Colorado takes the lead in mandatory vaccination.

Colorado is apparently taking the lead in mandatory vaccination using the public school system as gatekeeper and record-keeper. We knew this was coming.

Colorado Adopts Mandatory Vaccinations for Children

According to the article’s author, Renee Parsons:

With little more than a 48 hour public notice,  many Coloradans were enjoying a brilliant  Sunday afternoon as the State Senate Health and Insurance Committee was squirreled away in the  confines of the State Capitol to approve the School Entry Immunization Act, also known as SB 20-163.   (Emphasis provided).

In Colorado both houses of the state legislature have Democrat majorities, and the Governor is a Dem, which barring some unexpected political twist or turn is a pretty good indication that SB-163 will become Colorado law.

We don’t spend nearly enough time here at POM discussing the law, IMO. It is law — and the color of law — that enables Orwellian mandates to permeate society and restrict our movement, our ability to support our families, and most other choices that should remain one’s personal responsibility.

Not surprisingly, companion legislation is being considered by Washington lawmakers. Congressional Democrats are pushing H.R. 6666. Now, isn’t that an interesting number? It’s called the “Trace Act,” because it calls for testing and contacting every American citizen, and undocumented guests within U.S. borders. H.R. 6666 also establishes a new, national tracking agency to monitor vaccine history with a digital record-keeping system that will be used to accept or deny certain rights and privileges — such as airline travel, or admission to a federal facility, for example — using a network of checkpoints to control our every move.

“HR 6666 grants $100 billion to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to establish a local mobile health unit in each community to conduct a diagnostic door to door COVID 19 testing program.” – Renee Parsons

Imagine if shopping for food at your local Wal-Mart store required a compliance scan to gain entry. Sweet!

The government wants a population of children, so it is no surprise that mandatory vaccination will begin in our public school system. Be vigilant. This is not a drill. Fight for life. Your’s might someday in the near future depend on it.

34 thoughts on “Colorado takes the lead in mandatory vaccination.

    1. I agree. I honestly don’t understand how people can sign their freedoms away so easily. Just a little bit of research should throw up a million red flags about vaccines. I’m not sure they are bad in all situations (I will need to do more research for myself), but I would never support mandatory vaccines. People trust the govt and authority figures too much. I think it’s funny that the average person doesn’t trust politicians, but they fully trust the govt.

      I also think it’s funny how backwards vaccine supporters are. Cause if you take vaccines and believe they work; why would you care if others take them? You would in theory, be safe!


        1. Exactly. Vaccines are like legislation. There is a lengthy process which goes into getting something “passed.” There is a stated objective…and then there is all the other stuff (usually hidden, buried in lots of words or fine print). We think it’s about one thing, but it’s really about something else. And there are always unintended consequences.


        2. steve you now have a very strong ally;
          for I too believe that what people on these kind of blogs should do is speak more about the law…much much more.
          This is the way the governors control us.

          do you think the governors care if you believe the laws just or unjust?
          no, all they care about is that YOU BELIEVE THEM NECCESARY.

          if you believe them necessary, then you are already controlled!!

          the laws are being written up by the very people that you hate;
          so how in the world can you take stock in ANY of the laws, in the constitution the bill of rights and so on ad nauseum?

          Nietzsche said that laws are created by the strong to offset the resentment of the weak; to give the appearance of justice. That says it all.

          this is by the way, the fatal contradiction in miles mathis; how can he speak of legal and illegal and just and unjust wars knowing what he knows?
          the laws are created by the very people he has come to detest.
          And the same goes for anyone whining and quacking about the governers control of us.

          Then again, how can we be anarchists when we know that “power cannot cease to exist?”
          And the majority truly are sheep?
          And the governers are actually just sheep in wolves clothing?
          And the only real wolves are hidden away?


    I think it is part of a more general trend toward stricter authoritarian rule to deal with the “end of (financial/economic) growth.” The collapse of the global financial system, the social and cultural systems that have depended upon that “access to credit” and huge debt whenever there is a “downturn” seems inevitable. If that is true, then fake democratic systems will need to be replaced by state government with ultimate authoritarian/totalitarian power — especially critical is maintaining and enhancing the monopoly on violence. While this isn’t the “whole thing,” it may help explain the trend toward Mark’s description: “medical Dark Ages.” No comfort at all, I realize. We will likely be faced with ever descending choices of least-worst options as the failed systems seek a new equilibrium closer to a survival (feudal) mode of existence. IMO, of course.


  2. We must look to the geneva convention witch the USA is a part of ! You have a right to NOT Consent to medical treatment !!!


    1. Are you referring to the Helsinki Accords, by chance?

      The Nuremberg Accords similarly disallow all experimental medical treatment without informed consent. Since there is no isolated, filtered or purified virus, there cannot be a vaccine, therefore wha3t they are going to offer is something different, and experimental.

      Of course, these accords have only moral authority over doctors and nurses.


      1. An interesting possibility, Mark. When the new dogma and religion of medicine is pitted against the purpose and principles of the Helsinki and Nuremberg Accords — the “here we are” moment — I wonder which will prevail.

        There’s a pretty good essay today at Saker’s blog on the subject.

        Here’s one quote I thought captured the author’s thinking that might apply:
        “The secular power must be vigilant to ensure that the religion of medicine, at this point in time a lifelong faith, is promptly observed in every detail. It is immediately evident that we are dealing with a religious practice and not a scientific, rational need. The most frequent cause of death in this country by far is cardiovascular disease. It is well known that its mortality can be easily reduced by healthier living and eating. Yet, no doctor ever considered it necessary to resort to legal measures to compel patients to follow a prescribed lifestyle and diet, to decree what people eat and how they should live, transforming the whole of existence into a set of mandatory healthcare requirements. But it is precisely this that has been done, and at least for now, people have accepted it, as if it were an obvious thing to renounce one’s freedom of movement, work, friendships, loves, social relations, religious faith, and political creeds.
        Here, we see how the other great religions of the west, the religion of Christ and the religion of money, have ceded their supremacy to medicine and science, seemingly without resistance.”

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  3. Re-education camps (FEMA) for parents who oppose. Aborted fetal tissue & altering your genetics. Door to door vaccines or the FEMA bus. Told you this was coming. But scoffed at. Some of the mid level elites are heading out away from the soon to Mad Max real time in the bigger cities. Denver’s massive underground complex was expanded greatly the past year. There is something more to these self proclaimed ‘royals/elites’ that just having the ownership of land & old,old money. More than writing the rule & play book we have to cow to. There is something in the blood, in their closely guarded lineages AND identities that keeps them in control. Something outside empowers them to rule over us.


    1. Motorhead, are you saying they may be extraterrestrial, what’s in that blood they are closely guarding?

      Most healthcare places around my town are making it a requirement for employees to get a flu vaccine. Even new hires on the first day must get one. There used to be an exemption sheet one could sign that stated refusal for religious purposes, but that sheet from what i’m told isn’t an option this year. Seems like it falls into at will employment so employees must submit to it or can be discharged.


      1. They have made it a requirement for the flu shot the last 8 years but if you refused they would make you wear a mask…. I’m in the medical field I’m wondering what they will do next since now everyone in the medical field has to wear a mask inside the hospital at least in the states?


      2. Greg, the term ‘blue bloods’ ring a bell? Fallen Ones from the bible share this lineage. But, man’s science/Darwin & such disagree. Soon, a goon squad will roll up & demand to see papers that prove a vax is in your bloodstream. Say no, and off to camp you go. Patriot & Christian web sites have been warning of this for years. Hillary or ‘Killary’ mention camps durning her 2016 campaign. When they depose Trump, they will cull.


        1. I was told that the blue blood thing dates back to the Egyptian Pharaohs, who were not like the rest of the population but tall with pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. They were considered gods. And having very pale skin, their blue veins were pretty visible, especially on their arms. That’s where the blue blood thing comes from.
          Nothing to do with reptilians and stuff like that.

          Have you ever been to an Egyptian museum? I have a few times; the biggest one in Europe is in Turin, northern Italy. Many mummies are on display and they are clearly with blondish/reddish hair and blue eyes. Of course if you ask an archeologist or an Egyptologist they will tell you it is the result of oxidation processes within the body throughout the centuries. It’s plain bullshit like all the rest they say.


          1. Anna, how can a 5000 year old mummy have blue eyes? I’ve been in the museum of Cairo and the same statues and mummies are available in all the other “Egyptian museums” as in London or Berlin? The only thing that is for real are the pyramids. The pyramids were mentioned by ancient philosophers and are well known as the last of the seven wonders of the world. I don’t even believe the valley of the kings is real. They faked all that to multiply the output for tourists as in all the other museums. Now they claim they found ships at the pyramids? You believe that? They build a new Egyptian museum in Gizeh now near the pyramids, much bigger, build in Bauhaus style and it will be full of new “ancient” artifacts. They also build a new Cairo because the old Moloch is no longer or hardly habitable on the long term. It’s the new world, dear Anna. People are no longer allowed to keep their old life style. We’ve been in Turkey/Antalya some 15 years ago and it was still very Arabic back then. Lots of Muslims in Arabic clothes, woman in Burkas and such. We’ve been there last year again and it is no different to Frankfurt now. No Arabic people on the streets anymore. Old houses teared down and replaced with new modern blocks. The same will happen to Cairo and other similar old fashioned cities. And Corona is just a part of this project.

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    2. @ Motorhead

      “Something outside empowers them to rule over us.”

      Yep. And that “something”, or more precisely someone, are creatures living on the Moon. We saw them. We talked to them. They don’t have a third dimension body, that being a peculiarity of planets like Earth and once Mars, with quite a heavy atmosphere (Mars has much less atmosphere compared to the Earth though, but can host human life with breathing aids). But to us, they appeared with a half dense body, taller than us (over 6 ft), no hair, yellowish skin, square jaws and yellow eyes.
      They possess the elites and suck energy off mankind, we are their livestock.
      Military are working for them on the moon as they lack body density, and governments know exactly what’s going on up there.

      It’s not about the blood with those guys. The elites though think their blood is different, (it’s one of the lies these aliens told them to enslave them), and are obsessed with blood and bullshit like that. Some families descend from ancient royal lineages based in Babylon and Palestine thousands of years ago that then flew to France founding the Merovingian dynasty and therefore think they have the divine right to rule the world and do whatever pleases them with us. One of their delusions.
      A dangerous one though.
      The human sacrifices perpetrated throughout history come from those guys who need very low level energies in order to survive, but their time’s nearly over.
      They’ve been causing trouble and imbalance for thousand of years, but the new energy wants no more parasites, so they’re about to leave.
      That’s why the elites are desperate for vaccines, and plan economic catastrophes for the world. This is their last chance to finally enslave mankind and sacrifice them all to the guys they worship. They believe they’ll be spared.

      And again, I don’t care what people think when reading my comments, I know what I see and despise whoever tries to convince people that money is the only reason for the elites behavior and actions. They LIE.
      And if people really want to wake up they must start leaving their prejudice, religious beliefs and fear behind and face the truth.


        1. NASA fairy tales? I love how the masonic gang had a bunch of their schleppers involved from so many angles. Lower vibrational feeders? DOPE INC. really set the pace the past 150 years. This Scamdemic is a buffet like never before & we are only the appetizer’s presently.


    3. something outside empowers them to rule over us.

      And that something is your belief (often subconscious and very deeply ingrained) that they have the right to rule over us…with LAWS.

      withdraw your obedience by seeing that all laws are a violence and an arrogance…”all” because you cannot choose just the ones YOU happen to like.

      I find it strange how my comment above was ignored but …wait…hummm… was anyone here contacted by miles mathis’ lapdog?


    1. “One very clear change that has received publicity is that public health officials are bemoaning the sharp decline in infant vaccinations as parents are not taking their infants into pediatric offices for their regular well‐baby checks. In the May 15 issue of the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), a group of authors from the CDC and Kaiser Permanente reported a sharp decline in provider orders for
      vaccines as well as a decline in pediatric vaccine doses administered. These declines began in early march, around the time infant deaths began declining.
      This effect may not be confined to the U.S. The World Health Organization issued a press release on May 22 noting that, ‘Since March 2020, routine childhood immunization services have been disrupted on a global scale that may be unprecedented since the inception of expanded programs on immunization
      (EPI) in the 1970s.’ Are fewer children dying because their parents are skipping their routine childhood vaccines? If lives are being saved during the pandemic, this is a question that urgently needs answering.”

      Click to access Lessons-from-the-Lockdown-vF-6-17-20.pdf

      Very interesting, Susan. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Not all states are following the program. From South Dakota:

    “No child entering public or nonpublic school, or a public or nonpublic early childhood program in this state, may be required to receive any immunization or medical procedure for enrollment or entry. The Department of Health may recommend any immunization for school entry but may not require them. No school may use any coercive means to require immunization.”

    “Section 5. That a NEW SECTION be added:

    34-22-6.1. Discrimination–Immunization

    Every person has the inalienable right to bodily integrity, free from any threat or compulsion that the person accepts any medical intervention, including immunization. No person may be discriminated against for refusal to accept an unwanted medical intervention, including immunization.”


    1. ‘They are unaccounted for in the official tally, which, as of June 21, has topped 119,000 in the U.S.’ 119? Lies, damned lies and coronavirus statistics.


      1. I noticed that too lol. But I’d like to know what accounts for the NYC spike above average in years past, or how to de-spin their interpretation.


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