JFK jr? Not hardly.

For the record, I am more in agreement with Mark today than I would have been when I wrote JFKTV. The notion of JFK being gay, though, strikes me as unreasonable. There is no solid proof at this late date. No rumors that I can recall. Pictures of him and Lem Billings horsing around as kids is today read as possibly gay but that’s part of the gay agenda- today celebs are assumed gay until proven otherwise, but it is emphasized that that isn’t a bad thing. Gay is so normalized in the media it is hardly news and always seen as a positive.


Today that picture screams gay. I horsed around with other guys when young but its a guy thing. Horsing around, that is. Young guys are gross and coarse and why women are the people that make culture possible. They mature men fast, if the men want nookie. Some guys, like JFK, never really mature socially. Women don’t flip their switches when they enter the scene with the hormones. They stay in pre-sexual mode. That is not ipso facto G.A.Y.

I think that JFK was latent- that he had no libido at all and that Lem Billings was a buddy with similar issues and later, because of long term proximity, JFK’s handler. I feel the same about Jedgar Hoover. He was not a tranny or Clyde Tolson’s bitch. Tolson was likely Hoover’s handler. The men in the spotlight have no real power*.  The guys next to these public posers deliver the messages to and from the hidden hands to keep the public lint catchers on point. That’s ‘handling’. The marriage to Jackie was arranged to give this holy womb proper context. IVF’d children are probably a given with these inbreds, given that there are so many real gays (Hollywood) and asexual drones (Government) in their ranks.

*Would a real alpha dog be content with playing an alpha dog with no real alpha available to him?

I know men with no pilot light lit and they aren’t that happy about it. Frigid women, too. They become rigid in outlook, even hostile, though that describes Hoover better than JFK. I think Kennedy was what is known in baseball parlance as a clubhouse cut up and possibly a drug taker beyond his alleged maladies. He took little seriously save for his line readings on the stage.

Was JFK jr the bastard whelp of Ari and Jackie? A quick gander at the man identified as Ari’s son, Alexander, supports that position.


Ari had his pick and these male offspring would get a full head of hair from daddy and the rest from the bombshell du jour a rich and powerful man would favor. Alexander allegedly went out in very Kennedy-esque fashion via yet another plane crash. His sister, Christina, also died young, but in a bathtub like a rock star. Rich and famous ain’t for everyone.

That said, Aristotle Onassis was a shipping magnate. The cargo he moved would belong to more powerful forces than he. In the food chain he may have been above JFK but he would be below whomever was paying him to ship, likely drugs, around the world. The guy has always looked like the quintessential mafia don- a ‘made’ man- somebody else’s bitch. He was also a public figure who had movies made about him. He, too, had a role to play. (What’s love got to do with it?)

For a time I thought King Constantine II of Greece, then crown prince, knocked Jackie up but now I think that would have been beneath him. Though that monarchy proved eminently disposable, the level of the Kennedy add-on, Bouvier, may have been part of a different, lower (oh, okay, Jewish) blood stream. Not quite up to snuff for royal blue.

Speaking of royals, the matches made for public consumption are never cut and dried couplings. Dynastic succession behind the curtains is a roundelay of mixing and matching we serfs can never be fully privy to.


For example: This is a picture of Spanish King Juan Carlos being the alpha dog he is. That’s prince William he’s over-lording and spells out perfectly what I and others have long believed: That Wills is actually Juan Carlos bastard and not the poof’s with the busted flipper.

What the real pecking order is with these people would take the skills of the alliterative one to shovel out but it appears he’s closed for renovations.

Next time: Caesar and Cleopatra’s secret daughter. Yes, there really was one.

14 thoughts on “JFK jr? Not hardly.

  1. I am commenting just to follow this post… commentary should be enlightening. So much is focused on the sexual escapades of those in the lime-light, making them out to be insatiably over-sexed, i find it quite likely the opposite is closer to truth. Thanks.


  2. Mark what’s your position on Princess Diana. Fake death? And it could be argued Princess Diana more resembles a Prince Dan than a Princess above. Looking very butch with pancake chest manly stance left arm held oddly behind her with one of the boys smile. With JFK horseplay pic it’s too symmetrical to think pose wasn’t practiced many times over. If adult took pic I can’t imagine it was a parent. There’s horseplay and there’s sexual expression. The first provides a bridge towards sexual exploration since physical contact is already established with horseplay. MM’s paper concluding JFK gay was convincing. And I think this new rage of joining forces ganging up on there’s strength in numbers so now they act tough attitude toward and about MM laced with contracting stigma if there’s push back is misdirection. And there’s no need to care why or what for since some things never change.


    1. Hey. Because it’s you. Bill Paxton in True Lies to the man who brought us got us Pumping Iron after asking Bill to hold it for him for a few days. Let’s face it. The Vette gets ’em wet. Though first I need to finish my understanding of Mark’s piece on Princess Di from 2017. In that piece Mark makes it clear to question if Lady Di’s death was faked then questioning her gender is godspeed stupid on ice. Imagine split screen Prince, MJ, John Denver, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison et al reading Mark’s 2017 Lady Di piece on earth at exact moment Lady Di learned of it in heaven.
      Hardly. Plausibility index please.


  3. That horseplay pic has some signs of pasteup. Note JFK hands, especially the one to our left has complete outline. The other one also has signs of alteration. So it raises question if his head was pasted in or the whole thing fabricated.

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      1. If you zoom in on Lems leg to our left, there is a gray semi circle under the cuff, that doesn’t match where any shadow would be. Should just be white snow there.

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        1. Didn’t have much time to read carefully but now see your point about alpha dog Carlos … that pose is one of enclosure and ownership around the boy. Somewhere above RS asked my my position on the Diana death … didn’t know such a thing was needed. Does my opinion matter to anyone? There are enough rabbit holes around it to be assured it was fake. I would imagine by now (58) she is frumpy but aging well however as royals tend to do. By Tyrone’s account above, she would be living somewhere in Spain. Honestly, was she ever really that attractive? Having attended my 50th reunion, I can assure you that all the ordinary girls we thought were so pretty turn into the old women we see all around us. Diana most likely can pass now as anyone.


          1. Carlo’s & the elite are heavy into the pedo deal as well. That too is sending a message in that pix. Check the King of Spain’s lineages.


  4. I came away with two things from that link thank you Tyrone. One wow look at that rack on Princess Di on cover of People too bad it’s not real and second thing is I want no part of that International mess let them keep it and firget I said anything. Tyrone I sure wish you’d left your other comment since link was about Iggy Pop which I thought this is Tyrone McCloskey who’s commenting here. For all I know clicking this link might send missle with coordinates aimed right for my crotch or link could cause room full of strippers to instantly appear topless in my living room. Whew. Disaster averted.


  5. Borbon y Borbon. This makes the little tyke, Will, a prime candidate for NWO royalty, if not Top Dog at the unveiling at Jerusalem — after the NWO temple is complete, of course. Rh negative blood would seal the deal, no?

    Wiki: Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias
    House Bourbon
    Father Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona
    Mother Princess María de las Mercedes of Bourbon-Two Sicilies


    1. Aye. Juan has a lot of royal (elite) lineages coursing through his veins. And in this world a lot of hand’s on military skill’s. Like father like son. William too, is well versed in military prowess. Side note fellow Spaniard Pepe Orsini should not be over looked.


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