Happy slaves

Dear Valued Patient,

We are delighted to share some very encouraging news regarding the reopening of the Conifer Dental Group.  Last Monday, Governor Polis announced the transition to “Safer-at-Home” from “Stay-at-Home” which is set to expire on Monday, April 27th.   One provision of “Safer-at-home” is the return to routine dental treatment and we are so very excited about the prospect of seeing you again and resuming your care.

While the actual date upon which we will resume your treatment remains unclear we want to assure you that it is drawing near.  Our dental team is spending a tremendous amount of time upgrading our infection control protocols to comply with new CDC standards designed to minimize your exposure to Coronavirus 19.  These changes are quite extensive and your visit will have many different new facets, including screening patients prior to the appointment (as well as staff members throughout the day) and a travel pattern aimed at reducing congestion in the office.  It is our goal to provide you with the safest possible dental environment.

One of the variables in determining our reopening date is personal protective equipment (PPE).  As most everyone has heard, the Front-liners have required a tremendous amount of PPE and supply lines are only trickling as a result.  We have received much of the equipment needed to move forward but some things remain on backorder.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and support during this unprecedented time.

Stay safe and healthy!

Dr. Wilson and the Conifer Dental Team

Dear Dr. Wilson and team,

As far as I can see, the only virus circulating is fearus maximus, a known pathogen (also called “fear”), spread by means of TV teleprompter readers, pretty but unimportant people hired to appear on hyperbolic evening newscasts. Its symptoms include disappearance of toilet paper, wearing of unusual facial cloaking cloths, and cancellation of social gatherings and distancing (as if other people are toxic). It is a form of mass insanity easily overcome by mere courage, itself a rare commodity during induced outbreaks. Another symptom, lockdown, is easily overcome by merely going about our business as usual, as I do. I’ve not changed one habit except that I’ll be avoiding dentistry until normalcy returns and people stop being afraid of one another.

But until you come to your senses, I’ll avoid you, as fear contaminates your premises. I’ll not wear a mask, not keep my distance, nor endure any inoculation. Better bad teeth than participation in mass insanity drills. 125,000,000 corona viruses can rest on a pinhead, naming no names. If such strands of RNA/DNA are even mobil or airborne, passage through a face mask is akin to a flea entering a garage. But a moronic governor and a TV set are a lethal barrier to the ability of members of the public to engage in simple critical reasoning. Has anyone bothered to question where this Polis guy gets his amazing authority?

Those freedoms we have given up in this mass agitation propaganda campaign shall never be given back. But then free humans are a rarity, happy slaves more the norm. Good day.

Mark Tokarski


10 thoughts on “Happy slaves

  1. This is sheer brilliance. May I have your permission to modify this slightly to send to my chiropractor? She has totally lost her marbles. She sends an avatar of herself with the “Stay at Home” message, while “sending” ‘virtual adjustments’. Oh, and this woman is infatuated with the dog, Pluto, who is literally a You Tube influencer sensation who “instructs” people to stay home. I’ve never seen an imaginary invisible pathogen with such a successful PR campaign! Thanks ,Mark, for this inspiration today.

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  2. There’s going be a new and unusual protocol from now on to get dental treatment from us. You will have to get dental treatment whilst wearing a face mask. There are a few complications we will have to work out.

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  3. I had part of a tooth break off about two weeks ago. My dentist was closed except for emergencies. She took me in right away, used some type of epoxy or glue to re-affix the missing piece. Only she and a receptionist were in the office that morning. We chatted for a few minutes to let the tooth set, when she lamented the fact she hadn’t had any hugs for weeks. We hugged. I paid $125 cash for the procedure and was on my way. Not all dentists are frightened, or at least not one here in Bozeman. Thankful for small miracles.

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  4. CDC Director … and virologist Robert Redfield is the same actor as Wayne Carver …. from Sandy Hook infamy

    What do you guys think? I’m having trouble putting the images on this blog with my iPad




  5. Yes, PREPARATION H. WAYNUS CARVERIS of Sandy Hook (2012?) infamy, is indeed CDC DIRECTOR ROBERTA REDFIELDER. Same bad ACTOR, different, or i mean, same agenda! One thing to note is that each of those events caused a massive increase in sales of guns & ammo. The difference I see this time around is that there seems to be more people carrying and shooting in preparation for what comes next. The POLICE seem very reluctant to pull people over out on the HIGHWAYS and I do not think that is “fear of the crownvirus”. CRIME has increased exponentially in my area, especially theft, and this is while there is still plenty of food! Imagine where it goes if they shut down a couple dozen more food processing facilities and store shelves really cannot be restocked overnight as has been the case thus far? Now regarding DENTAL CARE & MEDICAL CARE, it is worth noting that there has not been any refunding of the massive premiums from the INSURANCE COMPANIES for the CARE that is no longer available. Lost in all this/shit is that other than emergencies, nobody is receiving BENEFITS. That should make for some tidy quarterly profits for the INSURANCE INDUSTRY!


  6. Well said.

    Hey, uh.. Not to be too desperate for attention or anything, but did anyone read my “plan” comment over in the shark thread? I may have delusions of grandeur, but I felt pretty self-satisfied about that one. Apparently everyone just yawned though? I would really appreciate at least a “meh,” just to disabuse me of any notion it was witty or insightful or anything. I felt very brilliant while writing it, but now have to question whether I have any critical faculties whatsoever..!


    1. Just read it. A lot of reverse psychology involved. But think about it … a Coronavirus is 80-120 nanometers. That’s incredibly small, only seen by use of electron microscopes. So a virus going through a face mask is akin to a gnat flying into your garage opening. Face masks are utterly useless. But they have the majority of the population wearing them. So they could talk them into goggles too. They could talk them into hazmat suits.


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