AIDS: A contrived ‘blood and sex plague’

Some years back I read the book Inventing the AIDS Virus, by Peter H. Duesberg. At 704 pages including footnotes, it was a challenge. In the front, a former owner of the book wrote to a friend he had given it to “A must read! If Duesberg is correct, the powers that be have even more control than we could have ever suspected.” Indeed.

I originally wrote most of what follows in early 2019. Since that time we have had the coronavirus hoax, and I’ve been challenged to understand more about virology, and have developed, I think, a better understanding of how they pulled off the AIDS hoax. Consequently, I am making some additions and deletions, and republishing this article. The similarities between AIDS and COVID-19 are striking, almost as if AIDS was the working model on which they are running the current hoax.

Keep in mind, however:

  • I am not a scientist, a molecular biologist, a virologist. This stuff can be complicated, but that does not mean I cannot grasp any of these fields or form conclusions based on the solid reasoning of others.  But it does mean that I can be easily misled by someone who intends to mislead me. So the writing is difficult. I will try to stick to the basics, and allow readers to explore on their own rather than relying on me to bring ‘the truth’ to their platters. If any of what follows troubles you, if you think me wrong, then by all means get going. There is a lot of material to cover.

  • There are other theories of disease besides germ theory, but they are either ridiculed or ignored by the medical profession. The only theory taught in med schools is germ theory. If any medical practitioner disavows that theory, he will be ostracized. Germ theory is what gives them the good life. It is where the money is. Another theory, however, is “terrain,” a term coined by Antoine Béchamp, a contemporary of Louis Pasteur. I have done considerable reading and viewing now on the subject, and while not decided if it is one or the other (or partly both), I am no longer completely convinced that viruses are dangerous or that they can cause disease. I was convinced when I wrote in January of 2019.
  • Peter Duesberg, virologist, unlike other dissenters in the AIDS field, is internationally known. He also insists, unlike other dissenters, that the HIV retrovirus is real (though he maintains it is harmless). He thereby aligns himself with those who have heavily promoted HIV as the cause of AIDS even as he dissents. A paper he wrote in 2011 claims there is no evidence of a viral AIDS epidemic, not even in Africa. Such work gets him labeled an “HIV denier,” a propaganda technique used in Climate Change and vaccinations to denigrate and marginalize honest dissent.

I am going to boldly go, and assert with evidence that AIDS is a fake “pandemic.” The case of Magic Johnson (covered later) has instructive power, as does that of Freddie Mercury, whose death was, in my view, faked. I have not looked into Rock Hudson or Arthur Ashe, but have similar suspicions. In order to ‘sell’ this disease, they needed high-profile people to die from it, just as they now need high-profile people to be infected with COVID-19.  AIDS, I will assert, is a real syndrome, but its causes lie in the lifestyle or circumstances of the individual. It is not contagious, not caused by HIV. The two primary causes of AIDS are self-abusive lifestyles, and malnutrition. If not too far advanced, it can be cured by a change of underlying causality.

Peter Heinz Herrmann Duesberg

pdWhen I originally wrote this, I suspected Peter Duesberg might be controlled opposition. Such a person would gather up those opposed to controllers and lead them … nowhere. While Duesberg has had no impact on any public official, medical journal, or medical institution, the forces he is up against are very powerful, able to run over him in a stampede. They include PhRMA, AMA, AHIP, CDC, WHO, the news media and FDA. Fortunately, it only takes one person to be right, and I believe Duesberg to be that person.

I will quote him freely. He has the gift that truly intelligent people possess, the ability to make complicated material understandable.

One final note before plunging into this topic – my recent foray into the PSA (prostate specific antigen test) mess convinced me that doctors really do harm patients, even if unwittingly, often blinded by acquisition of great wealth. I did not know in January of 2019 that “iatrogenic” (death by doctor) is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Regarding prostate surgery, hundreds of thousands of men have had unnecessary, even debilitating surgery at the hands of highly trained urologists. It is all based on a test that does not and cannot detect prostate cancer. It is the key that unlocks the door for urologists, leading them to unnecessarily remove men’s prostate glands, often with nasty results such as impotence and incontinence.

If so with PSA, why not with AIDS? Administration of deadly drugs to “cure” something that is not caused by a virus (or retrovirus), doing great harm to the patients, is not unheard of, not even unusual.


Wikipedia says that AIDS is a “pandemic.” This is defined as an epidemic that has spread over continents. We generally have one every year, called “cold and flu season.” An epidemic is a disease that has spread to a large number of people in a short period of time, usually a few weeks. Epidemics usually follow bell-curve-type patterns, as with EBOLA, below.


This is typical if spread of a disease. Ebola was what has been referred to as a “boutique epidemic,”  crashing on the scene, used to scare the daylights out of people, and then receding into the backdrop. HPV, Zika, Hanta are similar in this manner, used more to scare people than do any real harm. They were called “pandemics,” but life went on normally.  Ebola did result in a movie, Outbreak, (using a virus called “Motaba”). The virus was used as moral justification for bombing a village, wiping it off the map, to contain the outbreak.


AIDS has behaved nothing like an epidemic of that nature. It has behaved more like an illness brought about by an agent, as with tobacco use rising hand-in-hand with emphysema and lung cancer. It grew slowly, and often grew only because the diseases associated with AIDS expanded. AIDS, says Duesberg, is a lifestyle disease, and is neither contagious nor caused by a virus. Therefore, use of the term “pandemic” is scare talk.

AIDS, while real, is a “syndrome,” and not a disease. It exists when a person’s immune system no longer functions properly, making that person susceptible to a wide range of other maladies. Here is a list of commonly associated “HIV” related conditions, such as Kaposi Sarcoma (listed under “Cancer”), symptoms of which are tumors formed under the skin. This was the one most commonly associated with gay men in the early days of the “pandemic.”

This is critical in understand the nature of AIDS – that it appeared to spread as the number of diseases associated with it spread. Say, for example, that someone dies of influenza. During the AIDS epidemic, if that person was also HIV-positive, he would be listed as an AIDS death. If not HIV-positive, it would be a flu death. (Today, it would be a “COVID-19 death.)

So the supposed “pandemic” was nothing more than a list of diseases that already existed. When a patient is found to be “HIV positive”, the associated disease is then officially labeled “AIDS.” During the 1980s and 90s the diseases associated with AIDS were increased, and as a result, the prevalence of AIDS increased, giving rise to the illusion that AIDS was spreading. So while the blue line on the graph above shows AIDS-related deaths, it is very probable that those deaths would have occurred and been labeled something else without the presence of HIV, which in my view has never caused even one death. What do they label a death from pneumonia without presence of HIV? A death from pneumonia.

In sharp contrast to the bell-shaped curve of a conventional new infectious epidemic, the AIDS epidemic increased steadily for fifteen years. American AIDS gradually spread from a few dozen cases annually in 1981 to more than eighty thousand cases in 1994. It did not explode, as the HIV orthodoxy predicted; neither did it decline, as would be expected from antiviral immunity. Instead of resembling an infectious disease, the time course of the AIDS epidemic resembles the slow progressing epidemics of lung cancer and emphysema in industrialized nations, building up over the years in step with tobacco consumption. These noninfectious epidemics neither rose exponentially nor affected all groups of the population or both sexes equally, nor did they disappear as a result of antiviral immunity or natural resistance

In fact, AIDS grew in parallel with drug abuse in the gay community, including widespread use of antibiotics to combat the multitude of infections that went along with the lifestyle. It more resembled the spread of lung cancer and emphysema, which can be tied to tobacco use, and which have declined as tobacco use has declined. Thus, says Duesberg,

“Thus AIDS does not meet the classical epidemiological criteria of an infectious disease. The failure of AIDS to meet these criteria destroys not only all hopes of the HIV orthodoxy ever to prove that HIV causes AIDS, but also any other viral or bacterial theories of AIDS.”

Dr. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR machine currently in use to test for the alleged COVID-19 virus, was once assigned to write a scientific paper, the opening line of which was that AIDS was caused by HIV. Since it was a scientific paper, everything needed to be sourced, and so began his hunt for a paper that showed AIDS to be caused by HIV. None existed. None exist now. That connection has never been proven, only asserted.

But AIDS was and is part of an agenda, which I will try to understand as we work our way through all of the behaviors of the medical community from 1981 forward.

What is a retrovirus?

HIV, said to cause AIDS, is a “retrovirus.” Such a virus, we are told, will enter a cell by making a copy of itself, a process called reverse transcriptase. The result is a strand of DNA in the cell, which is thus infected. Thus the word “retrovirus,” is used for this reverse process.

But it gets murky, as others claim that reverse transcriptase is common and ordinary, part of our existence. Those who advance “retrovirus” theory argue that it is an accident. But if they are wrong, if it is common, then there is no such thing as a retrovirus. It would merely be a part of the cell apart from the cell nucleus. In fact, one source I read said that “retroviruses” actually function as repair centers for damages to cells when they occur. This would then make HIV part of us, existing in all of us, and doing no harm. It would be part of our makeup, like our hair follicles and fingerprints.

The arrival of HIV

Duesberg himself was involved in the failed search for a virus that caused cancer, a Nixon-era legacy that left many “virologists” without a source of government grants. In 1980 Michael Gottlieb of UCLA, in Duesberg’s words, “began scouring the hospital for patients with immune deficiency diseases.” Why? It appears he had a new way of testing “T-cell” counts. He was looking for people to use it on.

He came across one who suffered from a yeast infection in his throat that could not be cured. The microbe that caused the condition, Pneumocystis carinii, exists in all of us but is rarely harmful, usually striking people undergoing chemotherapy and thus having weak immune systems. (Under terrain theory, this microbe would multiply in response to chemo, attempting to repair the damage done.) This patient, in his early thirties, was not undergoing chemo, yet his yeast infection was not healing. In fact, this patient had hardly any white blood cells at all, which Gottlieb found shocking.

He eventually found three similar cases, all suffering yeast infection and Pneumocystis pneumonia, all having low T-cell counts. Excited, he searched for more patients, thinking he had perhaps found a new syndrome, a big deal for medical researchers. Gottlieb hooked up with Wayne Shandera, who added one more case to the list.

All five patients were active homosexuals. Shandera brought the Center for Disease Control (CDC) into it, and AIDS was born, but not under that name. It was called KSOI (Kaposi’s sarcoma and Opportunistic Infections), as Kaposi’s sarcoma was common among those suffering the syndrome. Quite common among those sufferers was use of “poppers.”


poppersSo-named because of the sound they make when the bottles are opened, poppers are vials of nitrite inhalants. The use of poppers, along with other recreational drugs (and antibiotics to contain rampant infections) skyrocketed in the late 1970s in the gay communities of San Francisco and LA and New York. Poppers were used to facilitate anal intercourse, as well as to maintain erections and prolong orgasms. Duesberg believes poppers to be a major cause behind the outbreak of AIDS in the California bath houses of the era.

Poppers were marketed as room deodorizers, a ruse. The coincidence of Kaposa’s sarcoma and popper use was heavily correlated, though currently denied by the medical establishment. (By the way, I am not in judgmental mode when writing of these sexual gay activities. These are merely the facts we must deal with.)

Enter Dr. Donald Francis, part of “EIS,” or the Epidemic Intelligence Service, a mole-like organization that had planted agents throughout the country sniffing out disease outbreaks. Francis was involved in the Ebola outbreak, though it was self-contained before he could do anything about it. He was also involved in searching the Feline Leukemia Virus, thought to be caused by a retrovirus, making him a retrovirus hunter. KSOI was right up his alley.

Francis thought that KSOI might be feline leukemia in humans, as retroviruses were generally known to infect white blood cells. He also thought that said retrovirus had a long period of incubation, and saw that KSOI had sprung up in three cities on both coasts unnoticed. Thus, Francis was convinced that KSOI was caused by a retrovirus. If we search hard enough for something, especially if our careers depend on it, we will find something.

At this point Robert Gallo headed a “huge and well-funded” retrovirus lab at the NCI, or National Cancer Institute. He had already discovered “HTLV-1”, which he believed caused T-cell leukemia in humans. He and another staffer, Max Essex, asserted in 1983 that KSOI, which would be renamed AIDS, was caused by HTLV-1. They renamed it, however, as “lymphotropic,” meaning a retrovirus that inhabits, but does not cause cancer or necessarily kill T-cells.  (A T-cell is a lymphocyte … are you confused too?) All of this preceded discovery of “HIV.” (“Lymphotropic” then seems to indicate that “retroviruses” are not necessarily harmful. This might explain while most of us carry them in many forms, if indeed “retrovirus” is even a correct term for them.)

Gallo versus Montagnier


Robert Gallo features heavily in the AIDS crisis. Luc Montagnier, a French retrovirologist, thought he had isolated the AIDS virus, not yet given that name. Gallo offered support, but in the end claimed to have discovered one himself that was the cause of AIDS. This was announced in a huge splash even before any scientific papers were published.  However, Montagnier had sent to Gallo samples of the retrovirus he had isolated from a patient. Gallo claimed to have then discovered a different retrovirus, but one that was identical to Montagnier’s, whose sample Gallo claimed to have lost. Thus is Gallo said to have “stolen” discovery of HIV from Montagnier.

Gallo and Montagnier would famously “break ranks” in 1990, when the latter mdeclared that HIV alone could not cause AIDS, but instead needed a “co-factor.” This too is suspicious, as it again evades the question of what role HIV plays in the syndrome, and deeper yet, that HIV even exists.

“Misdirection” is the tactic of getting people to ask the wrong question to keep them from discovering truth. The Gallo-Montagnier affair, to me, reads as such. Instead of asking if AIDS was even caused by a retrovirus, or even indeed if a retrovirus even exists or can cause disease, we are asking if one guy stole it from another guy, and if HIV needs a co-factor rather than if it even exists.

People were asking the wrong questions.

Is AIDS a project?

A retrovirus is only detected when antibodies to viral infections are found, meaning that the immune system has done its work. Further, retroviruses do not kill cells. They only inhabit them, if they exist at all.

All of this was set aside, however, and from the Gallo announcement forward, all AIDS research not involving the renamed HIV ceased, and has been nonexistent to this day. This plays out like a project, as if there were already in place big plans to push AIDS on the world as a new pandemic, deadly and contagious disease. Essential to the fraud behind it is a culprit, and Robert Gallo (perhaps with Montagnier’s cooperation) short-circuited the process in place that would have introduced other alternatives to the cause of AIDS, including lifestyles.

What Gallo and Montagnier had done by this charade was to use misdirection to affirm the existence of HIV.

At this point I refer to an interview with Dr. Stefan Lanka. You may know him as the man who offered a 100,000 euro reward for anyone who could prove the existence of the measles virus. Someone took him up on it, provided the evidence, and Lanka denied the value of the evidence and refused to pay. In 2017, Germany’s highest court ruled that existence of the measles virus had not been proven, and no reward was paid.

Dr. Heinrich Kremer is a German medical doctor and former director of the Federal German Drug Abuser Clinics. Dr. Kremer had “HIV-Positive” patients and “the politicians” wanted him to quarantine them. He refused. This is from this interview done by Lanka:

“He said no, because there’s no infectious entity out there. He knew everybody who went through chronic active hepatitis or had the hepatitis B vaccine would test “HIV-positive.” So he knew that there is no infection in his hospital.

He informed the mass media, who went to his hospital to inform themselves, in great detail. He told them all the evidence. And the very same journalists, in talk shows, in Der Spiegel [one of Germany’s largest and most popular magazines] for example, published just the contrary. So he knew that it was intentional from the very beginning. They played war. They all wanted to have a blood and sex plague, contrary to the evidence which he presented to them. So he knew that AIDS was built up on misconceptions. He was dealing at the top political level. They told him, off the record, that they knew, they didn’t care, it was about how to deal with the drug problem and with the homosexuals.” (My emphasis)

Lanka, Kremer, Duesberg, Mullis and others, called “HIV/AIDS deniers”, can be found making their case in a number of publications. I leave it to the reader to form a critical opinion of the value of their contributions. However, the words above struck a chord with me, as they fired up an existing suspicion, that AIDS originated in the halls of high power, in Langley and London, and that it served a purpose having nothing to do with medicine and everything to do with population management. So too does the current COVID-19 scare, much ado about nothing.

Koch’s Postulates

Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch (1843-1910) was a German physician and microbiologist, both famous and infamous from what I have read. It was he who was said to have identified the agents that caused tuberculosis, cholera, and anthrax. It is in large part because of him that the concept of infectious disease is so well-known.

Koch came up with four “postulates,” or things that must be true for a certain agent to be the cause of a certain disease, be that agent bacteria, toxin, or virus. These are:

    1. The microorganism or other pathogen must be present in all cases of the disease.
    2. The pathogen can be isolated from the diseased host and grown in pure culture.
    3. The pathogen from the pure culture must cause the disease when inoculated into a healthy, susceptible laboratory animal
    4. The pathogen must be re-isolated from the new host and shown to be the same as the originally inoculated pathogen.

Needless to say, HIV has never met the criteria as the causal agent of AIDS. However, viruses were not known to exist in Koch’s time, so scientists in modern times have restated Koch’s Postulates to accommodate them. This article lists Koch’s postulates for the 21st century as suggested by Fredericks DN, & Relman DA in 1996. I won’t list them here, but note that number four suggests that “…sequence copy number correlates with severity of disease or pathology…” suggest that they were rewritten to accommodate Dr. Kary Mullis’ polymerase chain reaction test machine, or PCR.

Procedure for detection of a virus

Because viruses are so small, they are quite easy (relatively) to isolate by use of centrifuge. As the smallest particles in a tissue sample (sputum, blood, feces) they will naturally gravitate towards the end of a test tube. Once isolated, they are “purified,” that is, separated from all foreign matter, leaving only the virus. This remaining sample is called the “gold standard.” Virologists can then use the PCR machine to amplify the DNA strand, the technique that won Mullis the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry. This is done by doubling the sequence, and then again and again, up to maybe forty times. Once amplified in this manner, the DNA sample is easier to work with.

The DNA sequence in hand, virologists can then test for a similar sequence in patients, using the PCR machine again. If a match is found, the patients are said to be infected with the virus initially studied.

Dr. Kary Mullis did not support this use of his machine, saying that it was “qualitative,” and not quantitative, and thereby could not produce an estimate of viral load, critical if viruses are indeed causing a disease. He also said that the tests done in this manner cannot detect infectious viruses at all, only proteins that “sometimes wrongly” were said to be unique to HIV. Mullis campaigned alongside Duesberg to stop use of the PCR in identifying patients “infected” with HIV, to no avail. He too was labeled an “HIV denier.” (HIV, by the way, has never been isolated or purified.)

But no matter, as Wikipedia tells us that Koch’s Postulates are outdated anyway. They cannot be applied to retroviruses such as HIV, as these require a cell to grow in and cannot exist independent of that. Further, they cannot be applied to asymptomatic carriers, that is, people who carry a pathogen, but do not themselves suffer symptoms. HIV is said to be such a pathogen.

It appears that the rigorous standards for associating a pathogen to a disease have been set aside now, since we freely blame diseases on retroviruses and viruses without making the physical connection to the symptoms and the agents supposedly causing them. We are told HIV causes AIDS, but the “how?” of it is not quite clear. Normally, as with a head cold, the body would be crawling with millions upon millions of them* With AIDS, it takes only a few, and most often, HIV does nothing to us. Over a million Americans are HIV-positive and symptom-free.

*Under terrain theory, the cells of the body would be producing the viruses as agents to purge the body of a toxin of some kind. I must say, this makes more sense than invasion by a foreign agent.

Here’s Duesberg again:

“If HIV were actively infecting T-cells or other members of the body’s immune system, cell-free virus particles, known as virions, should easily be found with great ease circulating in the blood. This is the case with all classical viral diseases: In a patient suffering from hepatitis B, one milliliter of blood (about five or ten drops) contains approximately ten million free virus particles. Likewise, flu-like symptoms appear only in the presence of one million rhinovirus particles per milliliter of nasal mucous, and one to one hundred billion particles of rotavirus per gram of feces will accompany diarrhea in the patient. But in most individuals suffering from AIDS, no virus particles can be found anywhere in the body.” (Page 175)


The Magic Johnson Affair

From the Duesberg book, page 340:

mjIn November, 1991, Magic proved to be HIV-positive when he applied for a marriage license. Magic was totally healthy until AIDS specialists Anthony Fauci, from the NIH, David Ho, now director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York, and Magic’s personal doctor advised AIDS prophylaxis with AZT. Magic’s health changed radically within a few days. The press wrote in December 1991: “Magic Reeling as Worst Nightmare Comes True – He’s Getting Sicker.” Only after he began taking AZT did Magic’s health begin to decline. He “had lost his appetite and suffered from bouts of nausea and fatigue” and complained, “I feel like vomiting almost every day.”

But then suddenly Magic’s AIDS symptoms disappeared – and so did all further news about his AIDS symptoms and treatment. Had Magic’s virus suddenly become harmless, or was Magic taken off AZT? No paper would mention whether Magic was taken off AZT. Nobody knew, except those who joked, “There is no magic in AZT, and there is no AZT in Magic.” Indeed, it is unlikely that he could have won the Olympics in 1992 on AZT, considering his strong reactions to the toxic drug in 1991. The silence of the AIDS establishment seems to confirm this assumption. Nothing would have been a better advertisement for the troubled AIDS drug than having returned AIDS patient Magic to an Olympic victory. But no such announcement was made. At last, Magic broke the silence himself. After a “motivational” AIDS talk in Tallahassee, Florida, in the spring of 1995, Magic responded to a teacher that “He had been taking AZT for a while, but has stopped.” The media preferred not to mention the news.

The Johnson case brings up another facet of AIDS, the cure. Johnson was given AZT. It was originally used in the 1960s as a chemotherapy drug when the retroviral theory of cancer was still in vogue, but was shelved as that research proved fruitless. It was resurrected with AIDS, as the medical/science industrial complex claimed AIDS to be caused by a retrovirus. It seemed logical.

AZT gained faster approval by the FDA than any other drug in its history up to that time. Some of the reasoning behind approval was that AIDS itself was considered to be “invariably fatal”, so that a drug that at least gave sufferers a fighting chance of recovery seemed both ethical and even well-intentioned.


The table to the left here is AIDS deaths in the US from 1987 to 1997. Notice the steep drop off around 1994. This coincides with the reduction by half of the recommended dosage of AZT to patients during that time. Hmmm.

John Lauritson, in his book Poison by Prescription, documents the sloppy research and clinical trials behind AZT.

The multi–center clinical trials of AZT are perhaps the sloppiest and most poorly controlled trials ever to serve as the basis for an FDA drug license licensing approval. Conclusions of efficacy were based on endpoint (mortality) not initially planned or formally followed in the study after the drug failed to demonstrate efficacy on all the originally intended in points. Because mortality was not intended endpoint, causes of death were never verified. Despite this, and a frightening record of toxicity, the FDA approved AZT in record time, granting a treatment IND in less than five days and a full pharmaceutical licensing in less than six months.”

I find this most troubling of all, as it is here where I am seeing patients who found to carry a retrovirus that possibly doesn’t even exist being treated with a drug that does exactly what the alleged disease does … destroy their immune systems. So in many cases death “caused” by AIDS is in fact death caused by the treatment for AIDs. But all of the horrors of AZT were brushed aside by the medical establishment, and AZT was routinely prescribed, along with the others, will into the 1990s.

Up until this time, I had never witnessed an epidemic, even a pandemic, of corruption like AIDS in all my dealings in all of my life. It has invaded every mind, every news reporting source, every hospital and clinic. I once knew a woman, a mere acquaintance of ours, who in allowing men to date her first insisted that they be tested for the presence of HIV. That meant that the fear of AIDS made its way down to the vital center of our existence, individual male/female relations. We stopped trusting one another.

Here is how Charles Ortleb, publisher of The New York native (a publication aimed at homosexuals) described it,

“Ten percent of every brain in America must be filled with posters, news items, condom warnings, etc., etc. The iconography of ‘AIDS’ is everywhere. Part of the Big Lie that some activists promote over and over an Orwellian way is that ‘AIDS’ is somehow not on the front burner of America. ‘AIDS’ propaganda has become part of the very air that Americans breathe.”

I remember how Ronald Reagan was criticized for never using the word “AIDS” in a speech. That was just another way of promoting the hoax, Reagan’s super-inattention.

Wikipedia on AIDS

The Wikipedia piece on HIV/AIDS is written in a matter-of-fact, no-doubt-exists-anywhere manner, as if the matter settled science. No “denier” other than Duesberg is mentioned, and he only in a footnote for an article he wrote claiming that HIV did not cause AIDS. Even that one lonely footnote (#285) is coupled with another article condemning Duesberg. His attitude, Wikipedia tells us, is “HIV/AIDS denialism.” His beliefs, says Wiki, are contradicted by “…conclusive medical and scientific evidence.” (In case you don’t have your logical fallacy guide handy, that is called argumentum ad verecundiam, or an appeal to authority.

hivThe image to the right is said to be an electron microscope (EM) photo of HIV, reproduced in Wiki. The image dates back to 1983, and has been deliberately sexed up, that is, refined and colored, to look like something. But it could easily be nothing. In fact, for all we know, it could be a Hubble photo of deep space.

From Frontiers in Public Health, “Questioning the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis: 30 Years of Dissent” (2014):

“In 2010, Ettiene de Harven – the scientist who “produced the first electron micrograph of a retrovirus (the Friend leukemia virus) …

… All the images of particles supposedly representing HIV and published in scientific as well as in lay publications derive from EM studies of cell cultures. They never show HIV particles coming directly from an AIDS patient” [(), p. 70 – emphasis added].

In other words, this could be a photo of contaminants, of undefined particles, or the Crab Nebula. It does not come from an AIDS sufferer. It serves only one purpose: To inspire confidence.

In fact, the whole of the Wikipedia piece is formed on the notion that there is the scientific truth of the matter, and nothing but the truth. It is meant to SELL the theory of HIV/AIDS, and so allows no dissent in any form.

I printed out the entire piece, fifty pages long with hundreds of citations. I regard this as the power of lies in our lives, big lies, written in prestigious places and backed by mountains of false evidence. Further, in place in our society is a system of enforcement wherein the lies must be believed for anyone to have a career in research or medicine. The power on display is shocking and intimidating. In Orwell’s 1984, Winston Smith could not just pretend to believe that 2+2=5. He had to accept it as true.

As intimidating as the array of power before me is, I conclude with some basic elements of the disease we call AIDS:

What, after all, is AIDS?

The “IDS” in AIDS stands for Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is a real thing. The “Acquired” that the “A” stands for is not so real. This “A” is meant to imply that it is contagious and can be “caught” by contact with a person said to be “HIV positive.”  That part is false.

It is said that HIV can stay in our bodies for long periods of time, dormant, before it kills us. That too is not true. A true viral infection has massive numbers of them overruning our defenses, Béchamp’s terrain theory temporarily set aside. With HIV we are confronted with the notion that it only takes relatively few of them to kill a person. That too is false.

The immune system can be and is suppressed. We know how to do it. Chemotherapy harms, even destroys immune systems. Nitrites (poppers) are harmful to immune systems. During the heyday of the bathhouse scene in big cities in the late 70s and early 80s, nitrites were everywhere in use, along with other drugs and antibiotics.

Recreational drug use, probably even alcohol, can destroy the immune system. Repeated infections can wear it down, and the use of antibiotics to cure the infections also has the same effect. All of this too was prevalent in the bath house scene.

So it should come as no surprise that Michael Gottlieb discovered immune-deficient patients in Los Angeles in 1981. It should not have been hard to work backwards with his five patients to uncover the causes of the IDS. Instead, it branched out to become AIDS, since, as Dr. Kremer tells us, the people in high power wanted a “blood  and sex plague.” AIDS was picked up and used for that purpose.

It is less discussed these days, but it is still sacred. No one is allowed to critique the science behind it, or that HIV is the cause of AIDS. Billions have been spent in research on HIV, and anyone in on the research who doubts HIV to cause AIDS is out.

Why did they want a “blood and sex plague?” I cannot know, of course, and so can only look at the results of the fake AIDS endemic. People slowed down, perhaps having less easy sex with strangers, using condoms. Perhaps, if married, there was less infidelity. People reproduced less, though other factors come into play there, kids getting married at a later age for one. Women distrusted men, were less willing to fool around. Homosexuals were stigmatized even more than already in that era, in fact, almost given leper status. (This was all prior to the gay lifestyle being glamorized on TV and in movies.)

It appears as though AIDS was designed to slow down population growth. That is all I can make of it, other than it is always good for leaders when their populations are scared and in need of protection. Fear is a wonderful governing tool.

AIDS in Africa is a post all by itself, apparently another psyop, as real cases of AIDS on that continent are paltry in relative numbers and the population is growing far more rapidly than in Europe or North America. The so-called epidemic in that country has been used to dump drugs like AZT on the market with exorbitant pricing … is just another scam. Bill Gates features prominently. His primary concern is the booming African population, meaning that AIDS there too would be a population control device.

“IDS” (my name for the disease) is real, people have died from it in large numbers and continue to do so. They do not die of Immune Deficiency specifically, but from any of a host of other maladies that take advantage of a weakened person.

AIDS does not exist, HIV might or might not exist, retroviruses might well be nothing, but “IDS” does exist, and has proven fatal to thousands of mostly gay men, intravenous drug users and people suffering from malnutrition. As things like poppers disappear, as gay men calm down and lead more sedate lives, as drug use diminishes, so too will this thing we call AIDS.

And now I know why I put this post off for so long. Readers, as always, you are on your own, left to use your own brains, do your own research, and draw your own conclusions. What I have written above is just my opinion.

PS: To bookend this tawdry affair called AIDS with the present, I note that our friend Tom Hanks played a gay man infected with AIDS in the movie Philadelphia, winning a Best Actor award. Here in 2020, Hanks also announced (on 3/11?) that he had contracted the COVID-19 virus. He is still just acting, but will get no award.

51 thoughts on “AIDS: A contrived ‘blood and sex plague’

  1. wow, what a large piece that became. I’m still not completely through it. I think they let Duesberg and others publish because the entire western medicine somehow got out of control and they cannot simply switch it of. It is so huge now, millions of jobs depend on it. It contains gigantic industry, factories, etc. Insurance based healthcare even huge parts of law is based on it. You cannot just tell all the involved people to go home and look for something new. The majority of them are not even aware that what they are doing is wrong and harmful. It will simply take more time to slow it down and replace it with something new. And this new medicine is not yet there.


    1. I suppose I should have worked to shorten it (“addition by subtraction”), or serialized it, but I wanted it out of my hair forever, so just wrote it, rewrote, added, and finally pushed the button. Do with it what you will.


      1. You don’t because it’s just a bullshit idea they had to come up with to justify the existence and “behaviour” of so called HIV or Hitler’s fourth (Reich), as I call it.

        There’s never been an HIV virus, but they needed to make it up to not risk having their funds cut down for good after Nixon’s failed promise of a treatment for cancer.

        It’s like NASA, years and years of space bullshit just to drain the American Treasury.


  2. Here is a link to more info about retro-virus from Liam Scheff’s website
    Liam was a very outspoken journalist that took his life in April 2017 from extreme harm and pain caused by a dental procedure…
    He investigated and wrote The Incarnation Children’s Center Story (an AID’s story that might have led to his death – IMO)…I will leave that link in the next comment so this comment doesn’t have to go into moderation.

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  3. This is why this post was so very hard to write and why I wanted to be done with it … on a very deep level people are debating retroviruses, but on a very surface level people like Duesberg and others are saying research away! AIDS is not even caused by a virus, or a retrovirus, and the people in the highest political circles know it. AIDS was a project. So debating retroviruses is akin to counting angels on the head of a pin. It is time consuming, creates its own jargon, and in terms of AIDS, is pointless.

    I just got to a point where I had to go with what I had and say “never again.”


    1. Mark, I absolutely agree that AIDS was a project….thought so very early on….and TPTB are trying to keep it current and it is featured numerous times in TV “medical dramas”….makes me laugh that “they” are trying so hard!


      1. It is deeply woven into our fabric. This is what is so hard about it, their ability to sell a lie so effectively that it is memory-resident in everyone walking upright. The power is without boundaries. If that, what else? I know about moon landings, Jonestown, Columbine, JFKRFKMLKJFKJr and on and on and on … It can be fun to uncover this stuff. But there is no fun to be had here with AIDS. It is ugly.


  4. retrovirus is an invention made to explain away the fact, that DNA changes due to external conditions, in stress situations for instance. Stefan Lanka said in his interview the following:”In 1970, when they detected biochemically that there is a reverse flow of genetic material, they didn’t give up the dogma or even try to change it. Instead, they called it an exception to the central dogma of molecular genetics, and explained it by postulating the existence of retroviruses.” As I wrote in the past, the modern idea of a virus started in the 50-s when young arrogant scientists (the children from the during war time impoverished bourgeoisie) first proved, that poison (virus) cannot be the cause of some sicknesses if no poison is involved, they reused the term and claimed that some corrupt part of the genetic code must be the reason for some sicknesses and this they called virus maybe not to offend their older colleagues. I think they will do to the western medicine what they did to religion. In a long ongoing process its importance will be vastly reduced. No sane person today believes in the details described in religious books. At least not in the civilized world. People still pretend to be religious but it is more for a clean conscience and not because they still believe that Jesus was crucified to die for our sins and such nonsense. The same will happen to what today still is believed to be modern medicine.


    1. Once again I tend to agree … the more I delve into medicine, the more I find it to be not so much a hoax as shared ignorance hidden behind lab coats. A few years back I came home from New Zealand with a pesky intestinal disorder. It went on for weeks so finally I saw a doctor about it, thinking I needed antibiotics, believing that I was carrying a germ I acquired after eating beef carpaccio (it sounded Italian and I was tired of their food over there – I had no idea I was ordering raw beef). I described my symptoms to him, and he told me it sounded like a “staph” infection and I assumed it would have a remedy. He said no, antibiotics would not work on the intestines. Just let it take care of itself. It did, but it was with me two months. My wife feared it might be MRSA.

      But in describing a staph infection, he repeated my symptoms and said this is what that bug does. I thought it was strange, and had the sense that he had no idea what was wrong with me and no idea what to do about it, and that I had just sat through a bullshit session. I still harbored the illusion that doctors were the smartest people around, and so was very confused. Had I just stumbled on a bad one? Every class at every school has a person who finishes last. But no, I had a condition brought on by something that eventually went away that no one understands, that’s all. It happens alot.

      Bet you are going to tell me what I had now.


    2. By the way I read the Lanka article in full and quoted from it in the AIDS piece, but I shied away from him due to the measles virus matter, as I did not know the outcome and am not convinced that there are no viruses. Retroviruses? It gets too complicated for me, and is far away from my reason for writing the post anyway, that AIDS is a hoax, not a virus, not a retrovirus, but rather a nothing.


      1. it’s not that complicated Mark. They like to make it complicated but nothing in life can be to complicated for a sane mind to understand. The measles virus is the one mostly researched and documented. Lanka won the trial where the jury had to admit, that the official documents and papers are not scientifically enough to prove its existence. There simply is no scientific proof that there is such thing as virus. No contagion was ever demonstrated. The involved people work with suggestions and tricks. And if one reads carefully between the lines, it’s all there. They are not even really lying. But they will never admit that it is hoax. As they will never admit religions are hoaxes too.


        1. I would like to understand it all better, but I do not. I cannot just sweep aside the idea of a virus as a “hoax” because something is going on there, and serious and non-hoaxing people are developing theories of disease based on something smaller than bacteria. Yes, HIV is a large hoax, but I and my friends growing up all had measles and chicken pox, and then became immune, and there is a real and painful disease we call shingles, said to be the same virus, we are told. I challenge you to explain this in a manner that is not condescending and dismissive. Please also explain why children (and in turn their parents) come down with head colds and similar bouts of illness at a time when the kids are all warehoused in small rooms, in the fall and winter.

          I see people, supposed experts, brush off all of modern medicine as wrong-headed, instead supplying theories of toxins and the human body fighting them off, which amounts to the same theory if the toxin, like the virus, is not specifically identified. Maybe medical experts and the contrarians are like matter and anti-matter, annhilating one another.

          Our family just went through a battle with an intestinal disorder, say no more, with two grandchildren and their dad succumbing. I was exposed, as was my wife and the kids’ mother, and yet none of us got the disease. It was confined to that household, three got it, one not, and two us us not in that household did not get it. Splain, Lucy. It is not as simple as you say.

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          1. there is no disease. The previous sicknesses you remember from the old times happen because of bad life conditions and they disappeared when life got better. In the past we often used hard coal for heating which was burned in small ovens directly in the rooms where children slept. That caused allergic reactions in children we call measles or chicken pox. After central heating systems replaced the ovens in the bedrooms, after houses got their own tab water, after every house got his own toilet, all this sicknesses disappeared. What today is being diagnosed measles is never the same as in the past. As for cold or flu we all overheat our houses and can hardly adjust ourselves to changing weather conditions when winter comes. Just ask yourself, why do we get flu or cold only when the winter starts and ends. Never or hardly in the middle of winter or summer. Also people who fly from a warm place to a cold place often get sick. It’s the step change in temperature which causes flu or cold, depending on your personal condition and living style. Virus is being told to live and spread in warm blood in living bodies, why does it prefer to infect people when the air outside is cold? My children rarely get cold and never at the same time. We should all get cold or flu within a short period of time if it was infectious, no? The flu virus is being told to change every year. How do they know what kind of vaccine will work before the flu starts to spread and the virus manifests itself? Yet still they recommend to take the shot in time every winter because the virus is new and the last year’s vaccine won’t work this year.


          2. That has some explanatory power, and I have indeed read the same thing in a book I no longer possess disputing the germ theory in its entirety. But it does not explain everything, and grossly simplifies phenomena. Yes, cold and flu season is in time with the change of seasons, but most of the southern part of our country do not have seasons. What they do have, what we all have, are children in small rooms breathing the same air. That too has explanatory power.

            And anyway, not all disease can be so easily written off as you do (“there is no disease”) – Mononucleosis? Shingles? I am not buying.

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          3. Mononucleosis and Shingles are just exotic names for some common symptoms. The first one has the same symptoms as flu, the other one is a allergic skin reaction caused probably by temporary deficiency and stress. It also was common in the past and disappeared when life got better and people forgot the war stress. Labs make their antibody tests so that they diagnose what they want to diagnose. A friend was diagnosed shingles not long ago, but she didn’t have this typical skin rash, just some rush and itching. Nonetheless her doctor prescribed her some magic medicine supposedly stopping viruses from spreading and after some time the rush was gone. It would have gone without it too, probably even faster, but we’ll never know for sure because you never have a second chance to compare it. Nobody else got infected. I was visiting her regularly because she was not allowed to go to work for two weeks and got boring at home. She was so grateful and feared that I could catch it too and I was only laughing at her and could’t convinced her that it is nothing to fear. And the main question is: how did she infect herself if there was nobody else there with shingles? And why only her and not at least some few other people from her circles. At the time you develop this symptoms and the doctor sends the probe to the lab and the lab confirms the virus, the infectious time is already over. So you’ve been infectious for a long time before this yet still nobody else got infected? Oh, they will tell you, the majority will have immunity from their childhood but still, how did she infect herself then? I never had shingles nor was vaccinated against it. So why didn’t I get shingles too? Nor any of my children or anybody else. Read again what Lanka wrote in this interview about how the antibody test is being done. “the antibodies that are detected in the test are present in everybody. Some people have them in higher concentrations, and some in lower concentrations”. The labs always work with some preconditions. They never look blindly to identify which virus it could be. They are being told to look for a flu virus and if the time is right and media already announced the flu spreading, they set the parameters for the test so they will diagnose the flu virus. And they even feel good about it because they did a good job then, right?


          4. Just as with DNA, which you say cannot be used as a fingerprint tool, but which I have seen used twice to bring about justice, and accurately, I conclude I must take my obervations as serious evidence, and your prognostications as idle speculation. I have seen in this world a whole array of phonies on all levels, in medicine and cosmology and history and astrophysics. But I cannot extrapolate from that to “everything is fake” and now your “there is no disease.” Those are as wrongheaded as any other outlook. My best guess is that “it is complicated” not as a panacea and excuse not to think, but rather as a dictum that we must work hard at thinking, and never quit.


          5. It’s all on wikipedia Mark. If the carrier of the genetic code changes constantly, how can it do, what it is supposed to Mark: carry the genetic code? I described you how the DNA-test works and explained that it makes no sense. Was my explanation wrong? You prefer to believe what they told you about how they caught the guy, fine. The same with diseases. The majority of people believe that they get infected with flu while they simply develop the same symptoms under the same conditions (overheated house in winter) than their relatives. Why there never is the entire kindergarten sick, always only some of the kids? Never mind. Suggestions are a very mighty weapon and many people like to fall for them. Have a nice weekend.


          6. A neighbour of mine, may be 10 years ago or so, had a massively swollen leg. He went to his doctor. The doctor said he had Deep Vein Thrombosis, which meant he got seen to straight away. Next, other doctors came and examined his leg, and asked him questions like ‘when did you last fly?’ ecc. He told them he’d never flown, and didn’t do this or that. They were stumped. He was sent to hospital in the next town. They examined him there and asked the same questions. They did tests that showed he didn’t have DVT – I forget what it actually was. He went back to his local doctor. His local dottor said they were all wrong!
            DVT at the time was in all the papers. “It’s in the papers, it must be that!”
            Lies, damned lies and medical experts.


          7. “It’s all on wikipedia Mark …” – pretty condescending, ya think?

            Anyway, you are underthinking this stuff, settling on an overly simplistic explanation to brush away complicated matters. Things should be made as simple as possible, but not more so. I see nothing that indicates that the transcriptase process alters the coding of the DNA, only that it can be reversed, which is why they invented to concept of a “retrovirus.” They cannot explain it otherwise, and claim that a retrovirus is an aberration, hence a disease carrier. It is bullshit.

            However, you might want to consider thta the vast majority of our DNA is alike, which is why we are all human beings. The DNA that is making its way as evidence in courts is a very small slice of the chain, a few percentage points, that differ among us and are unique to an individual, or identical twins.

            You’re wrong.

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            1. Maybe if commenters would ignore this person/troll/sockpuppet it would stop with it’s insane rambling…I know I am done with “it”.


              1. I fear she won’t ever shut up. ‘I challenge you to explain this in a manner that is not condescending and dismissive.’ Alas, that is not Babs’ way.


                  1. I see. I find the contents of Ms Meuller’s mind quite interesting, if often designed to antagonise rather than elucidate.. maybe that is a misperception on my part. Shouldn’t have used the words ‘shut up’ in any case. Sorry Babs!


  5. I actually like raw beef as tatar, which is minced beef with raw egg and spices. Yum. If you had stomach problems for weeks, it could be caused by a mixture of bad condition at the time and wrong attitude. I’ve never experienced such thing myself. On our Caribbean vacation some years ago we had excellent food and plenty and I tried to try everything out and soon got stomach problems but only for a day. I just didn’t eat anything until I was empty (I drunk lots of water and kept near the toilet for a day and a night) and then slowly started to refill the intestines with new garbage. Works every time for me. Liking food or not is a brain thing. I Chinese friend of mine can’t stand when somebody eats cheese. Pizza is ok though. Some of the thing she eats look very ugly to me. Fried chicken legs for instance and I don’t mean the upper parts. She eats the claws.


  6. Tainted water from run off & fluoride. Natural foods grown in clean dirt. Vapors released from plastics (thing of the automobile composite dash board baking the the sun w/windows shut) the past 60 years. These are atip of ice berg when talking of what is causing sicknesses & attacks on the human immune systems. MAN MADE CHEMICALS are everywhere today. Up next WI-FI & Cell Tower abuses.


    1. Good point. Reminds me of endocrine disruptors:

      “Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that may interfere with the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects in both humans and wildlife. A wide range of substances, both natural and man-made, are thought to cause endocrine disruption, including pharmaceuticals, dioxin and dioxin-like compounds, polychlorinated biphenyls, DDT and other pesticides, and plasticizers such as bisphenol A. Endocrine disruptors may be found in many everyday products– including plastic bottles, metal food cans, detergents, flame retardants, food, toys, cosmetics, and pesticides. NIEHS supports studies to determine whether exposure to endocrine disruptors may result in human health effects including lowered fertility and an increased incidence of endometriosis and some cancers. Research shows that endocrine disruptors may pose the greatest risk during prenatal and early postnatal development when organ and neural systems are forming.”

      Our food and water supplies and lands are saturated with manmade chemicals. This has been the case since the late 19th century, when the chemical industry underwent a tremendous expansion.
      The wife and I are aiming to remove as much plastic from our house as we can. When you start looking for potential endocrine disruptors you notice they’re everywhere – plastic wrap, ziplock bags, food storage containers, kitchen utensils, refillable water bottles, credit cards, ID cards, electronic devices, skin care products, hair care products, household cleaning products, shower curtains, car interiors, etc.
      Simplifying one’s life seems to be the right approach, in my opinion. From a physiological standpoint the basic needs for sustaining human life haven’t changed throughout our species’ history. We all need proper nutrition, rest, movement, affection through touch, and so on. We can really thrive when these needs are fulfilled in a sustainable way.
      For all of those who have chosen to worship at the church of Transhumanism I would say, “You really want to build a superman? Forget your horrific implant technology and give him the cleanest food and water on earth; let him rest; allow him to transport himself using his own body; provide him with love, friendship and affection.”
      So here we come to the crux of the problem: if the planet really is overpopulated, in relation to its resources, then it will not be possible for every human being to live as described above. We cannot all eat organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed beef and free-range chicken, fresh caught salmon free of mercury poisoning. There cannot be 7 billion + “super-humans.” If this is the analysis of TPTB then it could explain their colossal efforts to construct a false reality for all of us. If, on the other hand, the population numbers are false and we do have more than enough to go around then TPTB are simply the greediest assholes who ever walked the earth. In any case, the result is the same: we are being poisoned, distracted, miseducated, undermined.

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      1. speaking of transhumanism, this is a must watch for the background on MKUltra, cybernetics etc…almost 4 hours in length but shows actual documentary footage of MK Ultra experiments after WW2…by truthstream media YT…they do excellent work


  7. Frauline, you are not superior to anyone here. Phizzy is a dead ringer for you and vice versa. But, you may indeed be 2 persons, but for sure share the same age/gender/traits & especially that nationality.


  8. Citing Dr. Jennifer Daniels once again, my recollection from her episode on AIDS is that AZT was admitted by the mainstream to be deadly. That is, a year or two into its use for AIDS, JAMA (or some big medical journal) published on its dangers. However, they did so with little fanfare and in veiled jargon (as they often do with sensitive topics it seems), and with no mass media attention. I can’t remember if she said they then modified the formula to something safer, or what.


  9. Testing HIV positive after a Hep B vaccine, did I read that correctly?
    It looks some of the States already this year, are restoring funding for HIV medicine and prevention programs. Possible free health care for those that can prove they are infected with HIV…


    1. sounds like they want to get rid of poison and are looking for volunteers. Good luck with that. As for your last comment Mark, you’re right of course, our DNa ist mostly alike. They even admit, that the earthworm has almost the same DNA. Same thing with antibodies. The same antibodies are everywhere. It’s because life is made of it. Genetic code is but an abstract idea. We don’t really know why our children usually look alike, we also don’t know why sometimes they don’t. And it’s not always because the neighbor is the father.


      1. Your theories are not well thought out, just broad generalities, not studied. I don’t give them much weight. I don’t pretend for a second that I have figured things out, only that when confronted with evidence, I do not ignore it.


        1. when I ask you Mark, what evidence do you have, that DNA fingerprint test works, you’ll tell me, that’s how they found the other guy. They somehow found the guy and told you it was due to the DNA fingerprint test. You may believe this, but I don’t. There is no way to find the same DNA probe in a database because they all look so much alike. If you don’t find differences it does not mean there aren’t any. And they don’t tell us how they encode the extreme complex biological DNA code in a relatively simple digital database if the most of it is identical for all humans. If they create two gel electrophoresis patterns using the same DNA probe two times, they’ll get two very different pictures. Yet still they claim to be able to tell if a pattern from another DNA probe belongs to the same DNA. It hast to be magic. It is not me to bring the evidence that the DNA fingerprint test doesn’t works. It’s them to prove and demonstrate that it works. I told you, there was this claim in the scientific community back then when the DNA-test was first published to split 1000 blood samples and to order them using this test to measure it’s accuracy. They never did such thing. It’s all based on consensus and not on if it’s true or not. The fortune teller may “read” true things from your hand but it does not prove, that he really can read anything.


  10. Your bottom point about Hanx is extremely valid. It is the reddest of red flags, and I’ll share another for you. The COVID hysteria also had me revisiting AIDS (although I was too young to have appreciated it during its heyday). What you will find is that incredibly some made-for-tv movie about AIDS from 1993 features the most unbelievable assortment of Hollywood Superstars that you could really imagine. For those curious, look up And The Band Played On. It has a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, of course.


  11. This is pure brilliance, Mark. I missed this the first time around. It’s no wonder you were light years ahead of all of us on this scam. My learning curve was HUGE – but I sort of caught up! 🙂


  12. Excellent article Sir
    But I am curious, I believe in the Celebrity Death Hoax theory but always assumed Freddie Mercury did genuinely die of “AIDS”. Do you believe he just retired to that place the “dead” celebrities go to, or perhaps he has assumed a new character, like Bill Hicks became Alex Jones?


    1. This is a can of worms … I cannot even guess at the number of hours I’ve put into it. I deliberately avoided links to my other works in this article. In the end, knowing what I see with my eyes, and knowing that people will not believe it because it is a head-on collision with perceived reality, I simply take comfort knowing this planet is fine, but the human species is a whack job. We live in a nut factory. I must be part of it, but when my eyes tell me something, I listen.

      Freddie Mercury went underground, had his teeth fixed, became Dr. Phil McGraw. There you go. Have at me.


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