A Treasure Trove

BarbM recently linked us in a comment to a site that has volumes of work by the German virologist Stefan Lanka. It can be found here. Someone, and I am guessing it is the Administrator of the site, Steven Avery, has translated the works into English, a yeoman’s effort. The translation is not rough, but precise, meaning that it was done by someone with a very good knowledge of very complex subject matter.

Have at it! I just got done with “The Virus Misconception Part 2 – The beginning and end of the corona crisis

Lanka has the abilities usually seen in truly intelligent men and women, the ability to explain complicated matters in a manner that ordinary people can comprehend. It means that his understanding is both deep and broad.

16 thoughts on “A Treasure Trove

  1. Mark

    I believe you posted this video recently, but I will put it here again. This material is different, as it gets into what Andrew Kaufman call’s the Frankenstein method of virus creation. Lanka gives a simple explanation of “alignment”, which is the prejudicial lining up of the “data” into the likeness of a genome….search for Blast alignment tool as an example of methodology used to construct a fake viral genome. Lanka calls it a “mental construct”, I refer to it as computer simulation or modeling. Virtual, fake.

    There are pages from a new paper that are highlighted throughout, and they are more clearly displayed at the end. In video comments I asked about a link to the print version, and the presenter said it will be offered soon, but for now not as the magazine is still for sale.


    1. Good one. The corresponding paper can be downloaded in German and English by ckicking on my name, which will take you to Stefan Lanka’s page where you’ll find the following at the top of the list:

      Die Verursacher der Corona-Krise sind eindeutig identifiziert: Virologen
      The causes of the corona crisis are clearly identified: virologists

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    2. A modern-day Galileo. I was not aware he spoke English, though choppy. It’s a little distracting, but comes across nonetheless. I am going to attempt to get the English version from the magazine as put forth by Michael Ludwig, and will put it up here if I can do so. Otherwise, when you come upon it, please let us know.


      1. Syndromes like muscle tremors are real and Parkinson is but one kind of it. It happens, when the nerves get damaged and brain sends uncontrolled signals to muscles. This new corona vaccine is told to contain nano particles, which are also real and known to concentrate in areas with the biggest energy consumption, which is our brain. They destroy the nerves which Stefan Lanka wrote about some years ago already. I don’t believe in Tourette syndrome though. This video is of bad quality which makes me think this may be a fake, like this one video with the fainting nurse. They make this to scare people away from vaccines because there aren’t any. The news will lie about the amount of people who already got vaccinated as they lie about the numbers of people who got Covid. In Summer they will simply tell, herd immunity has been reached and declare Corona as not dangerous anymore. Or I am wrong and we will live in Absurdistan for years.


  2. In case neither German nor English is your preferred language, click on my name to go to Stefan Lanka’s page and check other available choices at the bottom of the page:

    in English:
    The Virus Misconception. Part 1
    The Virus Misconception. Part 2

    en Français:
    L‘erreur d‘interprétation Virus 1
    L‘erreur d‘interprétation Virus 2

    en Español:
    Virus: Un Error de Interpretación Parte 1
    Virus: Un Error de Interpretación Parte 2

    in het Nederlands:
    Misvatting rond Virussen 1
    Misvatting rond Virussen 2

    na Hrvatskom:
    Virus pogrešno tumačenje

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  3. I’ve read several of these papers from Lanka and have enjoyed them. I appreciate what he is saying about virology being a fraud science and many of his statements and sources are quite eye-opening.

    However, he also makes quite sweeping claims such as these:

    ‘Contrary to what most people believe, pathogenic viruses do not exist. The claims about the existence of viruses and viral diseases are based on historic misinterpretations and not, as I thought in the past – on fraud or deliberate deception. We now have new, better, and in the positive meaning of the word “scientific” discoveries and explanations for the origin, therapy and prevention of many diseases, some of which are still called “viral” today.

    The phenomenon of simultaneous or subsequent appearance of symptoms in different persons, which has been until now interpreted as contagion and was believed to be caused by the transmission of pathogens, is now also easy to understand through new discoveries. Thus, we now have a new view of life (which in reality is an old view) and of the cosmological integration of biological processes…

    I can assure that the real causes and phenomena of infection ascribed to viruses have a scientific explanation, in the positive meaning of the word “scientific”.’

    without really elaborating further. Am I missing something in the English papers that is present in the (as yet) untranslated German ones? What are these ‘new, better and scientific explanations’ for diseases to which he frequently alludes? What is his ‘new view of life’? He does not elaborate further in any of the papers I’ve read.

    I appreciate if Lanka’s claim are true, as I presume they are, then the field of virology needs to be reassessed and vaccines are literally worse than useless. But I am curious what his alternative hypothesis regarding illness and disease is. In the absence of virus ‘pathogens.’


    1. Thanks for sharing your reservations and cautious perspective. I haven’t yet read his papers myself so it’s helpful hearing a range of views and reactions.


    2. What I am sensing is also what I am seeing with the corona hoax … death and disease are simply the end, the winding down of functional organisms. Everybody dies. “Covid-19” deaths are merely old people moving on out. In younger people we see disease as a product of self abuse, environmental toxins, emf’s, vaccines, and even sunspots. That’s very general, but Lanka refutes virology in general due to lack of scientific method, and I’ve finally come to understand what that means, that “isolation” of viruses, which he says is just bad science, is a hoax. That’s my way of thinking, I guess. Essentially, virologists follow the money … they are paid to find viruses, and know nothing else.

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  4. Thank you both for the replies. I’ve just finished reading Positively False by Joan Shenton and Mark’s conclusions are similar to the ones she draws ie. it is an immune system issue and not a pathogenic virus issue. Her later chapters on AIDS in Africa being a cover story for (avoidable) deaths due to malnourishment, starvation, lack of clean drinking water etc are as fascinating as their implications are sinister.

    I understand it is also a matter of (mis)classification. In the hospital where my mother works people were diagnosed as having Covid based on their temperature and whether they had been in a Covid ‘hotspot’ in the past fortnight – those two factors alone were sufficient to warrant a diagnosis. In England I understand they were diagnosing by phone (!) and adding all the ‘positive’ cases to their little database.

    And the New York nurse whistleblower further revealed the brazen nature of this rampant misclassification. It is all quite sick, no pun intended. It feels like living in Cloud Cuckoo Land at times.


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