Great website …

From AB (Fakeologist) a website that as of this moment contains 1,696 videos that have been banned or censored by YouTube. What a find!

Then again, it could be a trick. I see several by David Ickes, surely controlled opposition, and the Waco: The Rules of Engagement movie presented as if that massacre were real. Always, it is buyer beware.

10 thoughts on “Great website …

  1. Thanks for sharing. Very cool. Icke gets a bad rap. Compared with the other gatekeepers, he’s not so bad in small doses. We have to remember that the entire Truth movement is infiltrated from the top down. Icke might be closer to the “top” than some others. Might be.

    Always remember that you are being fooled by all sides. Trust nothing and no one.

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  2. I guess what I’m trying to say is “I Like Icke”

    (In small doses while keeping in mind he’s a gatekeeper. They’re all gatekeepers anyway. It’s very fashionable to hate on Icke, so I figured I’d come out in defense saying that I kind of like him.)

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      1. In all seriousness, Icke gets it from all sides. The unawakened just think he’s a lunatic and even the awakened usually take shots at him. He’s not my favorite or anything, but I find him to be a very articulate and usually enlightening speaker. His take on the coronavirus situation would fit like a glove here on PoM, and I think as gatekeepers go he is extremely smart and decently well-reasoned. I have deemed him more worthwhile than not worthwhile as far as misdirection/deception goes.


  3. That is nifty.

    Turning 180 degrees from that: I have a morbid fascination with the NC comments section. These are some of the “smartest” people out there, people who read long articles (and probably even books!), have professional backgrounds and in depth specialized knowledge— and yet, can’t see through media narratives. In fact, their brains only seem to get them deeper into trouble.. Heads rammed in rears even moreso than the average news consumer.

    For example this thread:


    1. Very good stuff. Fits some of what we’ve theorized very well. I am glad a funeral director is willing to speak up. They’re just putting COVID-19 down any place they possibly can. 99% of people aren’t going to question a cause of death like that. Scary to think how free they are to get away with dropping COVID-19 as a cause of death.

      Also, I think you misunderstood his comment at the end. First responders are always very busy, and he’s saying they’re using COVID-19 as an easy catch-all for unexplained deaths (which they’d encounter fairly regularly). I don’t think he’s suggesting that they’re more busy than they would always be. Just that now they have this new/easy cause of death that they’re using to explain anything and everything.


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