The Medical Propaganda Machine in Action

Businesses play a significant role in adopting the narrative that surrounds the global lock-down associated with the virtual reality of the “pandemic” declared by the WHO (World Health Organization). One PR group, Edelman Trust is an example of how the network of business interests, medical researchers and political figures work seamlessly to create a narrative that becomes the new “reality.”

“To enable businesses to contribute fully, Edelman has invited Dr. David Nabarro, a Special Envoy for the WHO on Covid-19, to help provide our clients and our employees with the most up-to-date information. In the past Dr. Nabarro managed Ebola and Avian Flu for the United Nations and is a specialist in public health. Edelman is also working with the World Economic Forum on a communications plan for 500 member companies. Klaus Schwab, its chairman and founder, is providing a weekly update to CEOs. The firm is helping WEF build a platform so that companies know what others are doing on travel, conferences and office closure.”

Edelman is a major link between the WHO and global business through CEOs and top management that guarantees message/meme continuity directing everyone “how to be safe in the face of Covid-19 outbreaks.” It’s hard to beat this kind of insider networking from the outside.

Again, many thanks to Camille, who has an excellent, short video on the PR efforts of Edelman powering a number of other public-issue narratives.

Propaganda has grown internationally, employing marketing campaigns for almost everything imaginable, including the medical/health PR we’re now being strangled with. All this disruption fits quite neatly into the UN’s “sustainable development” (Agenda 2030) goals.

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