“If it bleeds, it leads.” Media vampires: Merchants of Death

I’m posting this article about mistreatment and lies told by the media about grizzly bears and wildlife in general to make a connection. The connection is: We are part of nature. Grizzlies are a metaphor for all life on this planet. All life is threatened with extinction at the hands of evil men who can’t accept their proper role in the natural system; they believe they can improve Creator’s works with “science” and technology (machines). If you choose to read the linked article by Louisa Willcox, imagine yourself as a grizzly bear trying to survive in an ever-shrinking, insecure habitat with lots of crazy two-legged creatures with guns out to kill you — just for sport.


Love to have anyone join us to help defend grizzlies and their habitat from all the deranged wanton killers out to exterminate them. You and I are on their hit list too, in case you haven’t noticed.

3 thoughts on ““If it bleeds, it leads.” Media vampires: Merchants of Death

  1. Three-quarters of the way after reading this (during reading this) I realized I had forgotten to reword or change the terminology from bear, grizzly, or wildlife to something more like human, people, and civilization. But all the while, I kept thinking, why I never watched 60 minutes. I did watch Wild Kingdom and I kept thinking this whole time of TV shows like Winnie the Pooh, Grizzly Adams, hell even Escape to Witch Mountain (okay okay those bears – except for the make believe one, were trained… no, I haven’t forgotten), anything with a beer/WILDlife in it, pretty much.
    I don’t like circuses because of the mistreatment of animals. I don’t like SeaWorld because of the mistreatment of marine life. I don’t like visiting any place that has (even in their so-called natural type habitats) animals roaming around free.
    – except as a kid, I didn’t know any better then – but as a grown up… yeah.

    Humans – still have a lot of learning on how to be humane to life here.


  2. Witnessed a lot of hate over the years for certain animals, bears, deer, moose, birds, reptiles, sharks and insects. From my view they have their domains and we are guests, when or if we enter their main habitats. The human rulers view all of us as animals even if it’s from a social status perspective. Maybe that’s just human nature, as most are guilty of putting down someone weaker or less fortunate at one time or another. I don’t expect anyone that had a bad experience with a grizzly or any animal to care about that species survival, but do expect people not to purposely put anything of nature on the extinction list.


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