I call your attention to this article from Global Research of Canada by F. William Engdahl called Coronavirus Scandal Breaking in Merkel’s Germany. False Positives and the Drosten PCR Test. Engdahl highlights three scandals that are, in an honest world, hoaxbusters.

    1. On November 27, a group of 23 virologists, microbiologists and other scientists called for the journal Eurosurveillance to retract a January 23 article submitted by “Dr.” Christian Drosten (the reason for the “Dr.” will be made clear hereafter) that claimed to have developed a test for detection of Coronavirus, the 2019 version, Sars-CoV-2 using real time PCR. The test, adopted world-wide in the wake of Tedros Adhanom’s, head of WHO (who at least does not claim the title “Dr.”) recommendation. The group of 23 claims the paper contains ten fatal errors, and should not have been used as justification for the Stalinist-type lock downs, attacks on civil liberties, and quarantines.
    2. In his paper, Drosten gave a variety of primers for the RT-PCR test to use, There was no scientific rigor behind them. Others have pointed out that WHO primers are found in the human genome, and in various microbes we carry with us.  The PCR test is routinely generating false positives to the degree that it is not highly unreliable, but completely so. Thus did a Portuguese court rule that quarantines based on positive PCR tests cannot be enforced. Engdahl also writes about the matter of cycles – the Portuguese court cited a study that concluded that beyond 25 amplification cycles the PCR test (when used as intended, for comparison of DNA strands) loses accuracy, so that at 30 amps it is only 70% reliable, and at 35, only 3% reliable. Remarkably, the Drosten paper recommends 45 cycles! At the level, the test is, according to Engdahl, “not worth a hill of beans.”
    3. “Dr.” Drosten may find himself in court defending his PhD thesis, which was never properly submitted to Goethe University, leaving that institution with pants down. By law, three copies are to be on file, but two of Drosten’s are missing, the third is water soaked.

That last part is not hard to figure out. Drosten was a plant, and much like Barack Obama, has been given false credentials used to advance his career. In Drosten’s case, it appears he was dropped into Goethe, and that his paper, approved for publication in Eurosurveillance within a couple of days and without peer review, was just another a hockey stick.

Some time ago I offered the following comment at the end of a long comment string:

A word about Gates – I operate on the assumption, as originally put forth by MM, that Microsoft, Apple, Google, Tesla, Facebook are Intelligence fronts and are backed by DARPA technology, and that the head of each, Gates, Jobs, Pichai, Musk and Zuckerberg are fronts. So I don’t imagine any of them are as rich as they are made out to be. Gates, in my view, has never written a line of code. All of the money he is supposedly doling out is coming from a source behind him, but not from him.

Chomsky used to write about this, but I think he got it wrong too. He was right that new technologies are crazy expensive, and so have to be done by government. Private investors want no part of it. Payback could be decades. But at that point Chomsky says that the new technology is simply given over to the private sector. It appears that way, but I imagine it more likely that the technology changes hands but not ownership.

[PS – this reminds me of something Chomsky repeated many times over the years, that in the early 90s when the Internet was taking form, Gates refused to attend meetings, as he did not see any future in it.]

I finally found the Chomsky reference from 1998 at this site. It is as follows:

As late as about 1994, people like say, Bill Gates, had no interest in the Internet. He wouldn’t even go to conferences about it, because he didn’t see a way to make a profit from it. Now it’s being handed over to private corporations, and they tell you pretty much what they want to do. They want to take large parts of the Internet and cut it out of the public domain altogether, turn it into intranets, which are fenced off with firewalls, and used simply for internal corporate operations.

I have long maintained that Bill Gates has never written a line of software code. Further, I refuse to believe he is as wealthy as he is made out to be, given that he’s never invented anything and has merely been a conduit  for DARPA technology. The eerily timed Netflix show about him, Inside Bill’s Brain, if honest, would have inserted a probe in his ear finding fruit flies and contempt for humanity, but no genius. The man is a fraud and a fake, in my view.

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    1. This vaccine is fascinating…especially with the pressure that is being exerted for EVERYONE to get it. My question is: Why? What is so important about this vaccine?

      The only people not recommend to receive it are:
      Children under the age of 16;
      Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding;
      Immunocompromised; and
      Those with a history of severe allergies.

      What about those who have already had the virus and recovered? What science could there possibly be that would justify receiving this vaccine for those who have recovered?

      (I realize that most of you around here don’t believe there is a virus in the first place, but let’s pretend that there is.)


      1. Virology exists on the branches of an artificial tree, hence most?? here don’t believe this virus (at least) exists. That you would even ask the question re ‘science’ highlights that the viral narrative simply changes as needed for the purposes of the narrator.

        For a lifetime now we’ve been indoctrinated into a particular viral storyline that we’ve gotten comfortable with, that ho-hum world of infection, mutation, dormancy, ‘epidemics’, antivirals, antibodies…. And now the narrator, unfortunately, has become tired of the old game, for reasons of his/her own, and is ushering us all out onto the high, scary branch of obedience.

        The virus is getting old, and the story needs mutation.


  1. I’d like to provide a wider perspective. 911 – Atta studied in Hamburg, some other guy in Köthen (province, nowhere in Germany).
    Osama – Obama, what a joke. Now we get Biden, the joke may be about the vaccine, like bi-te or den-tal. The snake, the guy who brings the vaccine to the people.
    In Germany, we got a few protagonists, supplying the media with statements.
    There is a “SPD health politician” Lauterbach, providing doom warnings every day, famous for his bad teeth, the name joke may be “laut” – noisy.
    There is the health minister Spahn, famous for being gay, and his attempt to make organ”donation” opt out.
    Finally, Dorsten. Always looking like on the run, and a FTM suspect at the same time. Like Lauterbach, he has got a record of fearmongering regarding the swineflu.
    Connecting the dots, maybe they started the big show in Germany, again!
    He is the one who brought that test to the world. Meanwhile, my mom is stuck in a hospital for two weeks, tested positive, but healthy. They can not forecast who will come down with that test.
    With that test, all misery came from Germany, again.
    Maybe we will even be made to pay for it, like they did with Bayer – Monsanto – Round up, and before.

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  2. Everything you wrote complements what Miles exposed so far about Gates.

    Billy appears as incompetent as it gets, for anything. I think he can’t even scramble his own eggs for breakfast, let alone produce any programming code or function. Gee, man. If he was their best choice for fronting as an IT geek, can you imagine an average elite Joe? Or their worst? It’s laughable sometimes, though probably an unvoidable consequence of too much inbreeding. Maybe his family was influential enough so they were able to push Billy forward, even though everybody knew he was not up to this task. I think he’s aware of this and it reflects from his face and comes across as utterly unconvincing when seen on video. He radiates lack of self esteem any leader is usually full of. I find him extremely repulsive and as incredible as possible. It’s surprising to see overlords make such a poor choice when it comes to fronting for a software giant. Some experienced geek would’ve ome across much more trustworthy. Take a close look at him:


    What a joke.

    Or this one, in the company of another alleged computer geek:

    Right. 🙂


    1. “Billy” is as strong a FTM candidate as it gets. And his “wife” seems to be the real trouser wearer at home. That explains the negative vibe you get and his helpless body language quite well IMHO, as well as his hatred for humanity.


    2. From “The Rockefeller Medicine Men” by Richard E. Brown

      Despite its appeal for the medical profession, scientific medicine would have accomplished little for doctors if it had not had the support of dominant groups in American society. In Chapter 3 we will see the reasons for this capitalist support, especially through the thinking of Frederick T. Gates, for more than two decades the chief philanthropic and financial lieutenant to John D. Rockefeller and the architect of the major Rockefeller medical philanthropies.

      According to Wiki: “Gates served on the boards of many companies in which Rockefeller had a majority shareholding; the latter then held a securities portfolio of unprecedented size for a private individual. Although Gates is recognized today as a philanthropic advisor, Rockefeller himself regarded him as the greatest businessman he had encountered in his life, skipping such prominent figures of the time as Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie.[4]”

      “When he ceased being a business advisor to Rockefeller in 1912, Gates continued to advise him and his son, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., on philanthropic matters, at the same time serving on many corporate boards. He also served as president of the General Education Board, which was subsequently merged into other Rockefeller family institutions.[5]”

      “Contrary to persistent internet rumors, Frederick Taylor Gates is not related Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft.” but we know what to think of that.


  3. Off Topic:

    An article from Naked Capitalism (linked below) got me speculating, “reading between the lines” a little about what might actually be explain the situation it reports on – nursing strikes and understaffing in a NYC hospital, that may be “coming soon to a (hospital) theater near you.”

    Is this how you create a “dark winter” across the land, perhaps? By intentional mismanagement and even (possible) psy-ops on staff to drive desired response? (And to the extent the world notices, palm it off as due to profit-seeking and “neoliberalism” – a big Naked Cap bogeyman.)

    See if you see what I see, in this (sorry) lengthy quote (more details of interest in full piece):

    On the other side of the country, the Financial Times reports on a nurses’ strike at the Montefiore hospital in New Rochelle, New York. Even though New Rochelle is a fairly affluent suburb, this hospital takes all comeres, which means it wind up serving a high proportion of lower-income patients.

    200 nurses went on a two-day strike to protest understaffing. Sadly, California is the only state to limit the ratio of patients assigned to a nurse, at 5. New York City hospitals were over that level before the pandemic. From the Financial Times:

    As the number of Covid-19 patients surged, they claimed, the hospital pushed nurses to care for too many people at one time and handed out personal protective equipment that gave off a harsh chemical smell and left some staff with rashes.[!!!!!]

    “If you can safely care for one or two patients, but you’re given four or five, you have to make some decisions about who you’re going to rescue,” said Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, president of the nurses’ union at the hospital. “That is just a horrible thing for health professionals to confront.”…

    Each nurse in pre-pandemic New York City was responsible for an average of 6.5 patients, the highest anywhere in the state, according to a study by Dr Aiken published in the BMJ medical journal…. Studies have shown that patient mortality rates jump 7 per cent for each additional patient a nurse is assigned. [One imagines this is neglect which equals more infections, and perhaps certain devices that need regular checking and input from staff… IOW being in a hospital itself is dangerous if not regularly monitored.] Individual hospitals do not typically make their staffing ratios public…

    This cost-cutting philosophy keeps hospitals from maintaining stockpiles of PPE beyond the 90-day supply mandated by the state or scheduling more than the minimum number of workers at a given time, Dr Aiken said.

    Ms Sheridan-Gonzalez, who works a few miles south of New Rochelle in a Montefiore hospital in the Bronx, New York City’s poorest borough, said staffing shortages existed even before the pandemic. After Covid hit, she said, conditions grew worse — and some patients were left lying in their own waste until a nurse or healthcare assistant could be found to help them..

    Ms [Judy] Sheridan-Gonzalez [president of the nurses’ union at the hospital] said she was reminded of a dystopian movie when she compared her emergency room with outposts of the Montefiore health system in wealthier suburbs. “It’s like you see the rich people in the sky and the poor people in the ground,” she said. “It’s two worlds.”

    Sheridan-Gonzalez said some older nurses retired after two deaths among nursing staff in the spring. A 86% of the nurses polled in a national survey reported that their mental health had suffered. A reader reported that he saw an NPR interview where the head of a hospital system admitted to six suicides among her workers, presumed to have been triggered by Covid stress. [Six in one hospital system?… Hm..]


  4. meanwhile in Germany the schools will close this week til 10-th of January, kids are forced to make sport in masks, in most schools the kids sit in ice cold rooms with open windows, in the city hordes of black security people hunt no-maskers, intimidate them in groups of 5-6 to get id’s and to write penalties. It’s so absurd and surreal. Like in a dark sci-fi movie. It’s like they try to push that hoax as far as possible. The masses are scared but there’s also more people now who don’t buy it anymore. My thinking is they use the official infection theory to derive and implement a most absurd scenario based on this theory to demonstrate it’s falsehood. They involved very close the politics, we know for being just actors and also the news we know for being fake. It may be a way to reset all the absurdities we discovered over the time actually since 911. I don’t think the vaccine will be mandatory and actually killing people. That would be to obvious. Or I am wrong and in 10 years we still wear masks all the time and the vaccinated ones are 6 feet under.


  5. Re Drosten… Sounds like a lot of storytelling. Both Drosten, and now this group of critics. Are these 23 scientists getting any mainstream coverage, or is it just coming out from the margins?


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