Pavel S. Blagov PhD is shaming us!

Predictive Behavior

I thank Steve Kelly for bringing this to our attention.

We can all either read the abstract of the body of the above paper by Pavel S. Blagov, PhD, of Whitman College, or ignore it in total. Hardly any scientific papers are read, with busy people just skimming the abstracts, if that. Blagov’s paper is deeply offensive. He is shaming people of independent mind and moral courage who do not wear face masks or engage in social distancing. How dare he!

Blagov claims that we who do not wear masks or worry about six feet tend towards  dark traits. We obviously don’t care about our fellow humans. Says Blagov, non-compliance with masks and distancing is a signal of “dark traits (esp. psychopathy, meanness, and disinhibition.”) Nowhere does intelligence and skepticism play a role.

Mr. Blagov has obviously never done a deep dive on the science behind SARS-Cov-2 or Covid-19. If he had, he would not have written this paper. Instead, he would have shed his mask and run through the streets of Walla Walla yelling “I’m free! I’m free!” He is however, among those (I am not convinced this is a majority anymore) who have blindly bought into the white lab coat authority matrix. He doesn’t know how to question things, or to use his critical thought processes.

He also commits that logical fallacy brought to our attention by Maarten … argumentum ad lapidem, or Appeal to the Stone. As that works, a person dismisses an opinion (in this case that masks are utter foolishness) as absurd without taking time to tell us exactly why it is absurd. This is so common in our modern era, has it always been so? Use of the term “denier”, as with Covid and Climate Change skeptics, is a good example of argumentum ad lapidem.*

Speaking for myself, I have nothing but sympathy for the poor schmucks who are afraid of something they cannot see, touch, smell or feel. I don’t dislike them, and understand that news and public officials have played on their sense of fear to create this Zombie apocalypse we are witnessing. But what am I to do? Go along with them so they are not offended? I have wondered as the world slowly comes to its senses how much tolerance I am going to have for fear and stupidity. I suppose within family a lot, but outside, in stores and on streets? I simply ignore it all now. I hope I am always able to do so, even as I know that the medical Nazis are just dying to make these stupid rules mandatory for all.

There are a lot of PhDs around. Just as with white lab coats, I do not take those letters as an indication of intelligence or authority. People have to put up substance, and Blagov has not. He likes authority, it seems.

However, let’s pretend he can think properly and reason. I will link him to three sources (kindly given us by Dr. Tim O’Shea, whom I’ve been following since the beginning or this classic psyop).

From the World Health Organization: “the wide use of masks by healthy people … is not supported by current evidence and carries uncertainties and critical risks…. There is no current evidence to make a recommendation for or against their use.”

From Centers for Disease Control: “Currently we are not finding any data that can quantify risk reduction from the use of masks”, a CDC spokesperson told Reuters.”

From the British Medical Journal: “Face masks make breathing more difficult.For people with COPD, face masks are in fact intolerable to wear as they worsen their breathlessness.  Moreover, a fraction of carbon dioxide previously exhaled is inhaled at each respiratory cycle.”

It does not get more mainstream.

I am going for a haircut here in a few minutes. A sign on the door says they will take my temperature, and of course, I will have to wear my “This Mask is Useless” mask. The health Nazis just keep pushing and pushing. They seem intent that we not so much buy in, but rather in public show our subservience and compliance. That is all this is about, 2+2=5.

I’ll go on memory here: Towards the end of the book 1984, Winston Smith is convinced that 2+2 really does equal 5. That is after he was tortured. Prior to that time, 2+2=5 was something that people believed in public but wondered about in private. They did not dare question it in public. As with masks, surely everyone who suffers through the long day behind these tools of ignorance wonders now and then … “is this really necessary?” But they do not dare rebel.

Blagov has obviously set his own dignity aside, his own ability to think rationally, and allowed the medical Nazis to own his perceptions.

We had plans to spend our 25th anniversary next month in Juneau. We found out this week that Juneau Airport will not let us leave the building unless we prove that we have tested negative for Covid-19 or have a positive antibody test. Again, they keep pushing. Both of those tests are bogus, and the Covid-19 test is a risk to personal freedom. A (false) positive results in 14-day quarantine, and possible jail time for violation. So we are canceling our reservations. It is too risky. Instead, we will drive somewhere, back to Montana for some hiking and camping. That was how and where we met.

I hope I have permission to reprint the following comment from earlier this week that really made my day, my week, my month. It is from an old Montana blogging acquaintance, Big Swede:

Big Swede

Here’s what else I found regarding state requirements for face masks and other such insults to our intelligence:

Montana 4

What a bunch of psychopaths up there in Montana, right Pavel S. Blagov, PhD? Right? God how I miss my home state sometimes.

* “The name of this fallacy, as I read it, is derived from a famous incident in which Dr. Samuel Johnson claimed to disprove Bishop Berkeley’s immaterialist philosophy (that there are no material objects, only minds and ideas in those minds) by kicking a large stone and asserting, “I refute it thus.””

17 thoughts on “Pavel S. Blagov PhD is shaming us!

  1. In another “study” Blagov appears to be creating (out of thin air, IMO) categories of traits that would normally not require clinical treatment. He’s probably a gifted grant-writer, ambitious, hyper-competitive and clever. Originally from Bulgaria, perhaps he’s found the “formula” for American success and is maximizing his financial opportunity at the expense of the wide variation in individual patients. The technocracy meets capitalism, meets digital/algorithmic analysis. In other words, we can create a box for everything. Bye bye human, hello simulacra.

    Click to access SWAP_6._under_the_axis_II_radar.pdf

    “We undertook this study to identify empirically subthreshold personality constellations (SPC), forms of personality pathology that are not severe enough to warrant a PD
    diagnosis in the DSM-IV-TR (APA, 2000) but that may
    nevertheless require therapeutic attention. SPC are related
    conceptually to the “neurotic styles” that fell off the diagnostic
    radar screen in the 1960s. The notion dates back to Freud
    (1931–1959), Abraham (1921–1927, 1924 –1927, 1925–1927),
    and Reich (1933–1978), who wrote about character styles that
    predisposed individuals to respond to life challenges with particular symptoms.”

    Blagov and his study partners appear to be creating SPC (subthreshold personality constellations) out of thin air, ie. making up shit as you get more funding, to do more studies. This seems to be what techno-science is all about these days. Studying the complexities of individuals left the room decades ago. Damn the anthroposphere ( anyway!


  2. It’s all jobs for the boys.
    Nice little earners for the rest of your working life.
    Reality has nothing to do with it.


  3. Once upon a time, when I still carried some hope that somehow logic thinking would make the difference, somebody, a psychologist, told me that I had was suffering from a syndrome called hyper-realism. I had told her about my conviction that HIV was a hoax and she met my arguments with the label: Hyper-realism. To her I was lost, floating around with my sick mind, far beyond the reach of normal, well thinking people. Does this hyper-realism theory sound familiar to any of you?

    They: Corona is a great danger for al humans!

    Me: I don’t think so. No virus was ever isolated, it’s all a scam made up by the wealthy and brought to us by well payed slaves who cannot think for themselves.

    They: Filthy hyper-realist!!!

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  4. Question: a friend says he knows of a couple people in their 70s who were ill, tested positive, put on ventilators and died. They “were having trouble breathing” so needed the ventilators.

    The claim I guess is that these people were suffering beyond the breathing issues of most flu cases.. Or in a different way? Or do serious flu cases end up on ventilators? Since the ventilators are said to have such a poor success rate, it makes me wonder if there’s a parallel between a “treatment” like AZT and these ventilators. OTOH, why would docs and nurses use ventilators differently with “covid” than they do with flu? If one hypothesizes that these individuals had flu or something else, and not a new-fangled virus. Are docs and nurses being given bad guidance on how to treat “covid” patients, vs what they did before.


    1. Because hospital personnel are scared of the virus, just like all of the masked people around, and thinking it is an airborne threat, they were/are as a matter of policy intubating new patients, putting them on ventilators, which requires anesthesia, thereby causing their deaths. It’s manslaughter.


      1. ‘’Manslaughter’’ more and more is what I’m leaning towards as a reasonable explanation for a lot of these ‘’COVID deaths.’’ The testing is clearly rigged. I don’t know exactly how the scam works, but my guess is that a certain portion of the tests are predetermined ‘’positive,’’ no matter what.

        Once an elderly and/ or sick person tests positive and is isolated, it seems they receive little to no medical care at all other than supplemental oxygen or a ventilator. They are muzzled 24/7, isolated from their families, poisoned with chemicals, hand sanitizers, etc and then left to die alone on ventilators.

        One thing is for sure: anyone with symptoms of ‘’coronavirus’’ (or just about any disease) would be better off staying far away from ‘’COVID testing sites’’ and hospitals in general.


        1. Absolutely. Doctors, clinics, hospitals are dangerous. If you must see one, make sure in advance that there will be no threat of the test. It can cost you your freedom.


      2. Thanks, that sounds plausible. The additional downside of this is that now my friend “knows people whose parents died of covid.” So he thinks the media narrative is being validated. Becomes even more invested in it.


  5. And there’s the extra charge for using the equipment. Hospitals are trying to show a profit with a lot less outpatient surgery and care throughout the shutdown, which is what “pays the piper.” It’s now assholes and elbows now trying to take care of the “backlog.” Some hospitals probably won’t make it. The monopoly grows, the big get bigger, richer.


  6. Here’s a list of 15 countries adopting a new “COVI-PASS” PASSPORT!
    “By all measures, the strategy has proven wildly successful and VST now enjoys strong favor in the highest circles of the UK government as evidenced by the ringing endorsement of former Prime Minister Theresa May, prominently displayed on the COVI-PASS website. More practically, VST now has a direct partnership with the UK government and has secured contracts to deploy its technology in 15 countries, including Italy, Portugal, France, India, the US, Canada, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands.” – Raul Diego

    Alaska is out. Canadian border is closed. Guess I can add 15 new countries to my no-go list. With my already likely pathetic “Dragonfly” social credit score it looks like foreign travel is getting to be more trouble than it’s worth. Tourism is dead!


    1. I found a list of twelve countries that are open, but most insisted on a Covid-19 negative test or positive antibody test, both of which are bogus. In addition, if we went to one of these places, we’d have to get back into the US, and that too is subject to bogus testing, a severe threat to personal liberty, you know, our inalienable rights.


  7. Here in Yakima County, the governor’s “No mask, no service” proclamation (not codified in any law btw) went into effect yesterday and businesses were required to turn away any non-mask wearers at the door of all establishments under the threat of fines from the department of labor and industries(I find it hard to believe these fines would hold up in court if challenged). I had not tested this until this morning and was disappointed to find all were in fact colluding with this dictatorial state government and refused me service when I refused to wear a mask. I cheerfully parted with “Have fun in Nazi Germany” and left. My mask wearing family still inside said the cashier then called security, stating that she felt threatened by my language and actions. I was long gone before anyone showed up though.


      1. Thank you Mark, my county is considered by Gov. Inslee to be the worst for Covid-19 in Washington state and we’re getting the most draconian treatment. So I got prepared when saw the test facilities popping up all over the Valley and masked zombies turning out for a faulty test so they could get their 600$ a week and not have to work. Lot’s of food in my freezer and pantry, I have a garden that’s doing well and a steer in my pasture that will be ready to butcher in the fall. It will take creativity and self-discipline, qualities TBTB seem to want to breed out of us, but I will not submit to this mask idiocy.

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        1. I’ve been through and done with the political parties, raised Republican, bouncing to Democrat, becoming disenchanted, and working for Ralph Nader in 2000 and 2004. This was in Montana. I was thoroughly disgusted most of all with liberal Democrats. Republicans I decided were like Paul Simon’s elephants in his song At the Zoo, “kindly but dumb.” The effective head of the Montana Democratic Party was then-Senator now-Ambassador Max Baucus. He was/is a creep, a smarmy stuttering fool, a philanderer who played with his rod on his staff. I could not have been more disheartened and disgusted as I was with him and his staff, all manipulative and cynical.

          So I see all around me varying degrees of oppression, and see that states and cities with more “liberal Democrats” in charge tend to be more authoritarian. So it does not surprise me that your governor, Jay Inslee, is a creep and tyrant who easily goes beyond the bounds of his real authority. Up the road from us is the city of Boulder, Colorado, long a liberal paradise, where they now require all citizens to wear masks, indoor and outdoor, all the time. It is oppressive!

          Political parties are not intellectual hangouts, just places where smart people manipulate dumb people. If forced to join one, I would easily be a Republican, kindly but dumb. Liberal Democrats are among the worst two-footed animals around.

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