Occult Secret Societies of the Fox River Valley

The latest coronavirus paper from our friend in Taos (although apparently “he” is moving?) has me in total agreement on one point: if they want us obsessing about the dreaded COVID-19, then we should absolutely NOT be obsessing about it. Our lives are being disrupted, and as annoying as this is, we should not let it distract us for our regular pursuits of truth.

In that vein, my recent research into the Steven Avery frame-up case has lead down some really fascinating avenues. I still believe it to be very unlikely that Teresa Halbach is dead. The most jaw-dropping item I found are a series of stories told by an unrelated resident of Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley about the local secret society and his account of being pressured by them.

For a little back-story…before Netflix, Steven Avery first spent 18 years in prison for a rape on the shores of Lake Michigan that was equally mysterious to the later frame-up case. A key witness to this first crime was a man by the name of Dave Begotka, and the story below is his to tell. He speaks of total local control by members of a secret society. You have to hear it to believe it. There is murder, occult, sex magic, devil worship, more frame-ups, and the kind of ruthlessness you just can’t make up.

You see, Dave was one of the initial witnesses to this first crime pinned on Avery. After being a key witness to this event, it triggered a chain of events where he was consistently pressured to join “the club” that “all local business owners need to belong to”. This comes with references to nude sex parties and invoking the devil. This comes directly from a man who almost seems to not realize the significance of this all, and is basically just annoyed at this constant intrusion into his life. The bombshell comes in video 2, where his former business partner is possibly murdered due to the pressures from these people for him to join “the lodge”. I have never seen such an authentic account from an outsider relating to the deeds of a local secret society.

If you have the time, please take a look at these videos. I cannot think of stronger proof that the Fox River Valley in Wisconsin is 100% controlled by a ruthless secret society. Remember, the “victim” in the Halloween 2005 crime, Teresa Halbach, belonged to a family of local business owners. I completely believe this guy’s affect as being genuine, and it is a truly jaw-dropping story. Another amazing detail: after they murdered his business partner, they literally threw an “everything’s free” party at his business while he was out of town. Ruthless. Brutal. If these people are capable of this, you should not doubt for a second that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are 100% innocent.

There are people out there who will tell you that these kinds of local secret societies are rare, do not exist, or are totally benevolent. These videos will definitely make you question this. My jaw was on the floor at some details.

Dave Begotka’s 3-part story is below:

Manitowoc County Death List

13 thoughts on “Occult Secret Societies of the Fox River Valley

    1. His story right at the beginning about an excessive police presence PRIOR to the 1980s rape also makes me question “the club” being involved with that frame job too. Not something that Netflix touches.


  1. Things like Covid-19 and 9/11 are just social engineering tools and cover ups for the real horror crimes those guys commit when common people are busy looking at the finger and not at the moon.
    Ordo ab chaos is their motto.
    Years and years of studying their MO taught me that they enjoy acting in the dark. The huge, traumatic events in plain daylight are just a show for the unaware masses.

    You’ve probably heard of the Monster of Florence. Well, forget about the illiterate peasant they put in jail who then died mysteriously at his home, those murders were freemasons at work, at least 4 or 5 of them but with a very exclusive circle that helped them hide the body parts taken from the victims and created a thick web of lies, cover ups, misdirection and so on.

    Nothing is what is seems, and nothing seems what it is.


    1. What I do not understand is that members of these clubs SWEAR that they are benevolent. Is it just some bad apples delving into ritual murder, or is it common practice?


      1. Yes. The lower levels are veneer or window dressing for the general public . Just like the DC sideshow. Check out the only Confederate General to have a statue in DC. C. Albert Pike.


          1. That metal pendant lying on Pikes stomach is used by many secret or occult (hidden) groups. See the movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ scene in the room where the ritual is to take place. Its on the head of the chair.


            1. Hey Motorhead, I’m sure you’ve noticed many rockers that wear the same skull ring, Ace Frehely, Keith Richard, Cliff Burton,Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler, even Lemmy etc..list goes on. This ring would also have to be an achievement medal in Freemasonry.


      2. Yes, as you know they created a pyramidal system of power, where every level of the pyramid knows nothing about the level above. I come from a small town in Italy that’s famous for having a high number of masonic lodges, and I know a bunch of Freemasons personally.
        Talking to them I realised that being at very low levels in the pyramid, they know nothing of what’s going on with the highest levels and still think that Freemasonry is about charity, spiritual evolution, enlightment and so on.
        One of them even told me once that Freemasonry should be considered as a sort of golf or bowls club! How naive.
        Being a member of a masonic lodge is considered very prestigious in Italy, and gives job opportunities that most people can’t even dream of in a lifetime.


        1. This from Clint’s “Strawman;” p. 137

          “The true NAME of Satan, the Cabalists say, is that of YAHVEH
          REVERSED; for Satan is not a black god, but THE NEGATION OF
          IDOLATRY. For the Initiates, this is not a Person, BUT A FORCE,
          created for good, but WHICH MAY SERVE FOR EVIL. It is the
          instrument of Liberty for Free Will.”
          —Albert Pike, ‘Morals and Dogma,’ Page 102

          “The masters of knowledge must eventually choose their path into the Light or dark side, while all the
          public-minded multitude succumbs to the false liberty of the false, political freedom and commerce
          of the nations. And you thought it was just science fiction! Hollywood is the main foundation of the
          dispensation of the darkest of magic and sigils of the dark side.” Id.

          We all must choose.


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