The Smoke Between Two Mirrors

One of my usual stops is Moon of Alabama.  Today, while the topic of comparing various U.S. and Russian weapons technology was being discussed, a comment by “O” caught my eye.  O’s simple statement: “Putin, Trump and Netanyahu are owned by the same Chabad International Crime syndicate.” Is that so?  I have no way of knowing.  I did save the above image for so long now I can’t remember where it came from.  Apologies to its creator for lack of proper credit.

Chabad, allegedly founded in 1775, is an Orthodox Jewish Hasidic movement originating in Russia, moving to Poland in the 1930s, and on to the United States before WWII, where it remains centered in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood.

Dean Henderson’s new book, Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse, makes a compelling argument that the computer revolution is the most recent installment by royal bloodline families seeking to control humanity. “The roll out of their well-tested battlefield weapons system known as 5G represents the pinnacle in their use of electromagnetic frequencies to literally remote control what these feudalists have for 8,000 years seen as their human herd.”

“DARPA created the Internet. Silicon Valley is a military enterprise well-funded by the City of London Rothschild bankers and Europe’s Black Nobility. Musk, Dugan, Schmidt, Kurzweil and the other tech sycophants are serving these Annunaki bloodline lizard kings in this frontal assault at enslaving and destroying humanity.”

It’s about time everyone start paying closer attention to the evil geezers skulking about behind the powers we can see.  Politicians, Hollywood stars, bankers, generals and most of those popular and/or power figures we love, hate, or love to hate, are all working for a higher power. 

Slavery is alive and well.  It did not end with the American Civil War, it simply changed from involuntary to voluntary slavery.  We are all treated equally – as debt slaves – under the laws of the United States Corporation. 

Act of 1871

In 1871, the City-State Washington D.C. established the United States as a corporation under the rule of Washington, which itself is subservient to the City of London. Corporations are run by presidents, which is why we call the person perceived to hold the highest seat of power in the land “the president.” The fact is the president is nothing more than a figurehead for the central bankers and transnational corporations, both of which are controlled by High Ecclesiastic Freemasonry. Washington DC operates under a system of Roman Law, not the US Constitution.

Skipping around, touching on some sensitive subjects, I know. 

And I certainly do not have all the answers, offer no solutions.  Like many of you, however, I’ve been thinking about how crazy the daily narrative has become.  Time to dig a little deeper into what’s real, and what’s bullshit.  Your contributions to the discussion are most welcome, your comments and wisdom may help someone in need of a little sanity.  May we all find truth as a harbor from the storm.

15 thoughts on “The Smoke Between Two Mirrors

  1. I’m not an intellectual. Ever since realizing 9/11 was obviously a false flag a decade or so ago, I’ve tried intermittently to figure out what the hell is “really” going on but tend to get so far up my own asshole that even I don’t know what I’m talking about after a while. I always sound like an idiot when I try to discuss these things with normies. Still, I cannot for the life of me understand how intelligent adults–people who are older, better read and far more accomplished than I am–actually believe that when a new president comes into office, he actually has the power to change anything. I feel as though the people chosen to be America’s figureheads are themselves a sort of inside joke among the people who are really in power, beginning at least with Reagan the movie star and continuing with the current reality TV star. The fact that everyone I know talks about these people seriously, whether they love them or hate them, honestly drives me to despair sometimes.

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  2. Chabad-Lubavitch is the official name of this most hard-liner set. See them surround each Presidential puppet for an signing ($ & more) of document on the oval office. They hold some serious strings of the public puppets. Talmud is what they adhere to. To the letter. And they truly believe to be the superior over the rest of the planets population.


  3. I operate on the premise that real power never shows its face. Thus we found, in the Climategate emails, Michael Mann referring to “our closeted friends,” with the assumption made by skeptics that he really meant to say “closest.” By “closeted” we can assume that East Anglia was being driven by people with power who do not appear publicly to be the drivers of events. Thus is it everywhere around.


  4. As fate would have it Whitney Webb’s latest piece ties into our inquiry quite nicely.

    “From Hechler and Herzl, to Scofield and Untermeyer, to Begin and Falwell, these alliances have shaped the policy of Western governments, particularly the U.S. and England, for over a century.

    Today, only one such prophecy has yet to be fulfilled, the construction of a Third Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount, which is currently occupied by the Al Aqsa mosque compound. Now, more than ever before, Israel’s government, as shown in Part II, is filled with high-ranking officials who openly call for Al Aqsa’s destruction and seek to hastily construct a Third Temple. Similarly, as this report has shown, the Trump administration is greatly influenced by Christian Zionists who also seek the mosque’s destruction, in hopes that the Third Temple will soon be built.”


    1. Excellent post/link. Plenty of those folk have admitted Lucifer is their ‘god’. And seeing how the Zio claim to be ‘gods chosen ones’. Fit’s like a glove. Trumps son-in-law handles the Donald. And check out some of the tenants in that prime NYC real-estate located at (kid you not) 666 5th Ave NY-NY, that is leased by said in law.


  5. While some of us discuss who rules the world, who killed who or who faked what or the family tree of X… there are some others like E. Holmes that get away with massive frauds … Theranos…


  6. Massive frauds^^? What can surpass the Federal Reserve scam? The late ’20’s Crash that was calculated & deliberate? The Bankers/Rothschild of the City of London? The topper is the Vatican’s wealth that was land grabbing & looting w/the Inquisitions. The ‘missionaries’ of South America (GOLD) & the passing of the basket each Sat(urn) Sun(god Ra) ?


  7. Okay no problem. Well for beginners my advice to whoever is ignore everything you read that includes the word apocalypse sycophants lucifer 5g slavery lizard and everything after the phrase what they really meant was.


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