Meme Wars

I stumbled across this meme a few days ago on Twitter, and got a very good laugh out of it. What do y’all think? This led me to wondering if any of our readers have found any memes that they find especially compelling. What are some of the best memes, images, etc. that you have found out there? Anything that accurately conveys the absurdity of the coronavirus hysteria is much appreciated. Please share in the comments.

Not all memes are created equal, and it is actually very important to use the most compelling ones to best undermine the insanity that we are up against.

18 thoughts on “Meme Wars

  1. Conversely, this is one you see a lot on the PRO-mask side, and I really just can’t believe that they think it’s compelling. Because you know, everyone is just running around pissing on each other, and thank God we have pants otherwise we would just be pissing all over each other.

    Anyone who uses this meme with a straight face terrifies me. It’s also shows how they are trying to reduce people back into an infantile stage of development. Instead of being an adult and being capable of covering your sneezes, you have to wear a mask just in case you might sneeze and because you are not trusted to be an adult and cover up your sneeze. That is really my biggest issue with masks. Adults have always been expected to cover up their sneezes. If anything, masks encourage people to freely sneeze into the mask without further covering your sneeze into your sleeve or elbow. This is how the masks are actually counterintuitive.

    Anyway, I’ll be right back. I’ve got some people to go piss on…

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  2. The concept of meme itself is interesting. Dawkins used it, applying evolution theory to concepts, stating these are spreading and competing like viruses. Viruses are quite a big thing these days…
    Some background about the meme war is presented by Alexandra, the cult of KEK, that green frog. It doesn’t matter if you believe the Bible stuff, TPTB draw from it all day. Video, just jump in somewhere, it’s worth the time:


  3. I’ve been studying memetics/memetic engineering and the weaponization of memes for the past couple years. As I am intrigued by the concept of “thought contagion” – particularly in light of this current coronavirus scenario (mind control operation), I have been tracking visual memes (as has been presented here by Fauxlex, and is the most current application of memetics). The KEK memes were the initial “kick-off” to the widespread use of visual memes. The spread/transmission of visual memes on the Internet via social media has been part of a massive data mining operation to assess the collective behavior of the masses, and to use machine learning to help steer society in a particular direction. In this way, the visual memes act as a “carrier wave” to artificially evolve society. It’s a brilliant and highly efficient method of social engineering, as we are witnessing. This is a military document outlining memes used in psychological warfare.


  4. Wish my wordpress app allowed me to edit my comments after I’ve posted them AND (and most importantly) allowed me to add images such as this one does.

    Thank you for being


    1. If you tell me how to edit, I can make sure your comment gets edited…and if you link me to an image I can upload it to our media library and post it as a visible image to your comment. Just let me know.

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