REBLOG: George Floyd, The Stiff Who Came In From The Cold

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For confused regular readers, we are experiencing a spike in traffic unlike anything we have seen before from views into the post BOMBSHELL: WHO Coronavirus PCR Sequence Found in All Human DNA

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In previous posts, I have postulated that the death of George Floyd was a fake media story. This is still my belief, and in this post I hope to demonstrate exactly how simple it would be for such a hoax to play out. Most people dramatically inflate the number of participants who would need to be involved for such a hoax to play out, and the complexity required to make it happen. Take the following scenario as evidence to the contrary, and my own personal theory of what we might be seeing. This theory explains the maximum number of real details with the minimum amount of complexity. Also, it explains how they are displaying the real body of the real George Floyd, among many other things.

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14 thoughts on “REBLOG: George Floyd, The Stiff Who Came In From The Cold

  1. “we are experiencing a spike in traffic unlike anything we have seen before from views into the post BOMBSHELL: WHO Coronavirus PCR Sequence Found in All Human DNA”

    which begs the question…why were comments closed?


    1. Comments on that one had been closed for forever. I guess I felt the conversation had been played out, but hey…we’re still talking coronavirus/PCR all over the place here in open comments.

      I still am amazed by the spike we saw out of Spain today. Was truly remarkable! We are on pace for 60,000 views today alone. This demolishes the previous daily record.


      1. I’ve never seriously worried about being taken down, as our numbers, 2,000 hits on a good day, are anemic. I am not worried now either, as even 60,000 is microscopic compared to Kenye West or Al Gore. But I am shocked at the power of Twitter … I don’t have an account. I suppose I should open one.


      2. Here is a message I sent to Faux and Stephers that on Faux’s end was bounced back by Verizon due to “policy reasons:”

        “Here’s a short paper by the late David Crowe on isolation and purification. Chain of logic … the virus was never purified, and therefore probably does not exist. If it does not exist, then no test can determine if anyone has it. There can be no antibody test.

        Now that we have it firmly in mind that they are testing for CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT, and that this is a sequence in all of us, I think it safe to say that the virus was not discovered in Wuhan, that that part was just a staged rollout. It has never been isolated because it cannot be isolated, and that the crux of the pandemic, surely planned and worked out in advance was to select for the “virus” the DNA sequence that we all had but would only turn up infrequently under the PCR microscope.

        Before I thought they were just using the machine to generate random results. But they were much, much craftier, and now, last count, 93,200 people have been exposed to this information. WHO and CDC might now consider these 93,200 people infected.”

        The “93200” refers to the number of hits the blog has had in the last three days.


        1. “Would only turn up infrequently”— that sounds like you’re describing a randomly generated result, which you then say they’re not doing? Or maybe I’m misreading.

          I have been wondering if the test is effected by local factors on the ground, or if it’s governed by planning of some sort, such as the AI simulation Stephers speculated about.


    2. Even with the influx, there are virtually no new followers, no “likes” to speak of … this is a tidal wave that will recede. I question the intellectual quality of the wave. It is a drive-by phenomenon. A writer I called “Straight” in earlier times tried to get us involved in Reddit, and there is Quorum or something like that … I viewed all of that as herd management. I could easily spend the rest of my life doing round house punches on such forums, and be personally vindicated without ever landing a punch.

      No one else in the world would notice. The other side of those debates are cardboard. The participants are part of an odd phenomenon, possessed of some ability to scrutinize, but none to analyze. The education system has worked to such a degree that even smart people cannot do anything more than surface skim.

      This too shall pass. It is rare to find an intellect of real quality … we have four here (five if Tyrone ever reawakens), and you Matt show signs … stick around.


  2. Interesting comment thread over at NC… A genuinely disabled person who can’t wear masks (Clive) speaks up in defense of his case, and the liberals there STILL aren’t inclined to cut much slack… Lol.

    At least that’s where I left it yesterday, I’m sure more has been said. Maybe some came to his defense. In any event, I’m going to get some popcorn and see. NC comments sections are a morbid fascination/ guilty pleasure for me.


    1. Appreciate your voyeurism. I admire that in a person. As soon as they get into specifics concerning “the virus,” which I know does not exist, I exit, as I know they are beyond reach. If I participate, like the Wicked Witch of the West, I melt into a puddle.


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