just provide the link?


  6. Here’s the latest post from Information Clearing House:

    “Please forgive the interruption in service. It has been necessary to relocate our website to a more secure hosting provider.
    The migration may take a couple of days and I ask for your patience as we strive to restore service.”

    Peace and joy
    Tom Feeley

    Last updated on: April 5, 2019 14:25 EDT

    Now, wasn’t that fun?


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