Climate Change and Dunning-Kruger

I’m currently immersed in a book called The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science by Tim Ball, PhD. Ball is a Canadian climatologist who was sued by Michael Mann, the SLAPP-happy climatologist whose pseudo scientific masterpiece, the Hockey Stick, was featured in IPCC publications and Al Gore’s movie. It took several years, but Ball won the lawsuit and Mann (or the forces behind him) was forced to pay all legal costs. The reason why the Canadian court ruled in Ball’s favor was simple: Mann was not genuinely pursuing the matter, and was apparently only suing Ball to make his life difficult. Ball is featured in a post-ruling interview here.

At the opening of his book, Ball presents several reasons why the Climate Change hoax has advanced as far as it has:

  1. The objective and therefore science were premeditated.
  2. The scientific focus was deliberately narrowed to CO2.
  3. From the start, unaccountable government agencies were involved and in control.
  4. Science and political structures and procedures were put in place to enhance the deception.
  5. Actions were taken to block or divert challenges.
  6. The people’s natural fears about change and catastrophe were exploited.
  7. The public’s lack of scientific understanding, especially with regard to climate science, was exploited.
  8. People find it hard to believe that a deception on such a grand scale could occur.
  9. Opponents were ruthlessly attacked, causing others to remain silent.

That’s a comprehensive accounting of how the hoax was perpetuated, and surely more than I could assemble on my own, but I think that ball left out two important factors:

1. The news media is complicit in the hoax

It could be that journalists are just ignorant sycophants. I’ve seen plenty of evidence of that over the years. For example, a wizened old veteran in my home town, still at work as far as I can tell, once said of a retiring (or departed) journalist that he had no idea, even knowing him for decades, what his political opinions were. This, I am not making up, is considered high praise in that profession.

Watching television and movies, it’s easy to imagine our Fourth Estate to be comprised of testy, inquisitive and bullheaded truth searchers. Take note, the next time one is featured in entertainment that you are viewing,  how he/she will be portrayed as independent and dogged. In real life, each is governed by an editor who is lorded over by a publisher, each given that role because those with real power can trust them. I’ve long known that the editor of a newspaper only gravitates to that position due to lack of curiosity, often mislabeled “professional objectivity.”

So when a major hoax like Global Warming/Climate change comes down the pipe, journalists are going to be the last to uncover it. Far more in character, they will mindlessly repeat the essential elements of the hoax. They do this because they  are too stupid to know better and too afraid to leave the herd and think for themselves. At the very top of the profession, say with Hannah Fairfield of the New York Times, I venture that you will find either an active hoax participant, or a deeply indoctrinated maroon.

The Climate Change Hoax only has legs because it is actively advanced by our news media. Ball surely knows this and might have included it in his list. He may have skipped over it because it is painfully obvious, or because it detracts from his larger massage.

2. Schools are brainwashing the kids

I’ve known many teachers personally, and many from a distance. Some are pretty good at what they do, most are mediocre. Each swears that his/her lifelong occupation is a passion, that the education of children is more a calling than a profession. For the most part, they imagine they are very good at their job. They’re not, but I’ll discuss that factor later.

I was brainwashed as a kid. It took twelve long years to get the job done, via nuns and priests and lay teachers in our Catholic schools. The nuns and priests actively and knowingly indoctrinated us in Catholicism, telling me in grade school that being born Catholic, leaving the faith would result in burning in hell. That is child abuse. Maybe they thought their calling noble, maybe they thought they were helping me along the way, but ignorance is no excuse.

I now view religion as a happy pastime for people who choose to indulge, and have long gotten over the anger that Catholic upbringing nurtures. “Recovering Catholics” are fine people, just like Catholics themselves, but it is equally noble to be completely away from it, neither participating nor recovering.

I chose to write about my Catholic education there, but don’t assume that secular schools are any different, or that public school teachers are any better than their religious counterparts. They are involved in a brainwashing enterprise, and because they were brainwashed too, don’t know any better. Every American school student will walk away at graduation (or before) secure in the belief that what they see on news is real, that school shootings are real and that they need to be constantly on guard and afraid, and that Climate Change is real.

The powerful people behind the hoax know that most people look around and see nothing urgent in supposed climate emergency. Even if they internalize it, they don’t much care about it. In fact, when it hits them in the pocketbook, they quietly disregard it.

Public agenda.png

As you can see from the above research from Pew Charitable Trusts, public concern about Global Warming peaked in 2007, and placed 22nd among the public’s concerns in 2012. I am using this chart because Ball referred to it in his book. I have no idea of the current placement of concerns in the public mind, and don’t much care. Note, if you will, that terrorism, the budget deficit and the threat of losing Social Security are three of the top five concerns. All three issues are hoaxes. So I am not going to get too concerned about placement of Global Warming on a list other than to note that pocketbook is first no matter anything else.

Extinction rebellionGiven that adults were not too much swayed by the hoax, the hoaxers logically decided that they had to reach the kids. And they have succeeded. As I look at Greta Thunberg and the kids carrying signs in the supposed Extinction Rebellion, I think to myself “God, what morons.” But I have to reflect back to myself after twelve years of indoctrination and say the same thing – what a maroon I was! I bought in deeply because I was immersed and knew nothing else. These kids (Thunberg is probably just an actress) are mere victims of their teachers and some very sophisticated propaganda. I hope they break free, I have little hope.

So what about all these teachers who imagine they are dedicated and serving society above and beyond the call? It is now known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect, the essence of which is that stupid people do not know they are stupid. In fact, because they are stupid, they are not equipped to know they are stupid. They cannot be reached.

That’s crude, I know. But Dunning-Kruger is all around us, and in each of us. I imagine that I’ve mastered the Climate Change hoax even as I am quickly lost in scientific papers on the subject. I salve my conscience by imagining that merely grasping key concepts is enough. For instance, take a look at the chart below.

Cause and effect Feedback

By merely including it I suggest to you that I understand it. But maybe this is critical and maybe even rescues me from Dunning-Kruger: I know I do not understand it because it is too complicated for me. (Do take note: This chart, from a 1974 paper by Kellogg and Schneider, makes no mention of CO2. According to Ball, it falls under “Atmospheric Composition,” mid-level on the right, highly insignificant.)

One essential element of the DK effect is that smarter people are more self-aware and know their own limitations. I don’t pretend to be a scientist. I spent my career trying to understand the IRS Tax Code, but it is so big that no human can grasp it all. I knew better and always kept my books at hand and had a deep abiding fear of screwing up. On a lower level, something most of us suffer from is to imagine that we are better drivers than other ‘idiots.’ I don’t imagine I am  a good driver. I am average and prone to distraction and mistakes. So when I get honked at, I know I screwed up.

But back to teachers … and I am going to generalize knowing that there are many exceptions: What I know of them is that they mostly lack self-awareness, are absorbed in the idea that they are working to make better smarter people, are largely failing, and are in fact part of a brainwashing program. And they don’t know it. This goes all the way to the top, professors in colleges and universities. I’ve been around quite a few, as anyone with a degree has, and found many of them (in retrospect) to be smug and full of themselves. If they are lost in a mindset that is a product of groupthink, say Darwinian evolution, history or Einsteinian physics or uniformitarian geology, they are in DK mode, and of course the last to know.

That’s pretty general. Tim Ball is or was a college professor. I imagine he has a higher level of self-awareness than most.

So Climate Change is not a big deal among adults even as most are fooled by the science. It has been placed in the schools and given top billing and used to scare the kids. Consequently, it will be a long time before we get over it. It is here to stay, it will affect us all deeply. Even though a hoax, public policy is being implemented around it. We’re screwed for a good long time.

29 thoughts on “Climate Change and Dunning-Kruger

  1. To me, the really insidious thing about it is the term being “Climate Change”. The climate is always changing. So it becomes this catch-all that cannot be refuted. Yes, the climate is changing. Any rational scientist is forced to agree, because it is true. I don’t think there is ever a point in Earth’s history where climate was a straight and predictable line without ups and downs, peaks and valleys. The shifts happen on a macro geological scale, and individual daily points of weather or even 100 years of data can’t really tell us anything significant about the greater trend. This idea that we have to prepare and spend trillions is a joke. The major life-impacting events in our planetary history are the large impact events, and life in the oceans even survived those!!! Don’t tell me the oceans are going to die from some excess CO2 when they already survived numerous large impact events. Life finds a way.

    I personally do not feel it is reasonable to think we are anywhere near having the ability to actually be in control of the entire Earth climate system. As pointed out, it is vastly complex and the repercussions of our actions not knowable in the long term. Chaos Theory should be clear on that. Even if we somehow locally alter the temperature a fifth of a degree, we are not in control of the Earth’s climate!

    The period of time when humans will have burned fossil fuels will be the smallest blink in time on a geological scale, and the Earth climate mechanisms can adjust for such things. I think “they” want our money, and “they” want to further the idea that their powers are such that they can control the uncontrollable.

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  2. “Every American school student will walk away at graduation (or before) secure in the belief that what they see on news is real, that school shootings are real and that they need to be constantly on guard and afraid, and that Climate Change is real.”
    How true! And how sad! This gets passionate kids to become ‘activists’ over non-issues/hoaxes, thus destroying the innate passion young people have, turning them into misguided, impotent sheeple. Ba-a-a-a-ah! Controlled opposition 101.


  3. Do you know of any good sources of information regarding the motivation behind the global warming / climate change agenda? Obviously it is having a very real effect in the world, politically and economically and so on. Who benefits? How many of these effects are likely to have been foreseen by those who invented and perpetuate the campaign?


    1. Tim Ball does a good job in the book I linked at the opening above. He takes it back to the Club of Rome and Erlich’s Population Bob, and a basic contempt for humans and industrialized society.


    2. One of the primary purposes of the Climate Change agenda is to create a common enemy that requires the entire world’s cooperation to defeat. This is necessary to help further the agenda for World Government.


  4. sJohn Taylor Gatto’s The Underground History of American Education is pretty in depth on schools as brainwashing. Some call him a limited hangout but still pretty interesting book.


  5. Incidentally I went to a public school, but there was counterprogramming out there.. Mad magazine and such… That could lead one to be cynical about them. Or maybe I had some innate skepticism. I only regret that I wasn’t MORE cynical at the time.


    1. I never thought of Mad Magazine as counter-programming. I just liked offbeat humor, always. Interesting, my first wife … she would look at Far Side cartoons with a perplexed stare. They did not reach her. I think that people who are dating should use such tests before making serious commitments.


      1. It had a lot of cynicism about authority figures and institutions of all kinds. It was sort of a gateway for many people to seeking out more countercultural ideas I would guess. Founder Kurtzman and publisher Gaines are both interesting figures. Kurtzman crossed paths with many heavily promoted people and big names through his career.
        At the same time as it was mildly countercultural, MAD also pushed a lot of standard issue “liberal” ideas, at least in later years.


        1. This will tell you something of my age (now 69) and naivete as a young boy. My older brother and I decided we wanted to subscribe to MAD, and so filled out the form and sent it along with two silver dollars, the cost of a subscription. It never arrived.


    1. I would like to know more about agenda 21 and Common Core. They are two subjects I have avoided because they seem too open to be real, that is, powerful people usually don’t just put their agenda out in the open like that. It’s more often done as with Climate Change, the real agenda hidden behind a stalking horse.


  6. There’s an awful lot “hiding in plain sight” too. Mountains of research have already been compiled and published.

    Agenda 2021 is now Agenda 2030, and is integrally connected to Climate Change, Common Core, Sustainability, Population Control (Culling) and Global Totalitarianism. And as the man in the cockpit says:
    “That’s just my opinion, of course.”


    1. How much of what we have witnessed has been part of a larger scheme? Apocalyptic predictions are always around. The planet is fine, my life is infinitely better than that of my parents. I’m beginning to think my best course of action is to stop worrying. You can’t make people any dumber than they are. There’s no need to dumb them down further with “common core.” Climate change is merely the new Cold War. I am glad I know the things I know, that I have discovered certain things, and that other things have been supplied me by others, I don’t know why that information is let free. If I stop now and simply observe that life is good, am I breaking some unspoken rule? No one is out to get me save my ex wife. I can live safely.


  7. The recent WIRED edition has an article about the nature of scientific studies and it pretty much disses the concept of scientific “objectivity.” There really isn’t such a thing because HUMAN biases get into the design and any question needed to be answered is cast within the biases which come to the project. Study outcomes vary and even turn out with OPPOSITE results.

    Humans are human and therefore never are and never will be OBJECTIVE. Everything they enter into is by definition is SUBJECTIVE. My old dorm room poster from 1969 reads: “We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are.”

    I do believe in Climate Change and have observed it over a seven decade period, but I do not have anythong but a willingness to look – but not to act – on “Global Warming” and the entire carbon is everything explanation for any changes.
    Keep sailing, Greta!

    The Andyman


    1. Climate always changes, and the planet has been warming (until recently) since 1880 the mid-1700s century, the bottom of the Little Ice Age. CO2 is not a factor. The warming is beneficial. Civilization has thrived in the past during periods of warming, the Minoan, Roman and Medeival Warm periods good examples. The current scare regarding warming is political, anti-industrial and anti-human.


      1. Ball and other solar variation theorists observe that we are due for another ice age. That means that the solar reflection project of Bill Hates actually threatens to trigger the early onset of this ice age. I believe some of the cooling we have seen over the last decade is due in part to a two decade covert aerosol spraying program, what Brennan referred to as Stratospheric Aerosol Injection or SAI. Most have overlooked the possibility that the purpose of these projects has always been to trigger an ice age, an event that would cripple Russia and, more importantly, could kill off a significant percentage of the world’s population, a well-known goal of Mr. Hates and his cabal of decadent, perverse, and brutal plutocrats.


  8. Regarding Climate Change, I think nobody knows anything as with everything else. It is not a hoax and it is not apocalipse either. The answer is not behind Tim’s door nor Greta’s door. The answer as usual should be in door #3.


  9. How about a region by region report right now of the entire globe. How say is Australia doing in regards to the heat wave & fires? Contrasting to what Iceland & N. Europe is presently experiencing? My concern is food production world wide & the next 6 months forecast of both land & water sources for food stock.


    1. Check it out yourself. We’re fine. Nothing has changed except perhaps increased agricultural yields. It is kind of annoying that you and others come here saying things like this expecting me and others to do your work. Check it out.


  10. I do not ask you to do work, the questions are in general. The food stocks are in lower supply. That is not a nod towards the cc scam.


  11. If you don’t know his channel yet, I recommend watching Tony Heller, former wilderness ranger, owner of and very clear scientific and quiet explanations, like

    The Bambi Syndrome

    Climatologists Vs Science



  12. ” Is this ^^link a shill or a Zoomer? Or both?”

    What does this even mean? Is this English? You share a link, you tell us (the world), not? What is under that link? And what is a zoomer?


    1. Where is my link I provided? It was a troll job done to Heller. How are you editing the posts I put up, when you are not the OP of this thread?^^


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