Nanoviricides: Con, Cure or Killer?

Capital is flowing in a big way toward biotech companies working on factory-made, nano-viricides (“Trojan horses”) cell-mimicking technology. Oh my. Talk is of “human trials” soon.

Camille has another well-researched vid on the subject. Many thanks to her incredible research and questions.

Patents have been issued. SEC has bought in. Shares are moving up.

According to Nanoviricides, Inc. their little micro-pets are the best thing since sliced bread, comparing its “revolutionary” technology to the discovery of penicillin.

What is the risk? Nobody knows. Does anybody care? Food for thought.

3 thoughts on “Nanoviricides: Con, Cure or Killer?

  1. I have very little to add to this topic, I do not know much about Virology. I remember as a kid we used to learn and admire people like Edward Jenner, Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch, Jonas Salk, etc… Anyway, to learn more about this topic I took the link you provided and after a quick read, I got the impression this news article was a filtration from this same company to promote itself and maybe pump-up its stock value. Went to company website and looked fishy. I tried calling the 800 number and it rang to no end. Free markets promote innovation and there’s surely money to be made out of vaccines, but it is also fertile ground for what looks like fraudulent companies… think Theranos.


  2. Agreed. Reminds me of a lot of certain mining stocks and natural resource “investment opportunities” that have never broken ground, and never will. I am highly dubious of the claims, and equally suspicious of the intentions of many of these nano-biotech companies.


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