Dangerous ideas …

The following comment from Paso Robles is generating discussion. With his permission, I am reprinting it here below the fold to give it more exposure. As someone commented below, “Now, that’s a COMMENT!” It is long, but well worth your ten minutes of read time.

Paso was responding to a comment I left yesterday morning, which you can read here if you are inclined. In it, I suggested that since there is no virus, the coming vaccine can be one of two things, harmless or harmful. I felt there were advantages to a harmless vaccine, a saline solution like our former presidents will be administered live on TV. It reinforces the idea that there is a virus, and that viruses exist and are dangerous. It reinforces the idea that the public needs a nanny state to protect us. It reinforces the idea that vaccines work. It reinforces germ theory, already so deeply embedded in the public mind that it may be a century before it is fully discredited.

I don’t need to go on about harmful potions. We all have heard or expressed some fear of malevolent intent.

What bugs me is a comment that followed Paso’s, … “Nice to see POM promoting the vaccine as probably just saline, is that an attempt to increase to take up from people who question things?” I am not promoting! I am not attempting to persuade anyone, nor is Paso. We are just fleshing this out. Anyway, if you know how to read and reason, you don’t need advice from the likes of me. I am trying to decide what I want to do. If this pandemic is merely using a virus to achieve other goals, mentioned in my comment linked above, then the virus and the vaccine are less troublesome. To me. Just to me. You’re on your own.

BAM, thank you, Mark: Concur.

Sterile saline solution, or an inert solution with innocuous substances is what’s on the menu, this first round. Perhaps even ones with healthy ingredients, like minute amounts of D3 or B12 — to make the mixture “proprietary” and therefore a trade secret; one probably registered as an asset to a Pharma company’s Swiss subsidiary (if the holding company is not itself Swiss) where national IP legal protections are insurmountable.

To recap Mark’s last graf a bit: The novel virus is nonexistent; so a purported vax MUST have another utility. But, going off in another direction from there, physical effects might not be it. I think it’s social.

The novel virus is a whole cloth fraud of pervasive, brute-force MSM propaganda and the Big Lie technique of governments marching in “lock-step.” (Rockefeller foundation 2010, I think it was.) CV19’s a psy-op, start to finish, with multifarious goals over the immediate, medium and long term. Some of these goals are grandiose, a Freemason/Luciferian/Illuminist “great work” of decades if not centuries diligent labor (germ theory; science replacing religion; re-introduction of physical slavery, etc.), others are mere mundane opportunities for profit and authoritarian advantage to be grabbed reflexively along the way. For example, the quotidien kleptocratic habit of looting national treasuries. When do TPTB ever forget to do that?

OK, so why? Because (limited hangout) Alex Jones was right: The ultimate, long term goal was and is one world government, run by an untouchable, even unknown elite, on the model of the prison work-farm. A global one. An open-air, free-range plantation, where “we own nothing but we’re happy,” (WEF) in which we choose to do what they want by being given endless, very fine-tuned false dilemmas. (One of the things you won’t being owning is your body; again, that’s consistent with a prison.)

[ALSO: This “choice” piece is important; though it is really soft coercion. The ability of a would-be controller to craft individualized, fine-grain false dilemmas allows him to lead people where the control structure wants them to go. Facebook, et al, create a giant, backward-looking surveillance file on you (that you update yourself!), yes, it’s true, BUT FB’s real bounty to the psychopathic is its predictive ability, including what choice one will make when presented with two options. (Thumbs Up!, Thumbs Down! Click on it, or ignore it. Skim, or share. Endlessly, all day every day. FB is a continuous psychological questionnaire telling the ControlStructure/AI how you think and in what direction you are most easily pushed.) All of us look out onto the world through our own Overton Windows. That they can be shifted incrementally over time is not disputed.]

Problem with The Plantation model is: Some folks won’t play that. They’d rather fall butt backwards with a bullet in the face into a mass grave, with the skin of their murderer beneath their fingernails, than enter its gates.
So, before now, the Problem for the control structure was knowing who is who: Resistor vs. Subject, Sovereign human vs. Slave, Thinker vs. Drone, blah, blah blah. Now, parsing the population en masse that way has largely been solved.

[The Stasi and KGB (Gestapo 2.0), et al, eventually learned that trying to determine that manually using HumInt soon consumes all national productivity; half the population spies on the other half, and there’s no freaking toilet paper on the shelves. The economy collapses, first slowly, then all at once; and the political structure’s hegemony along with it.]

Enter DARPA: By white-washing and then marketing its surveillance and social engineering tech “from the Black” through its Silicon Valley fronts, it has automated the task of identifying who’s who into SigInt. When all communications are mediated through servers, sifting traffic is merely a how question. Done and done: We’re long past the notion that one is being ‘wire-tapped’ or becoming indignant that our email is opened, read, digested, sold and saved before we get it because, well, we’re so cool we can watch NetFlix on our phones (/sarc).

Problem is: How to separate the two populations, without having to go among them and label the independent ones with a metaphorical yellow star to make them legible to authority for herding and to the compliant ones for shunning.

That’s the vax and its certification. Critically, It’s a Choice. Your certification is your pass back to a normal life. Not having one will be like walking around in a personal, invisible cage of restrictions and, eventually, nonpersonhood. We all intuit this is where this is going. [Though it must be said that Huxley got there first.]

Why sterile saline or an inert serum?

All of this gargantuan, difficult social engineering can be achieved with a harmless fluid. The bifurcation of society rides not upon what’s in the vax but upon whether you chose to take it.

The groundwork for this Op has been laid: The vax wars have been simmering across society for a generation now. The externalization of that divide-and-conquer is the current psy-op, and CV19’s vax arrival now is the litmus test, the bifurcating agent. The alt-media research and handwringing about the substance itself is being fed, is being played, on an alternating Internet IV Drip of “info” and “disinfo” each and every day in the ramp up to its distribution to heighten, to sharpen the decisiveness of the bifurcation, and to harden each person’s/family’s certain belief in the rectitude of their worldview and vax choice.

One might object, “That the self-selecting bio-apartheid might be achieved with saline doesn’t mean TPTB would do it. Why would they ever miss an opportunity to inject nano-bots, live viruses, sterilizers, or DNA modifying re-sequencers?”

Because having ZERO adverse reactions annihilates the anti-vaxxers. “Science” wins by KO. We already know “the number of cases” are going to decline through redefinition and by number and word magic around the testing regime; that was called out months ago here. So, yes, it must and will be seen as a “safe cure.” Moreover, it’s important psychologically that the compliant receive not only privileges (tailored, temporary personhood and “normal life”) for surrendering their bodily sovereignty, they also have to have been “right”: it binds them more tightly psychologically to the Authorities that “told them the truth.” That also sets them up for the perfidious “boosters.”

That virtuous “truth” and the apparent lack of adverse reactions (from saline) will bring a lot of weak-kneed, current vax-skeptics into the fold, after being ground down by personal excoriation and emotional bludgeoning by friends, family and circumstances. The schism in society will widen as those who attempted to secretly occupy the middle path (wait and see) choose a pole in about a year or so.

Once the two-tiered system is in place, though, it’s permanent, civilizationally. This is the elegant solution to the hardest problem: Getting each population to identify itself, then to bifurcate, viewing one another as “other.” From there, “legitimate” legal differences in human franchisement for each group will propagate naturally.

Clearly, the ultimate goal is to get the noncompliant out of the Citadel of civilization altogether, and then using their unvaxxed status as a way to raise the draw bridge against their re-admission. But, we’re not quite there yet. Vax is phase one, the self-identification phase.

Phase Two is a horse of another color, altogether. It’s a sorting event.

[The reason “1984” memes are on T-shirts now is because we can see it all around us. There are no “Brave New World” ones (even though SRI’s are Soma) because Huxley’s Savage Reservation, so central to the story and its Dystopia, hasn’t yet become visible.
[Predictive programing hawks might see Savage Reservation pre-programing in TV’s “The Walking Dead” and YA fiction like Hunger Games.]

Back to saline: From there, lesser, more prosaic and immediate benefits for TPTB likely spin out of a salt water vax. One is pure financial fraud by the Pharma firms that have supposedly spent billions creating this magic substance. Corporations looting national treasuries for mindbending figures by billing for BS authorized “in an emergency” by well-greased and/or well-controlled politicians is a fart in the wind at this point in the devolution of the West. I think that’s why more than one Big Pharma firms plus an insider start-up jumped on this: They attended the special seminar at Davos and know they could ship water with Vitamin C, invoice whatever they want, and no one was going to call them on it.

So, yeah, Mark: Saline? I’m totally down. One good fraud deserves another. And those scary vax ingredients we keep “discovering”? Those are for later “boosters.” Right now, the vax is a full-bore psychological operation with just one physical aspect: Taking the shot itself. Thus will the world population be divided into two groups by a ritual initiation of the body through pain, in free will. Any anthropology text or occult grimoire will tell you what full-bore, psycho-spiritual mojo that involves.

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  1. Fantastic comment. I have already considered that the ramped up scare stories about adverse reactions are hyperbole to create the impression that the shots contain something. And then we have the recent announcement [which could so easily have been covered up] that two health staff allegedly suffered adverse [anaphylactoid] reactions after receiving the Pfizer vaxx.
    Even sillier, “Both staff members have a significant history of allergic reactions, to the extent where they need to carry an adrenaline auto-injector with them, it is understood.”
    As if they’d take it, if indeed they even existed.
    “It is understood” is a spook term used in the MSM, referring to a lie or a false narrative being pushed out.


    1. I omitted to adduce another hoax marker, the additional over-egging of the vaccine story with the sinister -70C storage conditions. So it must contain some really sensitive and active ingredients, right! Who writes these scripts?


      1. @Grahamsdiffusion

        I’ve encountered this -70C a few times elsewhere (not about current vaccines), so it was decided some time ago by somebody, probably Rockefeller Institute and/or ATCC that these ‘sensitive’ soups of nucleic acid needed to be stored this way, if only to convince onlookers that you could preserve ‘viral’ material for decades at least.

        I looked up a paper last night to see how the chickenpox ‘virus’ was isolated, and discovered that, as always, cell cultures were fed toxic soup that caused CPE (cytopathic effects) in the cultures, and this ‘proved’ the virus and its ‘isolation’.

        This paper is from 1977, and has the temperature quote below: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC414067/pdf/iai00193-0211.pdf
        “To prepare infected-cell stock virus,which was stored at-70°C in MEM containing 10% fetal calf serum and 10% dimethyl sulfoxide”.


  2. For some time now I’ve felt the shots given as a baby produce the necessary slave that encompasses the earth. Those shots must be brain impairing affecting some measure of logic and will to the point the average person can never see the “State” for what it really is and even applaudes it through its dialectical politics. Maybe it didn’t work as well on the born introverts who naturally critically think. Lifelong sim crossing into the next stage of the sim. With transhumanism being a goal for ages perhaps these shots will affect that part of the brain that desires the opposite sex and sympathetic to gender weirdness. Shots that blunt individuality and causes one to see everyone the same. Perhaps places like Thailand paved the way. Hollywood has done their part as they usual going as far faking gender roles.

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    1. For some time now I’ve felt the shots given as a baby produce the necessary slave that encompasses the earth.

      Whether the shots are producing the epsilons or not, I don’t know.

      What I do know is that we hear almost nothing of the dangers of so-called ‘ultrasound’, despite those dangers being admitted (in between the lines) in the official scientific literature.

      The power of these ‘ultrasound’ devices has been increasing exponentially since they first came onto the market just a few decades ago. And even in their earlier iterations, with power output a fraction of what we see today, it was acknowledged in official scientific literature that babies subjected to multiple ultrasounds were born smaller than babies subjected to only one ultrasound — and this difference was statistically evident even when controlling for other factors i.e. it was not that smaller babies were given more ultrasounds, it was that babies given more ultrasounds were born smaller.

      I’ve written and spoken about all of this elsewhere, including on fakeologist about two years ago:


      We know, thanks to Aldous Huxley, what the Brave New World will look like: epsilons are essential to the system. The moron underclass, working the simple, braindead jobs which society needs somebody to do. It is certainly possible that the vaccines are a key plank in churning out the epsilon class today. What I want to know is, why do so few people ever speak about the radiation performed on babies in the womb?

      That’s what ‘ultrasound’ is, by the way. Not ‘sound’ (a clever misdirection on the part of the people behind this technology) but radiation. They call it ‘non ionising radiation’, which may make it seem harmless, until you realise that a microwave oven also emits ‘non ionising radiation’. That’s right, folks: they’re cooking the babies in the womb, with radiation, dressed up as ‘sound’, and sold as a way to ‘see the baby’.

      And yet 99.9% of the alternative / conspiracy / truth related people — content creators and content consumers alike — are focused on vaccines, and speak either rarely or never about the fetus-cooking going on every single day.

      A Brave New World? You’d better believe it. Because the next ‘3D ultrasound’ you see is an image of the future: an epsilon who never even had a chance of thinking for itself. It was too important for his/her mother/father to get an image by way of radiating the womb. You know, to show off on facebook and instagram.

      And after all, if ‘ultrasound’ were as harmful as JLB is suggesting, wouldn’t somebody have told us by now? The experts, the authorities, the whistleblowers. Somebody would have told us something by now. There’s no way they could get away with it, right?

      What A Time To Be Alive.

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  3. Mark, I’ve never heard more BS from you in ages…and I’ve been reading for years.

    WTF is wrong with you? Or are you LH, from beginning?


  4. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the first round or two of this Elixir of Life is a placebo of sorts. I know the controllers play a long game, and it’s looking like these vaccines will become an annual thing.

    At some point I expect the switch over to the micro-needle array patch. At that point humans become a patented GMO creation of the bio-security state.

    The one thing I am certain of is that the controllers are absolutely obsessed with injecting every human on earth with this mystery crap. It could be saline or something else, but I could never know the difference. I’d rather be a societal outcast (or dead ) than submit to any of their plans.

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    1. We think alike. Purportedly, according to a video from one of the vax firms, it contains mRNA that goes into the cells to replicate a protein that fends off the virus, with a “low risk” of recombination and creating other genetic impact. So, in essence, I thought, they will simply genetically manipulate us. My question: who owns me then?


  5. It comes with a passport, in the UK they call it the freedom passport. Maybe one goal of the operation is about legal status.
    A slight DNA modification, real or alleged, could make a human something patentable.
    Literally ownable.
    They already talk about having the passport will be necessary to attend concerts and sports events. Surely no basic income without too.


    1. The freedom passport I’ve heard politicians speak of in the UK sounds like more of a pass enabling you to do relatively normal things like attend venues and events, but will only be valid for a short period of time after getting a negative test result. Our experts are already saying that the vaccine wont prevent you from contracting and spreading the virus and does not take away the need for mask wearing and social distancing.

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  6. In this scenario, is there a potential Prohibition style loophole where profits could be made by the cunning Vaxxed by offering black market access to the unVaxxed? An all digital currency can probably be hacked like any other tech. It would be interesting to hear from any Soviet bloc dissenters who survived off the grid while still making their daily rounds, thanks to the black market crypto-economy.


    1. There is a Linux based portable operating system called Tails. This operating system makes exclusively contact with the Tor network. You could use that in combination with an anonymous bitcoin wallet.

      If someone really wants it, you will eventually be found, but that takes a lot of time, effort and money. As long as you don’t order plutonium or import containers of cocaine, you’re reasonably safe but always remember that Tor was developed, built and financed by the US military-surveillance complex.

      Tor’s original, and current, purpose is to cloak the online identity of government agents and informants while they are in the field.

      “The United States government can’t simply run an anonymity system for everybody and then use it themselves only. Because then every time a connection came from it people would say, “Oh, it’s another CIA agent.” If those are the only people using the network.”

      Roger Dingledine, co-founder of the Tor Network, 2004


      1. That process involves a lot of commitment and not for the average everyday person. Still not many places accept bitcoin as payment for everyday items although they are trying. Crypto currencies are not crypto any longer and I feel they should just be described by their names. In my opinion if there is an implementation of a new government digital currency, it will obviously be easy to use for everyone and not associated with Bitcoin which was just a trial experiment. I feel once government digital currency is announced, Bitcoins will immediately lose their value, and become only for people that bought or mined them to trade with each other, like in the beginning.


  7. The vaccine narrative is all about initiation and fealty. Will you choose to be initiated into the new cult? Will you ultimately bend the knee before this emerging global power structure? Like all initiations, vaccination involves elements of fear and personal risk. However, in many initiations, the perceived threat to the initiate isn’t rooted in actual reality. One example being a story I heard once about an ancient Egyptian priesthood initiation ceremony. Initiates were brought into a temple that featured a large pool of water which contained several crocodiles. The initiates were told to dive into the pool and swim from one end to the other. Of course, this would’ve been a frightening proposition for anyone with a rational mind. What the priests did not tell the initiates, however, was something that would’ve shattered their fear and diminished the psychological potency of the initiation: the crocodiles had been generously fed prior to the ceremony.

    I think our overlords, our high priests, want as many initiates as possible. They are testing us now; challenging us with varied and conflicting information that fleshes out the possible consequences of participating in their vaccination ritual. They are building fear in the minds of all would-be initiates. They call the extreme result of their psychological onslaught “vaccine hesitancy” and seek to counterbalance it, as they do not wish to completely disengage the public. However, the initiation process is useless if it does not separate the devout from the uncommitted and the heretical. This cannot be done without a perceived threat to the initiate. A saline-based vaccine, a placebo, would allow for a perceived threat without risking serious harm to the initiate. Using experimental vaccine technology (mRNA based vaccines) on the global population now could risk delegitimizing their yet-to-be firmly established new cult.

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    1. Hi, Bird,

      This is excellent. Truly.

      In a back and forth with Tim R on the “Awaiting Deliverance” thread, I sketched out parenthetically a similar idea, that they are using the vax to test us in a direct way to discover whether we will bend the knee. I got there by a totally different route, however. I’ll paste it right here (with some correx and neatening):

      [At the risk of Paso-splaining, I note that many see in the word COVID, the Control Structure’s branding for this particular Op, the words Covert and Identification. OK, fair enough, but then they sort of spin that to mean TPTB are identifying us covertly, or something. I cotton to the view that the testing regimen could be a cell collection hustle for genomic typing and storage, but on the whole, we the proles are more legible to TPTB and in greater detail than at any other time in world history, I’ll wager. That they somehow need to ID us in a conventional way doesn’t hold together for me. BUT the COVID name might mean exactly that – covert identification – if we consider that TPTB needs to ascertain where each individual stands as they drive us decisively to the WEF Plantation model. They’ve already got your browsing history, your emails, your comments, your bank account, your medical records, but interestingly even your EKG doesn’t tell them what’s in your heart. When push comes to shove, will it be principle or expediency that guides your actions? Independence or conformity? To discover that with certainty, they need to see you freely choose one action over another in the face of a binary choice from which you believe there is no going back. Action alone will tell the control structure which group you as an individual truly belong to. Everyone talks a good game, but many who think themselves refuseniks now will look down at their shoes and roll up their sleeve on that day. Only then will you surely be known to them. With a condition of apartheid hanging in the balance, no one will be allowed to sit this choice out to return to their normal life. A banquet of consequences or privileges awaits us all.]

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      1. So implicit in an independence vs compliance test would seem to be a desire to intensify the general “domesticating” trend of civilization… Driving out the wild genes or anti-authoritarian genes (well that’s one hypothesis anyway – your idea raises many different possibilities.)

        My thoughts are a bit inchoate – really wish I could hear you discuss it in depth with a good interviewer (absent being able to speak directly with you myself, ha.) But for instance – to carry this to that extreme of a point – near Hunger Games level scenario or something – you’re talking about a world that would be ultra dystopian even for the compliant. No level of propaganda imo could make quite tolerable watching friends and relatives banished to this degree. And the many who do comply under great duress, would be miserable. IOW it would be the iron fist coming out for everyone, not just truthers or a tiny minority. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems clunky.

        Until you fill in more details – maybe you see it going more toward a caste system on the Hindu model – refusniks become the Untouchables? Maybe that’s a workable civilizational model? Though still unpalatable to Western culture, in such stark form it would seem.

        There’s another aspect of any such test as well – intelligence. Mere personality will incline many towards non compliance. These are more easily broken down by long pressure. But those who see through the scam AND are non compliant are another matter.

        Man I have a lot of other directions I could consider.. Like I said it’s kind of inchoate for me, I wouldn’t pretend to have a clear idea of the master plan or their real goals. For instance one could push back on your premise too and say that more likely these “tests” and challenges will be played out over a long period of time, in more moderate form, and not be as dramatic as any Hunger Games type of scenario.


      2. Thanks, Paso Robles. Also, thank you for your original comment (reposted by Mark) as it got my wheels turning. I think this may be the most important discussion thread ever on Piece of Mindful. In my opinion, the ideas shared in this thread are essential for consideration by anyone who is deliberating whether to accept vaccination.
        In any case, whether the vaccine is saline solution, experimental mRNA biotechnology, or something else entirely undisclosed, the decision to accept vaccination will set a dangerous precedent and further embolden our controllers. Already, there is news that social distancing, masking, testing and other lockdown measures will continue following vaccination. There is news that vaccination may not prevent contraction nor spread of the virus, but only reduce or eliminate the symptoms experienced by the infected. There is news that case numbers may not decline significantly until late 2021, even if mass vaccination is achieved in the US. Does any of this make sense, in terms of the conventional pro-vaccination narratives we’ve been raised on? No, none of it does. In fact, I can’t think of a worse sales pitch for a novel vaccine – can you? And yet, if one still accepts the vaccine, despite all of the flaws listed above, what message does that send to our controllers? It tells them that we want to be controlled. It tells them that we give our consent to their implementing new methods of control via scientism and medical tyranny. We will welcome the apartheid. They won’t put a stop to coercive vaccination after this first round – just the opposite. Accepting this vaccine will mark the beginning of a lifelong path of additional coerced vaccinations – booster shots or rather “upgrades” for those misanthropes like Bill Gates who delight in comparing human beings to inanimate computers. Surveillance capitalism will accelerate, as tracking, tracing and novel identification methods will be required for managing a global population of citizens at various stages of their individual lifelong vaccination journeys. Various tiers will develop in society (e.g. legal status, social credit, etc.) leading to new hierarchies and class systems; new distinctions between citizens in terms of government granted rights and privileges.
        Now is the time to dig our heels in and reject this absolute Faustian bargain. The solution to preventing this attempt at a biology-based apartheid is to reject our controller’s methods of categorization. Do not provide them with data for their atrocious social engineering experiment. Do not test, do not participate in tracking and tracing programs, do not vaccinate. Do not enable them to separate you from your fellow man. Do not allow them to begin the process of conferring “rights” and “privileges” to you but not to your neighbor, for that is how we abandon equality and march toward Orwell’s dystopia where “some animals are more equal than others.”


        1. Great comment, even ‘greater’ at the end.

          “this absolute Faustian bargain….

          “Do not test, do not participate in tracking and tracing programs, do not vaccinate. Do not enable them to separate you from your fellow man. Do not allow them to begin the process of conferring “rights” and “privileges” to you but not to your neighbor, for that is how we abandon equality and march toward Orwell’s dystopia where “some animals are more equal than others.”


          1. @OMatt: I know, right? Bird’s been doing this the whole string. The top clarified some things I was thinking about; the end framed what we have to do, how and why.

            Thanks. I needed that.


    2. Will you ultimately bend the knee before this emerging global power structure?

      Just on this, I note with interest the following:

      1) Corona means (among other things) ‘crown’.

      2) Sports stars in the EPL and other major leagues are now ‘taking the knee’ before every game.

      3) In rare instances where crowds have been allowed to return to EPL matches, they’ve been known to boo the players for the knee spectacle. See for example:


      4) Crowds were unable to boo when this nonsense began, because they had been banned from attending, ostensibly due to the corona virus.

      So we see a mass ‘taking of the knee’, in sports leagues around the world, televised to millions upon millions of people, with no direct defiance in the stadia, due to the Crown-virus.

      And now, as you point out, BoP, it looks like the vaccine may be used as a method to see who will themselves ‘bend the knee’ due to the Crown-virus.


      1. Trying to guess their goals or a next move seems as an impossible task. Was anybody able to imagine the consequences of 9/11? Millions of victims and a few Mid East wars later, we’re still getting scanned and stripped at the airports, with all nations rushing to implement some anti-terror laws while pushing for terror themselves. I never saw anybody predict that.

        Let’s go further back in time. French revolution of 1789 – inspite the evidence FR was led by the spooks, it did change societies big time. Since PTB figured people wanted to grab their kings by the throat as slavery, hunger, wars and tax-raises are the true features of life, they pushed for a revolution – but it was NOT ours, people’s revolution, as we were led to believe by relentless propaganda ever since. The true revolution was in managing to set up a new system of governance, where people believed it would change some important aspect of society. The kings only disappeared from the public life as puppet figures, while the real power and influence never switched owners. It’s a propaganda based charade, not a real one. And this concept was and is repeated ad nauseum till this day. We still believe parliamentary democracy is better than any other form of governance, don’t we? I never saw anybody predict that either.

        What I want to say is this – PTB have an upper hand in all this from two important aspects: for one, they’ve been studying mass psychology for ages and have collected the knowledge of predicting our responses far better than we can predict the direction (or even detect presence) of their shenanigans. It might be even questionable to assume or say that “we” are aware of anything, since a few hundred individuals capable of thinking on their own do NOT represent “we” in general. Secondly, they operate in unity. The unity which we, the people lack. Deploying divide et impera tactics is their MO, since the unity of all people is the true game changer and they know this.

        Pushing for the change in a society before people could achieve some significant unity is possibly what’s driving them in this most recent “revolution”. Fear of losing control and power is their motivator. They are trying to reorganize us in a way, that would make us even more sterile, but not in the physical manner (infertility by vaccine). They are pushing for anti-socialization of the society, so the separation of individuals looks as a possible goal they are accomplishing as we speak. In a practical context, we’re all living in our comfortable solitary cells unable to identify them as cells. Our daily walks in the prison yard are akin to grocery shopping, with no contact and distancing applied. Police curfews give impression of cell-door lock, while vaccination imperative is rather a push for serial (read asset) numbers tatoo on our wrists.

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  8. Paso’s comment is excellent and thought-provoking. I tend to disagree that the first injection will be only saline, as it seems like too good an opportunity to get something into us for the medico-technocrats to waste. I do however, find the idea of there being zero ill-effects and the mind-game that would play to be intriguing. However, I had been thinking along the lines of the ill-effects being delayed/too hard to pinpoint. For example, if it is in fact an infertility vaccine, and is perhaps allocated to certain populations only (with other, say, geographic areas receiving saline) it would not be immediately obvious that a decline in birth-rate was caused by the vaccine. It could be attributed to so many other factors. I have several reasons to suspect it could be about fertility/sterilization:
    –The Georgia Guidestones of course.
    –Bill Gates of course.
    –WHO has been for many years working on a contraception vaccine.
    –The allegations of HCG in Tetanus vaccines targeted at women of child-bearing age in “developing” countries–the whole world is a “developing country” now.
    –The seeming plans to exclude pregnant women, or women planning to be pregnant in the near future, from the vaccine. The mass mis-carriages would be too obvious a tell. These women will get their shots after the baby is born, with no younger siblings forthcoming in later years.
    –Children of Men movie, and book (also see Graybeard book, Brian Aldiss) predictive programming
    –Finally for more predictive programming, have a read of Asterix and the Chariot Race (2017). Readers here will enjoy it immensely, I think. In the story–in which “Coronavirus” is a cheating, Phoenician-mask-wearing charioteer in a race involving all the countries of the world–when the mask is first removed, underneath “Coronavirus” is a guy called “Testus Terone.” (Later Testus Terone is replaced by Caesar under the mask, but please, just read the comic!) . Anyway, lo and behold, Testosterone overexpresssion can be a cause of infertility in both men and women.

    I can link to pubmed articles about many of these things, but at the moment I am short on time. Happy to find them later if anyone is interested.

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    1. The Covid vax apparently will have two shots within weeks of each other. There has not been enough time to evaluate these warp speed vaccines for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility.

      The antibody to one variant of Sars Covid might not protect against a new variant of the same type or subtype. This would give the powers that be, a chance to declare a resurgence in the future and keep social distancing, mask wearing and another round of vaccinations on everyone’s plate for years to come.

      However I agree with the article, if there is not a real Covid virus pandemic and this event has been a Scamdemic, then yes just a Saline Placebo dose at this point in time would be all that is needed. And there won’t be any mass deaths or terrible disabling side effects.

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    2. If I may add to your comment: Utopia is an English series from 2013/2014 in which a deadly pandemic turns out to be a product of systematic poisoning in order to introduce a vaccine that will sterilize most of the population to reduce it to 500.000.000, just as it says on the Georgia Guidestones. This year an American remake has been made.


      1. To add to this, in the 2013 version of Utopia, the protagonists seem to have gotten their hands on a book of prophecy, and are now on the run from the authorities. In episode 3, a false flag school shooting is used to frame one of the main characters.

        The episode was filmed before Sandy Hook and aired just one month after the event.

        “Although filmed over a year ago, Channel Four made a conscious decision to air Utopia just a month after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut, which saw 20 children killed last December 14.”


        Two episodes later, one of the government agents is caught, and he reveals the ‘Janus’ virus/vaccine plan: the ‘Russian Flu’ which has swept the population will be used as a pretext to release the Janus virus, by way of a trojan horse vaccine.

        That’s right: the ‘Russian Flu’ in 2013 (the China / Wuhan Flu in 2020).

        If you look up the word Janus, you found out that Janus is a character of roman mythology, the god of time, transitions, beginnings and endings.

        Now consider the World Economic Forum and their Great Reset agenda, which they write and speak about openly. ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’.

        Reset… like an end of the old time, beginning of the new… a transition, if you will. The kind of thing for which one might have preyed to Janus himself for divine guidance back in the day.

        I spoke about all of this and more in a recent video / audio presentation on my site:


        The tl;dr of my presentation is this:

        WHY are they doing this?

        Utopia, X-Files, Stargate, and several others prominent sci-fi / fantasy shows, all putting out the idea that vaccines can / will be used to sterilise or otherwise intentionally alter the DNA of the human race.

        WHY would they put this out there?

        Truth in plain sight? Truth in the movies, lies in the news? Misdirection? A red herring distraction? Or one big so-called coincidence?

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    3. The spike protein for which the vaccine makes the body produce antibodies has a very close resemblance to a protein found in the placenta. Nowhere in the trial documents from Pfizer requested by subpoena, there is evidence that the vaccine cannot harm the fertility of women. It could therefore be possible that the body will attack the placenta. This has not been (openly) investigated by the manufacturer, not even during the phase 1 and 2 trials with laboratory animals. If it’s not this round of vaccinations then it’s one of the following, but population control is high on the agenda.


      1. We have in place now the ability to reproduce artificially–buy(or engineer) an egg, buy(or engineer) a sperm, buy a uterus. That’s all sorted, so it is now safe to wipe out the natural reproductive ability. The dreams of generations of eugenicists can come true now. Reproduction now will become available only to those with money/power/social credit. For years people like Kajsa Ekis Ekman and others have been talking about the commodification of these things–to me now, it seems that was a preparation.
        And I had a particularly bleak thought recently, as I was considering how I would save my own children from this agenda by somehow, by hook or by crook keeping them from receiving the vaccine. In a sense it is unlikely to matter, as when they grow up and fall in love with some vaccinated person, they will experience the infertility problems nonetheless.


  9. I’ll add my voice to the chorus of praise for Paso’s comment and humbly add my own questions and speculations.

    Why, at this point, would they limit themselves on a hard decision to merely use saline or merely use this or that toxic ingredient? As Paso mentions, we are constantly updating their “backward-looking surveillance file” on us through our use of Google, Facebook, Zoom, Twitter, Discord, blogs, cell phones, and all the other military technology we’ve happily allowed ourselves to be trapped in. When mass shootings were all the rage (ooo, I made a funny), I read an article in some MSM publication about how data collection agencies amassed volumes of information in real-time about how the public reacted to it in social media. I suspect TPTB plan a hoax like this with many possible outcomes, and many possible subplots, depending on the audience participation data they receive. Run scary stories of people dropping dead after an injection along with cute sentimental stories about old Willie Shakespeare getting jabbed and then look at the data. If a large enough segment of the population that they want to sterilize or transhumanize or whatever are on board, okay then, we go with the toxic stuff. If it’s mostly just menstruating moms who will be dragging themselves and their kids into the clinics, fuck it, go with saline this time and save the nasty stuff for the next propaganda campaign.

    I like Paso’s thoughts on the bifurcation of society (also like the word bifurcation), but here again, I take the vast amount of real-time data they have on us into account. Not everyone who decides not to take a vaccine will necessarily be like us. In fact, their scary stories of people dropping dead, and their full awareness of how unpopular Bill Gates is, all but guarantees that a significant number of people who don’t buy into conspiracy theories nonetheless won’t be comfortable with vaccine. (My sister is one of these.) They may see how many people they can nudge into compliance with rewards and punishments, but I would anticipate that a significant number of people would get off the couch and make real noise if they went too far with this. (Maybe I’m being optimistic.) However, they seem to be prepared to go all out with all kinds of agit-prop from now on. The ones who don’t get caught in the mainstream Coronavirus net may be fooled into getting themselves fucked over when they get caught in the Aliens from Outer Space psy-op they are apparently setting up, and that may be playing at a limited hangout near you very soon. With all their data and all their levels of deception and manipulation, they can scoop up conspiracy theorists another way. And our reactions to the current narrative (including my reaction here) will help inform the approach they take.

    We may well be headed for a bifurcation–or trifurcation or quadfurcation–of society. But I suspect those who are serious about getting out of this trap are going to have to figure out how to live in the world with little or no personal technology usage. The only way we’ll be able to prevent them from making their drastic changes to us will be by making our own drastic changes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “But I suspect those who are serious about getting out of this trap are going to have to figure out how to live in the world with little or no personal technology usage.”

      Yes! Back to the roots! Personally, I’d be ecstatic if this was the only outcome of not complying. To hell with their mobiles, pads, pods, led screens and needless crap. Do we need toys to live or do we need food, close contacts and pristine relationship with one another in order to live happily? Who cares about the alienated society’s accessories if they make the worst kind of company to any sane individual? If such technology meant survival and/or some otherwise unreachable comfort, this world would’ve looked entirely different. But it doesn’t. Until now, such technological progress is used only in terms of consumerism, where technology represents 2 most important pillars of capitalism: slave efficiency improvement and market control. The latter also implies control of the society itself, which was possibly the main driver for deploying it in each individual case. Mind you, our overlords are owning the financial system and all the money-printing machines and bitcoin-spitting servers of this world – so seldomly, if ever, is any project about the profit per se.

      But it seems as punishment for non complying isn’t going to be just our digital toys taken away. We may be facing some re-educational courses, you know, like history showed were very efficiently and regime-positively influencing people who were dissenters and dissidents. It worked like a charm. And if it didn’t, well, there’s always a workaround. Little less democratic, but when it comes to saving the nation and humanity, any individual defying it ought to be removed and is propagandized as meaningless unless he/she joins the Collective. Sounds like some Borg mantra? Not really, it’s what fascism under the guise of communism was all about.


    2. “We may well be headed for a bifurcation–or trifurcation or quadfurcation”

      No need to even run the numbers. No matter how you slice it, we are all furcked.


  10. The PTB are playing a dangerous game here though . By investing so much of their future plans for us on the premise that the pathogenic virus exists they are in danger of bringing the whole thing crashing down.
    More and more people are questioning the science, many of them doctors. The PTB have thrown any subtlety they ever had to the winds and seemingly are in a great hurry to ” get things done. ” They are making obvious mistakes. It could well be their downfall . So many questions are being asked now ……………….not just about Covid but about all those peripheral scams that are being revealed on a daily basis.
    When the virus is finally exposed …………………hopefully sooner than later……………the drug industry will fall . THEY never intended that to happen !!
    The PTB really don’t know anything about how, we, the ordinary folk, think deep down .They struggle because their lives bear no relation to ours and when you don’t ‘know’ your enemy you fail. There’s light at the end of the tunnel I’m sure.


  11. I think this is all a very interesting perspective… I have one dilemma about the saline(placebo) injection…. in that they have to show that antibodies are produced by blood test to show that it is effective… the main reason that these vaccines are considered effective by Doctors and scientists are antibodies produced to the spike protein. Many of my doctor friends are excited to confirm with blood test having antibodies after receiving the Vax in order to feel safe from getting “severe Covid”.

    How will they get around this on a mass scale at the ground level if it is a pure placebo?


    1. This would complete the circle. First we have a virus not proven to exist, no gold standard. Then we have a test for that virus that appears to be 100% unreliable, merely simulating the spread by both the number of tests and amplifications. Then we are looking for antibodies? I’m pretty sure antibody tests are as worthless as PCR tests, and will be faked too.


      1. Keep an eye on Germany too. Cracks developing.

        “In simple English, the entire edifice of the Gates foundation, the Merkel government, the WHO and WEF as well as the case for de facto forced untested vaccines, rests on results of a PCR test for coronavirus that is not worth a hill of beans. The test of Drosten and WHO is more or less, scientific crap.”

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Of the articles that “allow” for the existence of the virus, this is a good one. Well written by Engdahl. In the current moment this will be a component of the package of material dispensed by me. Thanks.


            1. Via email. Just talking about a small collection of my own choosing that I’m using to try to reach the few people i have some contact with. Some of my own comments here re fraudulent virology, Jim West’s “Virology: Fake Science”, Scoglio’s paper, and now this one, etc.


        2. Amazing!

          Moreover, of the three mandatory file copies of his doctor thesis, highly relevant given the global importance of Drosten’s coronavirus role, two copies have “disappeared,” and the remaining single copy is water-damaged. Kühbacher says Drosten will now likely face court charges for holding a fraudulent doctoral title.

          Stories like this are in the wind, but not picked up by other mainstream sources. There is also a media lockdown going on.

          Liked by 2 people

      2. https://www.globalresearch.ca/what-not-said-pfizer-coronavirus-vaccine/5729461

        From the article: “Exogenous mRNA is inherently immune-stimulatory, and this feature of mRNA could be beneficial or detrimental. It may provide adjuvant activity and it may inhibit antigen expression and negatively affect the immune response. The paradoxical effects of innate immune sensing on different formats of mRNA vaccines are incompletely understood.” Quijano adds, “A mRNA-based vaccine could also induce potent type I interferon responses, which have been associated not only with inflammation but also potentially with autoimmunity… and may promote blood coagulation and pathological thrombus formation.”

        People lining up to be “…human guinea pigs…” Silly rabbits?


    2. Spondive- an article in Forbes (if we take the mainstream at face value for a moment) said the trials were designed to show success merely for reducing moderate cold and flu like symptoms… There was no promise of preventing severe cases, or indeed death. I guess that info hasn’t reached your doctor friends…

      It’s actually an informative article as a critical overview of the trial limitations (even were they above board.)


  12. Do not think it is just your technological toys they will take away; how far can they go when they want? As far as they want!!!
    Think AUTOMOBILE, and then understand that you are already totally controlled.
    Or do you think you will be able to get a drivers license without your vaccination card.
    Even food …a garden in your back yard will be sprayed down to weeds…so what is the solution? Probably running away will be the only solution, and running away to a country less on board will be possible for at least a few decades. think africa ; it will be years before the whole world is like the anglo european world….happy travels…


    1. Hey David,

      I’m certainly with you, up to a point. But if I’m reading the messaging right, I’m seeing a Citadel/Flyover arrangement taking shape for coming decades.

      I believe you’re completely correct about our current era here in The Transition, what they’re terming The Great Reset. The vax certificate will certainly be the golden ticket back to normal life and then some (UBI, and other membership upgrades await the compliant, perhaps even augmentations?), at least for a while. Consider it soft coercion, The Carrot.

      Then, as you rightly predict, it will become (probably after a sorting event) the basic hall-pass to live life here in the Anglosphere at all, amid civilization and among the vaccinated. That is, one’s vax cert will become the foundational personhood document upon which they’ll layer one’s social credit score to fine-tune your permitted activities. Numerous times each day, you’ll show, slide or scan something at automated thresholds and doorways (basically automated “stop & frisk”) to be allowed to walk on, live your life and avoid The Stick (deportation). All the current messaging about “illegals” is transferable to the unvaxed through lesser word magic — propaganda.

      The eventual goal, I’m guessing, is to separate the two groups. The vaxed inside the Citadel; the unwashed outside, literally beyond the pale, populating Huxley’s Savage Reservation, out upon the Flyover, where they can be exploited and harassed and attritted out of sight of the compliant.

      We’re in the transition now, but the bifurcation (the vax) will be beginning soon, and after that’s run its course, a sorting event(s) will enact the physical separation of the two groups in a short space of time.

      Yes, I’m with you: In this period, running away to a third world backwater might work; one that’s largely agricultural and lacks the resources, organization, population, and capital to reconfigure itself into a megacity dystopian citadel of the sort London and Los Angeles will become. But don’t book a flight to Africa just yet. The Chinese have already established a footprint in equatorial countries there. The Western business press condescendingly terms them Ghost Cities, both there and in mainland China, and waxes hubristically about CCP’s “misallocations of capital and corruption and stupidity” in creating them. But I don’t think that’s what they are; I think they’re fortified safe zones for the vaxed waiting to be populated.

      I think the Chinese got the memo ahead of everybody.


      1. Ah ok.. That answers some of my questions from a comment above.

        Boy, really wishing I had some country farmstead skills right about now…

        So do they try to administer Flyover land as they do now, or just leave it to be a Wild West…

        Seems if you wanted to chance life on the outside, you’d want to find a tribe of the like minded, for mutual support and defense.

        I guess the Amish are well positioned…


      2. “Automated ‘stop & frisk'” is the obvious corollary of the current direction of travel. But did manual checks really control the behavior of the population? It certainly created a whole security economy but people put up with the inconveniences at airports, museums and so on. If one of the thrusts of the so-called Great Reset is to set us on the path towards meeting the Agenda 2030 SDGs, then the purpose of the digital passport must be to disallow people from behaving as they did previously. [just as government dikat has in a clumsy, temporary, agile way]
        If the vast majority of the herd take the jab [which seems entirely plausible] then that won’t solve anything for the herders. There has to be some other means of subdividing the vaccinated sheep to cut down consumption and lifestyles. The vaccine-welcoming idiots have no idea how an arbitrary Social Credit System will be implemented.


  13. Dear paso robles, you are a clever wordman and i like your analytical skills. But i hear someone …correct me if i am wrong… who just might be clever enough to think that direct experience is not really necessary when you have a good brain. What you say can ring true to those who have not spent 30 years living in those “third world backwaters”…and thus is true if you go to those backwaters, stay urban and stay mute for lack of ability to speak the local language.
    So for credentials i would like to briefly say that i have lived in 4 different backwaters, averaging 3 to 5 years in each place and so what your above account is sorely lacking is knowing what it is really like among the people of say Morocco, Mexico Cambodia and other such countries which, by the way, please remember that there are not only first and third world countries, there are also second world countries which means that the urban center is like the first world but the countryside would be like the third world with gradations in-between. But the real essence that your above account misses is a sense of people who have not been raised in the Anglo European world; and that means alot. That means everything in your day to day life, for you see, i know from direct experience that a large minority…even a small majority of people say, in rural china ( i was there for 10 years) know everything going on is complete bullshit..and live their life accordingly.
    Another thing you assume, it seems, is that the governments of these backwaters do not have the ability to take control of the situation as the Anglo Europeans do but there again, you might be misreading things; the real truth to what appears like sloppiness and incompetence is that those governments do not have a PROGRAM OF CONTROL as the Anglo Europeans. I am not saying they are benign and fundamentally different than any other government; i am only saying that this Anglo obsession with total control…licensing and permits and laws for EVERYTHING. Even in first world south American countries, you will find things, on a daily level, to be much more relaxed.
    So to end where i began: your response is clever and sounds slick, but i am sorry to say it is only as slick as it is ignorant of the situations on the grounds of those countries. And so i stand by my original idea: there will probably be enough loopholes to live a normal life if you have the guts to get out of the Anglo European world..and of course, live rurally and as self sufficiently as possible; that will mean basically becoming a farmer..a real farmer, a backwoodsmen and that sort of thing. Or you can stay in your little cubicle, staring at your even smaller cubicle and communicating eternally with other people who live in cubicles and spend their life staring at cubicles.
    Live free or die

    now i will reread very carefully what you wrote and see if i have misunderstood you. the above was written off the top of my head.


    1. Hi, David,

      Mea culpa. Looking back at the last paragraph of my comment to you, I see I made structural and wording errors.

      Normally, when I’m going to introduce a tangential element to a discussion (in this case, the Chinese Ghost Cities), I break it out in brackets, so the reader knows what’s going on. Writing off the top of my head, myself, I mistakenly left that bit in the main body of the paragraph immediately after endorsing your valuable notion that a backwater nation with certain characteristics might work well as a place to sit-out this particular period of History.

      Unthinkingly, I connected the top and bottom elements of the paragraph by a glib transition, one worded as a negative imperative. Unfortunately, it appears to invalidate your valuable observation. That was a poor choice on my part; lo siento. To be clear: I too believe there are going to be places outside The Empire to which to relocate. In fact, I’m counting on it.

      Somebody smarter than me observed that “The collision of the Forces of History with the Common Man almost always results in the death of the latter.” What that means in practice is that for common men like me, during certain periods, getting out of the way is synonymous with surviving. Or, as you put it: “Probably running away will be the only solution, and running away to a country less on board will be possible for at least a few decades.” I regret not giving that statement the clarion endorsement it deserves. From your lips to God’s ears.



  14. burr…Paso Robles….burr…I suggest you “put down your pen” for a while and pick up a shovel or axe in order that this whole thing might become more real to you….

    this is not a “particular period of history” : this is your life. But your every sentence above shows that you are not living your life: you are thinking it.

    good luck


  15. p.s. continuing from above….

    …and the powers that be are doing the same thing: they are not living their life; they are thinking it; the powers that be are also “clever little boys” sitting in front of their computer cubicles playing chess with your life and they obviously need opponents to play..and YOU are their opponent; they love you and be assured that they are reading your next move, which you proudly give out to the world….you do know that they will win dont you? you do know that when they finally declare “CHECKMATE” you will be caught off guard and wonder how you did not see it coming…?


    1. And they own the chess board and everything on it. Everything! And where exactly does that leave us — the thinker and laborer alike — if not as debt slaves living fictitious lives in an open air debtor’s prison?


      1. and by the way Mr. Kelly i never think in terms of “laborer”. To be a laborer is vastly different than what i had in mind when i spoke of picking up a shovel or axe; this is not a small point since what i believe it shows, is that you are still thinking in the terms of your masters, you know those Anglo Europeans… who are actually all just eastern European Jews


  16. well said clint…the only problem with that is one can live without debt..nor must we subscribe to their fictions; or will you tell me that a real life is no longer possible?
    It is true, i pay my taxes monthly…in japan it is monthly, and i keep my drivers liscence up to date like a good boy but these are little things to do to keep the hyenas away; i am still living more or less a very real life, without debt, waking up every morning and doing what i want. How long i can sustain this, i do not know. For now, i feel blessed.


  17. One element that seems glossed over in this conversation imo… The “conservatives” and their response to “the jab.” Yes, they went along with the masks, somewhat… But I think the outlines of what Paso describes (in some foggy, dim form) is becoming clear to ever larger numbers of them. It may be labelled differently, spun into some particular flavor by their conservative pundit of choice, but one thing is clear – a great many of them do not like the direction this is headed, or how fast it’s going. Will a number that large be excluded from the Citadel? Will they allow themselves to be corralled, so easily? Is it a “done deal” and they’re too easily bamboozled by snake oil and misdirection for me to even consider they might be some sort of bulwark against it all…?

    Also… Are there any factional interests within the elites that have a chance against it, maybe aligned with the conservative propaganda bubble? MM mapped some of this out recently – Silicon Valley/Media faction vs some old extractive industries and real economy faction.


  18. perhaps just stop trying to guess their next move…they cheat and every pawn can magically transform into a queen overnight…and start living. Guessing is also just thinking…..


  19. As I stated months ago, I believe the vaccines are at least somewhat inert. The main reason for my belief on this particular type is that I just don’t believe the technology exists. I’m not buying their ability to go in and change DNA. Or the idea that there are some sort of mini robots. I don’t believe that technology exists. The whole idea of robots has been floating around for decades and we still don’t really have them. Nano technology, where is it? And don’t get me started on AI. You see commercials stating the use of AI but that’s not what it really is. AI is when a computer learns on its own to some degree. All the AI they talk about is simply codes being followed. Technologically speaking, we haven’t really progressed that far except in the field of EM waves. Just my two cents.


  20. “Not having one will be like walking around in a personal, invisible cage of restrictions and, eventually, nonpersonhood.”

    Quite the opposite. Those willing to turn over their sovereignty to the state will be in the cage. You think a return to “normal life” won’t come with many strings attached? It’ll be the same with “universal basic income.” It’ll be 100% digital, and anyone receiving it will have an implied contract with the state. Keep your digital health passport up to date or no monthly hit of UBI.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. To be human is to be in a cage. With the possibility to live outside of a cage, but that is rare indeed. There are cages inside us and outside us. For some resistance unto death makes the cage disappear, gives us our identity. and our blue sky; others like and need their cage. Everyone is just a bit different in relation to their cage. Notice though if you will how people here at POM drop any thread that gets too personal and returns to data picking; that is actually one of our biggest cages’…fear to face ourselves , fear to get personal. Analyzing all this coronavirus data, and expanding on the Machiavellian maneuvers of the powers that be is a safe haven.


    1. David, I think the tautological essence of self-examination is that it is, and must inherently be, wholly personal, else it be merely a construct imposed from another or a group that defeats the value of such a self-realization and renders it simply an internalization of an external judgment. By this I mean that it seems that you wish to impart your own self-realized views onto others, if only to require/prod them to take up your own call for self-examination. Respectfully, I think that short circuits the enterprise and prevents it from achieving any real purpose ( save perhaps your vicarious affirmation from others taking your imperative to heart).

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  22. An update, just for the record, here:


    Lede & Top:

    “All Brazilians are required to be vaccinated against Covid-19 under the penalty of being banned from certain public activities and spaces, the country’s top court has decided.

    “Ten justices of the 11-member court backed the mandatory inoculation with only one vote against in a virtual session held Thursday. The ruling is a blow to President Jair Bolsonaro, who has said he won’t get a vaccine and nobody should be forced to.

    “The court underscored that its decision doesn’t mean Brazilians will be taken by force to receive shots that will be offered by the government through the public health network. It will be up to governors and mayors to decide on which restrictive measures to impose on holdouts.

    “Vaccines against potentially life-threatening diseases such as measles and meningitis have long been mandatory for children in Brazil and the justices dismissed a separate case seeking to free parents from that obligation due to religious beliefs……”


    So, the creation of a second, self-selected class of citizens is created at law in one of the world’s largest countries in our hemisphere.


    1. That is concerning, our biggest neighbors.

      But Bolsonaro is a kind of Trump and I am sure a lot of Brazilians will refuse this mandatory rape.

      And as I expected; they go for a vaxxed class of people.

      The Island (2005)


    1. I suggest you merely find a comment from him and ask him … I assume when you do that your comment will be emailed to him, though not containing your email address. You can then further develop a connection.

      I can facilitate email connections, but need permission from both sides in advance.


  23. OK, so why? Because (limited hangout) Alex Jones was right: The ultimate, long term goal was and is one world government, run by an untouchable, even unknown elite, on the model of the prison work-farm. A global one. An open-air, free-range plantation, where “we own nothing but we’re happy,” (WEF) in which we choose to do what they want by being given endless, very fine-tuned false dilemmas. (One of the things you won’t being owning is your body; again, that’s consistent with a prison.)



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