Friday Tidbits

I grabbed these words from Jon Rappoport, a blog post titled COVID vaccine secret, a stunner.

A man visits a vast auto junkyard looking for parts. Over the office door, he sees a sign: “1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spider. Inquire within.”

The owner of the junkyard tells him, “We’re offering shares in the Ferrari. Three thousand a share. When we eventually sell it, you’ll make at least double your investment.”

The man says, “Where is the car? I’d like to see it.”

“Well,” the junkyard owner says, “look around you. We’ve got several square miles of cars and parts. The Ferrari is out there somewhere. We recently ran a test on exhaust fumes with a special instrument. It concluded that the ’72 Ferrari had recently been driven through the yard here…”

This is the sort of thing that happens in virology.

The video below is very short, from Dr. Tom Cowan, who though landlocked in upstate New York, has decided that he needs to put shark nets around his property for protection. You never know, he says. In the same vein, I think I need to put a brick wall around our property to protect us from rogue elephants. It only needs to happen once.

What, you say? There’s no elephants in Colorado? Sure, you say that. But do you know for sure? Have you consulted an expert? An elephantologist? They get NSF grants to study the matter, and have claimed that their research shows that tracks seen on trails in the woods could indeed be elephant tracks. More re$earch is needed.

The insanity of it all! But I’ve come to realize that the ultimate goal behind all of the nonsense and regulations is to disrupt our lives. That’s all it is, that must be what they want, and for ulterior motives never shared, and about which there is much speculation.

Have a nice weekend. We’re going to Ted’s Montana Grill for lunch today. On entry we must wear a mask, as there is usually a Nazi behind the bar forcing us to do so before being seated. We walk 20 feet and then unmask. It’s safer to do that, health officials say, and they are all about our safety.

19 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. MT – Great post. I think you should do a regular “Friday Tidbits.” 🙂 I watched Cowan’s short video yesterday, and enjoyed it as well. Sometimes injecting a bit of satirical humor can help to shed light on a dark subject. For those who can listen to longer videos (I listen while doing goat chores!), I do recommend his 48-minute “Year End Review and Thoughts on the Future.” (You can always listen at 1.5x or 1.75x speed – hint, hint). It’s a fairly tight recap for those wanting to brush up a bit on fraudulent virology.


  2. Thanks for sharing, Mark. Enjoy your lunch at Ted’s Montana Grill. The mask requirements at restaurants are asinine.

    It occurred to me the other day that if your average handmade fabric mask on is considered sufficient for public use during this scamdemic then why aren’t they being used in hospitals? Surely every doctor and surgeon would love to wear their own personalized mask. Really express themselves via color and design choices while protecting themselves and others, right? Why would they need those bland looking yet authentic surgical masks or N95 masks?


    1. I’ve been wondering about the ‘need’ for sars-cov2-free environments, and what directions satisfaction of those needs will take. I recall Stepher’s detailed look at “quats” some time ago (, for example, and last night I encountered this on craigs: Should have seen it coming.

      We have not gone into a restaurant since this started, but that was because of not wanting to participate in dehumanizing rituals with masked people. The craig’s ad gives further food (no pun intended) for thought.


  3. I’m only 15 minutes into this, but here is more from Cowan and Kaufman on the issue of virology fraud: Just a bit of context . . . Many people, including myself, gave a lot of heat to Derrick Broze for promoting Dr. Mercola, who in turn, publicly denigrated the work of Cowan and Kaufman. So Derrick gave them an opportunity together to respond.


  4. Never have I ever thought to listen to videos at anything more than normal speed.
    1.75 x speed was still listenable.
    I’ll do ‘that’ more often.
    btw – I subscribed to the Dr’s channel
    – Thank You for the opportunity

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  5. I used to eat at Ted’s in Larimer Square, often on my lunch break (my office was in downtown Denver). Why would you eat at Ted’s Montana Grill now? I don’t give any of these places my business anymore.


    1. Bison. I don’t know where the restaurant chains get it, but my wife prefers it over beef. In 1989 Turner purchased the Flying D ranch near where we lived, south of Bozeman, over 100,000 acres. He removed all the cattle and brought in bison, which now thrive on the land. Wolves have moved in now, and Turner lets them be, saying they can have some of them, just not all of them. (Wolves prefer elk but do go after red dogs.) No matter the true nature of the man, Flying D is thriving, and the land is healthy as well. After all, the American west was populated by bison before arrival of Europeans, who destroyed them to bring in cattle. It appears that bison, wolves, elk and all other animals that were here before cattle can thrive together, along with the land.

      I could be wrong, of course. I pay little attention, but do enjoy a visit to Ted’s. It started when we lived in Bozeman, where the original Ted’s was located. My wife had had knee surgery, and was in recovery, and I could see she was anemic, and took her there and suggested she order red meat, which she did. She discovered her true carnivore nature, and we’ve enjoyed the place ever since. (Turner also owns a massive ranch in New Mexico. We were surprised then as we traveled through there on our way to Tucson, that there were no TMG’s in either state.) He’s an interesting man, probably not that good-natured, but anyone who can be married to Jane Fonda, if even for a short while, has tremendous endurance. I give him that.


      1. PS: Cattle ranchers, generally, despise wolves and abide by the three “s”‘s, shoot, shovel and shut up. They begrudge loss of one calf, whereas Turner has embraced wolves, knowing that their true impact on his enterprise is negligible.


        1. It looks like the Turner people screwed up, but they sound amenable to fixing things up. I hope they can undo and redo. And agreed, Turner is no conservationist. He’s a billionaire rancher.


  6. Sunday Humor… (Wrote this for fb, but haven’t posted it. Can’t find the right illustration.)

    A big problem these days is knowing which experts you should listen to. “Are bow-ties a sign of expertise?” you may be asking. “Does Tim even wear a bow-tie? How is Tim qualified to talk about something he knows nothing about (bow-ties)?”

    These are reasonable questions, but I assure you, I have seen people in bow-ties. More importantly, I no longer believe ANY Conspiracy Theories. It has been explained to me (helpfully) that Harris Biden are here to save us now, and I should just be grateful above all. Don’t be an ingrate, I was told – that appealed to my sense of not wanting to be an ingrate.

    Also some people have explained to me how believing in Conspiracy Theories is a sign of personal vanity – you just buy in so you can feel superior to Joe and Jane Blow. That sounds like a typical type motivation for me, so I gave it all up – now I believe only NYT and Tom Hanks (America’s most trusted professional make-believe man.) And, I even have a picture of the Blows on my mantle, that I cast loving warm glances at from time to time, whilst sipping brandy.

    “But I can do more,” I said to myself one evening whilst sipping brandy and casting glances at my heroes. “I want to be of help in the fight against misinformation.” So, I put together this little list of tips & tricks. It’s mainly just a reminder to myself, but I hope it can be of some use to others, as well-

    How to Choose Which Experts to Listen To

    Look for Credentials, degrees, career and research experience, prizes and honors, citations from other researchers, etc.
    However, any TV-approved expert outranks all of the above
    If a CONSENSUS of TV-approved experts says something, that’s solid gold

    Typically, these will also be government-approved experts*, so basically you have a consensus of TV/government-approved experts – again, whatever they say is going to be pretty much an immutable fact for all time (unless they change their minds)

    *Why does this always work? Because the government is trustworthy. Everybody would have to be “in on it,” so it’s impossible for fraud to occur

    All experts who are not on TV, or dispute the consensus, no matter how qualified or what their credentials are, are cranks and weirdos. Most likely they are being paid off by the Koch brothers. In the rare case that they’re left-wing, they are just loons pure and simple. Why else would they challenge a large number of TV scientists? That’s the dictionary definition of craziness right there

    That’s all I’ve got so far, but I think it’s pretty exhaustive. Maybe some can add more in comments, if there are any other shortcuts I’ve overlooked. I feel relieved now, and life will be much simpler going forward.


    1. WordPress is strange… My “tips and tricks” were numbered, but it removed the numbering. It also removed some section separator asterisks, sigh


    2. Love this, though it saddens me to think of you posting it on FB. I attempted satirical humor about Covid nonsense there for a while, but gave it up because I reminded myself of Louis CK– joyfully getting my rocks off in front of a horrified and disgusted audience. Granted, I don’t have a multi-million-dollar career to lose, but still, it gets depressing after a while.


      1. Thanks, glad you liked it anyway. I know what you mean about needlessly antagonizing people – my goal is to try to find some tack where the humor gets past their defenses, and they get sucked in to seeing the absurdity despite themselves. But it’s very difficult to pull off.

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  7. Hi Mark, I found this collection of Stefan Lanka translations:

    There are some recent German videos from him, where he explains the PCR method and what’s going on in general. He seems to be the only one who openly claims there is no corona and there are no viruses at all. Others, including Reiner Füllmich, try to fight the corona measures without denying the existence of viruses, which may backfire. A half lie is still a lie.
    The German ministry of finance put some charts online where they mark the end of June as the turning point for their financial support for corona damages. Of course they denied that interpretation. I know from other sources, that financial analysts already speculate that the second half of 2021 will be the time to make big profits. Till then media will lie their asses off. They have nothing to lose anymore.
    There is election time coming in Germany. The main corona protagonists hope to score big time. We’ll see.

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