The 2002 Venezuelan manufactured coup d’état

chavezThe 2002 failed coup d’état in Venezuela spawned a 35-page Wikipedia entry, and Hugo Chavez another 52 pages. As I came to understand that Fidel Castro was an American Intelligence agent, I began to realize there is a pattern here. Hugo Chavez, like Castro, is/was an Intelligence agent.

Chavez led a plot against the government of President Carlos Andrés Perez in 1992. It was an illegal coup, and could have easily led to his permanent imprisonment, execution or banishment. Instead he went on to become the President of Venezuela by popular election. That tells us all we need to know.

The effect of these early life imprisonments and participation in coups is to establish credentials. Once it is seen by the population of Venezuela that Chavez is an enemy of the state, he earns their trust. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Chavez was elected in 1998, and in 1999 led the movement to enact a new constitution, which would later be used to justify his ouster. As his tenure went on, he did indeed become more dictatorial, but keep in mind that the oligarchs of Venezuela, just like our own in the United States, don’t care about democratic governance. They simply want to own the government against the mass of people who imagine they elect it, and for that purpose, used Lt. Col. Hugo Chavez.

The insurrection leading to the coup followed a standard pattern. Agents provocateur were engaged to bring people out of their homes and into the street. This included both pro and anti-Chavez partisans. That part did not matter, as the desired result was a confrontation. When the masses are engaged, when tensions are high, mercenaries are brought in to fire into the crowd, so that the government can be blamed for firing on its own people. This then leads to calls for the government to step down, and a new interim government composed of the usual suspects installed.

In fact, this very same model was used in Ukraine in 2014 to bring down the Yanukovych government. People do not naturally leave the comfort of homes and bars in the evening to protest, and so have to be organized to do so. So we will always find insurrection agents behind the public protests. It is one of the great myths of our times that people spontaneously protest or riot. It is always the result of agitation.

In Venezuela, strikes were organized to enhance the appearance of confrontation. Unions, usually led by controlled opposition, often participate in these events.

Finally, on April 11, the coup went into effect. (The Guardian reports that Chavez was aware of the plot as early as March 18.) On that day, “hundreds of thousands to millions” of Venezuelans marched … that’s Wikipedia slang for perhaps a hundred, perhaps a thousand organized protesters – we don’t really know. They were led to Minaflores Palace, the Seat of Government, where pro-Chavez agitators had already been assembled. Only one avenue was left unblocked, on which was an overpass – it is there that gunfire broke out at 3 PM. That is the model, that is how it works. To this day we don’t know who fired those shots. Wikipedia strongly implies that it was done on Chavez’s orders.

It is not clear how many people were injured during the confrontations. Wiki says that “between 17 and 19 died” (18?), and 60 were injured.

The stage had been expertly set, the protesters urged onto the streets by provocateurs, and then led to a violent confrontation that allowed for the introduction of gunfire, violence, and death.

Chavez was finally taken into custody the following day, April 12th, after the military pulled the plug on him. He was taken to a nearby Army base to await part two of this dramatic presentation.

The agents provocateur now called on pro-Chavez civilians to surround the Miraflores Palace. This would ordinarily have no effect, as the crowds were upset but not armed, and would eventually get hungry and tired and go home. So a special action was needed to give the appearance that their presence mattered – the palace guard pulled support on the new government, and demanded that Chavez be returned to power.

What new government is going to seize power, but not take control of the palace guard?

Again, “hundreds of thousands” of people were involved, and the normally pro-oligarch media turned on the new president, Pedro Carmona. Because the protesters around the palace were creating an “intimidating atmosphere,” Hugo Chavez was returned from La Orchila, an island off the coast where he had been “asked to resign.” He refused, and somehow, through his daughter, managed to get word out that he had not resigned.

So, at 8 PM on April 13, 47 hours after his arrest, Chavez was returned to power. The closing act complete, the curtain was drawn. All actors had performed magnificently.


Wikipedia articles are often loaded with numeric spook signals.

There are several aspects of this psyop to consider beyond the Kabuki Dance done by the actors on stage:

Numerology: While it is never enough evidence to prove or disprove any theory, spook markers are important and need to be noted. The Wikipedia article on the failed coup is littered with them. As I read through it I circled them in orange, and later counted 46 numbers that coincidentally are derivations of or exactly 8, 11, 33, 47, and 555. This is a handy tool for anyone reading Wikipedia on any subject, as spooks are always signalling one another right under the surface of their writings. Here are a few examples:

  • “The Venezuelan coup d’état attempt of 2002 was a failed coup d’état on 11 April 2002, that saw President Hugo Chávez, who had been elected in 2000, ousted from office for 47 hours, before being restored by a combination of military loyalists and support from the Venezuelan poor.”[8][9] [Note here 4/11, 47 hours, and that the very first two footnotes are 8 and 9 (3*3). Is it not odd to start with footnote #8 in the first paragraph? (Footnote #1 finally appears on my printed page 13.)
  • “Opposition to these programmes included an attempt by Democratic Action to have the Supreme Court assess Chávez for potential mental incapacity, which would permit his removal from office under Article 233 of the new constitution.” [There is indeed a section 233 in the 1999 constitution, but its appearance here among all the other spook markers is suspicious.]
  • “The march on 11 April was to begin at 9:00 am …” Of course – what other time is there to begin a march than 9, or 3*3 …
  • “…and pushed for a binding recall referendum under Article 72 of the Constitution of Venezuela, which was ultimately agreed on 23 May 2003.” [72 is the reverse of 27, or 3^3. Reversals are common in numerology. And note, 23-May-2003 is … 555.

Enough of that, you get the idea. This numerology business is all about us, and fun to spot once you know what to look for. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, a number is just a number, but anyone reading Spook literature knows to look for these markers. Wikipedia is a treasure trove of markers.


revolutionThe Revolution Will Not Be Televised is a documentary that came out in 2003, within a year of the events. The filmmakers, Kim Bartley and Donnacha Ó Briain, claimed to have coincidentally been on site filming a regular documentary about the Chavez government when these events broke out. I doubt it. I consider the documentary to be the companion guide to the psyop, made in step with the events to be able to show the world what horrible things were done by the Venezuelan oligarchy, and to further cement the Chavez regime in power.

I sat through this film again over the weekend, this time with a new set of eyes. I realized that the cameras were on top of every aspect of every event, on both sides of the palace walls, and right there to film a bleeding corpse (possibly real) or a grieving mother or spouse. Crowd scenes were filmed to enhance their appearance of massiveness. Street demonstrations said to have thousands showed perhaps twenty people at close range. Hugo Chavez walks down the steps after reinstatement, and the camera is right there filming the event as a coronation scene, angle low and looking up at him in procession. The film was merely part of the larger plan to place Venezuela permanently in the hands of controlled opposition.


Fidel Castro: Castro, like Chavez, is a sainted leader held in high regard by leftists all over the world. The event that sealed him in power was also staged, known as the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion. We are not supposed to know he was a planted Intelligence agent. Wikipedia throughout the article on the failed coup uses Castro as a foil, showing Chavez and Castro to be close friends, Castro as an advisor to the Chavez regime, Cuban doctors all about the country. Since Castro has effectively been given a bad name all over the Western world, he is useful in setting up Chavez as an ally of leftist causes, and a man of the people, the enemy of my enemy.


Know nothing, did nothing, saw nothing: Throughout the narrative on the coup, Wiki makes it clear that the event was spontaneous, that all public protests and gatherings were natural, and that the Venezuelan oligarchy, and especially the United States, knew nothing about it much less had any part in planning it. This is part of Wikipedia’s job – to act as an authoritative source while lying.


Death by cancer, another psyop: Hugo Chavez is said to have died on March 5, 2013 (note the spook marker) of colon cancer. His successor, Nicolas Maduro, is said to have suggested to advisers that Chavez had been injected with cancer. Notice how this insidious rumor is subtly planted and spread, never voiced publicly, and treated as a conspiracy theory.

I doubt that Chavez died, but his fake death cemented his regime and legacy in place, assuring that Venezuela will long be under the rule of controlled opposition forces masquerading as a leftist government.

Other instances in which weaponized cancer have been suggested to us as being very real include:

  • Jack Ruby, who claimed that he was involuntarily injected with something in his jail cell, and who (most likely) faked his death on January 3, 1967.
  • Dr. Mary’s Monkey, a book by Edward T. Haslam that claimed that Dr. Mary Sherman, who died (?) in 1964 in New Orleans under mysterious circumstances, was actually working on a weaponized cancer project.
  • Bill Hicks, who faked his death in 1994 at age 32,  succumbing to a very aggressive cancer. Couple this with his act in which he heavily criticized the Warren Commission and hinted at conspiracy in the death of JFK, and we are left to theorize that he too bought it by means of surreptitious injection.
  • Me and Lee, in which Judyth Vary Baker, an obvious spook, suggests that she and Lee Harvey Oswald were involved in the cancer weaponization business, again in New Orleans.

Couple all of this with Hugo Chavez’s suspicious death at age 58, and I am left to suspect that there is no “weaponized” cancer, and further that Hugo Chavez lives on, perhaps on an island somewhere, maybe in Cuba, living the good life.


The model: We have seen the model, the installation of controlled opposition in power over countries with rebellious populations by means of fake events, used now in Cuba in 1961 (Bay of Pigs), and the failed 2002 Venezuelan coup d’état. How long has the model been around?

We can only speculate – 55 years after the Bay of Pigs (a brilliant maneuver) it is still shrouded in secrecy. No one can claim credit. But I am going to suggest a few places where it might have been used with some success:

Saddam Hussein: Took part in an insurrection, was jailed, magically escaped, went to London, rose to power in Iraq, and stayed there until his (probably faked) death in 2003.

Mohammad Mosaddegh, Iranian President, easily gave way to Mohammad Reza Shah, the notorious “Shah of Iran” overthrown in 1979 in yet another suspicious uprising wherein the country was taken under fundamentalist rule.

Muammar Gaddafi, again noted as an “opposition” leader to the Libyan monarchy, rose to power in 1969 in a coup d’état, and probably faked his death in 2011.

The list can potentially be long, as it appears that anyone who becomes notorious, leads rebellions in his youth and then rises to power is probably working for Intelligence. But I want to add one more, just food for thought and a future project, as the formula works in any country that has a rebellious population:

George Washington. We have learned now that every American president with the exception of Martin van Buren is descended from British royalty. Could it be that the Brits, seeing that the colonies were explosive and would eventually break free anyway, conducted their half-hearted war in order to install their own people in power under the guise of new leadership? Given the long succession of people connected to British blue blood, now including Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, that is my bet. George Washington was descended from British royalty, just like his successors.

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  1. Jim Haslam is the owner of Pilot fuel corporation, according to wikipedia it’s one of the largest privately owned companies in the US. He also owns the Cleveland Browns, and one of his sons is governor of Tennessee. Very likely related to the Haslam you mention who wrote the monkey vaccine book.


      1. Actually, I made a slight mistake, as the son Jim Haslam owns the Browns. There was some huge controversy about the family’s financial dealings back before the football season, supposedly creating grave concern for the NFL. But it seems to have blown over.

        The name Haslam is claimed to be English, but it sounds middle eastern. Searching around I found a couple of references to it being Sephardic. Most interesting was this article about a Nicky Haslam, who I’ve never heard of but has to be an intelligence asset as the whole thing reads like a caricature of something Miles would have dug up. Not much a wikipedia about him, but a couple of potential markers.


        1. I won’t be reading the Forbes article, but this sure explains the Haslam connection … the whole thing, perhaps even “Dr. Mary Sherman” made up. Ed Haslam was busy digging rabbit holes.


  2. Another name would be Tousaint L’Overture, the black leader who organized the aftermath of the Haitian slave revolts of the 1790’s- He was Jesuit raised and loyal to France and at one point Napoleon was ordered to send a fleet to retake the colony- After some further skirmishes with the now well trained ex-slaves, the French sold the Louisiana Territories and gave the maintenance of the region over to the US, who promptly blockaded Haiti until the Civil War- This was part of the long term subjugation of France to become Britain’s factotum, IMO- When L’Overture’s assignment was over, he dutifully turned himself in to the French “to negotiate a peace” who took him back to France for “trial”, which never occurred if memory serves, imprisoned him and then executed him- Right- He probably was given a nice little flop on the Left Bank and became a local entertainer of the Bobby Short type-


    1. I don’t know why this came to mind, probably because of the race factor, but Straight was looking at a video of Dave Chappell after his return to show business in which he matter-of-factory says the Wesley Snipes, supposedly in jail for tax evasion, was at a party he had recently attended. The interviewer sluffed it off. But just as with Chapman, Berkowitz, Manson, OJ, and L’Overture, saying they are jailed simply removes them from the public eye. A mustache, a wig, a shave, not much more, and they are free to move about.


  3. I really enjoyed this post, Chavez was one of my ex “heroes” of the modern era.

    I noticed this in addition to your pile of numbers -> Article 233 of 1999 constitution ->2+3+3+1=9 999, quadruplets of 9’s (or 3×3’s) are like candies to them , and later in the text : “….Article 72 of the Constitution of Venezuela, which was ultimately agreed on 23 May 2003” -> 7 – 2 = 5 5 5 5, quadruplets again. I think it’s erotically arousing to their perverted minds to use triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets.

    Another fascist of Europe, beside Mussolini and Hitler, is as well notorious Francisco Franco, installed in 1936 by yet another coup d’état. Born with 7 7 7 blessing, on 12/4 1892 -> 1+2+4=7; 8-1=7; 9-2=7), with a military background, seems like a ghost in power, just creepy as much as all those ghosts pointed out by you.


    1. I got this gematria from:

      5555: connects to 2017, World War, and 9/11
      -World War=WW=2323+3232=5555
      -2977 victims from 9/11/2001, 2977=29×77=2233+3322= 5555
      -connects to 11/26/2016 =1126+2016=3142+2413= 5555
      -2017 is the 306th prime number and 2017+306=2323+3232=5555

      777: represents luck, connects to Skull & Bones, Saturn, 322
      Order Out of Chaos
      -Triple Lucky 7’s in slot machines
      -Flight 77 hits 77 foot tall Pentagon on 77th Meridian 77 minutes after taking off, hijackers name equals 77
      -Trump will take office on a day he is 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old – 7 trumpets in Revelation (trump-pence)
      -US Flag’s birthday is June 14, 1777 – year contains 777 like Trump’s 777 inauguration line-up – same day as Trump’s b-day and that the US Army was founded
      -777 is the number of Saturn’s Cube (6 sides of the cube, 6+1 = 7, 5+2 =7 and 4+3 =7 make the number 7 7 7)
      -On a die, the numbers in each side go up 1 to 6. When you add those numbers, the result is 21. (21=7+7+7)
      -322nd prime is 2137, 21×37= 777
      -Aleister Crowley wrote a book titled 777

      (for the 999 we can view the 9’s in multiple ways inverted)

      969: significant saturn number
      -Speed of saturn is 9.69 km/sec
      -Length of day on saturn is 633 min, 633+336=969
      -Methuselah is the oldest in bible, at 969 years old
      -Sum of divisors for 969 is 1440, number of mins in day
      -connects to 6996 (969+969=1455+5541=6996)
      -connects to 5555 (5555+555*5=6180+0816=6996)
      -44th prime number is 193, and 44+193=237+732=969

      666: prophecy number, represents Mark of the Beast
      The NBA Finals
      New York
      Train Crash
      Santa Claus
      God’s Love
      Satan’s Hate
      Fifteen Days
      -666/212=3.1415, number for pi
      -Adding first 144 divisors of pi equals 666
      -The interpretation of the Universal Product Code marks is most revealing in that the three numbers ‘666’ are the key working numbers for every designed Universal Product Code. Every group of Universal Product Code marks has in it three unidentified numbers. All three of these numbers are 6, making the use of the numbers ‘666’ the key to using this identifying marking system … There is no deviation. Every Universal Product Code has three unidentified marks whose number equivalent ‘6’ encoding it with the code number ‘666’.
      -Internal Revenue Code Book code #666 requires everyone to take the social security mark. Thankfully codes aren’t laws. 666 the beast = 3×6 = 18 like our 18digit tracking numbers stored in the 3story B.E.A.S.T super computer in Brussels, Belgium.
      -VISA Card is also interesting, to say the least. If you analyze the letters in VISA, you see three previous world empires represented. ‘VI’ is the number 6 in the Roman numerals, ‘S’ is the Stigma in the Greek culture whose value is 6, and lastly the ‘A’ in the Babylonian culture is 6 … i.e, VISA = 666!
      -In the numeric computer language “American Standard Code for Information Exchange” (ASCII) values start with A=65 – Z=90. This means that the letter W = 87. Numerologically 87 must be broken to a single digit so 8+7 = 15 and 1+5 = 6. Thus in the American Standard computer language, World Wide Web = WWW = 666.
      -OK sign with hand symbolizes 666
      -U.S. Highway 666 leads to Dulce, New Mexico where a huge military underground facility is located. Personnel, soldiers, and civilians have incredible stories to tell about Dulce and the Dulce Wars.
      -The Euro coin of the “Eurapeon Union” has 6 stars with 6 rods then 6 more stars = 666.
      -Officially there are 660 rooms in Windsor Castle. Possibly 6 hidden ones?
      -The Washington monument obelisk in Washington D.C. is 555 feet tall above ground with another 111 feet anchoring below (555+111 = 666)
      -Rockefeller’s Exxon (eXXOn = 666), the XBox (XbOX = 666), and movies like TripleX and the XMen Trilogy represent 666.
      -When you write XOXOXO for hugs and kisses it also means 666666.
      -When every game of TicTacToe is finished, the 3×3 square filled with Xs and Os is actually 666 in every direction.
      -When added together, every number from 136 (1+2+3+ … 36) = 666
      -6x6x600 = 21,600 which is the number of nautical miles around the Earth
      -666=18, 1+8=9, 9=Saturn
      -Revelation is the 66th book of the bible. It makes 666 infamous.


      1. Waaaaay too much information. I refuse to go there, refuse to see this number game as anything more than signaling+people with too much time.,

        There are actually people who have analyzed the KJ Bible doing stuff like taking every fifth letter looking for encoded messages. John Brown allegedly looked for signs from the heavens before going on his rampages.

        Sometimes a number is just a number. I am 66 years old …. cue music.


        1. Interesting technique to brush it off. Guy gives you a lot of interesting stuff and the response is the equivalent of “well, when I look at the clouds, sometimes i can see mickey mouse”
          Don’t you see that’s a controlled opposition tactic?


        2. I see your point. I only asked him about 444. I fear this number business because there are a few YouTube channels that are devoted to it, and make it seem as if everything is planned about by the numbers, nothing random. Jungle Surfer comes to mind. Every inning of every game is planned, every number has significance. That is, to me, a disinfo tactic, so I try to stick just to basics.


          1. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss astrology. Like everything else, the stuff they give you is misdirection from the real stuff. Horoscopes are not the meat and bones of astrology, just the feathers, so it’s not a coincidence that is the thing most people think of. The ancients were smarter than us and the faster we accept that, the faster we can dig to the bottom of the truth. Considering the Skeptic/Intelligence community invented the term “woo-woo”, I don’t see why it is considered intelligent to keep remaining closed minded to ideas that modern science rejects. For all the respect I give MM, his charge field has been known and understood for thousands of years and it’s pretty elementary as far as the esoteric/paranormal/multi-dimensional communities are concerned.

            As for numbers, I believe it has many layers like everything else they do. Calgacus mentioned steganography and that is exactly what it is and it contains a code similar to what Tyrone was saying below. Exactly how the code works may take some time to decode. A great code is ambiguous even if decoded, so that plausible deniability remains. We shouldn’t expect to find a perfect answer. That is all my blog is, just my interpretation of the code.

            Like a chess grand master, they don’t just think 20 moves ahead but every move checks 3 different pieces and defends 3 more. There is no one explanation. The numerology probably connects to sacred geometry and there are connections to gematria, occult, angel numbers, and many other things. The fact that Zach Hubbard says everything is numbers tells me that everything is NOT numbers. He was way wrong with his Colts – Giants Super Bowl prediction “based on the numbers”, and his QE 2 death prediction. His face gives me the creeps and looks like every other DallasGoldBug looking character on Youtube. That is not a coincidence. His plug on a major mainstream blog gave him away. I’m still waiting for POM to be mentioned on the Huffington Post.

            Everything is connected. The numbers, the events, the people, the families, the astrology, the locations, the dates, etc. I’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole to say “this topic is all BS”. Every lie they ever tell has a hint of truth in it, even if it’s just a lie of omission. There is something extraordinarily deep and complex going on around us by our controllers. I’m more interested in finding the truth than appearing “logical”. Logic does not equal truth.


            1. Straight, would you mind elaborating on your point that “his charge field has been known and understood for thousands of years and it’s pretty elementary as far as the esoteric/paranormal/multi-dimensional communities are concerned.” Or giving an example?


        3. 66=2×33. You are an illuminati twin.
          I believe they use numerology to signal stuff (some kind of steganography/cryptography), but I don’t spend time learning about it. You can find many interpretations for many numbers, so it is hard to find an exact interpretation. People should be aware of some of the recurring numbers inserted in their fake stories. Instead of spending too much time on gematria, I recommend geometry.


          1. They may think the numbers significant, the numerical value of letter, the length of a day on Saturn. They may be connected to the secret code of the universe for all I know. Or they may be superstitious people with too much money and time. I think back now on the Reagan’s and their fixation on astrology, and the fact that we still have horoscopes in newspapers, and suspect this superstition is a fixation of insiders, a search for meaning.

            Whatever … I see they signal one another. That’s all I care about. It helps in spotting their lies.


      2. Let’s just say Marsinvirgo overwhelmed me. Also, as big as this subject appears to be, it is not something that appeals to me, so I hope you can keep us up to speed. I take you at your word that there is far more than meets the eye. My apologies to Mars for the short shrift.


        1. I’m not sure about what to think of his post either. Those numbers appear to be real and on purpose, but what is the meaning? All it really tells me is that numbers are everywhere and that they are using them in ways we haven’t quite figured out yet.


  4. Latin America had many Freemason leaders like Simon Bolivar, Jose Marti, Jose de San Martin, 33 Orientals (Uruguay) etc. Che Guevara also has some interesting links . Maybe people here will make some posts about these characters. There is more to say even about Castro (some things not covered by Mathis). In the wiki page of Juanita Castro, they say she collaborated with CIA and then she moved to USA. Probably she was the liaison between Castro and CIA. With his father you may find connections to the Cuban independence war/Spanish-American war and the United Fruit company.

    Regarding the founding of USA, I wonder if some of the anti-federalists are legit. They saw many problems with the constitution and they probably predicted many troubles coming from some ambiguous parts of the constitution. It is bad if George Clinton was Cato, since this Clinton appears to be fake opposition. He withdrew objections when they added the Bill of rights. The Bill of Rights was not enough to repair all the important problems. For many patriotards it will be hard to accept that people like Washington was not legit. They also need to worship the constitution. My only hope is for the anti federalists.


    1. It seems no matter where we turn, there are projects. the original constitution was surely flawed, as incompatible interests had to be reconciled. It was perverted by Marbury v Madison, which essentially converted our Supreme Court into an unaccountable House of Lords, governing to this day without recourse against its decisions, many awful. And federalism was undone by the 14th amendment. The Bill of Rights is a joke, as only the right to keep and bear arms, always under attack, still stands as a potent weapon in the hands of the citizenry. But we are so dumbed down now, even if armed we are no threat to the controllers.


  5. They also utilize “day of the year” and “days left in the year” numerology. April 13, 2002 was the 103rd day of the year in the 2002 Gregorian calendar. 103 is synonymous with 13. Which reduces further to 4, with April being the 4th month, and 2002 synonymous with 4, this date is also viewed as 444.

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      1. It stood out to me as it was like a master number with with one more making me think it was significant.

        The word “Masonic” in English gematria is 444, in Jewish gematria 223, in simple gematria 74.

        Here is the complete collection of 444 correlation which I just verifed, it can be easily verified in its Jewish, English, or Simple gematria connection via

        444: masonic number – connects to 74
        The Key
        The King
        San Diego
        Hand of God
        Breaking Bad

        Mike Moustakas hit his 4th post season HR on the 4th pitch in the 4th inning making the score 4-4 at exactly 4 pm

        Here is where I got that list:


  6. Jack Ruby’s date of death on January 3, 1967 can also be viewed as:
    1 & 3 pushed together (13), 6 + 7 = (13)

    1 + 3 = 4
    6 + 7 = 13 = 4
    4+ 4 = 8


  7. Perhaps the numbers are a form of bookkeeping- Certain numbers acknowledge a certain “family” in the op, whom specifically was involved, who now owes who what, or who now has paid a debt to whom, etc.
    I suspect favors are the coin of the realm deep inside the elite ranks-
    On another level the numbers might spell out involvement of certain ranks of insiders- What security level was involved and who needs to see whom in communicating directly if necessary-
    I just can’t believe the numbers are yellow tape across a doorway- There must be a language there that has multiple levels of significance to cue what code book to use to interpret correctly-
    And this isn’t hoo haw, as above… etc.- This is more like a captain’s log and a historical record to refer to so no one feels taken- I imagine keeping the peace between the pathologically entitled is a tricky venture-


  8. Regarding some of the comments above. I wonder if the azoth (mercury) of alchemists refers to the recycling of the charge. You can look at the symbol of mercury(messager of gods with shoes that have wings)) and images on this wiki . In the Fama Fraternitates the tomb (heptagonal chamber) of Christian Rosenkreuz is made to imitate the universe (according to an inscription). On the sarcophagus you have 4 inscriptions. One is Nequaquam vacuum= There is no empty space(is it good translation?). Maybe the first inscription refers to the charge. The second is Legis Jugum=The Yoke of law. This can refer to gravity as a yoke.The translation for other inscriptions: The Gospel of Freedom and The Glory of God is untouched. You can see more here
    The inscriptions can have theological and pantheistic interpretations. But I believe these spooks were interested in more practical matters.


  9. Normally I stay away far from politics, and as a statheist (=state atheist; I don’t believe in the concept of statism) I am principally against participating in the process of voting. But today is quite a special day in Colombia, with the first round of presidential elections happening today.

    Elections happen like in e.g. France, with two rounds if a candidate cannot get a >50% result in the first, the most likely scenario from the past. The second round will be on June 17.

    For the first time in recent history, a looming threat is on the horizon, and while the country has been receiving more than 1 million (!) refugees from neighboring Venezuela, fleeing the horrors of socialism there, today we have the first marxist candidate for the post of president. Gustavo Petro is a former member of guerilla group M-19, former mayor of the capital Bogotá (known for his scandals, corruption, demotion and subsequent reinstallation and his crazy ideas) and is polled to have one of the “best” chances to survive the first round.

    God forbid this scenario will happen, and the world is looking at Colombia with interest. Does the country turn into a hellhole like Venezuela (I’ve been there and it truly is a dangerous and completely crazy place) or does the country stand for the entrepreneurial tradition of hard-working people?

    Fingers crossed for the sanity and safety of the country that the marxist madness will stay away.

    On my blog I will keep you updated of what is going to happen:

    Staged or not, the results of these political actions (and actors) are very real unfortunately…


    1. I’ve added a comment which I think is relevant not only for the elections in Colombia, but in other countries too. Curious to know what you think of the comparison with sports fixing:

      Contrary to earlier views I had, I do think that elections are not completely fake. The amount of preparation, money spent, involvement of people and the ideas outlined in (Don’t) Mind the Logic do point more to an alternative scenario; the higher Elites allow for these 4-year ripple effects to occur on the basis of elections, while still having a bigger, century-long plan in the background. The two are far from mutually exclusive.

      Compare the way sports tournaments are fixed, with recently the blatantly corrupted Champions League in Europe, where Juventus was punished in favor of Real Madrid and the two “blunders” in the final yesterday, providing the pijos of Madrid the cup. Yes, overall, those things are staged, scripted. But that doesn’t mean every match is completely controlled until the finest details. Not every pass is pre-programmed and not every injury is faked, while certain key ones (such as yesterday’s by star player Salah of Liverpool) certainly are.

      In the same way I see the political arena; an overall control in the back, funding by in many cases the same companies (especially in the binary US elections), but still the element of speculation, playing with us, as psychopaths tend to love.”


      1. I have come full circle here – not that all elections are fake or real, but that there is machinery that can be manipulated by money interests to force a results one way or the other, this even as powers higher up do not care about the outcome of any particular election.

        Montana, USA, 2012, was an example, two landed gentry, Jon Tester (Democrat) and Dennis Rehberg (Republican) running for US Senate. The amount of “dark” (no one knows its origin) money that came into the state was impressive, and in the end about $2 million came not to Tester, but to an “independent” group that used that money to run a statewide radio campaign to urge Rehberg supporters to vote for a third party candidate. Enough voters abandoned Rehberg for the third party candidate to allow Tester to squeak in with 48% of the vote.

        That is, of course, corrupt has it can be, but the more important point is that if they were not counting votes, none of that would have worked. But they were counting votes.

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