22 thoughts on “Wisdom from the Cat in the Hat

  1. Well said Mark!!

    Forgive my OT (but not really) :

    As you live in Colorado, have you ever written about the Denver airport murales? What’s your opinion about them?
    I’m asking you this as if I remember correctly there’s one particular painting showing military around a bunch of children.
    In some italian regions these days there’s military armed with batons and machine guns standing outside elementary schools.
    The official version obviously is that they’re there to make sure all parents and kids get their temperature taken before entering the school premises.

    Yeah, sure.


    1. I am familiar with all of the lore surrounding Denver International Airport, but I’ve never tried to understand it. I’ve looked at the murals, and they are indeed content-laden, but beyond my abilities to analyze. Anyone driving down Pena Boulevard on the way to DIA passes this weird looking statue, nicknamed “Blucifer” by some clever person. I think that because this is a crazy sports town, many associate the statue with the Broncos, the local football team, but the two are unrelated. It’s just a statue bearing a message, and I don’t know what that message is.



      1. Thanks Mark.

        That statue is as creepy as the whole airport itself.
        I’m not sure I would ever want to be in front of those images.
        They make me cringe every time I see them in photo.
        The airport planimetry itself is shaped as a svastika, which doesn’t help at all.
        And if we add the angular stone with the masonic symbols and the big horse outside the picture is complete.

        The horse is said to represent the one mentioned in the Book of Revelation, but I couldn’t find enough satisfactory information about that, so I don’t know.
        One thing is clear to me anyway: that airport is what TPTB want the world to become and they’re working hard to make it happen asap.


      2. According to Wikipedia: “Jimenez died in an accident at age of 65 in his studio in Hondo, New Mexico on June 13, 2006, when a large section of his 32-foot-high work Blue Mustang, intended for Denver International Airport, fell on him and severed an artery in his leg.” Before his untimely death Jimenez was becoming quite well known in the “West” for oversized fiberglass sculpture in public places. I wouldn’t read too much into the “meaning” of the work(s), except to know that they were found to be “acceptable” to a committee selected to commission public artwork. A nod to the growing Latino community perhaps. These committees were/are typically psydo-liberal, Democrats and other status-seekers and “nob-nobbers” more worried about public safety and politically correct imagery than artistic expression or promoting public art. “Popularity,” legal liability and “non-controversial” interpretation became the standard (beginning with Reagan presidency) for what once — for Centuries — was more about skill, craft, execution and some universal connection to important social and/or cultural values. Such is the general state of the arts today. The technocracy has won.


    2. And yes, we are knee-deep in military/medical fascism, the whole point of the coronavirus hoax. Fascists love to monitor and regiment. Soon, in addition to masks and distancing, they will be instructing us to walk goosestep.


  2. “Will he return? It’s up to him. It will not be as Admin or editor, but maybe as contributor. I did not remove him out of spite, only to defend the blog.”

    A very wise decision I must say Mark. All regular readers must surely know the commenting policy here. That holo post and its comments were flagrant in the breach of that policy. Coming so quickly after the recent spats between you and Faux then it seemed contrived and very provocative. I thought to myself: “Mark has no choice but to close this down”. I almost emailed that sentiment to you, but I decided that you would know best, I trusted that you would do the right thing. Which you did

    Keep up the good work. Your clear thoughtful analysis and pertinent information is very valuable to me for sure. The same goes for Steve and Stephers too. My best wishes to the three of you


  3. I would like to point out that on the previous thread about simulation theory, almost all of the hostility came from the anti-FEers. Just an observation. Sorry to interject.


    1. You were the one trolling a “that doesn’t prove anything” on a long post with multiple models and points you didn’t dare to touch. Understandable why.

      If you believe in a stupid idea, you shouldn’t be surprised to be called out for it.


      Yeah right, I have gun pointed at your forehead.
      These are just words on a blog. FFS


  4. Stupid according to your own personal standards, Gaiasphere.
    So definitely nothing we should worry about.

    “These are just words on a blog, for fucks sake”.
    Very good, so keep that in mind from now on, especially when posting YOUR “divine” comments.


    1. I do take that into account. I took you way too seriously and thought you could elaborate on something you claimed. You couldn’t and decided to make it personal.

      I tend to give far too much credit to stupidity, you’re totally right.


      1. I already talked about my own experiences here with health problems and never tried to sell them as universal truths, even on my comment to Lofcaudio where I specifically said that his experience with chickenpox confirms MY personal experience and MY theory about contagion.
        And I never claimed to be a doctor or anything.

        You are dishonest, always have been, and your role here has always been to try and destroy people’s dignity and opinions because they don’t fit your own narrative and therefore irritate you or something else I don’t wanna dig into.
        You did the same with Kyle.
        Again, I never liked your attitude and I’m truly sorry you’re back here with your pathetic attempts to look like the coolest guy in town.


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