Lawsuits and other rambles …

The above is a screen grab from an article posted at the National Health Federation website. I don’t know if I am allowed to do that. It is written by a guy named Charles Frohman, and he did a nice job.  He’s convinced there is a virus, so he loses me, but still, he’s got a good grip on things otherwise.

I have a conference call coming up in an hour or so, and no expectations. It is organized by a gal named Pam Popper. I say “no expectations” because in viewing her videos it is clear she thinks there is a virus, and that it is contagious. Nonetheless, she runs two sites, The Wellness Forum, and Make Americans Free Again that are worthy. She puts out mercifully short videos – I just cannot watch or listen to everything that is available. For the most part, I got it. I know what is up, I know what they are doing, and why.

I will report back* on the conference call. The reason she caught my interest is because of two lawsuits she has, with help of a lawyer, initiated. One is in Ohio, where Governor Mike Dewine is unhinged and out of his mind with tyranny. The other is in New Mexico. The idea behind the lawsuits is to call out the governors of those states and force them to prove that we are in an emergency.

I am curious about that. Nothing more. It could be a better strategy than anything else I’ve seen, as the notion that there is an emergency giving governors unlimited power to do any damned fascist trick they want is at the center of the nonsense we see around us.

We were going to sneak away to Baja for a week later this month, as while the Mexican border is armed and crossing is prohibited, we were allowed to fly there and take advantage of the many resorts. Mexico is under scrutiny by the WHO, as its president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has apparently not bent the knee enough. We booked our flight, reserved an AIRBNB and rented a car, and then word came down that the criminals at CDC issued new regulations, and we would not be allowed to come home without first taking the PCR test. That test is the “virus,” that is, it is used to create the illusion that there is a virus and that it is spreading. I have vowed never to take it, even as the odds favor “testing negative.” a positive test costs me two weeks in prison, no due process.

What happened? Why the sudden change? I imagine that they are watching everything everywhere, and any opening there is for people to breath free is being closed. Travel to Mexico was going on under the radar. CDC shut it down. We cancelled everything. We have quite a few airline credits now, and will have to use them for domestic travel, as foreign destinations are more and more not allowed. It was discouraging, another doubling down by these monsters. I don’t expect that domestic traveled is much favored either. Places like California, Washington, New York and Ohio are like prisons.

I read the other day that the recent election, which I did not participate in, was said to be “most secure” in American history. Another doubling down, I take it. Back in the 1990s there were two presidential elections of note, 1992 and 1996. In each, H. Ross Perot ran as an independent candidate. I only see this walking backwards, of course, but Perot’s behavior was odd, dropping out, reentering the race as if he could not make up his mind. His purpose is now easily seen as splitting the Republican vote to allow Bill Clinton an electoral victory. Take note here that Clinton never had a popular mandate, winning both in ’92 and ’96 with less than 50% of the vote.

What’s my point here? It is apparent from that scenario that back then they counted votes. In order to steal an election for a favored candidate, they had to resort to other shenanigans. That was Perot’s calling, why he was selected and promoted as no other third party candidate ever was except … 1912. Theodore Roosevelt formed the Bull Moose Party, split the vote as Perot did, and allowed Woodrow Wilson to slip in with 41% of the vote. That had to be his purpose, to assure Wilson’s ascendancy to office. Again, from this I conclude that they counted votes.

The year 2000 saw the end of vote counting, that is, it was still done, but Dade Country, Florida was not counted. The Supreme Court stopped that recount, which would have given Al Gore the victory. I thought it mattered, but of course it did not. The Dade County affair had another purpose, the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), which introduced black box voting. In 2004 the election was stolen in favor of George W. Bush (over John Kerry – honestly, who gives a shit?). We’ve not had vote counting since, and 2016 was the biggest charade ever. I doubt any state had an accurate count either in primaries (where Joe Biden magically surged to Super Tuesday success), or the general. It’s all for show now.

We have tens of thousands of people, many volunteers, who supervise our elections, gathering signatures to make sure people vote only once, and guarding the machines, some of which spit out paper results. They have no clue that once their work is done and they home home to sit down to watch the results on TV, that there is no connection between their activity and what is reported. That is the Fantasyland we live in. Corruption in seemingly all areas of life is now off the charts.

*Pam Popper is, I am happy to report, no-nonsense and to the point. I tire sometimes of listening to people enamored with the sound of their own voices. I cannot predict how successful her efforts will be, however. All I can say is that persistence is the key. “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, yet make allowance for their doubting too …” I don’t know why those words came to mind except that Popper is well aware that courts are tough places to win in, and even if there is a win, there will be an appeal. Persistence seems to be her nature.

14 thoughts on “Lawsuits and other rambles …

  1. Mark,

    Are you 100% certain entering US requires a testnow, please?

    I was going to Mexico too! Thank you for confirming 😦


      1. So a test, OR proof you had it and recovered…
        Maybe this answers my question, partly, about why so many local radio personalities and state reps and public figures were getting “mild cases” – they want to be able to travel unimpeded and not get caught up in delays or waiting for results..? I mean, maybe there’s an inside track like that for these people? Feel free to enlighten me if anyone has a better read on it.

        Sidenote while I’m on it… One local host claimed that in 4th grade, all they did all year was read Shakespeare and play chess. Wow, must be why he’s a host and I’m a lowly listener.. In any event snds like a fun school.. As schools go


    1. You may also re-enter the U.S. with a previous positive test and documentation of recovery within 90 days of travel (a note from your doctor). If you have one of these, you won’t need to get tested wherever it is that you’re going.


      1. This requires consultation with a doctor and the assumption that there is a real virus that can infect us, and from which we recover. But if we all agree in a lie, is it still a lie, or just a common delusion?


  2. So sad this world we find ourselves existing in today and so sorry you had to cancel your trip.
    I also vowed to NEVER take the PCR test, but after cutting myself due to my inability to cope any longer with being terrorized by a Psychopath in my own home who refuses to leave and whom the police tersely advised me 2 weeks ago I could not have removed from my home as that would “violate his (the Psychopath’s) rights”, I found out very quickly after HE called 911 that I had absolutely ZERO rights, when I was forcibly removed from MY OWN HOME and taken to the hospital where they quickly had my blood drawn and blew out a vein in my hand and jammed Q-tips into each of my nostrils WITHOUT WARNING and WITHOUT CONSENT. They then proceeded to “move me into a different room” which actually turned out to be a hospital prison cell where at the entrance to I was met by a young man who advised “Now, don’t get freaked out when we go in here. A lot of people freak out but it’s not as bad as it seems.” I was then taken into a room with nothing but a plaster bed built into the floor and put on lockdown. No one ever cleaned or stitched or bandaged the multiple cuts on my wrist but I did get awakened 3 different times thru out the night to speak with 3 different “professionals” on a robot teleprompter who ultimately determined it was OK for me to be released from the hospital prison ward.
    I know this comment is mostly off topic and I am humiliated while sharing this, but what I am trying to say here is that in this world, a terroristic Psychopath who refuses to leave your home cannot have his rights violated by even being asked by the police to leave, but that same Psychopath can call 911 on you for self harm you commit because you are being terrorized by the Psychopath and are at your wits end and YOU WILL HAVE NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER. And, if you are as lucky as I was, you will not even receive treatment for your self-inflicted wounds, just an errant blood draw (certainly only to check for illicit or unprescribed drugs), a COVID test, and a hospital prison sentence. Be careful everyone. Be very, very careful.


      1. In some videos I watch people have been saying Mexico doesn’t have any Covid lock downs or policies.
        Maybe they are going to start the Covid hoax up in Mexico now that tier mitigations in the USA are winding down.


        1. Thw WHO has been upset with Mexico’s president not bending the knee. They shield it in the usual business about cases and spreading the virus, claiming the country is in much worse shape than it claims because he is not enforcing masks and all that bullshit. The resorts will be devastated by this. That would be the objective, to disrupt lives. That’s all WHO and CDC are about.

          “Tier mitigations,” enlighten me?


    1. News to me. If you thought PCR was useless, CV is monumentally fraudulent.

      From Jon Rappoport, on virology quackery:

      A man visits a vast auto junkyard looking for parts. Over the office door, he sees a sign: “1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spider. Inquire within.”

      The owner of the junkyard tells him, “We’re offering shares in the Ferrari. Three thousand a share. When we eventually sell it, you’ll make at least double your investment.”

      The man says, “Where is the car? I’d like to see it.”

      “Well,” the junkyard owner says, “look around you. We’ve got several square miles of cars and parts. The Ferrari is out there somewhere. We recently ran a test on exhaust fumes with a special instrument. It concluded that the ’72 Ferrari had recently been driven through the yard here…”

      This is the sort of thing that happens in virology.


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