Virus that doesn’t act like a Virus: Is Coronavirus the new HIV?

This is purely a 4AM thought. Correct me if I am wrong, but viral pandemics are supposed to follow a trajectory. Peak in winter, gone in summer (where they are peaking in the southern hemisphere). Mutations are said to occur. Summer becomes winter again. Repeat, repeat.


This coronavirus, however, seems to be a boogeyman that bucks all historical precedent. Common coronavirus is known to be highly seasonal. Who could have guessed that COVID-19 would be the exception of all exceptions?! Oh wait, we guessed it…on almost a daily basis from the very beginning!

This is beginning to resemble an HIV situation. For a primer on that situation, please refer to Mark’s foundational work here at Piece of Mindful on the subject.

AIDS: A contrived ‘blood and sex plague’

In his piece, Mark makes the same comment, pointing to the pattern of an Ebola outbreak as an example. When one plots HIV infections on a map, it behaves nothing at all like a viral outbreak. It looks more like the relationship between cigarettes and lung cancer. In Mark’s words, it resembles “an illness brought about by an agent”.


That brings is back to coronavirus. Well, folks, this coronavirus panic looks like another virus outbreak that cannot possibly be a virus outbreak. Rather than any kind of discernible peak, we are instead seeing just a flat, constant line for new infections. It does not act anything like a viral outbreak. Especially not a viral outbreak in a class of viruses known for their seasonal nature and in a country with a climate supporting seasonal virus outbreaks. Instead, we get no change whatsoever with the United States entering the summer season. A flat line.


The question is this: Why are there zero experts in the mainstream media asking why this virus seems immune from acting like a virus? Why would the virus be continuing at full strength through the summer in the United States?

Common sense and critical thinking skills are damn-near dead here in America. They are actively laughed at and discouraged in public discourse. We are now going to be left with the new HIV. The new virus that absolutely cannot be a virus.

And let’s not forget that nobody has ever answered the most comical question: What is to say that the test itself does not just have around a 10% false positive rate? Or what if SARS-CoV-2 is actually harmless (as Duesberg says for HIV) and unrelated to any specific sickness?

Did you know that trillions of viruses are raining down upon you from the sky every single day of your life? I postulated long ago that SARS-CoV-2 may have been chosen as the boogeyman because they knew it would be easy to find wherever they needed to find it. That sure looks like what we are seeing in the data. That or just outright false positives.

This is a viral outbreak that cannot be a viral outbreak. Another contrivance. The data we are given seems to be totally manufactured. Completely made up…just like your Presidential election results! People get sick seasonally, and around 10% of sick people seem to be able to test positive for this coronavirus. That is all this is. They will be able to maintain this illusion permanently along these exact grounds.

Now, it is summer in America. There are no longer very many people getting sick, but the public has been so effectively hoodwinked that they no longer even notice any relationship between sick people and TV data for sick people. Just reflect on that for a minute! Perhaps that, above all else, is why we will have the summer of fake racial tension. More misdirection from the magic trick. Think of the contrived racial tension as the magician’s assistant with the large breasts.

It is all a magic trick. Now it is 4:30AM, and I should be getting back to sleep. In the literal and metaphorical sense. Was this all a dream?

Update: Reader bubbaorwell has called the coronavirus madness a form of Stockholm Syndrome, and I must say that I agree…

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    1. You can basically use the terms interchangeably. Exactly right. They will find what they want to find when they want to find it.

      There has been NO ASSOCIATION SHOWN between a specific illness and a specific virus. They might as well be asking everyone what their favorite color is, and everyone who says “green” is coronavirus positive. That’s about as meaningful as these test results. There continues to be gigantic numbers of people who strangely test positive without any symptoms. Fifty such people for every one sick person who is positive. This screams of a false correlation.

      We must imply from this a significant false positive rate (or imply a harmless virus being detected)…totally unconnected to any perceived illness. And don’t get me started on how they can claim to know the culprit among trillions of other viruses. They know exactly this one is the cause of some new disease.


        1. There have been documented cases that high. I think back to the prison where something like 300 positives without a single case of symptoms. There was something similar in a meat packing plant. This was something discussed with David Crowe, speaking of him. He suggested that there was something about the air in certain environments that triggered a huge number of positives. I also think back to every celebrity positive test, which seem to be asymptomatic nearly without exception. The test just cannot be trusted. Whether it’s 20 or 50 asymptomatic, the test isn’t actually identifying a specific illness. We’re testing people randomly…some sick, some not…and getting nearly random results. This is an enormous red flag.

          I’ll look again at the numbers and see if I can find data behind what is actually a fair number across a wide sample group.


          1. All these numbers are only to scare people in to compliance. They will never make sense, they don’t have to. There is talk of abattoirs with massive numbers of infected people that show no symptoms around the world. According to a popular media outlet here in Holland 25% of the population doesn’t trust meat anymore. The PTB have been advocating a vegetarian/no milk lifestyle for a while now. I think this is one of the side shows of the corona scare. They try to cover as much bases as possible with every move they make.


  1. This virus is just so, so smart. For example, where I live, it is so clever it knows how to manipulate its own statistics to always work in numerology on a daily basis — even after the filtering effects of detection, data analysis and disclosure to the public. Wow, what a great signal to noise ratio!

    Frankly, I am surprised COVID doesn’t already have its own twitter account with regular statements to the press in natural language. Somebody just needs to write a ouija board app to give it a voice. If Q can speak to the masses, why not the great “C”?

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    1. And yet, for all its smarts, it still doesn’t know how to get around those free-standing plastic shields that protect gas station clerks and customers from each other. Stupid virus just bumps into them like a bird flying into a window and drops to the floor. Suckerrrrrrrr.

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      1. The virus is working on that, feverishly mutating until it adapts itself with fully controllable airfoils to maneuver actively through the void space left for merchandise and money to pass.


  2. “And 10% test positive”

    I’ve seen claims that here in Alabama for example, the rate of positives was increasing. That yes they were testing more, but they claim that a higher percent of those were coming back positive. This is called R0 maybe? Term is new to me.

    Anyway not sure how they would skew that number, or what natural factors would effect it.


    1. Find out more about the claims and get back to us. I’m still on the fence between the whether these are false positives, internally derived exosomes, or if there is a real (harmless) virus that they have slapped the boogeyman label on. Always interested to see more information.

      I mentioned in another comment that certain environments seem to trigger more positives than others. There have been isolated cases with essentially 100% false/asymptomatic positives. So I’m not necessarily surprised, even though these are just claims.

      More positives definitely has a precedent, but these cases still do not show an association between a specific illness and a positive test result.

      We should literally be able to take people who are sick with coronavirus, isolate what has made them sick, expose healthy people to it, and with complete regularity watch as these healthy people go from negative to positive on a coronavirus test result. This is what we are seeing them dance around because they know they cannot do such a thing.

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  3. I have new description we are living for the people that wear face masks in public. I call it the new coronavirus Stockholm syndrome. It is a symbiotic relationship of the conquered people with their conquering government. The people love their Masters…

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      1. LOL! Great graphic. Get that out there as a meme. Not everyone will get it, but it’s a killer to those who do get it, and it’s quite suggestive and eye-opening to those on the cusp. Very good!


        1. It came out so good. I am still laughing about this. It’s also really hilarious that the Symbionese Liberation Army symbol looks so corona-esque.

          Wish I had a way to get it viral, completely agree.


      2. Patty Hearst robbing a bank? Sounds plausible. Speaking of banks, 5 months ago they had signs telling you to take your sunglasses off before entering….and wearing a mask would have the cops on scene pretty quick. Now they might call the cops for not wearing a mask. Is anyone else getting real tired of this shit?


  4. The science alert article is a bit suspicious. Viruses are not microbes. A virus is not a living organism, just a piece of DNA packet in proteins. It’s these proteins that can be toxic. Your body getting rid of these toxins causes symptoms like the flu. Viruses can not reproduce themselves, they are reproduced by your own body cells if they recognize the DNA part as your own. Viruses do have something to do with being sick but its not proven they are a cause of illness.

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      1. It’s more the statements than the terminology they are sloppy with. The science alert article states ‘Of all the microbes on the planet, viruses are the most abundant’. The article about the same study from the virology blog is more to my liking, thanks for the link. (The NY Times viruses from outer space are brilliant…)


  5. I recently watched Deconstructing The Myth Of Aids by Gary Null, very informative, very solid information and there are a lot of similarities with the corona scare. Now the same Garry Null claims that COVID-19 is indeed a very deadly and very transmittable virus. I’m baffled, its like he’s been kidnapped and brainwashed.

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  6. Between Nov of 1918 and Mar of 1919 the USPHS took snot from orifices of people suffering the Spanish flu and injected it up the nostrils, down the throat and in the eyes of 100 volunteers (could not pay me enough). Some of them swallowed the spew. None got sick.

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    1. In a comment above, this information frames my whole argument:

      We should literally be able to take people who are sick with coronavirus, isolate what has made them sick, expose healthy people to it, and with complete regularity watch as these healthy people go from negative to positive on a coronavirus test result. This is what we are seeing them dance around because they know they cannot do such a thing.

      This is exactly what I am talking about. There is clearly no correlation between a positive test result and a sickness. They are using the correlation/causation fallacy to their benefit. Yes, they can get some positive test results out of some people who are sick with something, but this proves nothing unless there is a strong correlation between a specific sickness and a positive test result. This is what they haven’t shown, and seemingly can’t show.

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      1. One, they have not isolated a virus. They say they have, but they have only produced a soup mix of particles from a sick person. They then pulled a gene sequence from that, but they don’ t know, and they must know this, they don’t know what they have. This leads me to suspect that either RT-PCR is looking for a gene sequence that exists in a large number of us, as you have stated, or (more likely in my view) is a test rigged to arbitrarily produce positive results in a number of uses. This is how electronic voting machines work – it appears from the outside that they are counting votes, but inside they are black boxes.*

        As to manufacturing a virus, I would venture that they do not know how, and why bother anyway when they can fake it. Further, if viruses are harmless anyway, manufacturing one would be a waste of time. To me the field of virology is pseudoscience at best, quackery at worst.

        *PS: The operators and overseers of voting do not know the machine is whacked. So too with RT-PCR.

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        1. I never even meant to suggest that they had manufactured a virus. There are literally trillions of existing RNA-sequences (viruses). They could have chosen almost randomly from existing viruses. Perhaps some viruses are known to exist in only ~10% of the population, similar to how each of our gut bacteria is unique. I am sure the human virome is also unique from person-to-person.

          What I suggest is that they identified an existing virus/exosome/whatever which was known to be prevalent in around 10% of the population, especially when stressed, and they gave it a fancy name: SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19. This would have required no military or secret laboratory engineering whatsoever. Just an identification of one of the trillions of existing viruses.

          Yes, perhaps they chose one that suited their purposes. One that is found in only a fragment of the population, and is found more commonly when people are stressed or Vitamin D-deficient. That way, the quarantine itself would have made it seem like this virus/exosome was suddenly appearing.

          This is actually my favorite current theory…that what we are witnessing is a combination of a test that is known for a high rate of false positives (see: Tanzanian jackfruit) and a virus that was already present in human biology, but now has a fancy name. This would essentially explain the whole thing. It would match the “flat line” graph that we see. It would explain why the pattern does not fit a viral outbreak. It would explain even how certain populations have higher rates of positives, if it is being produced within the body in response to certain stresses.


          1. Bacteriophages are the little spaceships that gave us dna. And hoyendia dna and rna is how we differentiate viruses. The hustle can become a bit circular at times…

            …the bacteriophage was first visualized with electron microscopes in the 1939 per the narrative. The narrative also says that 1939 was the year that the British interplanetary society gave us the first model of a lunar lander. The Big Bang guy is also the rna guy of course.


            1. I’m always interested in your comments SMJ. You linked to this phage video, but I get the sense that you are saying it’s not accurate. Is that true? Curious for more information.


              1. Of course I don’t believe it is accurate. I don’t believe that there are tiny lunar modules infecting prokaryotes from without so I cannot believe the fruit of the bacteriophage hustle. And thanks to cold spring harbor(ground zero for american eugenics)…

                “The discovery of bacteriophage began an immensely fruitful line of research that produced, among other things, Avery’s demonstration that DNA is the basic material responsible for genetic transformation (1944) and Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase’s “Waring Blender” experiment showing that DNA is the carrier of genetic information in virus reproduction (1952). Much of this work was done by members of the “phage group,” founded in 1940 by Max Delbrück, Luria , and Hershey. The establishment of the group’s annual summer “phage course” at Cold Spring Harbor in 1945 attracted a great number of researchers to the field, one of whom was the young James Watson, who studied with Delbrück at Cal Tech and obtained his Ph.D. in 1950 at Indiana University under Luria. Watson began his scientific career by investigating bacterial viruses, attempting to study the fate of DNA of infecting virus particles.

                “The greater number of workers assimilated into the Phage Group through the Cold Spring Harbor course, as well as the easier access to new tools such as radioactive tracers and ultracentrifuges, engendered more rapid progress during the next seven years. In 1952 the fifty or so stalwarts, gathered at the Abbaye de Royaumont near Paris for the first International Phage Symposium, knew by then that the phage DNA is the sole carrier of the hereditary continuity of the virus and that the details uncovered hitherto concerning the physiology and genetics of phage reproduction were to be understood in terms of the structure and function of DNA. In the very next year, the discovery of the Watson-Crick structure of DNA and the proposed mechanism of its replication provided the fundament for that understanding” (Stent, “Introduction: Waiting for the paradox,” in Phage and the Origins of Molecular Biology, ed. J. Cairns, G. Stent and J. Watson [1992], 3-8, quoting from p. 6).


                …bacteriophages gave us dna thru Avery and then Hershey. They gave us crispr and now they are causing(and/or preventing)global warming per the narrative…

                “Beneath the ocean’s surface, a virus is hijacking the metabolism of the most abundant organism on Earth. That may be of interest to those of us above who breathe.
                Rice University scientists analyzed the role of ferredoxin proteins produced when phages alter the ability of Prochlorococcus marinus to store carbon and counter the greenhouse gas effect arising from fossil fuel consumption.
                P. marinus is a photosynthetic cyanobacteria that resides primarily in the tropics and subtropics, where an estimated 10-to-the-27 (an octillion) of them use sunlight to produce oxygen and collectively store four gigatons of carbon annually. Some of this carbon provides critical feedstocks for other marine organisms.
                But phages are not their friends. The virus strengthens itself by stealing energy the bacteria produces from light, reprogramming its victim’s genome to alter how it transfers electrons.
                P. marinus and its carbon-storing mechanism are sensitive to temperature, so it bears watching as climate change warms the oceans and extends its range, said Ian Campbell, a Rice postdoctoral researcher and lead author of the study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.”


                …Story also goes they are the most abundant life form on the rock we stand on as well. Which should be ironic in a rational world seeing as the narrative doesn’t even claim they are truly alive. The particle chasers brought the half dead narrative over to the invention of molecular biology. Check out schrodinger’s ‘what is life?’ paper. Schrodinger is the half dead cat guy of course. It’s not quite as psilly as Gamow being the rna tie club guy but it is pretty feckin psilly nonetheless…



        2. Mark, funny that you refer to black boxes, as I am researching this now. I think you may be closer than you think to how the “magic trick” operates in this instance. It just so happens that the “black box” tech that exists in the RT-PCR machine used for COVID screening is manufactured by a company called Cepheid: And Cepheid’s tech links back to HIV screening: Their GeneXpert tech is also what is utilized today to screen for “anthrax” in all mail distributed in the US. So Cepheid has gone from anthrax to AIDS to COVID – and their start-up funding just happened to come from the Dept of Defense. So, what if, as you said, the “rigging” component has very little to do with the actual chemical reaction taking place (the Kary Mullis contribution), and more to do with the embedded electromechanical component (black box)? I suspect that would be a whole lot simpler to rig, right?

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        1. I don’t think KP has ever had much real traction, as even with bacteria, we have the phenomenon of “asymptomatic” carriers. We all carry staph bacteria in us, for instance, and when stressed they can multiply and attack stressors, or get out of hand if we are invaded by an unrelenting toxin. With viruses, they tossed KP out the window back in the 1930s. They became Rivers’ postulates. These days they only pretend now and then to adhere to KP, but among virologists there are no KP. Bacteriology/virology is Dark Ages medicine, our whole health care system entrapped. Best to avoid doctors unless you have some type of physical trauma, broken arm or gash caused by inappropriate use of chainsaws. They are really good at that stuff, having had centuries of war to use for practice.


  7. The coronavirus scam reminds me a lot of this clip from early South Park. The kids in the town start a fake tooth racket to scam their parents out of tooth fairy money. The American Dental Association dentists concoct an insane theory of “a giant half chicken, half squirrel…with at least a mild understanding of algebra” to explain it all. When a dissenting dentist suggests that the kids are running a racket, he is laughed out of the building.

    Reminds me a lot of the situation we are in with coronavirus! There is only one acceptable answer, no matter how absurd it is, and if you disagree you are laughed out of the building.

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  8. Blood and race, all related. They even report, blood type 0 is not affected. They stir the race conflict, seamless from the lock down protests. In Germany, they want to abolish race at all, they want to deny it by scrubbing the word from the constitution. There is something deep about race and blood. It’s about the connection to the source, the Bible is about bloodlines, Christ gave his blood, and there is the concept of organic portals – two races in this world, one with potential to connect to god, one without.


    1. There is definitely something to this, because there has been a noted difference for SARS-CoV-2 by blood type. On the surface, I am not sure if modern science has an explanation for that. It’s a fascinating piece to this puzzle.


    2. Angela Merkel is one of the biggest advocates of the Coudenhove Kalergi plan.
      About the two races and connecting to God, isn’t that about choice: to believe or not to believe?
      One a personal note, are you by any chance related to Han van der Horst? Are you Han van der Horst?


  9. Bubbaorwell is right, this is the new Stockholm syndrome. The human mind is a true mystery: so easy to manipulate and so hard to get back to sanity.

    As I’ve already said here, viruses do not exist. What scientists and doctors do through tests is just forcing the results they expect to come up. I think you know the theory about the experimenter that influences the experiment; same thing we have here with the PCR test, or any other test for that matter: They establish parameters according to which they will diagnose the presence of a virus or a disease.
    The chosen parameters are usually based on the presence of antibodies or fragments of RNA, DNA, proteins and so on in the blood, and not on an isolated and photographed virus.
    They do not need that as they’re perfectly aware it’s all a scam. After all the books they study on for years are written by pharmaceutical companies and are not supposed to give future doctors and researchers a true comprehension of how the human body and the immune system work, but only a false basis to rely on in order to diagnose all types of diseases that will be treated with tons of useless and dangerous meds.

    If we all got tested we’d end up being positive to at least a hundred different viruses and God knows what else, does that mean we’re all sick and are all gonna die? Of course not. But we become business straight away, their own business (pun intended), and for this reason they won’t let us get away with that.

    Most doctors aren’t even criminals, they’re just stubborn convinced science is the answer to everything and have strong dogmas they’ll never give up.

    HIV was to prevent people from having sex, Covid is to prevent us from social interaction that may lead to sex or gathering.
    What next, a bug that prevents people from thinking and breathing?


      1. Of course Mark, and a bug would only provide people a further excuse to be stupid.
        For many life is more important than a functioning brain after all 😊


  10. What is virus? What is a virus? Virus is poison, something virulent. “A virus” is a fictional, sci-fi construct used to hide industrial poisoning and other toxic-induced diseases, and to create fictional sickness, ala covid-19.

    Why are “viruses” being talked about here as real?

    In the late 1800’s, tobacco crops were experiencing disease characterized by yellowing of the leaves. Chemical industry scientists looked for the “ infectious” agent(s) responsible, ignoring the fact that their own products, arsenic based pesticides, were causing the disease. As one researcher puts it:

    “Tobacco mosaic disease is another example of all this, the first case of blaming a toxin disease on virus. After that it worked so well that it was continued. When ever a toxic disease needed to look infectious a virus was invented.

     “It is clear that scientists were going out of their way to make tobacco mosaic disease look like an infectious disease. They tried to show it was caused by bacteria or fungi. When no bacteria or fungus could be found they made up the idea of a virus, which was said to be a very small bacteria that could pass through fine filters. When nothing could be grown on a petri plate they said that this new virus bacteria could only reproduce in it s host. When the disease was found to be caused by a protein they said viruses were self replicating particles that were kind of alive and kind of not alive, in a half way state.

    “ By blaming the tobacco mosaic disease on a virus the chemical companies that were causing damage to farmers tobacco would not be sued. This new idea of the virus was then used again and again for the same purposed to this very day.” -end quote-

    Every “viral” epidemic since then (if a real syndrome), has demonstrably toxic causes. No virus can be found, but the toxicity is apparent when considered and looked for.

    “Viruses are falling from the sky”. What does this mean, exactly? Did they isolate (purify) viruses from the material collected? No. Did they sequence the full genome of some supposed virus collected? No. Did they detect tiny, random pieces of genetic material? Possibly, though they don’t say, and also give no information as to how they did so, or why they make the claim of “viruses with nearly identical genomes”. Consider the comment of David Crowe, commenting in an earlier thread here, “The RT-PCR test only reacts to about 1% (or less) of the 30,000 base genome. And there’s no proof those sequences aren’t in human RNA, because although there’s a big database of DNA, there’s no such database for RNA.“ So on what basis have they identified “viruses” falling from the sky? This article is a mess of fabrication and lies, as is usual on the subject of viruses. The best thing in the paper for their purposes is the propagandistic statement, “Whether or not the atmospheric viruses are infectious would be interesting to determine.”

    Viruses do not exist. There are not trillions of them. Harmless viruses do not exist. Exosomes are not viruses by some other name.

    Faulex put this phrase together “an existing virus/exosome/whatever”. Consider carefully the abstract of the article “Extracellular vesicles and viruses: Are they close relatives?”, by the esteemed Dr. Robert Gallo, and see how he (starting with hiv) has been instrumental in polishing the lie of virus existence. I quote,

    “Extracellular vesicles (EVs) released by various cells are small phospholipid membrane-enclosed entities that can carry miRNA. They are now central to research in many fields of biology because they seem to constitute a new system of cell–cell communication. Physical and chemical characteristics of many EVs, as well as their biogenesis pathways, resemble those of retroviruses. Moreover, EVs generated by virus-infected cells can incorporate viral proteins and fragments of viral RNA, being thus indistinguishable from defective (noninfectious) retroviruses. EVs, depending on the proteins and genetic material incorporated in them, play a significant role in viral infection, both facilitating and suppressing it. Deciphering the mechanisms of EV-cell interactions may facilitate the design of EVs that inhibit viral infection and can be used as vehicles for targeted drug delivery.”
    Keywords: extracellular vesicles, exosomes, viruses, defective viruses, infection

    Translation: Boy, there are a lot of interesting little vesicles floating around in there. It’s hard to make heads or tails out of it, but we know some of them must be viruses, so maybe it works something like this….signed, Bobby Gallo

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    1. Mark may be better suited to reply, and you are correct that I very intentionally said “virus/exosome/whatever”. This alone should tell you that I am open to the position you have advocated. I do not have your confidence to matter-of-factly state that viruses do not exist. If we’re just talking about RNA chains encoding for proteins, then I think we really do end up in a position where there are many things that could seem to be a virus. Trillions not being an exaggeration. I will research to try and see where exactly they derived their estimates for viruses from the sky. A virus as a big, long chain of nucleotides seems hard to say it doesn’t exist.

      With that said, all of this should tell you that I am VERY open to the position that you advocate. I am certainly at the point where I am deeply skeptical about the pathological nature of viruses.

      There is a lot we need to explain before I can comfortably say “there are no viruses”. You may well be right, but I am the kind of person who is willing to admit that I simply do not feel I have enough data to make a solid determination on this.

      On the subject of the pathological nature of viruses being hugely propagandized, we can completely agree.


      1. I cannot say that viruses “do not exist.” Stefan Lanka, the German virologist who showed the world that there was no proof of the existence of a measles virus, has discovered a waterborne virus, harmless, but it exists. Rather than dispute the existence, I have come to dispute their function, which is complex … to communicate inside our bodies (and with others) and to assist in detoxification. It is all about correlation=causation, with our medical profession brainwashed by PhRMA, drugged by money. They cannot enter the profession without bowing before the altar of germ theory. Frankly, they just ain’t smart enough to overcome the indoctrination, and all incentives are to adhere. We are in the Dark Ages of medicine.


    2. And you are preaching to the choir on PCR and the human genome.

      See my previous post: ‘BOMBSHELL: WHO Coronavirus PCR Test Primer Sequence is Found in All Human DNA’

      My main question is how can nobody see this? Even under the narrative of what a viral outbreak should look like, this looks nothing like a viral outbreak. It is instead this strange thing that lingers constantly. The public is just so depressingly unable to think for themselves.


      1. Kaufman’s remarks re herpes come within the first ten minutes of the video, by the way….allopathic medicine always wants to find a virus to blame, seems they long ago graduated from the blaming bacteria for everything. want to know what is causing a real outbreak of disease? ignore the viral theory being promoted, and look for the causative toxicity. here is an example that i lived through, the mid-century polio epidemic in the usa. the research is spot on.


  11. Dr Jennifer Daniels often pointed out, that many medical tests are only deployed if you come in with symptoms. Because, if you tested everyone at random, on some of the tests, the positives are ridiculously high. IIRC, some tests would show a positive for 60, 80, 90% of the population… But if you come in with symptoms AND test positive, then you have been “diagnosed.” Then you are given antibiotics for that particular virus or whatever.

    The “positive test” makes it seem very definite to the patient, who is not informed that millions of asymptomatic people would also test positive.

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  12. this was posted somewhere else not too long ago, and is worth repeating here. i am not the author.

    Some facts about “viruses”:
    No clinical or laboratory research has ever been done to prove that so-called viruses have any modus operandi or cause anything at all. A so-called virus has no nerves, sensors or any quality of life. To do tremendous damage, the „virus” must have physical, chemical and/or electrical capabilities. No evidence has ever, in about the last 100 years it has been blamed for diseases, been adduced to prove that so-called viruses have any life or any capabilities whatsoever!
    -That indeed, so-called viruses do not eat or drink, have no metabolism with which to change anything or generate energy, no secretions, no defecation, no activities, no nerves, sensors or (electrical) nerve energy, no reproductive faculties nor, in fact, any qualities of life whatsoever. Thusly, what are called viruses are indeed dead organic matter consisting of genetic and chromosomal RNA and DNA encased in a protein capsid, those capsids being identical to the capsids of the genomes within the many thousands of life units called mitochondria or organelles that populate every human cell from a few hundred up to 30,000 or more.
    -That, as genomes, so-called viruses are merely the genetic patterns for entitative organisms with all the qualities of life as in bacteria, mitochondria, (organelles) fungi and human cells!
    -That these genomes from cellular nuclei and mitochondria are, in fact, the genetic patterns for mitosis (cellular and mitochondrial division and replication), for mitochondrial protein synthesis, for mitochondrial sugar use (glucose combustion or conversion through oxidation) and conversion into body energy through the medium of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and a myriad of other life processes.
    -That, when Koch’s postulates shot down the bacterial explanation for disease, the medical/pharmaceutical cartel, with a vested interest in disease, as opposed to health, erected new scapegoats called viruses to be fought with drugs, thus selling their nefarious products. Just as readily as they shot down the germ theory, so too, do Koch’s postulates impale and discredit the viral theory of disease causation.
    -That no research or experiments have ever been reported where so-called viruses were tested according to the criteria of Koch’s postulates.
    -That lifeless genomes do not and cannot invade cells as reported and photographed. What has been photographed are cells conducting eating processes called pinocytosis or phagocytosis wherein they absorb for recycling breakdown debris from disintegrated neighboring cells that have expired.
    Statements that so-called viruses, without any life qualities, or any ability to move or maneuver, attack cells, seize positions, inject themselves into a cell, command a cell, infect a cell, program a cell, wreak tremendous damage or in any manner perform any act or in any way cause any result are inherently absurd. The living organism always acts and causes results favorable to itself. Only pure chemical unions from chemicals (poisons) pose a serious threat. Dead materials are always acted upon! Only the living organism does the acting. The very statement that „viruses” attack when they do not have any faculties for movement, propulsion, assault or offensive action, and have no energy or capability for any activity at all and have no equipment for damaging anything at all, is sheer fiction.
    -That so-called viruses are in fact, genomic cellular debris, the cytomegalovirus having been the genomic nucleus from an expired cell. Most so-called viruses are the genomes from the several hundred up to 30,000 or more mitochondria inhabiting a cell, the population of the cell being determined by it’s specialization and function.
    By far the preponderance in number of so-called viruses have been genomes in the trillions upon trillions of mitochondria or organelles which comprised the living units of the hundreds of billions of cells which expire daily in the human body. Some so-called viruses are called cytomegaloviruses, meaning they are „big cell viruses.” In fact, these monstrous sized viruses, comparatively, are from the nucleus of a cell which is larger in itself than several thousand mitochondria combined. Other „viruses” may enter the portal blood from the intestines where bacteria die by the trillions each day! They too, have genomes.
    -That „viruses” which are extraneous to the human body, are mostly from bacteria and fungi.
    -That „viruses” by the trillions are consumed daily by human body cells that providentially recycle the contents of body cells that die. By processes called pinocytosis and phagocytosis, cells in contact with food invaginate, form an impromptu stomach, secrete lysosomes as digestants and thusly break „viruses” and other materials down into amino acids, simple fatty acids and glucose for purposes of reuse. Minerals and vitamins associated therewith are also reused. The photographs of these processes always show action on behalf of the cell, never the so-called virus.
    -That it’s illogical that a dead bit of organic material, a genome called a virus, can „command” anything to reproduce it. It does not, in fact, get reproduced, but is recycled–it is only further reduced by cellular digestive processes into it’s basic nutrients. Should a genome be reproduced, it would ONLY be as part of an organism (a cell, bacterium, fungus, mitochondrion, or organelle, etc.) for which it is merely a genetic pattern. Such obligate reproduction by a cell of an alien genome as stated and implied by apologists and propagandists for the medical system, is contrary to all the principles of biology.
    -That a „microbial commando” is a myth of the imagination of so-called scientists who prostitute themselves in service to an unconscionable and murderous cartel with a vested interest in a diseased and suffering populace. This vested interest consists in marketing medical services, insurance, drugs and all attendant upon that. Further, this interest is in creating mediocre beings who do not think or question, in order that their power or propaganda will be above criticism. The term „microbe” means a minute form of life and a genome is in no sense a bit of life. It bears repeating that it is only the genomic debris from what was a life unit.
    -That viruses do not incubate! Incubation is, in fact, the development of a fertilized ovum into a multi-cellular creature. No other processes can be called „incubation” without doing violence to the word and the language. Neither are viruses dormant, inasmuch as only living things estivate, hibernate or in any way suspend activities. Repeat: Genomes or „viruses” are dead cellular debris in the first place, and are incapable of any activities in the first place. Therefore, they cannot suspend activity, and cannot be said to be „dormant.”
    -The statement that „viruses,” really genomic debris without limbs, flagella, teeth, mouths, and other faculties, can attack and disable a large and self-sufficient cell millions of times larger is irrational, illogical, ridiculous, and in fact, stupid.
    -That the word „virus” originally meant and still means merely a poison despite all the new definitions accommodating this 100-year old myth. The word virulent does not mean contagious, but merely poisonous.
    -That cells naturally resist and, with their multitude of defensive faculties, speedily dispatch or destroy „attackers”, especially lifeless materials that are contrary to their interests.
    -That, upon cellular death, (several hundred billion cells die daily within the human body) sacs within each cell containing lysosomes rupture and disintegrate the cell into debris. That debris includes the remains of around 20 to 30 thousand mitochondria or organelles in most cells other than those of the blood. Because of their extraordinary protection by capsids, lysosomes do not disintegrate the integument of the genomes thoroughly, trillions of them daily remaining relatively intact through the process. These genomes do not, however, remain intact through the recycling process. They are digested and recycled by a very provident body.

    Physiologists teach that cells are disintegrated upon their death by their own lysosomes. What enables presumed „viruses” to survive the onslaught of powerful digestive enzymes, while mitochondrial genomes die? Especially as there is not and cannot be any differentiation between them, both being identical? How can chemicals discern the difference between its mitochondrial genomes and „alien viruses” presumably created by a cell through a fictional modus operandi which, if true, would STILL be composed of domestic materials created by the cell’s processes. There is an axiom/postulate that says that things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. In physiology this is tantamount to saying that the genomes of cells and mitochondria are real, therefore so-called viruses are mere ATTRIBUTIONS, really created myths of a medical system desperate for scapegoats and weapons.

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  13. Has anyone else played the three-digit Coronavirus game?

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  14. Thanks to David for the generous offer to give tips on moving abroad. I was just idly curious so I won’t trouble you with emails. If you have a blog about your experiences I would check that out.

    Off topic, this hilarious Bubba Wallace story… NPR cracked me up yesterday, as they coyly described the resolution, trying to act like the whole thing wasn’t conpletely absurd from top to bottom. This is why I say Langley must have moonlighting Onion writers (or vice versa.)

    I’m not sure in this case though… Whether there’s an element of organic absurdity that happened, the universe laughing.. Or if it was the plan. If it was planned, I guess Bubba doesn’t mind playing a comic heel. Having to go on talk shows and admit that what you thought was a noose, was identified by the FBI as a “garage door pull.” Literally say those words! Lolol. And yet STILL try to maintain your version is somehow accurate.


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