A note to regular readers

Our blog has about 1,400 followers, and that has not changed in the past few days. At the same time we have been inundated with hits due to a post that Fauxlex put up last April. If you have not read it, I urge that you do so now, as it is indeed a bombshell. I should have understood its significance back then, but did not.

It is called “BOMBSHELL: WHO Coronavirus PCR Test Primer Sequence is Found in All Human DNA.” Because WordPress insists that I use their new writing format, called “Gutenberg,” at this time I am unable to insert a link to the post. I have to be retrained in a format I regard as clunky and non-intuitive. But you can easily find the post by using the search box or by following the link in the post below called REBLOG: George Floyd, the Stiff Who Came in From the Cold. .

These past few days we have had over 100,000 hits, virtually all of them directed at the Fauxless post. On a normal day, a good day, we get 2,000. My reaction is to stay out of the way and let things take their own course. The influx and attention may permanently change the nature of this blog, and if so, the kind of writing that I (and Steve) do may have to be moved somewhere else to allow new readers in to actively address the Scamdemic.

We live in censorious times. Those forces (a “vast network of corrupted people” as Murray Rothbard called them) are determined that it permanently change the landscape. People were already docile and incurious. Add now a permanent state of terror to that, and we have a recipe for what I think is the ultimate objective, early death of older people and lowering of the birth rate, population control. It’s a Bill Gates wet dream. That’s offensive too, as Gates somehow imagines himself more worthy than the rest of us even as he is a classless klutz, an American Prince Charles.

If, by chance, the blog suddenly disappears one day, I will either resign and do other things, or find another forum. It depends on my energy level, which ebbs and flows. We have been left alone all this time because of a low profile. With the surge, which will surely recede, we now have a higher profile, though on any given day Kim Kardashian’s deeper thoughts crush us. Last night an email that I sent to Faux was bounced back to me with the advice that Verizon did not like its content and so would not let it go through. That’s an algorithm at work, of course, but also a sign that there is no privacy. I never imagined there was, which is why I have always used my real name.

It is not 1984. It is Brave New World. I am going silent until this blows over. or perhaps setting up a new blog if it doesn’t, which Steve and I can use to write about less earthshaking matters, like public lands and our ownership from birth by corporations and banks.

39 thoughts on “A note to regular readers

  1. It feels as though this generation is the new Atlantis and we are disappearing ourselves. I’ve never been in the silent majority or had my eyes closed. I will not be one of the OCC – Obey, Conform,Comply. Truth is our weapon. Keep up the good work finding that truth and sharing. We must not give up.


  2. I wanted to leave this with you. There is a guy called Mike William’s who has a YouTube channel dealing with ‘Paul lis Dead’. He has a 4 hour vid on how the Beatles did not write their own music. I’ve read ‘Weird Scenes’ by Dave McGowan. Looked at your Buddy Holley and Sharon Tate Stuff. All tied up with Military Intelligence and death fakery. I’ve noticed something about Kris Kristofferson. We are led to believe Kris is PO-dunk and country. Come to find out his Dad was Military, Kris got English Lit degree at Oxford in 1960 just when The Beatles were forming. Then he joined the military? He was stationed in Germany from 60-62, the exact time the Beatles were in Germany. (part 1)

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  3. (part 2) What a coincidence! Willie Nelson was asked who the greatest writer was and he said Kris Kristofferson. What? for Bobby McGee? The guy can’t even sing. Why would he be the greatest? Steve Earl said in his documentary about K.K. that his influences were K.K., Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and The Beatles. That’s a weird combo. Did Kris write songs secretly for these people? Is that why Willie called him the greatest? A lot of songs by Bob Dylan sound like Kris like ‘Lay Lady Lay’ which was recorded in 1969 in Nashville.


      1. MM in the past has written that there are several truly gifted songwriters out there providing the music attributed to people like Dylan and all the others, most of the people credited with the work just pretending. This would include everyone with few exceptions. John Denver, mother nature’s child, a complete fraud. Maybe CCR was real, and there are some real musical chops in the business, maybe the Eagles, but most were by and large the Wrecking Crew and voices, not even sure about the voices. It was a very large psyop.

        The Carpenters were a gifted singer with a backup, and she died at 33.Mm suggested that there were some aging song writers whose material had to be used up, as it was out of sync with the era, so she had to die. Her death was clunky, but she was also entering a maternal phase and was not going to be sexually appealing down the road. Beautiful voice.


  4. Thx, Mark. Quick follow up: Of the new traffic, roughly what percentage sported .gov, .mil, .arpa, .onion, or .int TLD suffixes? Higher than usual, would you say?


  5. I knew that my email was read and I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am. I’ve never heard of a private conversation in an email not being sent by the email provider because they don’t like what was written and I’m blown away. If you hadn’t written it, I’d never have known, so thanks!! By the way, I saw the post you’re referring to being reposted yesterday and I thought “oh! My wonderful Piece of Mindful! Hope these new readers don’t ruin everything!” I never comment, but I’m here for every single article and share them all on Twitter. Thanks again for the information about the email situation, along with everything else! Ciao!!


  6. I listened to a little over half of the 4 hr video from “Sage of Quay” a few weeks ago(I think Bob C. means this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccEhmQ0M4FY&t=5929s).

    There is indeed some great research and info, as for example the revelations that Ringo was such a bad drummer, George Martin replaced him with one or more better drummers on basically all of the early albums! From what I understand, he even implies the entire group did not play on many recordings, at least in the early years: they just sang.

    That being said, the down side of “Sage” is that he promotes the “Paul is Dead” meme from year ago. As best as I understand it, he does NOT think the replacement is Paul’s twin brother. At least I did not hear him mention it. He calls him “Billy” and we are apparently supposed to believe that “Billy” not only looks very similar to Paul but sounds similar also. Highly unlikely.

    As usual take the good information and discard the dubious info.


    1. That would jibe with the American model, and confirm my suspicions that the group was a product of studio musicians, as in the Wrecking Crew. The idea that they stopped performing in public and suddenly got very good on their instruments is a stretch. Also, no musical training and supposedly writing songs (Michelle, Yesterday) that have chord progressions that cry out for serious training. I wonder if George Martin wrote those songs. Someone with solid training did.

      All that said, Sage of Quay has figured out there is no virus. Mixed bag.

      I watched a video, now unavailable, supposedly of them in their studio work leading up to Get Back … they mostly tuned their guitars. At one point “Paul” does a serious bass riff, but he is sitting with his back to us and doing it left-handed, so we just have to believe. A commenter years ago said that if you follow the wires in the rooftop concert, they are not plugged in. There we are given the boys up high and people on the street below reacting, movie magic.


      1. I’m glad you mentioned the songwriting. I didn’t watch the whole video, but I saw where he said that the music for”Yesterday” and also “Hey Jude” was taken(or stolen) from Italian Cosmopolitan music of the 19th century. He even shows a couple of clips of interviews of Italian musicians talking about it and playing the specific original songs on the piano!

        And who would know about this music history: some early twenty-somethings from Liverpool, who played rock n’ roll in bars or a classically-trained musician such as George Martin. Busted.


  7. Mark, as a long-time fan and commenter, I humbly ask that you rethink the idea of creating a separate space for your and Steve’s posts if POM’s regular readership expands. When I first started visiting POM, I largely ignored the posts dealing with what I thought of as less pressing matters, including Steve’s environment and habitat posts and your observations about the corruption of local politicians in your area. Over time, though, the variety of interests you and other writers expressed, even when I didn’t share them, humanized the blog and endeared me to it. I know it’s not healthy for me, or any human being, to obsess on the same few topics over and over, and I’m not sure it’s healthy for a blog, either. Just something to think about.


  8. Greetings, Mark: If you decide to split off POM, please let us long term readers know how to access whatever new musings you post. Thanks for the education in critical thinking, reasoning & craziness. Take care of yourself !


    1. I would only consider moving if the blog were to become a center for dissemination of information to large groups of people regarding the Scamdemic. In that situation, the kind of writing I really enjoy doing would be out of place. In no way is this a reflection on the other writers here. I consider them smart, loaded with integrity, and as best as cyberspace allows, friends.


  9. Did someone notice the post by Petra Liverani at the ‘Coronavirus PCR Test Primer Sequence, blog? It’s a shame I cannot comment or reply there. I’d rather have told her personally. Her site starts with promoting a documentary that’s disinformation 101. It claims the ‘real’ killers of JFK where the elite and why they also killed the Romanovs, where in bed with Hitler and how they used Nazi Germany to push back the communist ect. Exactly the kind of propaganda that’s designed to blur your vision even more. According to Petra it’s a good starting point… Does POM really want a link to this site in its comments?


  10. She’s also convinced the moon landings are real offering $5,000 to the first person who can perform a credible 10-point Occam’s Razor exercise that favours the “staged event”. A truther that chooses Occam’s Razor over evidence and reason? http://occamsrazormoonlandings.weebly.com/
    Her own words: “I’ve come to the conclusion that I possess a quality I wasn’t even aware of and would have expected to be quite common but, apparently, isn’t”. I think she’s related to MM …


    1. Put “Apollo 11” in our search box here. It will take you to a post that, as I view it, offers solid evidence that the moon landings were fake. It has to do with a Super 8 film that a guy (who is a believer) shot that day where, wherein 90 seconds after lift off, the rocket was only a third of the distance that NASA’s official mission record says it was. It was underpowered and was ditched in the Atlantic, all of the official footage, the recovery of the astronauts at sea and the moon walk hokey footage already in the can, shot long before. It’s the best evidence I’ve seen. There is no continuous footage of liftoff that day. It is always spliced shots. This is why.



      1. Yes, I’m familiar with this post. Undeniable proof. Have you read ‘wagging the moondoggie’? Not really proof but it opened my eyes to the absurdity of the official story


    2. I would present to her a picture where they released the pictures of the moon lunar landing module. There are at least 10 points in it that picture alone that would pass the 10 points of Occam’s razors test she wants. It looks like a school carnival project made out of paper mache and tinfoil. Do I get the $5,000?


  11. With regards to the “Bombshell” post (comments closed there), I don’t know if this has been mentioned in a comment or post previously but; the same issue has been identified with the Western Blot test done for HIV – a normal human protein is one of the “indicative” proteins of HIV infection. See this movie, “Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS” @34:53

    (timestamp link)


    1. Thanks for that link and for placing the time bar in the correct spot to make your point. AIDS appears to have been the blueprint for the current hoax. Montagnier and Gallo both announced they had discovered HIV to be the cause of AIDS, but there has never been a scientific paper establishing the link. It is all done via appeal to authority. Since most people cannot think using their own resources, that is all it takes.

      The link in the comment above is a two hour video. Guess what I am going to be listening to as I work out in the garage today.


    1. Thank you Stgeve for the link. I got an odd sense of comfort from Ickes, as he knows everything we do, but seems in a relaxed state. Towards the end he gets a bit agitated, but I suspect with age he has learned to keep his runaway self under lockdown.


  12. Looks like the spooks are following the Pynchon guide book again: from “Gravity’s Rainbow”

    Kenosha Kid (Sodium Amytal hallucination of Slothrop’s while being probed at PISCES about American racial problems), 60-71, 114, 696-97; colonel from Kenosha, WI, 643; Kenosha, WI, 645; “and in Kenosha too!” 645; “Old Kenosho the loony radarman,” 691; Kenosha Kid and the Sentimental Surrealist, 696;

    American racial problems in Kenosha? That’s Pynchon for you.


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