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  1. You omitted a box for my take:

    The recent health crisis is real though greatly exaggerated in its severity, involves one or more viruses, and may also be combined with non-viral factors.


      1. My point is that your possible responses are not consistent in the parameters they include: reality, severity, and cause(s).

        The responses offer a false dichotomy on the issue of cause: viral/non-viral. No provision for a combination, which I thought was actually your own theory.


        1. I don’t agree with you here. We could likewise split the “fake” category many, many ways. I did not expect you to claim to fall into the “greatly exaggerated” category.

          My options are mainstream, fake, exaggerated, and 5G/exotic. Not sure why you are trying to say I’m pushing a bucket. I get it, you have a nuanced position, but from what you originally described, “greatly exaggerated” fits your position just fine.


        2. And no, the “greatly exaggerated” does not force you to take a position on viral/non-viral so I have no idea why you say it’s pushing a false dichotomy.


        3. I only gave a non-virus option for people who really think masses of people are getting sick but they don’t believe it’s fake and they do not believe the mainstream (something like 5G).

          I’ll add an “Other” option.


    1. Also c’mon…take a stance on whether you believe it to specifically be SARS-CoV-2 or not. Above, you both cover yourself by saying “one or more viruses” (?) and cover yourself by saying “combined with non-viral factors”. There are always going to be outside factors, like old people being inherently weaker. And I’m not sure what you mean by one or more viruses.

      Bottom line, do you believe the deaths/illnesses are fundamentally caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 or not? This is why I left the “greatly exaggerated” category vague. We could split that hair a thousand ways if we really wanted to.

      The options are basically: mainstream, fake, exaggerated, 5G


      1. Not being a doctor, I don’t have a “bottom line” on cause of death for all these cases around the country. If I did, I would be speaking out of ignorance.

        I do know enough to understand that coroners assign an underlying cause of death, along with secondary cause and even tertiary. If you brought me a corpse and asked me to judge which level of causality COVID-19 was in this death, I could not tell you. I am not trained to make that assessment. I know what I do not know, and I try to avoid the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

        I have read … from “authoritative sources,” admittedly … that there is more than one strain of COVID-19 going around. And so, again, as much as I have read about virology, I myself could not say which strain might be involved in which deaths. But that’s why I mentioned “one or more viruses.” Perhaps I should have said “strains.” My bad.

        None of your poll answers actually use the expression “5G.” I know this is what you meant by “something other than a virus.” But what if I am open to the possibility of another environmental factor which no one here has considered yet? Lots of possibilities, and I am weighing them all: something in the food, the water, the air, …

        Just mark my response down as “None of the Above.”

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        1. Yeah absolutely, that is why in another place I put 5G/exotic. Right, if you think something really, truly is happening and killing lots of people but you don’t buy the mainstream story. Environmental would definitely fit.


        2. Coroners are called in to oversee autopsies in deaths where family members request them, and in deaths that may result from foul play. As a rule of thumb, doctors fill out death certificates, coroners only after autopsies.

          I came across this when researching John Denver’s death, that the [independently elected] Coroner should have the ability to hold a sheriff accountable. The reason that did not happen in the Denver case was that the office of Coroner and Sheriff had been merged, the sheriff was the coroner’s boss, and accountability was lost. That could be one reason why Monterey County was chosen to host his fake death.

          Of course, I am not a Coroner, Maarten, so what do I know? Only coroners can speak about anything having to do with coroners.


  2. Just say:
    I choose NOT to partake in this poll BECAUSE it does NOT allow for every possibe (out of the box) scenario. ***at the very least MY answer


  3. Here’s an observation about the Virus Crisis which falls into the category of “Sync.” Sync is a favorite topic of sometime commenter here John Le Bon.

    This weekend’s Saturday Night Live show was all about the Virus Crisis, lockdowns, Zoom calls, etc. The celebrity host was Tom Hanks. One of the musical numbers was Chris Martin of Cold Play performing “Shelter from the Storm” by Bob Dylan.

    On the surface, this was meant as an homage to people “heroically” “sheltering in place” and, in their own minds at least, “pulling together to beat this virus” and maybe just maybe becoming deeper and more contemplative in the process.

    But on another level “Shelter from the Storm” was an interesting or synchronistic choice given the QAnon theory of “The Storm,” a time when the white hats in the Trump administration will supposedly take down corrupt traitors and pedophiles in politics, entertainment, and other power structures.

    A Q-related theory is that the Virus Crisis might be providing cover FOR The Storm, by allowing for less visible arrests of evil doers, protecting the populace from deadly lashouts by The Swamp (like terrorism in crowded places), and providing cover for a (positive) reset.

    There may or may not be anything to QAnon. Trump seems less like the hero imagined by Q fans and more like controlled opposition to corral right wing populist energy. But on the other hand, he does seem to drive certain aspects of the corrupt establishment crazy with various emotions, sometimes including fear. And statistically he HAS cracked down on human trafficking more than any previous administration.

    Either way, Q has attracted millions of followers, and the mainstream media has been at pains to call it a “debunked conspiracy theory.” The fact they even deign to mention it raises eyebrows among people like the readers of this site. The establishment is aware of this notion of The Storm, and aware of the idea that the Storm and the coronavirus lockdowns may be related.

    What a funny choice, then, for the celebrities to sing about Shelter from The Storm.

    Maybe they are oblivious to the connection. Maybe they are making fun of it. Maybe they know exactly what’s going on with this virus hysteria/lockdown. Maybe they are just playing their roles. But it’s funny to see the media establishment using the same phrase the “conspiracy theorists” are using.


    1. I’d quicker vote that they’re making fun of it. The Q thing seems to me like a classic controlled opposition based on the production values alone. But I haven’t bothered following the thing so I won’t pretend to know anything. Does anybody here actually subscribe to the whole Q thing? Maybe I’ll run another poll. Could become a tradition…weekly poll question?


      1. I haven’t followed the Q thing either, but the mere fact that the mainstream media includes it in their ongoing reality show, however mockingly, tells me it is controlled opposition. If it were real, meaningful opposition, it would not be included in the narrative.

        It amazes me how, for so long, even after becoming pretty highly aware of media fakery, I still wanted to believe that some of the characters in the narrative were genuine and might actually pose a threat to the status quo. Of course they don’t. Why would the handful of highly coordinated and synchronized media conglomerates make Q-Anon famous if they were a real threat? It’s a nonsensical proposition to me.


    2. Out of all the suggestions you laid out corralling right wing energy makes the most sense to me.


  4. Now that the people have spoken and most of us know that this is a grand hoax. It’s not because of a deadly fast spreading virus from someone that ate bat soup. I’m looking fwd to more comments on the why it happened. The U.S. Treasury theft, The 5G, forced vaccinations, cashless society etc. There’s a lot of doom and gloom talk and yes it could get bad if TPTB wanted it to, but I don’t think that’s the case.

    Someone mentioned there is a Global database that needed to not just be updated, but replaced which explains all the corporations, banks, government agencies, going along with it. It started in China since it had the largest data facility. This database replacement process will make all of us citizens of an official Global planet now eventually with no old Country borders, just Continental zones.
    Many people would not want that.


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