“COVID-19 is over” says Stanford Epidemiologist

This post is basically one giant way for me to beg you to head over to the Twitter page of Ethical Skeptic. This guy has a Master’s Degree in Epidemiology from Stanford specializing in Infectious Diseases, and his charts and graphs on Twitter tear the mainstream narrative absolutely to shreds. He is the best resource to send people as a mainstream way to explain to people why the current hysteria is nothing but hype.

Visit this guy. He is worth it, and he will be hugely useful to anyone trying to explain to skeptics why this coronavirus situation is a fraud. His latest charts and graphs are below, but there is much more great content.

His comment regarding the second wave? “This is perception spinning and cannot last forever.” This guy is a dynamite source, and all our readers should be aware of him. More below.

Among the main points that Ethical Skeptic takes on are:

  • SARS-CoV-2 fatality rate, which he shows as being a maximum of 0.3% (less than influenza!!!)
  • The second wave is entirely made up of a huge surge in testing
  • The rate of positives is down
  • Hospitalization is down
  • Fatality is down
  • COVID-19 season tracked exactly with flu season and ended June 6th
  • There has been rampant data manipulation, something he personally deconstructs wherever he finds it.


This post will not sit well with those who still believe the entire situation is fraudulent, but I have to say I still think this position is not entirely indefensible.

Please visit Ethical Skeptic, and send people to his page whenever in need of a solid source to undermine the mainstream narrative! He has the education that the sleeping masses require before they start listening, and his analysis is totally within mainstream bounds.

36 thoughts on ““COVID-19 is over” says Stanford Epidemiologist

  1. It’s a cold, guys. Do not forget. It’s a cold. At worst. And this season is over.

    We are going to have to deal with this every cold/flu season, but there is reason for optimism. They are finally down to their last gasp in trying to paint a totally false picture. This second wave only exists on paper. There is no scientific support for it. And the illness itself is thoroughly debunked as being anything more fatal than flu. This could support the idea that it IS reclassified cold/flu.

    How interesting that we are now seeing reports of a supposed “pandemic flu” they have waiting in the wings? Gosh, what a stunner. They are naked and shameless in their attempts to frighten the masses into submission.

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    1. Sounds like there’s a brand new phenonenon, Easter Flu which coincidentally arrived when governments worldwide started locking people up. Wait until Northern Hemisphere winter comes and the process starts again.


      1. Diseases are not caused by microbes, viruses. They are caused by physically and /or psychologically traumatic events. Translate the events that have occurred during this stupid covid scam, then you know why people have all reasons to become seriously ill.


        1. Not wanting to derail the thread, I always understood why this New Germanic Medicine theory was compelling with regard to diseases like cancer…but I never understood it with regard to seasonal colds and flu. Why would psychological trauma cause seasonal cold and flu, which is a very real thing?

          Do not think I am caught up by the mainstream. I have considered theories such as past life trauma resulting in illnesses during the current life. This is far “out there”, so I am open minded here.

          With that said…like many, I really did suffer from an unusual head cold around December when whispers of coronavirus were coming out of China. I really just fail to see how psychological trauma could possibly be held up broadly as the explanation to ALL illness, and especially seasonal cold and flu. I always worry about theories that try to say that they explain everything. At a certain point, it feels like they invariably end up trying to twist facts to fit the theory instead of twisting the theory to fit facts. I could believe New Germanic Medicine in certain areas, but as some kind of all-encompassing explanation I really struggle with it.

          I truly do not mean to offend, and I am always open to evidence.

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          1. Well, something happened to you let’s say a week or so before you “caught your cold”. Think in terms of something unexpected, unpleasant, that made you worrying. The phase if the illness with symptoms like fever, headache, coughing etc. is the period in which the body recovers from the physical changes in the body, caused by the unpleasant event and which we call the stress-phase.


            1. But why does it happen so predictably along seasonal lines? Does NGM still allow for those kinds of factors?


              1. Christmas and New Year are very stressful times of the year for a lot of people. Not because of the weather, which may play it’s role (some people are depressive during the winter months), but family problems are also not to be ignored. Some time ago the was a national survey in France asking people how they experienced x-mas. Almost 50% answered: terrible, disaster, etc……


                1. Some have talked about our connectivity to one another, as women living together whose menstrual cycles harmonize. Winter, a change in weather and light patterns, a year of accumulation of toxins, and we tend of harmonize as well, one setting off another … we are far more connected than we realize.

                  I had an older brother, deeply troubled, who went off to live with another brother in another town, a priest, in a house with other priests, cooks and such, meetings with parishioners usually going on. He was finally sent back to live at home again, as the entire household was becoming depressed due to his presence. He was affecting everyone.


                  1. Yes, cycles harmonize. It’s really influenced by the moon. 28 days normally. I had a girlfriend who got used to sleep without curtains so as to let then moonlight freely enter the room. The result was a striking monthly period exactly according to the moon.


          2. The German New Medicine is the perfect tool to get ourselves out of the claws of the totally derailed nonsense mainstream approach. It is perfect because it is understandable and accessible for everybody who’s willing to spend time and energy in a thorough study of the subject.


            1. I want to believe, I just don’t see it as a convincing explanation for all illness. Some, maybe. All? I’m not sure anything will ever explain all illness. Germ theory especially.


          3. I had a terrible cold, way different than usual; around Christmas. Most of my family had it as well. We said at the time that we could never remember a Christmas when EVERYONE was sick.


            1. Yeah, I’ve never been hard on the “it’s totally made up” side of this one. Mostly because I also had such an experience (a weird cold), as did many around then. It may have been a bad cold, but that’s all it was. A cold.

              Society is off the deep end on this one. These are hard times to be a mainstream dissenter. We aren’t just treated with absolutely zero respect, we are basically treated like terrorists.

              It’s no joke. We aren’t just disrespected, we are treated as though we are killing people. For the non-elderly, this is exactly what the immune system is for and why it is not problematic to get sick.

              Let’s not forget that allergies are through the roof ever since the Western world has been raising their children in a bubble with Purell cleanser. If we start panicking about getting colds, we are being set up for a future where we are under total control. Sad days, these are.

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            2. British scientists knew of this in Sept 2019(youtube search) and it took time to get to Britain from China. This was released from China in July or August 2019 and we have approached the 1 year anniversary of c19..

              I had something early this year before when the US said covid landed. The symptoms were not mild for 1 day and consisted of very dry persistent cough. About 3 days later, I was back to about 90% and while it zapped me harder than most colds it was not the worst.

              Another guy had it in Dec. Facebook had many people saying they were getting something they had never had before with covid like symptoms but I really didnt at that time think it was feasible because covid supposedly was not in the US at that time. I think it was after listening to the British scientists saying they knew about it in Sept.2019.

              We are about at 1 year of covid being on the planet with 800Kish deaths out of 8 billion people and that is ________1________ death per ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people. Of those that did die, 90% were in the 60+ age group.

              Look at all the phony “covid” deaths of people in advanced age. If they have the guts to call it covid when somebody is over 100 then they will call it covid if they are saying 70 too way more likely.

              Bunker up people….what old age “couldn’t do” covid is now doing:





              Here’s how “deadly” covid is:

              Search for all the covid deaths at age 106! Good luck, nearly everybody survives it EVEN

              AT THAT ADVANCED AGE!!

              Also, watch out if you are travelling really fast on a motorcycle without a helmet. The

              covid deaths are very deadly for motorcycle accidents.


              Brazil reporting fraud too:

              Why is the video removed? Of all of the goofy videos on the internet who fall apart on

              because of their lack of merit, why are videos being censored? It is a blatant admission

              of truth:


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              1. we have a rule that comments with more than two links go to moderation. Yours has seven. I am trying to make sense of it, as you seem to be saying that the virus is real, and at the same time that it is so mild that only geriatrics die of it. Is your main thrust that the virus is real then?

                No matter. I need to know how your comment got through with seven links. Something smells.


  2. Some eminent scientists in Italy have been saying the same thing for weeks now, and everyone in the msm ignores them of course.
    The Italian government is even talking openly about a preventive lockdown to be put into effect from September onwards. The official reason obviously is to prevent a new Covid spike in autumn, the real reason being that many people are not getting their welfare and are on the verge to revolt against the government and assault banks, supermarkets and cops. Enough is enough. We’re close to a civil war here.
    They think a lockdown is gonna stop us, poor idiots!

    So the Covid bullshit ain’t over, at least over here.


  3. As we’ve said from the beginning, a normal cold and flu season piggybacked by a fake new virus. If there are excess deaths this year, they were cause by hospitals and nursing homes, intubations and respirators, a horrid lonely death for many old people, iatrogenic. Dark Ages stuff.

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  4. By the way, two intriguing links I received from Stephers below, the second of which I’ll read while traveling today claiming that the virus is not contagious, a place I landed my brain in the past few weeks. Can’t wait to dive into that one.

    The first link is a long and well-referenced piece done in journalistic style essentially saying that the RT-PCR test should not be used in epidemiology, as it was not designed for that purpose, and that, anyway, SARS-Cov-2 was never isolated, so what whatever PCR is looking for must be some fragment of RNA of unknown origin. My view, more sinister than most, is that the disappearance of Kary Mullis last August as a necessary element in a large hoax, planned well in advance, where a fake pandemic inserting a new and novel virus into normal cold and flu season would be rolled out by news media, hyped by news media and public health officials, and fried on the brain of every poor schmuck who relies on mainstream media for news, all of it fake. Larger objectives include the end of large social gatherings, the end of facial reading and recognition, destruction of the varied world economies (seen as inevitable anyway), and creation of a Zombie culture of people whose reasoning skills have long been stifled by schooling, media and sports, a kind of permanent new dystopia referred to as the new normal. The is the rise of the virus, meant now to be permanent, with those buying in capable of emitting a tortuous and hideous screams as seen in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. We’re cooked, just a few of us hanging on, maybe needing to colonize.




    1. It strikes me as incredibly meaningful that the alternate theory of viruses is that they are a non-contagious bodily artifact that arise as a result of environmental toxicity. This is so meaningful because the places we have seen unusual coronavirus responses are environmentally unique places such as meat packing plants and prisons. If we were truly being scientific and following the evidence, we would be exploring environmental causes to PCR test responsiveness. It makes a lot of sense, based on the evidence. I hypothesized as much when I said that they chose a virus that they knew would be responsive to certain conditions, so that the fake pandemic would seem to be playing out exactly along the lines they had predicted.

      Instead, such environmental explanations are totally dismissed and they try to make the square peg of virology fit into the round hole of real data.

      I definitely do not think it is outside the realm of possibility that they timed a fear campaign around cold and flu season, jacked up the numbers as best they could, possibly boosted cold and flu season itself somehow, and now they have this effective boogeyman that they will be able to bring out whenever they choose to. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world out there.


      1. At the base of it was financial collapse, inevitably anyway. In 2008 they blamed the housing crisis, this time a virus. They tacked on other things they wanted accomplish, maybe 5G, maybe getting rid of things they don’t like anyway, like currency and coal. The Climate Change agenda lurks behind the scenes.

        Masking and distancing … are social control, social agenda writ large, basic changes in the way we interact, no more gatherings, no more facial readings of one another. That’s just weird. We are isolated atoms.

        In Boulder, CO, I heard on a podcast, they used laws against disturbance to legalize entering homes and apartments where more than ten had gathered. Have they followed through? I don’t know, but the high correlation between liberals and Gestapo tactics is, while not surprising, distressing. The morally smug are running the show in those places. They disgust me. I first noticed them when Obama became president … by whatever means. They adopted the attitude “I voted for a black man” as a symbol of their moral superiority. They were unbearably smug. And stupid.

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        1. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/voices/george-floyds-autopsy-and-the-structural-gaslighting-of-america/

          This article explains global, structural gas-lighting techniques quite well. I could as easily be applied to global warming, global pandemic, world war, etc. Time for some personal “house cleaning,” inside and out to train our minds, bodies and souls to trust our God-given instincts when the next “wave” of psychotic bullshit is launched. Gaslighting understood is its antidote. Keep it coming, POM-ers.

          I can “see” through the man–made fog that surrounds Washington, D.C., the City of London, Basil Switzerland, the Vatican and the Crown quite clearly now. Soon, others will too. If the current generation of feudal lords weren’t fearful, then why go to all the trouble and expense to deceive and obfuscate?

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          1. That article is a remarkable example of misdirection. It uses truth to buoy bullshit. The author writes about the power of the medical community to distort reality, and how the authority of the white lab coat is used to by the powerful to oppress the masses. The article uses this truth–confession?–to make the fiction of Floyd’s death seem more real, and wraps it in the pretentious virtue-signalling that’s proven to be so effective in cutting people off from their intellect and instincts. One way I step away from my anger, fear and despair is to simply admire the craftsmanship of the propagandists. It’s almost elegant.


        2. Mark,

          “Crises” have always been used as a power grab by govts. This is a gradual, maybe sharp move to the NWO.

          The NWO isnt some fiction you heard about on some conspiracy website but is the 5h seal mentioned in Revelation. The antichrist(who looks like Jesus with all the miracles) will arrive on the __6th seal_ 6th trump and 6th vial, to repair the NWO.

          This just shows NWO /socialism into communism even fails even as the bible says it will. Satan/antichrist will come to repair the NWO.

          This isnt in our time tho but a few hundred years down the road.

          Listen to Kat Kerr “Mark of the Beast” video if interested around about something like 22-25 minutes.

          Colton Burpo(youtube video) also reveals at about 1:00 in his talk of armageddon that it is a long ways off.


  5. The idea of contagious diseases is a political tool, used over centuries to get rid of people to grab their properties. There are no contagious diseases at all, it was all made up. Today, with the internet, we can do our own research and use the trivium and quadrivium principle find out what is really going on.


  6. Hey everyone I just learned about a Covid tracing app that was installed on all Apple and Android phones in that update we all got a few days ago. It’s supposed to anonymous…yeah right. This video explains it all very well

    (this is the only video from this guy I’ve seen, I can’t speak for any of his other content)

    I have turned off my location and bluetooth, hopefully this will keep it from working. I want to hear other thoughts on this from all you big brains at POM.


    1. If you don’t want to watch the video, just go in to settings and then google settings(on Android) and you’ll see it right there plain as day.


        1. Thanks, Swede. Of course, media buried the quote for maximum panic: “They were keen to stress that the virus is not an immediate problem, however.”


  7. 2nd wave doesn’t mean 2nd lock down. Looks like from the charts, the end of March to the beginning of May were the high points, so about 5 or 6 weeks total. I talked and questioned many people thru out this fiasco and still don’t have any solid answers which says it all, however I am now seeing much speculation, fear mongering and manipulation. I’m also seeing my town in Illinois getting back to normal, stores and businesses doing well. Seeing lots of new trucks and cars out there! Some people are wearing masks and some are not. That’s all I can bring to the table for results and my own opinion as to what is going on, just what i’m seeing and hearing in person with my own eyes and ears.
    Your town may be different.


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