Healing Vibes

For a change of pace, I am putting on my energy healer hat for the time being. I offer this post today to help uplift minds, bodies, and spirits, on this sunny Sunday afternoon as I take a brief in-breath from all the dismal narratives, of which I often contemplate, analyze, and discuss. This soundtrack, featuring a very talented sound healer and medicine woman named Vylana, resonates deeply within me, and perhaps it may for you . . .

For those who may want to learn more about sound healing:

14 thoughts on “Healing Vibes

  1. thanks stephers. i almost didn’t, but then i did. listen to the first piece you posted, that is. beautiful, and calming. wished for a little more of that voice harmony that was thrown in there for just a moment somewhere in the middle.

    the natural response is to share a piece of music personal to me, recorded in 1971 (i have this lp). for now, please disregard the beginning and the end of the lp section offered here. start at 1:37, stop at the feathery end at 7:17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKCSEFenW8Q&t=21s


  2. OregonMatt – Thank you for sharing that piece. It is incredibly intricate, and I love the collaboration. It is new for me. Never heard it. I think MT will enjoy it. He and I have shared favorite musical pieces back and forth, and I appreciate his ear.


    1. I don’t know how well developed my ear is. Maarten is the musical maestro at this site. But I do have a well-trained eye, and liked the Vylana cleavage shot.

      Just bringing it back down to my level.


          1. Not really. I honestly don’t get it, and I’m straight as can be. Eyes—lips—legs— hips… bring ‘em on. Boobs are for babies.


              1. Definitely a minority viewpoint. In college, I didn’t notice the size of a particular girlfriend’s breasts for the first two months we dated until my roommate expressed envy because they were huge, followed by horrified outrage that I didn’t care. I was like a lottery winner who lives off the land and renounces worldly possessions. I swear, though, all other things feminine make me crazy.


                1. It is the whole person, the entire experience of femininity, which includes charm, intelligence, and physicality, and attitude I suppose, that are part of attraction. There is more to say, but when in a hole, there is a time to stop digging. It all cools down when in a relationship, but if with the ‘right’ person, we call it love, and it lasts for as long as we feed the fire. Here now, take my shovel.


                  1. Yeah, that girl in college had so much more than big breasts. She also had an ass that wouldn’t quit, and legs that went on for days. Thanks for the shovel. Mmm, holes…


  3. Greetings: getting back to healing vibes, I would recommend interested parties check out binaural beats. Most involve slightly different tones in each ear & soothing music & claim to help with everything from insomnia to DNA regeneration. I discovered them about a year ago while looking for guided meditations & have used them for insomnia & pain control. They appear to work, but this may be a placebo effect. 2 weeks ago, I had a right shoulder replacement & immediately began using them for healing. 2 years ago, I had a left shoulder replacement, but used nothing to enhance healing. I’m kind of running an experiment now to see if there is any difference in healing rates between the two.


    1. Greetings: After 8 weeks of PT & binaurals, with a followup with the surgeon thrown in for good measure, there doesn’t appear to be any significant difference in healing rates between the 2 surgeries. Both the surgeon & PT say that I’m healing remarkably well. Perhaps there’ll be some measurable difference as I proceed with my recovery. I continue listening to them daily.


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