Are Fasci Still a Symbol of Fascism?

Are these symbols of emancipation and freedom, or a new era of (voluntary) slavery?

Like the mysterious origins of the Egyptian pyramid scattered around in strategic locations, fasci, the symbol of people united under a single, authoritarian state and its man-made laws. Fasci can be found in places most Americans might find odd if they were aware of the meaning of these ancient symbols.

To be a “citizen” of such a state is not what it’s cracked up to be. Home of the free, and land of the brave, are little more than meaningless words in such a system, regardless of how many times they are repeated in song and literature. I hope to give a glimpse or two into the false world we live in, and possibly a way we all might learn of a way to abolish slavery once and for all.

There are two types of “people.” There are those who Live by the fruit of their labor and there are those whom, by a vampiric tax and fee (feud, a proprietary money and rent system), legally suck the profits of every common man’s labor into their own landed estates. And this is accomplished via public citizen-ship. They are apparently noble in their piracy, yet take no titles of nobility by law in the United States.

No, the American nobility is a secret society; a society built upon their own created, fictional fantasy of a secret. They are their own god, worshiping themselves in pagan deity.

When the public slave believes he is also the creator and master (the private People) of his own debtor’s prison, then a true voluntary, iniquitous debtor’s hell has been established and ordained, complete with the empty religion of patriotism. For the certified “true” religion of this open-air slave-colony America is that, “the People” are singular voice as a pluralistic god, their will be done, on earth as if it is heaven. – Clint Richardson, Strawman, p. 289

“That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.” —1 Corinthians 2:5, KJB Id.

The English words fascism and fascist are borrowings from Italian fascismo and fascista, derivatives of fascio (plural fasci), “bundle, fasces, group.” Fascista was first used in 1914 to refer to members of a fascio, or political group. Playing on the word fascista, Mussolini’s party adopted the fasces, a bundle of rods with an ax among them, as a symbol of the Italian people united and obedient to the single authority of the state. (Emphasis supplied).

So, why all the hoopla about the presidential primaries, or whether or not Russia — or China, Israel, Great Britain or France — meddled in our national elections? There are no national candidates with any chance of being seated that are not vetted by oligarchs of “royal blood.” Why do we need to hide our kings and queens behind a facade of “democracy” or the “republic?”

A citizen is incorporated as part of a larger body politic. It means giving up individuality to become E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one), a choice which is itself a symbolic sacrifice of a natural man so that the state’s artificial, corporate simulation can take over. Citizenship is incorporation of a natural born subject.

Free press, free and fair elections, personal privacy, forget about it. Prisoners toil for their masters, who in turn cash in on government welfare.  Same as it ever was.

Well, that’s enough for now. More to come in the coming weeks.

5 thoughts on “Are Fasci Still a Symbol of Fascism?

  1. Good read. I’ve echoed many of the very same things to people for years but the indoctrination is too strong for the common bondsman too put off.


  2. “Home of the free, and land of the brave, are little more than meaningless words in such a system, regardless of how many times they are repeated in song and literature.” Maybe so, Mr. Kelly, but there are millions of people in other countries, that would sacrifice almost anything for the opportunity to make a living in this country. I have met many immigrants who through hard work have realized their ambitions though as small they can be. For any person born in America, there have been opportunities to get ahead and as far as they wanted , in general…”Compromise is Adaptation”. If you are an artist, say you paint portraits, you can’t blame the system for not achieving all your potential. If there has been ever a country where you truly can be whoever you like and do whatever you want to do is this one. For the most part, American pop culture is crass but has unrivaled appeal and it is vastly followed, imitated, consumed and admired worldwide. Sadly, there is no perfect country and in spite of all the PROPAGANDA we are bombarded everyday from MSM and fringe, alternate media, here we have it too good…compared to Latin America or Africa to name just two examples of course…I sense a pessimistic tone from your articles most of the time -not complaining nor trying to persuade you otherwise- but just wanted to throw out there some ideas in spite of all the negativity that surround us, which is not unfounded, don’t get me wrong.


    1. Glad to see you giving this post some love, Lawrence. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said. As Steve points out, our enslavement is voluntary. (Or, mostly voluntary, since babies can’t volunteer for the pollution that the state mandates parents allow to be injected into them. And they don’t volunteer, through their social security numbers, to become properties of a corporate entity posing as a democratic government. But I digress.)

      Anyway, as I read Steve’s post, I didn’t see it as being cynical, though I certainly understand where you’re coming from. In the post, Steve says, I hope to give a glimpse or two into the false world we live in, and possibly a way we all might learn of a way to abolish slavery once and for all.

      You’re right that many countries have it far worse than we do. Free thought and free expression of those thoughts may not gain you many friends or make you rich in this country, but it also won’t (in most cases anyway) land you in prison. That’s a very big deal and a huge point in our favor. To me, the point of being aware of all the nasty stuff our leaders are up to isn’t so that I can wallow in anger or despair, or feel superior to all the “sheeple” who don’t get it. To me, the awareness this blog and Steve’s post try to impart is necessary in order to forge a path to true freedom.


      1. SCOTTRC: Yes, It was not my intention to label the article as cynical, far from me. Mr. Kelly is a highly aware individual. I just wanted to add that even if some people would consider this country as a jail with doors open, it is still better than the rest… and sometimes Propaganda (and it is one of its goals) makes us lose sight of all the positive that we obtain just for being born in this huge land. Manifest Destiny, indeed.


  3. Very few will engage in this type of conversation. Thanks to any and all willing to take a moment to ponder our situation and assist others in need. I must admit that I am not optimistic about bringing about the changes to the system in time to prevent what looks to me to be a collision course with multiple problems — serious ones, indeed. It’s a good time to plan for what awaits us all. I appreciate your input, SCOTTRC and LAWRENCE ROTHMAN.


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