Shut up, lock-down, wear a mask, or….. Watch This!

Please, help spread this knowledge. It’s free. Warning!!! You will learn things you did not know.

Clint has produced a new, 10-hour documentary on the war on Nature — weapons are pointed at YOU! “Scientism” is exposed. Time to act! It’s now, or never.

Must watch.

steve kelly, bozeman, October 21, 2020

7 thoughts on “Shut up, lock-down, wear a mask, or….. Watch This!

  1. Before I spend (waste?) any time on this, can you tell us if this documentary is pushing the “Bioweapon / Created in a Lab” narrative? I’d like to avoid it, if it does.

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  2. I watched it all, and it’s eye opening. He shows a couple of hours of footage from a 2012 NIH forum led by Fauci and featuring researchers from all over the world, trying to justify funding for “gain of function” and “duel use” research on the H5N1 virus. This is exactly what they are trying to do, create bioweapons from viruses, under the guise of science.

    There are many eye-popping statements that come out of the mouths of these psychopaths. Now it’s possible that it’s all a scam, and they are shilling for funds without being able to do what is claimed, but that’s not what they are clearly and openly presenting.

    He doesn’t get into COVID-19 except for covering the funding of the Wuhan lab and it’s collaboration with UNC Chapel Hill as funded by Fauci after a moratorium was passed on doing this type of work in the US. Later parts will apparently cover it in more detail.

    Steve is right, this is must watch, and shows the depth of evil we’re up against.

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  3. This doc starts with stating that H5N1 has a 60% mortality rate.
    Translation of the Dutch Wikipedia:
    Human mortality from the virus is not well known, because milder infections are not always recorded. It is generally believed that influenza viruses that come from birds and have caused a pandemic have been fatal in 2.5-5% of the cases. The outcome of a large epidemiological study in Vietnam in 2006 suggests that an H5N1 infection in humans often proceeds like a normal flu.

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  4. New analysis suggests if 95% of americans wear masks this winter, 130k lives could be saved

    This is on Fox News and this woman is being interviewed about more nonsense

    steve, i know you will enjoy that statement with the words “suggests” and “could”

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    1. Evil is a most formidable foe. Millennia of practice makes it hard to sort out what’s the truth. Use your instinct and your ability to discern. Use your brain too, but don’t let it use you.

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