491D9741-7120-4A1B-B38F-9F64C0723362Dear little Greta Thunberg being Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” is testament to the bankruptcy of our news media, left with only a false front of supposed credibility in place of any honor or diligence. It’s like Barack Obama or Al Gore being given Nobel Peace prizes (I suppose Greta is in line for this too) for either doing nothing or for lying to the public … it shows us just how corrupt our major institutions are. If there is a prize to be had for honor and integrity, it is Diogenes and his lantern in search of an honest man. He is still searching.

17 thoughts on “Absurdity

  1. Damn, they already handed out this year’s award?

    I thought I was really in with a shot this time.

    Sucks to learn I lost yet again, and not even with a phone call, but by reading about the winner on a blog on the internet.

    I need to go away for a while and reassess what I’m doing with my life.

    In the meantime, did you guys ever consider that old mate Georgie-Boy Oh-well predicted the rise of the Greta Thunberg phenomenon?

    I made a video about it a while ago:

    The tl;dr is this:

    In 1984, anybody above the age of 30 is scared of the children, because the children are trained foot-soldiers of the establishment orthodoxy.

    As they say in the classics: ‘How DARE you?’

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    1. An Israelite called Isaiah the son of Amoz wrote approximately 3,000 years ago in a book that was suppressed for 1,500 years ….
      And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.
      And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.


  2. Right around WWI Science was inverted. Pre WWI all the big scientific discoveries came from the elite/aristocracy. The only people with the money to build the instruments: copper tubing, glass vials and bowls, lenses, rubber hoses, etc… weren’t produced by factories, they were hand made to order. Only the nobility had the time to spend years looking for an element or a reaction or an effect with no expectation of payoff at the end, only recognition at best. That was when Science was real, physical, provable. After WWI Science changed to being about who could interpret what we already knew, not who could generate new information. The explainers became the gods of science and they still are today. I spent a lot of years working with Ph.D’s in Physics and only one of them actually worked with instruments during his time at school and he apologized for it. Of course he didn’t work with me at a bank, He was from a vendor. No self-respecting bank would hire a Ph.D. who worked directly with physical reality. This is how the Space Program got started and remains popular. It’s not based on physical reality only on what people think would happen if it were real. This is why not a single Physicist alive even has the ability to determine if it’s real. There simply aren’t any respected Physicists who could or would perform an experiment to see if a rocket actually moves inside a vacuum or if it simply would fall straight back to earth like James Prescott Joule (nephew of a Baronet and best friends of Lord Kelvin) proved it would. The elite know it’s fake because they ran the experiments. And once they had the information they wanted they shut down Science by promoting people like Einstein as the world’s smartest man even though he hadn’t done a experiment since 1911. No more finding stuff out for the rabble, only listening to other people talking about what other people supposedly found out. The elite aristocratic scientists were replaced with working class wanna-be’s like Goddard, Oppenheimer who want it to work so much they’ll believe anything. Von Braun was nobility so maybe he knew better but just liked the attention. You best believe the aristocracy is still trying to find stuff out. Hence 9/11. But they’re not going to let anyone else know about it. This is why the idea of rockets not working in the vacuum died on the vine when I broached it. It’s something that can only be proven with a physical test of a rocket in a vacuum and not NASA, not MIT, nobody will do the experiment. USAF tried in the 60’s and failed. That’s the last time it was physically attempted. Since then it’s all been on video or in the atmosphere. The argument of something physical needing physical proof has been removed from the publics’ mind. Except for the clowns on mythbusters with goofy hats and mustaches blowing up watermelons with paint guns. It looks like this is my family again helping with this. My grandfather was an executive at Luce Press Clippings, the worlds first media company, supplying stories to Time, Life, New of the World, etc.. So the spooks in my family come ever closer to my front door. In other news the stories about kings and queens from ancient Rome to Shakespeare to Game of Thrones to Dian’a death to Prince Andrew the Pedo are fake. Made up to give the rabble a feeling of relief for not being royal. Life is tough but the royals aren’t tearing each other down. Not within the same family, not between families. They nobles like my family wouldn’t have been here unchanged for 1,000 years if this were the case. Families that fight don’t hold their place for long. Spook out again. Unless things get spookier.

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    1. Interesting comment and I would like to see more along this line.

      Confused about what sort of “bank” you’re talking about – didn’t track with that part of it.


    2. Very interesting comment! We are curretnly watching Game of Thrones, and for the first time last night (Season 7 Episode 1) the name “England” was mentioned as Cerci and Jamie stood atop a map that looked a lot like the island. For all the time I have been watching (and being enthralled with the characters) I thought it was based in Disney’s Neverland. But of course none of it is based on anything historical. I wonder if viewers know that.

      Anyway, Ike’s farewell address warned of teh dangers of the “military industrial complex,” but also and lesser known, warned about allowing the government to take over science. Not too long after WWII just that happened, and the man at the center of it was Vanavar Bush. There’s that name.


      1. also to Boethius (curious you chose a roman name of a Catholic saint): at the end of the day, it does not matter who discovers/creates a thing or as Ub Iwerks would say regarding the mouse “The key isn’t creating it. It’s what you do with it”


        1. My ancient family on my father’s side has been involved in projects over the past 1,000 years including the rise of the Papacy, the Protestant Reformation and the creation of Mossad and the state of Israel along with several less popular ones: a single family of Jews, Christians and Catholics acting against Jews, Christians and Catholics. Religion is but a story told for those with ears to listen. They are still large and in charge, listed in the peerage, marrying other nobles, and so forth, even if quiet for the past 75 years as far as I can tell. My modern mother’s side created one of the most iconic toys of the 70’s, became millionaires and collapsed upon itself within a single generation. That’s the story of the industrialists vs, the aristocrats. But what I really came to talk about is the notion of work. The physical act of motion is something only the elite participate in. The rest of the world spins in circles, busy, yes, but not doing any real work. Any distance we cover only leads back to where we start (yes, I’m still one of you, for now, still haven’t had my secret initiation ceremony). Just like a rocket in a vacuum where any gas released, regardless of how much pressure and energy is has, will have motion but do no work. It’s a very fitting analogy in my mind. The world of the elite is the world of the physical, the actual, the real, hence their discoveries. The world of the masses is that of imagination, fiction and belief, hence the silly things we believe without needing proof. The question of whether or not a rocket can move in a vacuum is generally answered via Newton, for example, and he studied neither gasses, nor vacuum, nor the gasses in a vacuum. that would be Joule. In any case a member of the elite would simply build their own vacuum chamber and do their own experiment to confirm that there is in fact a force. You may notice that not one single Ph.D. in Physics in history has ever built a vacuum chamber and placed a rocket inside of it and tested whether or not it can lift off the ground or control it’s flight path. The greatest minds in human history, well, the greatest minds that the masses are allowed to believe in, have never done the work yet they all believe. OK, one Ph.D. did the work. Goddard in 1916. But for some reason he never wrote down his experiment nor his results nor did he specify how to repeat it and what results should be expected. In other words, he didn’t do the lab work, he only reported the results. That’s an F in any real physics course. Joule, Kelvin, Charles and the rest left experiments, formulas, etc.. which chemistry and physics students still use today. Goddard? He’s got some buildings named after him but not a single repeatable experiment nor formula to his name regarding rockets in a vacuum. If space rockets were real every physics Ph.D. alive today would have repeated his experiment. Given that he did it in his basement in 1916 how much could it cost to repeat in 2020? $100 of equipment from Lowe’s? The people we are led to believe are the smartest people in the world, Rocket Scientists and Nuclear Physicists (I’ll do them next) do the least work. Yes they calculate shit all day. They calculate everything up the wazoo but they do no real work. The elite are often portrayed and leeches, fat cats, bored gods sitting in the palaces sucking us dry, probably all true, but they’re the only ones alive doing any real work. They stopped the rest of us right around the end of WWI. What real work are they doing? 9/11. Not a terrorist attack. Not a cash grab or a power play it was an experiment. It was the elite looking for something, at something. It was a physical event for them and them only. I know. I was there at ground zero. I could hear it and feel it but could not see it. I think about gas when I think about 9/11. How we didn’t know air was made of oxygen and nitrogen until the elite built their equipment and ran their tests and shared their results. Whatever they were looking for/at on 9/11 they’re not going to tell us and we won’t find out until/if they do. I was there with a ton of physics Ph.D. my old workmates from derivatives and not a single one ever considered what I’m telling you now. That’s mind control. It affects us all. Even if I wanted to see, I couldn’t on that day. I tried but I couldn’t see through it. Pynchon says that was the point. We were all under the mind control spell that day. Near of far from ground zero. So don’t bother looking for witnesses. The elite have told us work is bad and leisure is good while they do all the work and leave us running for the worthless and the empty. That’s why there hasn’t been a real scientific result since subatomic particles and maybe the silicon wafer as a last gasp. what we have is engineering. Better, smaller, faster, lighter, more powerful but no new breaks in the fabric of reality. No X-rays or radio waves or isolating elements, that low-level inspection and understanding of the nature of reality has been taken back by the elite. That’s, if I had to guess, what they were doing on 9/11 and during the Kennedy Assassination. Something so big and obvious and out in the open that only a Aristotelian type mass mind control psyop could cover it up. The nuke hoax is also exposed by a property of gasses and a fundamental state of reality discovered by the elite but I’ll save that one for later.

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          1. It is almost 5 years now since we discussed this at Cluesforum.

            Just like a rocket “””in a vacuum””” where any “””gas released”””, regardless of how much pressure and energy is has, will have motion but do no work. It’s a very fitting analogy in my mind.

            1 – the idea space is a vacuum is a conspie meme but false, see here.
            2 – there is no gas under the presented conditions of space, everything becomes solid (metals extremely brittle] or superfluid (Helium and Hydrogen]. So no rockets in space because of that. There is no gas. So indeed no work, but it is a chemical-physical problem, not a purely mechanical one


  3. These ‘elite’ control the narrative to fit their agenda. They have a lineage that is continual. Since they arrived & interbred w/the seed of Adam & Eve. Satanism/Saturn means a lot to the Black Nobilities. Whose families are above those of the Orsini Clan & such remains to be seen.


  4. “Boethius (c. 480-524/525) was one of the most influential early medieval philosophers” Masons like to use these names on blogs. The Vatican is no one’s friend either.


  5. One more thought: Silicon wafer -> Computer Science which is logical thinking mainly and which has been destroyed by Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc… the big names have reduced computer Science to corporate programming. Along the same lines biology/medicine has been under attack, crashing and burning, since the discovery of DNA in the 60’s. I don’t believe either is an accident. If the elite want to destroy something, to stop it from advancing, they hand it over to the industrialists who do a great job at making sure nothing ever goes forward in any meaningful way. The aristocrats aren’t against the industrialists. The industrialists are the flesh eating virus the aristocrats use to excise living tissue from the genius of the human race.

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    1. Hey!

      Thanks so much for all your comments, I really appreciate them. I know intuitively that you are right, that you know, because that’s the only way you can ever get close to the truth if you’re not in a connected position. As you can imagine, I’m very lonely at this point, I can’t be in the company of people for very long, because they’re all stuck.

      I would love to get in touch with you directly, I think I also have to give genuine insight, would you be willing to do that?


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