PCR uses and misuses, medical brainwashing

In the above video, Dr. Sam Bailey does a marvelous job of laying out the details of PCR testing. She doesn’t say as much, but I will – that PCR is the beating heart of this hoax. Below are some screen grabs for the video in case you’ve no time or desire to sit through a 17-minute presentation. But otherwise, watch it. Your time will be well spent, and you’ll understand at last, if you haven’t before, that we live in an era of junk science and quackery. We need to get away from debating the merits of testing, virus isolation, the science behind masking – just walk away from all of that and focus on criminality. The people behind this hoax are not misguided, they are criminals, and belong in jail.

Professor of Molecular Biology Stephen A. Bustin

Nobel Laureate Sir Frank MacFarlane Burnet (1899-1985)

This might still be the case – the first criminal misuse of PCR testing was during the AIDS hoax, most likely the prototype for the current scamdemic. But imagine that you test positive for HIV (never proven to cause any disease, much less AIDS, a “harmless passenger virus” according to virologist Dr. Peter Duesberg). Information comes at a premium in medicine, and truth is a rarity. Doctors mostly deal in lies and misinformation, and are the last to know. They are brainwashed. I will explain this statement at the end of this piece.*

Testing positive for HIV was a death sentence. A person getting that diagnosis is half dead already, depressed, perhaps suicidal, and headed for monstrous invasion of the body by foreign agents that will eventually kill him. That is criminal, people should be sitting in jail cells, but are not – their careers go on unimpeded. And the cruelest part of this medical treatment is that the person who will die from doctors is most likely perfectly healthy.

AIDS was the forerunner of the current hoax, but keep in mind, with AIDS we were dealing with murder. With “Covid-19” we are, for the most part, dealing with quarantine, or imprisonment without due process, for two weeks. That too is criminal, but less serous than the dispatch and disposal of people who were merely “HIV positive.” (It is true that older people who are hospitalized with symptoms that may be claimed to be the result of “testing positive” are intubated, put on respirators, placed in a coma and administered foul and harmful antiviral drugs. This too is murder. The process takes perhaps two weeks.

*I was in my late teens, and know exactly where I was standing in our small cracker box house – in the kitchen by the refrigerator. My brother, a newly ordained Catholic priest, was talking proudly of a Catholic program known as “SEARCH Retreat.” They would (maybe still do) take young kids of high school age and a little older and put them in a building and isolate them over a weekend. They would keep them awake the entire time. My brother said that in this sleep-deprived state, they would believe anything they were told. He seemed to think this was OK.

He was young. I don’t think (but don’t know) that he actively participated in SEARCH programs in his time after that, as maybe he got wise that this is child abuse. He was a wise man. I do know that priests were always on call at Searches to hear confessions. Also, I know there is a similar program for adult Catholics, though I do not recall its name. It is ongoing indoctrination.

I mention that because of something else I have learned over time – the education of doctors. They are bombarded with things to memorize, and are usually sleep-deprived while in school, often relying on uppers and other drugs to get through studies and tests. Once in internship, it is the same thing … long shifts with little or no rest. Their medical licenses are the product of years of sleep deprivation and indoctrination.

I mentioned early on in this piece that most doctors (and physician assistants) are brainwashed. This is how they do it – sleep deprivation. It has to be deliberate, just as Catholics and their SEARCH helpers know that without proper rest we are susceptible to manipulation and indoctrination. Doctors come out of med school knowing only about bugs and drugs and slice and dice. They know nothing of nutrition or natural healing or the true nature of germs and disease. They are a danger and a menace to society in anything save treatment of injury. This is why iatrogenic death is at least the third highest cause of mortality in our country, possibly first. Dr. Andrew Kaufman has said that 60% of what he learned in medical training was useless memorization. He was one of the bright ones who deprogrammed himself.

True education should be a process of inquiry, teachers and professors offering guidance, but allowing students freedom to roam and explore, and even make mistakes. Instead, we are taught to believe, and not to think. I was brought up Catholic, I went through a SEARCH weekend. I and another kid had the giggles the entire time, but they had me good, these Catholics. It took 20 years to break free.

I am a lucky man, a happy man, for having broken free. I wish that for everyone.

47 thoughts on “PCR uses and misuses, medical brainwashing

  1. Nice linear exposition of the last year +, all the way back to PCR’s first rollout with HIV. Thanks for putting it into words.

    “ I and another kid had the giggles the entire time”

    Reminds me of when…I was raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Every year summertime Dad would take us all to some eastern American city (we lived in Ohio) to attend a JW convention at some ballpark, racetrack, or as in this case, Miami-Dade convention center. We always stayed in private homes offered up for our use, to save cash. I was about 14, and I had an older travel buddy. We slept together in a double bed in a separate un-airconditioned room, and dealt with the oppressive nighttime humidity (and maybe the numbing prospect of listening to 4 days of dogma) by lying there and sweating and making those underarm farts (the kind where you put your hand under the opposite armpit and close down), and laughing hysterically, on the quiet side. Sweat enhances the sound.

    If we could only get through this with the giggles.


  2. Excellent piece, Mark. I looked up quotes on freedom and found this:

    “People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”
    ― Søren Kierkegaard

    (I woke up this morning thinking about Prohibition (again), how Rockefeller started it to stop the masses using cheap booze instead of his companies’ petrol. How much better would the world have been if cars ran on moonshine instead of poisonous lead/carbon monoxide these last 100 years?)


  3. They gave him the Nobel to make this PCR method holy and unquestionable. They did the same when they gave the Nobel to John Franklin Enders and Thomas Chalmers Peebles for killing cells with antibiotics and accusing a virus which is the standard procedure to this day. It’s science baby. WHO started a couple of studies last year where they treated “Covaids” with a deadly overdose of malaria medicine called hydroxychloroquin. When people started to die they removed the already published studies and “invented” different treatments. There is a study published in Lancet journal from February 2020, where they describe the process of killing a 52 year old man defined as Covaids patient with overdoses of cortisone and other poisons. What Lancet says is law for doctors and they will never get punished if they follow Lancet recommendations. Ever heard of Contergan scandal? It was a pain killer for pregnant women back then in the 60-s. The active substance there is called thalidomide and it caused an unknown number of miscarriages and malformed babies around the world and it is still being sold but only “not recommended” for pregnant women. Can you imagine? Will you take a pain killer which caused the bird of all those malformed humans, which still are alive and in their 50-s now. Just google “Contergan babies now”. I know a few such people myself. And this is but one case which they couldn’t hide anymore. I’m thinking of people like Michael Petrucciani (famous pianist). They called it “genetic disease” and never admitted which “medication” lead to this “genetic disease”. Doctors never get punished if they treat to much, they only get punished if they don’t use all “recommendations” which is why they always treat as much as possible.

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    1. That is so insightful. Thank you for your continued input. I was familiar with thalidomide, but not under the name you gave it.

      There’s a man, Richard Albin, who discovered the prostate specific antigen, now widely misused to cause men to undergo unnecessary prostatectomies, debilitating surgeries. I could not understand why the FDA approved the PSA test as an indicator and justification for the abuse, which I avoided due to reading Albin’s book. Now I think I get it.


        1. Claus Köhnlein is excellent. Here’s another one, 67 minutes, in German:

          Aids Hepatitis Dr Claus Coehlein Brennpunkt 2014 Salzburg

          “Das Leben ist eine sexuell übertragbare Krankheit, die nach einer durchschnittlichen Inkubationszeit von 75 Jahren tödlich endet.” => “Life is a sexually transmissible disease which, after an average incubation period of 75 years, ends fatally.”


    2. Barb “Ever heard of Contergan scandal?”

      I remember the sarcastic joke adolescents would sometimes make when I was a kid:

      “Thomas Contergan-ix für.” -> “Thomas konnt’ da gar nix für.”

      Which translates as: “No fault of Thomas’ in any of this.”


      1. you’re from Germany right? Watch this

        in short: this reporter Reitschuster asks our highest Corona Witnesses why there isn’t any reals dialog with all the scientiscts, who have different opinions. the politicians answer in the best communists art of propaganda. They ignore the question and talk about something completely different.


  4. I stopped reading Miles a long time ago but was curious about what he had to say about events last week in DC… I read in a paragraph he mentioned the “Phoenician Navy” good Lord, wth is that? He writes also that they manufactured 2020 events not only for profit but because… “but they haven’t manufactured it only for profit. They have manufactured it to answer critics like me, who were hitting them too hard and too close to home”. Wow. Just wow. No further comments from me.


  5. Hey ScottRC… Hope you don’t mind I ripped off your idea about things starting to sound like a 50s B-movie plot…

    Coming soon to a theater (or multiplatform storytelling outlet) near you…

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  6. THIS IS AWESOME. God damn, Tim, you’ve got skills! All this time we’ve been commenting on this blog together and I had no idea you were an artist! Just checked out your FB and website. Kudos!

    You just may inspire me to dust off my art supplies and/or mess around with Fresco on my I-Pad. I had some ideas for single-panel Covid cartoons that I was going to post to FB but, as I said, posting about it just got too depressing for me. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m delighted… and it’s been a while since I’ve been delighted by anything.

    Yeah, masks might be a great touch. Maybe Li’L Covie is trying to rip off Kay Harding’s mask and that’s why she’s struggling? On the other hand, I like that it’s completely convincing as a poster for an old horror movie and doesn’t, at first glance, immediately announce itself as Covid satire like it would if they were all wearing masks. Either way, it’s wonderful.

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      1. Thanks a bunch, glad you like it! Not really that skilled though – this is from an actual poster that I just tweaked by adding the covid monster and new text. I guess I assume it will read that way, but how should people know I can’t paint like a 40s poster artist? Anyway, yeah, I was amused by the fez guy too.


        1. Ah yes, I just looked up the actors’ names and found the Mummy’s Curse poster you tweaked. The artwork on your website shows great versatility, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if you could paint in that style. I did think it seemed like an awful lot of work without reward though.No matter, it’s still brilliant, and Li’l Covie is all you. I’d love to see him star in his own webcomic.


    1. Big Swede and Stephers, I thought this article was interesting: https://www.agriculture.com/farm-management/farm-land/bill-gates-is-about-to-change-the-way-amer-ca-farms

      From what I can tell, this article appeared 5 days ago in a niche agriculture publication, The Land Report, and I don’t sense any political/propaganda agenda here. The author was simply alarmed upon learning of a huge amount of choice farmland purchased by an apparently modest little business at an exorbitant price, so he researched who was behind the purchase and found out it was an investment manager for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It appears that mainstream stories about Bill Gates’ sudden acquisition in huge amounts of farmland were posted AFTER this rather innocuous Land Report article. (The tone of the Land Report article confused me. Sometimes the author seems deeply suspicious of Gates, yet he also seems to accept the conventional wisdom that he’s a philanthropist trying to help humanity.)

      Anyway, it looks to me like Gates (or rather, the people he fronts) wanted to make these land purchases quietly, without media attention, but then they had to acknowledge it in mainstream media when this Land Report article came out. Is that possible? Could the Davos crowd really be caught with their pants down by an unassuming trade publication? I don’t know, but I would love to believe that.

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      1. I guess it’s possible the trillionaires never dreamed a professional reporter would actually take it upon himself to do independent research and objectively report what he learned. It is kind of shocking.


      2. Good find Scott. This helps to flesh out the Billy Boy story quite nicely. His good-hearted philanthropy knows no bounds, suffers no infringement of borders, the world is his cupcake. Halfway through the article, reading under the “sustainable investment” subheading, it hit me like a ton of bricks…this writeup is actually being kind to Bill Gates! I’m not used to that in my circles.

        I highly recommend the following Ice Age Farmer video (17 minutes), which expands much on the facts presented in the article you posted.

        Part of the presentation refers to this article, featuring Patrick Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods (partially funded by Billy Boy, of course), handed to us by the world’s most notorious propaganda rag, The Guardian.


        “Cows outweigh every remaining wild vertebrate on land by more than a factor of 10. Just the cows. We’ve literally totally replaced biodiversity with cows. Let’s get rid of friggin’ cows and let nature recover,” he says.

        “To the outside world, Impossible Foods is a food company – but at its heart [it] is an audacious yet realistic strategy to turn back the clock on climate change and stop the global collapse of biodiversity,” Brown wrote…


        1. OM, I’ll watch the video when I get home tonight.

          As for the article I linked and its kindness to Bill Gates… I found out the owner of Successful Farming, the magazine that published it, is,Meredith Corp.—a huge company that specializes in a variety of niche content, including food, fashion, lifestyle and entertainment. They own People Magazine, among many other big properties. So Successful Farming isn’t the provincial rinky-dink outfit I imagined. Even before learning this, I wondered if the section of the article that speaks glowingly of Gates’ generosity to all of humanity was inserted by editors and did not come from the author. The tone and even the writing style of that section seems jarringly different than everything that comes before and after. So I don’t know, it’s interesting. Apparently there have been public references to or acknowledgement of Bill Gates’ land acquisitions before this story, but I don’t see any media outlets making it a story in and of itself before the Successful Farming article.


        2. Scott –

          Yes, he goes from the “secrecey” and “stench” of this deal, like in quote 1…

          “I am quite confident that Eastwood’s character, Steve Everett, would have picked up the stench from this setup a mile off: a $171 million acquisition by an LLC with two employees in a metal-sided building down a dirt road off the Bayou Teche?”

          to much praise of our two angelic philanthropists in quotes 2 & 3….

          “Much like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation uses science and technology to achieve a number of worthy goals — including transitioning millions of people out of poverty, improving people’s health and well-being, and ensuring that all people have access to opportunities necessary to succeed in school and in life”

          “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation… has a farmland initiative: Gates Ag One, which has established its headquarters in the Greater St. Louis area…. will focus on research that helps “small-holder farmers adapt to climate change and make food production in low- and middle-income countries more productive, resilient, and sustainable.” “

          then inserts a strawman bad guy (Bernie Ebbers) to replace the real bad guy (Billy Boy). So he gives us a little bit of intrigue and a criminal for the sake of a decent story, and makes the proper career choice by giving us the ‘good’ Gates.

          Ice Age Farmer has a few things to say re “Gates Ag One”.


            1. Yes I grow some food, dry a little bit, freeze a little, can (jar) quite a bit. We just opened a jar of plum sealed in 2013, still good. The plums were picked from a random tree near a road, ignored by everyone else. 30 pints of pear on shelf, about the same number of tomato. Etc.


  7. Something like that had crossed my mind, but when I read your comment this morning it inspired me to make a few notes and write a little 4-panel strip. If you have any ideas for gags or overall concept and want to collaborate, feel free to email me (info on fb cartoonist page.) I can credit you, or you can use a pen name. (Of course be aware it may not get beyond the Notes stage : ))


        1. I’ve only passively been following you gentlemen (and Stephers), but if what your work entails could be made into a blog post, I would be happy,to run it for you. It sounds like “Gates” is making a big move.


          1. MT, OM, SCOTTRC and others – This is somewhat relevant to Gates’ “sustainable” farming initiatives. In terms of indications with respect to where food production is heading, following is a bit of info:

            Helpful info . . . https://ancestral-nutrition.com/beyond-meat-is-beyond-unhealthy/ and https://www.ethicalomnivore.org/beyond-meat-beyond-belief-catastrophe/
            Misinfo/Disinfo (start at 8:30 time stamp). . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWBV66Xa754

            As far as Gates making moves, following is a good run-down on his role in the “food systems transformation” movement: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/bill-gates-technology-will-not-save-food-system/. Keep in mind, RFK Jr.’s CHD offers great info on Gates, while sandwiching it with misinfo/disinfo in terms of climate change and COVID. I suggest not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


                1. Not a problem, Steph. I generally don’t guard dog comments, as they are often more interesting than the post, as in this case. I don’t care about staying on topic. I am just wondering if it is something to headline here on our little blog, and if so, I am not the one to do it. I’m not drawn to it. So I offered just to be the conduit if anyone wants to do the work.

                  Gates may be a giant distraction. After all, we see his face, know his name. Like Al Gore, a giant asshole, but real power does not show its face. I will never forget his outing by Chomsky, maybe pissant infighting, who said that in ’94 that Gates refused, this genius refused, to attend Internet planning meetings because he did not see a way to make money there. If this is true, it makes Gates a giant dunce, kind of a Prince Charles, a useless appendage who had to be placed somewhere.

                  Anyway, if this is stuff that should be top of page, make it so.


                  1. Mark, I completely agree with you. When I read that “Bill Gates” or the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” did anything, including buying up a shocking amount of farmland, I know it’s being done by his puppet masters, whoever they are. What interested me about the Smart Farming article was the way it unflatteringly details the apparent attempt to buy land in secret. Mainstream articles pretty much never portray the Gates character in an unflattering light, and the secrecy is weird since Gates has fronted his masters’ acquisition of a lot of other farmland prior to this. But I don’t know what to make of it, but it seemed significant, so I wanted to pass it on to those here who are more knowledgeable and better researchers than myself (cough stephers cough).


                  2. Mark says, “we need to get away from debating the merits of testing, virus isolation and the science behind masking….just walk away from all that and focus on criminality , the people behind the hoax. They are not misguided; they are criminals and belong in jail.”

                    Leaving aside the well known fact that the prisons are run by the same criminals as the ones running the hoax, i believe this is the first intelligent thing i have read on POM in these last few weeks. But is anyone listening? No, now you will begin a series of posts about the food chain being taken over by the very same criminals?? ho hum…..as if you are going to add anything new that we all do not already know or intuit. You do not have to know all the details to decide on a plan of action; when the wind is blowing hard enough to knock you on your ass, what difference does it make if it is coming from the east or west north or south? Take cover my friends….

                    someone mentioned below that they would “love to grow their own food”
                    Hummm, may i ask , out of your 1500 members on this site , how many of you are growing at least 50% of your own food? Speak up and don’t be shy, for if you are not growing your own food by this point, if you do not have an escape plan, a way to keep yourself fed, and relatively independent of the criminals, then, well …well,i do not know what to say.
                    I am not thinking you can save yourself just by being able to feed yourself, but it is a big step in that direction considering food is the absolutely most important thing needed to staying alive. On the other hand, i do see the logic also of saying “fuck it” , and doing nothing ,and let come what may…and just be ready to resist and die resisting.
                    For those willing to leave their “comfort zone” , relocate, or, at least learn some new skills, i believe that there is still a way to lead a normal life for..for… perhaps another decade or two? I hoping so anyway….

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                    1. I agree, it is all reactive noise the last weeks here. Nothing proactive, just a bunch of old folk on a blog echochambering they are smart (by being reactive LOL).

                      Let’s get in contact for action! The Dutch yesterday showed that Resistance is the Way Forward, I was delighted to see my home country men and women standing up against this tyranny.

                      Any other reader who doesn’t do sitting back and commenting from the armchair but actually wanting to work together and actively resist this tyranny



  8. It’s been shown that some of the COVID-19 testing kits aren’t safe to use, either. One of which contains a toxin called “sodium azide”. Yet one more reason not to test for the fake virus. It’s not worth it.


    Don’t be surprised if this was intentionally added to cause harm to users in some shape or form. After all, their Coronavirus vaccines are far from “safe & effective”, contrary to mainstream propaganda.


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