Dystopia and death by overdose of Purell

I am sitting in the Cmon Inn in Casper, Wyoming. I am up very early, my norm, and so left our room so I don’t disturb my wife and grandson. Thus do I observe the background workings of a motel, surely following the dictates of Mrs. Wilson’s second grade class at Broadview elementary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. This, I have decided, must be the source of all of the stupid procedures businesses must follow.

People are walking around in masks with buckets and mops following, scrubbing every floor, counter and exposed surface. Bottles of spray disinfectant are all around. If we die of any foreign agent in the coming months, it will be Purell.

It is a scene from a dystopian movie. These are germophobes, convinced that microbial alians are all about and able to attack. Fear is omnipresent. Our menus last night at Texas Roadhouse were wet, with Purell.

How can people live like this? What will this incessant unrelenting fear do to them? They were already addled by schooling and media. This has to be the final chapter, the end of the sentient human, the beginning of paranoid robots passing as alive.

Big Swede has given us the next chapter, a new strain of swine flu discovered in China (remember 1976, anyone?). This must be our future, one strain after another, new lockdowns, masks and distancing in perpetuity, only a few of us hanging on to our wits and sanity.

The world as we knew it, such as it was, is ended. This is our new reality. I am told that Montana, our destination, is crawling now with refugees of the big cities, looking for escape from the insanity. I can only remind them that the state’s governor, Steve Bullock, quarantined the state during the worst of the violations of civil liberties. Montana might be a trap. He might do it again once we are safely inside the borders. Bullock too is a sinister and monstrous creep. And a liberal Democrat.

Montana right now places no restrictions concerning face masks or social distancing. It feels like a trap. Isn’t this what O’Brien did to Winston Smith, enticing him with escape?

One of our commenters in Washington, where the governor has ordered all businesses to stop entry of non-masked patrons, refused to don the mask. He was turned away and said “Welcome to Nazi Germany” or something like that. The masked moron guarding the entrance called the police, claiming he had threatened her. He had long left the premises.

It isn’t long now before “If you see something say something” becomes the norm, snitches all about, contact tracing on every device. I have turned off location services on my iPad, which does not have cellular. I will turn my IPhone off and stick it in the back of the truck. Yet, why do I suspect that such moves are false security? We are, after all, now in a dystopian universe. Fascism arrived, wearing a white lab coat. I never saw it coming.

PS: We planned this trip with our grandson around a stay at Pebble Creek Campground in Yellowstone National Park. According to the Park website, it was to open on July 1st. Today we got to the park entrance and found the campground information sign said Pebble was closed. I asked the ranger, he had no idea why. I told him the website said open, he shrugged. He was wearing a mask, the moron. The only campgrounds open are way down in the south part of the park, which we avoid due to crowds and heat. So we rushed around today and got motel reservations here in Cooke City. We’ll end ip camping one night, at Island Lake high up on the Beartooth Plateau. The grandson is resilient, thankfully. Nothing phases him.

There is no sane reason for any of this – they are making our lives difficult for some reason having nothing to do with any virus. It would be easier to deal with if people were not such sheep.

25 thoughts on “Dystopia and death by overdose of Purell

  1. https://www.wired.com/story/covid-19-contact-tracing-apple-google/

    And here’s the app that will track, trace, and “snitch” on anyone with a “history” of whatever the little satanic darlings do not like about what we are doing today. It’s probably on your phone already, waiting for your consent to activate. They’d never do that without your permission, right?

    “If you use iOS, open Settings and select Privacy, Health, and Covid-19 Exposure Logging. Again, you can turn this logging on or off and read some more information about how it works. To get rid of the random IDs that are stored on your phone, tap the Delete Exposure Log option at the bottom.” Check your phone, see what you’ve got?

    Update https://www.wired.co.uk/article/nhs-covid-19-tracking-app-contact-tracing


  2. Washington’s Gov first let out 1100 prisoners because of convid then he proclaimed mandatory mask wearing for both inside and outside homes and businesses. Non-wearers would be subject to a $1000 fine.

    Which didn’t sit well with one Logan county Sheriff.

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  3. I’m not surprised at all by that “Welcome to Nazi Germany” to be honest.

    Nazi Germany was a product of the American based families we all know, who financed Hitler throughout his dictatorship and war period and helped him escape once the war was lost.
    Yep, Hitler survived and flew to South America, where he had children and died in the 70s. But that’s another story (well, not really, as Angela Merkel is one of Hitler’s children, her bio totally made up of course. She knows who she is, obviously, she wouldn’t have been Germany’s Chancellor for so long otherwise).
    George Steiner’s book “The portage to St. Cristobal of Adolf Hitler” is a very interesting one.
    The Paperclip operation soon after the war saw all the Nazi officers transferred to the US and protected, thanks to the Vatican also. Werner Von Braun became as you know the first NASA Director.
    Need I say more?

    We all should have seen it coming.
    It’s called Karma.
    Who will save the United States and the rest of the world now?

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    1. Werner was the director of the Marshall space flight center. The first administrator of NASA was movie studio executive named t. Keith glennan.

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      1. “Werner was the director of the Marshall space flight center.”

        And still a Nazi brought to America and protected as a “scientist”.

        Shit is shit even when it looks like chocolate, SMJ.

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        1. Relax, I know bullshit when I see it. My point was it was a movie studio executive that hired von braun. Von braun got his start in the movie business too of course, but I digress.

          Bytheway, I don’t know if the “italian von braun” was a Nazi but he actually started the asi with a particle chaser. His name was Luigi Broglio. For real(per the narrative)louis the fraud, the Italian von braun, started the asi.

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        2. Nazi eugenics was born in England with Sir Francis Galton (half cousin of Darwin) Exported to the USA (My state Washington was one that enacted sterilization legislation in 1909) experimented with by the third reich and appears to have come back home to roost with the good ole US of A.

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          1. Galton taught us to say eugenics and gregor(y) bateson’s father taught us to say genetics. Charles galton darwin was quite the eugenicist as was his uncle Leonard of course…

            “In 1912, Leonard Darwin, son of naturalist Charles Darwin, held the First International Congress of Eugenics in London. More than three hundred people from England, Europe, and the US attended his conference. The growing support for eugenics in the next decade prompted the Eugenics Record Office of Cold Spring Harbor and the American Museum of Natural History to sponsor the 1921 Second International Congress of Eugenics in New York, New York. Scientist Alexander G. Bell served as honorary president. During the Second International Congress of Eugenics, Irving Fisher from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, proposed the American Eugenics Society. Fisher stressed a need for a widespread eugenics education in the US. With that proposal, Osborn, president of the International Congress, appointed an Interim Committee that worked on the AES until its formal incorporation on 30 January 1926. Fisher served as the society’s first president. Davenport, director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, was the first vice president. Among the Society’s presidents, Laughlin, who served as president from 1927 to 1929, promoted eugenical sterilization in the early twentieth century US.”


            Charles galton darwin studied under the father of nuclear psience and neils bohr. When bohr wasn’t theorizing about quanta he tried to bring the Orwellian concept of complementarity to biology. Bohr was one of the particle chasers that inspired schrodinger’s genetic code presumption. The other particle chaser that inspired schrodinger, Delbrück, set up the phage group at cold spring harbor. Hershey would then prove dna was the hereditary mechanism there using viruses, isotopes, and a feckin kitchen blender. james Watson ran the place for decades of course.

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            1. I’m sure it’s not suspicious at all that the American Eugenics Society re branded itself twice, first to the Society for the Study of Social Biology and finally the Society for Biodemography and Social Biology. Probably not because they wanted to conceal the fact their bizarre and Malthusian agenda never really changed. I’m also pretty sure they and organizations like them don’t have any connection to the current scam-demic and the mass re-ordering of societal structure, that’s not something that would interest them at all.

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    2. Vatican City need’s to be mentioned WWII theater, the betrayal of the regular German folk, & humanity at large.


    1. Swede – I keep a running total in my head, former CPA you know, and at any time I can tell you exactly how many people have died from SARS-Cov-2, or Covid-19 in the entire world. Right now in fact, I have the number written down here somewhere … in this mess somewhere. Let me look around here. Oh yeah, here it is. Found the slip of paper: -0-.


  4. What’s interesting about my story of being turned away at the grocery store is that after I left my dad and brother where still in line listening to the cashier giving her statement to store security not knowing we were related in anyway. At one point the other cashier who was a witness chimed in “Well I don’t think that guy actually threatened you.” Right she was, just trying to warn anybody who can’t see where this is all going and let the know I will not be participating to the furthest extent that is possible.

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  5. I just wrote to the governor of Wyoming today … you know, on my iPad waiting to get on the road. I told him that I thought he must be thrilled with everything going on, that he and his people must think it is 1939 again. What joy! I asked if his office bursts out in song now and then … Springtime for Hitler in Germany!

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    1. The reductio ad Hitlerum is equally as cogent as the argumentum ad lapidem.

      IOW, there are better ways to make a point.


      1. Point taken. Aka Godwin’s Law. Still, I like the idea of people busily going about their work humming “Springtime for Hitler in Germany” and giggling and high-fiving one another saying “1939 again! Don’t blow it this time!”

        I’d like from you a succinct and effective way of approaching the brainwashed masses. As I used to say of my oldest brother, God rest his soul, “There are many ways to approach him. None work.”

        Enlighten me, please. You’re going the wrong way on a freeway. How do you convince anyone to turn around? We are a small force of no impact, every door blocked, every dunce sure we are the dunces,. We must be content in pursuit of truth, as there is nothing else for us. So please, don’t suggest there are better ways when there are no ways.

        No one ever said this road was easy or that it does not require moral courage, something rare. But the thing about moral courage is this: It is really painful in practice. There is nothing easy about it, no rewards. Still, again, enlighten me.

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        1. In all my years, I have never seen anyone change his mind because a zealot called him fascist/racist/sexist … If anything, name-calling hardens people in their attitudes.

          So, better than doing something counterproductive is to do nothing.

          Quiet, dignified dissent wins more hearts than Hitler analogies. The times in my life that I changed my mind on major issues were due to finding out that someone I respected held the opposite position. When that person explained his views with kindness, patience, and openness to questions, I was able to reassess my own position more intelligently.

          You don’t help your cause at all by treating strangers as dunces. Or friends as enemies.

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            1. You feel passionately. We all do. It’s the question of how to treat others. Our side receives such terrible treatment that honestly, I see where it is justified to treat the other side badly.

              Don’t take Maarten’s comment too much to heart. It’s true, the quiet way would be the route to win people over, but that requires that they be open to being won over. Right now, we’re very far from that. It’s why things are so frustrating right now for dissenters like us. These are tough times.

              Mark me down as a zealot on this one. I don’t think it’s an insult here when the mainstream has gone so absolutely bonkers.

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