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A true valedictorian

This valedictorian address is available on video at Gnostic Media, but is behind a pay wall. Fortunately, someone in the comments linked to a printed version. That link is beneath the fold.

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Just like school daze

“In true liberal education … the essential activity of the student is to relate the facts learned into a unified, organic whole, to assimilate them as … the rose assimilates food from the soil and increases in size, vitality and … Continue reading

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Group psychosis

I was just reading this morning, in an archeological book, about how scientists actively suppress information that goes against the grain. By my nature I am a justice seeker,  and so want to read malevolence into the process. There is … Continue reading

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Delicious irony

This is a story that is buzzing in my former home state of Montana. The newly elected Commissioner of Public Education is barely able to construct and utter a complete sentence. She might be, like so many Americans, functionally illiterate. … Continue reading

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Just dance, da-doomp-doomp-doomp

Well graduation was a nice affair. Even though ther are 600 kids in the class, they managed to get it done in about two hours. There was no guest speaker, and most of the podium activity was the kids, some of … Continue reading

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The dullness factories

I have a son who is a very bright young man. He was bored in school, as all bright people are, and so was restless and acted up. His teacher wanted him to be tested for ADD. I refused to … Continue reading

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Alien education practices

The young son of a friend, age 10 or so, is currently enthralled by space aliens and UFO’s. His mother mentioned this in an “it’s just so cute” frame of mind. I hope she does not ‘set him straight’, but … Continue reading

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Killing curiosity

In answer to George W. Bush’s famous query “Is our children learning?” the answer is of course … no. Someone I read or heard recently said that designing a system like ours that costs so much money and takes up … Continue reading

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The illusion of an educated mind

“The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.” (Daniel J. Boorstin) ____________________________________________________ My wife and I, like so many people in this land, often watch Jeopardy in the evening. though we are bad … Continue reading

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Kids – stay out of school and learn!

We are on Thunder Bay Beach on Georgian Bay, the southern part of Lake Huron. I have been here a week now with my wife’s family. I realized yesterday and last night that this is my family too. I love … Continue reading

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