The Crown and more…

Take a listen before this interview is taken down.

As requested in the comments section lately, I am a personal friend of Dean’s and know him as a man of high moral character and exceptional talent. If you want to criticize — and we’re loaded with critics these days — I kindly ask that you try to avoid the most common logical fallacy tactics and get right to the content or position that’s chafing your behind.

If you want to know more about the powers vested in the Crown and City of London and how it ties directly to our present condition, I welcome you to take a few minutes to take a hard look at the evidence presented. I’ll keep this short, so enjoy.

20 thoughts on “The Crown and more…

  1. Steve – since you’re concerned that this video might be taken down, I am downloading it onto my computer. If that happens, I can get it to you via Drop Box or maybe a thumb drive.


      1. So this guy is the real deal, true grit American , and basically the exact opposite of a James Corbet; put them side by side with photos and can you not see? One a slimy nervous and insincere looking Jew, and the other a basic normal man…with hang ups like us all but basically normal.

        But here is the thing: Henderson knows that the Jews ARE the crown and he knows that all the sick psyops being run like transgenderism etc. ad nauseum ARE Jews but how could a good old boy from south Dakota who has a drawl and wears cowboy boots and hat speak out against the Jews? That would be suicide; they would stomp him in the ground so quickly it would make your head spin.. .

        Now, some will say that it is irrelevant that the Jews control everything, since it does not matter WHO controls us, it only matters that we ARE being controlled; it only matters HOW; but beside the fact that the “how” and the “who” are connected, it is not irrelevant at all. Imagine if you will, that tomorrow morning you awake to find that you had been dreaming your whole life ,and the truth of the situation was that the black people on earth were the masters; the wealthiest countries pulling the strings were not the USA or England but say, the Ethiopia and Nigeria; All the technology in the world in the last 200 years was invented by Black people and all the “systems” that we live by today, ( legal , educational, etc) were devised and thought out all by the Black people; all the wealthiest and most powerful people were black and all the great classics of literature and the greatest painters and inventors and so on and so on are all black; in short the world was a black mans world. Would you feel that “who” is irrelevant ?
        “Who” matters, and i can only wonder why truthers who know the truth about the Jews do not ever dare to take note of it at every opportunity. And so despite certain differences i have with Miles Mathis, i have to admire that he, WITH NEITHER RANCOR NOR HATE takes note whenever necessary that this or that person is a jew…and to hell with what others think of him and his reputation
        . As for the Jew thing being untrue, well, it is just too silly since all you have to do is look around you; No so called truther could research a week without seeing the names and faces of Jews just about everywhere; and having grown up myself on the fringes of the families, and being a Jew, let me assure you that the Jews see a Henderson as they see a black man: a total nothing loser. So if he knows, as i guess he knows, he should start directing his intelligence and fight toward the real enemies.


  2. sorry i should have said:

    “…No so called truther could research even an hour without seeing the names and faces of Jews everywhere EVERYEHERE..I MEAN FUCKING EVERYWHERE..”


  3. You paint with a broad brush, Godfly. You put words into Dean Henderson’s mouth without reading his works. You are flailing, flaming, nuts with hate as your conditioning has your soul in a tizzy. None of us is without flaws. I can learn Dean, Corbet, even your beloved MM without judging them personally. Ad hominem as a go-t0 weakens your effectiveness, IMO.

    I have a post you might have missed on the subject of Israeli Zionists (non-practicing jews) and fascism.

    It features Clint’s piece:

    And if you think Israeli Zionists are the ultimate power directing the global ruling class I suggest that you are gravely mistaken. It is the power you are shown, the power you are trained to hate, while parasites at the very top count their $trillions.

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    1. After reading your reply, i thought i would spend an hour and not paint with such a broad brush; obviously you failed to read what i wrote and , on account of your own knee jerk response, read what you yourself think i wrote…for example you accuse me of hatred but i wrote in large letters “WITH NEITHER RANCOR NOR HATE”
      thus it is so obvious to me already that you are not worth the bother. You will not hear what i am really saying and you have already put me in some sort of Zionist jew hating (and MM groupie) cage which ironically proves one of my very first points: almost no body dare to speak against the jews.
      you truthers really crack me up. And self deception is the only real enemy in this world


      1. p.s i just spend another 5 minutes reading and re reading your response; fascinating it is how you got absolutely every point wrong; how you misread everything i said, and simply:

        redirected it into your own frames of reference.


      2. I can say anything I want, as with “you’re really fat and stupid,” as long as at the end I say “No offense,” as if my words by themselves do not reveal my real inner thoughts. I guess I’ll just change “No offense” to “WITH NEITHER RANCOR NOR HATE”, and then I’ll get away with it.


        1. Did Godfly insult Jews? Sounded like quite a flattering picture, aside from the secrecy, which might be construed in a bad light. I have to agree with his further comments that people responded to a misreading of his comment, rather than to its actual content.


          1. Ha! I know from personal correspondence with TIMR that he knows how to listen…to read, and here also he has actually reminded me of something so interesting: not only did i not insult the jews but am i not inadvertently complimenting them ? since not only have they created so much of the evil in this world, but they have created so much of the beauty and good. In the end, then all i am saying is that the jews are EVERYWHERE, and i think then that it was my oversight to not mention that this has its positive side….thank you TIMR.
            also a great comment was Rasputin, who reminds us that hatred has its place.
            As i indicated that i am from the fringes of the families, and have haddirected contact with them throughout my youth, well, they are a disgusting lot, and my hatred for them can wax poetic…but i will not bore anyone with that


  4. Godlfy, one other thing, please read the comment policy before another of your insolent rip on all “Jews.” Thank you.


  5. Interesting video if somewhat depressing. I’d like to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel and probably that is the reason people want to believe that Kennedy Jnr is still alive and just waiting in the wings to rescue us like a white knight in shining armour.
    Not a chance of course.
    Godfly is beyond idiotic blaming ALL Jews for the ills of the world. It’s a bit like blaming ALL Brits for the Crown’s transgressions and saying we’re all in on it. We’re as much victims of ‘ the Crown ‘ as the rest of the world is. Because the Crown resides in London doesn’t make the Royal Family representative of the English. Personally I wish ( along with many other Republicans ) we could be rid of them all and some day we just might . In the same way, there are many Jews who would like to be rid of the Zionists .
    We really must stop with the lazy thinking.



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    1. “The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose”

      Correction: “The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through criminal misuse of DATA and discharge from the mouths of criminal organizations like the WHO.

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  7. I have been inspired to write this silly comment based on an unscientific personal review of today’s comment section pertaining to the fairly straightforward, not super complex, topic of the (THIS, October 26) original post.

    For your amusement/entertainment only:
    Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health disorder. Symptoms include:
    1) difficulty paying attention,
    2) impulsive behavior, and
    3) hyperactivity.

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    1) medications,
    2) psychological counseling (psychotherapy), and/or
    3) supplemental treatment for other mental health conditions that may occur in combination with ADHD.

    There are obviously other plausible explanations I’d rather not consider right now without more data, so I’m sticking with this as a viable candidate for my preferred alternative. Wasn’t that hilarious?


  8. Thanks, it’s a wonderful evening here. Nice to know what we’re “guilty” of. That didn’t take long. Peace, brother.


  9. thank you Rasputin again…”guilty by association”;
    that is basically the phrase i should have used concerning Corbett, and yes, despite quite liking the persona and independence of Henderson, i stopped listening when he began speaking of Nephilim…not to deny the very good possibility of life forms from other planets being here on earth, but even if they are, we can see that they are not the problem….


  10. Descendants of the descended or Fallen Ones are the elites lineages. 2 very publicly state they are ‘Gods/G*d’s Chosen Ones. Impossible to have ruled, manipulated, intimated & dominated the masses this long without something more that ‘good acting’ along w/the bread & circus acts. Fear & hate will fall before the feet of love & truth. After the culling of course.


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