Macabre morning

I’ve been immersed in the Stefan Lanka writings linked below, and will cite a passage from a Wisssenschafftplus 4/2020 article called The Causes of the Corona Crisis are Clearly Identified Virologists  … I printed this article yesterday, as I don’t like on-screen reading, and now cannot find it again. If someone has the link, please add it to the comments. Here a the passage from the beginning, a long paragraph that rocked my world:

“Humanity is facing a great challenge: the inherent dynamics and consequences of fear and anti-biosis through the discipline of biology and medicine, disturb and destroy the environment, plants, animals, people and the economy. The corona crisis is only the visible tip of an iceberg on a collision course with everyone and everything. One of the reasons for this challenge is materialism, the attempt to explain life by purely material models. Our materialism of today was invented in “post-Socratic” antiquity as an explicit counter-reaction to fear and abuse of power by religions. This is a comprehensible, human and humanitarian motivated action, but it has dramatic consequences. This materialism has produced the taught good-evil-biology, the “prevailing opinion” in medicine based on it and the resulting anti-biosis (antibiotics, radiation, chemotherapy, disinfection, restriction of basic rights, vaccination, lock-down, quarantine, social distancing etc.). More and more people, environment and economy are harmed by this ideology. Their materialistic good-evil theory, which has no actual basis but is based on disproved assumptions, developed unrecognized into the most powerful religion. The materialistic theory of life states that there are only atoms, but no consciousness, no spiritual forces and no animator who would’ve created them and set them in motion. In order to be able to explain the cosmos and life in a purely material way, are “science” is forced to assert a huge bang, in which all atoms were created out of nothing, which flew apart. Some atoms would touch each other by chance and form molecules. These molecules had formed the primordial cell by accidental coming together, from which all further life had developed by struggle and selection. All of this is said to have happened in unimaginable length of time in the distant past, and is therefore not subject to scientific examination and must therefore not be called scientific.”

I am somewhat familiar with the abuses of religion as a power structure, how for instance with Galileo it imposed punishment on a man for seeking truth. Modern medicine is also a religion, and is now in the process of punishing all of us. We live in a closed and doctrinaire world where dissent from prevailing “science” is not allowed, and where monstrous forces are seemingly at work with one objective,  culling the herd. There is an interesting discussion going on in the comments (start here) concerning apparent attempts to take control of the food supply. The objective can only be, as I see it, to limit its availability. Of course Bill Gates is the front man.

In a comment directed at me, wherein I suggest imprisonment of the people behind this hoax, Godfly reminds me that the prisons are run by the same people as are behind the hoax, so that avenue is futile. So too are lawsuits, I imagine, as who runs the courts? Aliens from outer space?

As a break from all of this downer reading and speculation, I took another course this morning, and continued reading about John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer said to have brutally raped, tortured and murdered 33 young boys. None of it happened in real life, but I had to stop and wonder as I made my way through the Wikipedia piece, who conjures up these stories? It takes a sick mind to even imagine such terror and torture. I have so much work left to do on Gacy that I’ll leave it there, only to note that Rosalynn Carter appeared in a photo with him, as she did with Jim Jones. The lady (still alive) ran in the wrong circles, namely, the Democratic Party. The supposed deaths at Jonestown and in Gacy’s house were fake, but what the medical establishment apparently have in mind for us will be quite real, and equally macabre. There are, outside the world of fiction, real monsters afoot on our planet.

Someone in a comment that did not make it to public made it clear to me that Rosalynn Carter is for sure a tranny … trannie? It is one of the banned topics here, and not being censorious by nature, I do want to explain our list of banned topics:

  • Flat earth.
  • Illuminati.
  • Reptilians.
  • Transgender
  • Gematria
  • “Fake news.”
  • Paul is Dead
  • Mandela effect.
  • Dallas Goldbug.
  • Jewish race (“Zionism” is another matter)
  • Chemtrails

Some of them are passé, as Dallas Goldbug no longer works, as far as I know. I only recently added Paul is Dead, as people of that mindset are oblivious to both evidence and the idea that misdirection is far more effective a tactic than mere lying.

Back to trannies, all of us have memories that caught us in a moment in time and that we carry with us for no particular reason. One of mine is of British singer Petula Clark (Downtown) sitting on the panel of the Johnny Carson Tonight Show, a long, long time ago. Her particular interview was over, and others on the panel we’re talking about large breasted women. Clark interjected “I think a small bosom is rather fashionable.” She was right, which is why I have the memory, I suppose. Looking at Carter above, I see an attractive woman who happens to have a small bosom. Standing next to Gacy, she almost looks like a teenager. The commenter saw that and automatically, and against all evidence, saw a man. That’s just nuts. The idea that the First Lady of the United States (1977-1981) was hiding a dick is some of the most perverted thinking imaginable.

That’s not why these topics are banned. They are banned because they bring in droves of people who take over comment threads and drive everyone else out.

As you were.

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  1. The other day I was trying to explain to my five year old daughter what a “lie” is.
    “I understand” she said,”it is like when you joke daddy” wa! I had not thought of how similar the two are and my response was, “yes it is similar but lies hurt people and jokes are only to make people laugh.”

    Are we hurting or are we laughing?

    Yes, it is hard to remained balanced in a world where we know almost everything is a lie, while at the same time, there are very real consequences to these lies.

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    1. Godfly, regarding your comment about growing food, I’m wondering if you are or, if you plan to, what your plans are? I’ve been thinking about seeds. Seems to me we can’t even trust THEM if we buy them from corporations.


      1. I grow enough vegetables year around to feed my family of 5…including rice corn wheat and some fruit. We had goats and chickens but I got rid of them…too much hassle. As I am a spoiled westerner I still go to the market and buy nuts banana yougut even snacks, and now some eggs and meat, but if I have to live on vegetables and the starchy staples we could d o it very easily, and have before.
        As for the grid, obviously I am on the computer and have access to it but we live more or less by the wood stove, and the surrounding forest gives us a lot.

        It is not what you put in your mouth that is most important,but what you put in your mind. I cannot understand people who would let their children near a thing like Ticktok, something I knew not existed until one hour ago!!


      2. Scottrc…..sorry I did not address your mentioning of seeds:
        Well , you probably need to start by buying seeds from the corporations but after a few generations they become more pure. I have no science to back me up on this, nor have I researched it, but from my six years experience, the seeds get stronger and better…as does soil that is not doused in chemicals.

        You could ask for seeds from local farmers also or you can buy so called organic seeds off the internet, but in the end you might want to take the “lesser evil” attitude since there is no longer total purity in any soil or seed or water or air.

        The only other thing I would say is that retaining your own seeds from your own garden is a big job in itself and takes practice and skill. My wife handles most of that job. In short, even 80% self sufficient living is almost more than one family can handle…which is why I have suggested that it cannot be done half ass.


      1. Yes! TikTok has come up with LOTS & LOTS of “new-speak” for its viewers. My 10 y/o told me that according to it, a “Karen” is someone who refuses to wear The Mask. Thanks to the now Virtual Indoctrination Camps, TikTok, and Social Media generally, I seem to spend a lot of time these days debriefing and de-programming her, and most definitely more closely monitoring her online activities. Sorry about her luck, but I will debunk all of it and she will know the truth whether she likes it or not!

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    1. Damn, I forgot it would come up that way. “”


  2. Last year I came across a new “ism:” Panpsychism. From Wikipedia:

    “In philosophy of mind, panpsychism is the view that mind or a mindlike aspect is a fundamental and ubiquitous feature of reality. It is also described as a theory that “the mind is a fundamental feature of the world which exists throughout the universe.” It is one of the oldest philosophical theories, and has been ascribed to philosophers including Thales, Plato, Spinoza, Leibniz, William James, Alfred North Whitehead, Bertrand Russell, and Galen Strawson. In the 19th century, panpsychism was the default philosophy of mind in Western thought, but it saw a decline in the mid-20th century with the rise of logical positivism. Recent interest in the hard problem of consciousness has revived interest in panpsychism.”

    The idea that the universe is a continuously unfolding expression of Consciousness or “Mind” is becoming increasingly compelling, in my opinion. All matter in existence being “dreamed” up by an underlying Consciousness. Perhaps there never was a “Big Bang;” no beginning to the universe and no end. Perhaps the universe just “is,” has always existed and will always exist – no linear timeline, no historical “progressive” trajectory like we are told by those in power.

    From Ursula K. Le Guin’s translation of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching (1997):


    Let there be a little country without many people.
    Let them have tools that do the work of ten or a
    and never use them.
    Let them be mindful of death
    and disinclined to long journeys.
    They’d have ships and carriages,
    but no place to go.
    They’d have armor and weapons,
    but no parades.
    Instead of writing,
    they might go back to using knotted cords.
    They’d enjoy eating,
    take pleasure in clothes,
    be happy in their houses,
    devoted to their customs.
    The next little country might be so close
    the people could hear the cocks crowing
    and dogs barking there,
    but they’d get old and die
    without ever having been there.

    Ursula K. LeGuin’s Note:

    [Translator Arthur Waley] says this endearing vision “can be understood in the past, present, or future tense, as the reader desires.” This is always true of the vision of the golden age, the humane society.
    Christian or Cartesian dualism, the division of spirit or mind from the material body and world, existed long before Christianity or Descartes and was never limited to Western thought (though it is the “craziness” or “sickness” that many people under Western domination see in Western civilization). Lao Tzu thinks the materialistic dualist, who tries to ignore the body and live in the head, and the religious dualist, who despises the body and lives for a reward in heaven, are both dangerous and in danger. So, enjoy your life, he says; live in your body, you are your body, where else is there to go? Heaven and earth are one. As you walk the streets of your town you walk on the Way of heaven.


  3. there is a new German video from Stefan Lanka, where he explains bio weapons and why there is no artificial virus created in the lab. He calls fear as the biggest bio weapon ever. He mentions the creation of Israel, where they got rid of Palestinians by simply telling them, the wells were poisoned. They even suggested, they did it themselves. Palestinians moved away and nothing else happened. Not one shot necessary. There is nothing to fear except the fear.


    1. I haven”t seen that video yet but the Americans did use Colorado beetles (Kartoffelkäfer) against our crop farmers in WW2, dropping them from airplanes, which I’d say does qualify as a bioweapon, certainly more dangerous than the alleged “Coronavirus”.

      Good news there’s no lab virus!

      It’s also good to know that the atomic bomb doesn’t exist either.

      Chemical weapons, at least, are real. As a child, I was frightened by narratives about poison gas sleeping in rusty containers on the bottom of the North Sea, inevitably breaking free sooner or later and coming down South to kill us … I read that story in a WAS IST WAS or Kinderkosmos book or similar. I even remember closing my window at night a couple times because I didn’t want to die in my sleep. I should add that we were more than 100km inland.


      1. you may be right about things like the insects, but on the other side, they also don’t follow military rules. Therefore I’m not sure, this can be made on purpose. There simply is time, where some species get some overhand for some time until the nature finds a control mechanism. The potato beetles came when there were potato fields everywhere in Europe to feed all the people after the war and they disappeared maybe because of some new chemicals used in the agriculture but maybe the nature did some part in it too. I don’t think humans can influence the nature in such way on purpose. We can create some imbalance for some time like with all the potato fields but the nature will find a way to correct this. We have a very sophisticated agriculture now, which we can control much better using chemicals and diversity. I read about some projects with mosquito to spread malaria but of course they failed, once because mosquito don’t spread malaria but also because mosquito cannot survive where the environment does not support them. Chemical weapons are of not much use either because they cannot be controlled properly. Mustard gas for instance often poisoned the army which used it when the winds changed. Poisoning wells destroys water for everybody. I’m with Stefan Lanka who wrote, the best weapon they have is the fear. Like your own fear you just wrote about.
        Cancer and AIDS medicine called AZT is a mustard gas derivative by the way. Morphine and other pain killers are made out of opium. Even vitamin c is a poison called ascorbic acid and is called that because it smells like lemon (citron). But there is no ascorbic acid in lemon. They even put vitamin c to the orange juice as anti oxidant (bacteria killer). And people still think it is healthy to take vitamin c.

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        1. Barb _
          “even vitamin c is a poison called ascorbic acid and is called that because it smells like lemon (citron). But there is no ascorbic acid in lemon. They even put vitamin c to the orange juice as anti oxidant (bacteria killer). And people still think it is healthy to take vitamin c.”

          Do you have any reference for this? Thanks.


            1. I can confirm what Barbara said about vitamin C.

              Many years ago I got vitamin C poisoning.
              I bought powder of vit. C/ascorbic acid and followed one of my friends’ advice to take at least 5 grams a day to boost my immune system, whereas the recommended dose on the package was no more than 1 gram a day.

              After a couple of weeks I had vomit, diarrhea, fever and my kidney area started aching atrociously.

              Needless to say, I ended up in hospital and a doctor told me that I nearly lost one of my kidneys, it was just a matter of a day or two.

              I’m done for good with vitamin C. And with friends’ advice on supplements.


              1. I messed around with supplements for a time, but overlooked something obvious – they were upsetting my stomach, meaning that my body was rejecting them. Even vitamin C, said to be the only one that our bodies do not produce naturally, was creating afternoon distress. I gave it all up and feel no ill effects. Supplements is a big industry, every store having shelves loaded with them. How they make them, bloated prices, what the real contents are, are all just another mystery, another scam.

                My diet consists mostly of fat and protein, with greens now and then, as Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories, suggests we need that for vitamin K, and I tend to trust the man. It was his work that got me off pizza, ice cream, donuts, candy bars, soda, bread … and the pounds fell off and I never experience hunger. The results spoke for themselves. His thinner book meant for wider reading, Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It should be required reading in schools.


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        2. “Even vitamin c is a poison called ascorbic acid and is called that because it smells like lemon (citron). But there is no ascorbic acid in lemon. They even put vitamin c to the orange juice as anti oxidant (bacteria killer). And people still think it is healthy to take vitamin c.”

          In Greek, poison/Gift and medicine/Arznei have the same stem: to pharmakó, to pharmáki.

          Popular wisdom: “Die Dosis macht das Gift.” => “Dosage makes it (everything) a poison.”

          I like the taste of apple seeds because of the amygdaline, which our body transforms into cyanic acid (Blausäure), a poison. Apple seeds are said to be poisonous but healthy.

          My stomach doesn’t like to ingest lots of fruit, so I don’t do that.

          I happen to think that beer is not bad for my health, and I drink some regularly, but never a lot of it.

          Eskimos live on a diet of fish and meat, which appears suitable to the climate they inhabit, where fruit and vegetables are not an option. Man is versatile and very adaptive to changes in climate and nutrition, cf. his geographic range on planet Earth.

          Lack of physical exercise and outdoor activity is bad for my body and soul. I do ~25km of running a week and noticed a slowdown and lack of vigour when I had to rely on a virustatikum (Acyclovir) from April through June 2020 due to a so-called viral infection of the eye (keratitis/iritis). The treatment did help and bring a rapid change to the better in the first couple days but I questioned the need to take it for such a long time and repeatedly lowered the dosage against the doctor’s advice. I liked the droplets to put onto the eye but didn’t like the pills at all because they upset my stomach and because I resent the idea of taking pills. I am now questioning what my eye actually suffered from.


      1. In addition to the crucial statement, “They didn’t isolate the virus,” there is one other individual, Peter Daszak, in this segment (noted at the 13:13 time stamp) that should be getting some coverage, but I see him getting overlooked (for the most part) thus far.

        Here is Daszak’s bio:

        I suggest there is more to the story (RE: Daszak/EcoHealth Alliance and COVID) than what is presented in this pertinent article (see link), but it is a good start nonetheless:

        I can attempt to elaborate if readers are interested . . .

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        1. Stephers-
          We are being led down the garden path, and your comment above (and the two links you provided) helps illustrate that.

          Ok, so I read both links. This is a creepy guy with a friendly face, and he has a lot in common with our beloved Doc Fauci. If you haven’t read this paper, please read at least the introductory and closing sections, published Aug 15, 2020. “” Every fake virus in virological history that Jumped ship from animals to humankind (all of them, they coyly say) is brought up herein, but the key points are what Fauci says we must do about it, as Covid-19 is a shot across the bow, and urgent action is needed.

          Fauci’s paper leads us to “there is more to the story” that Stephers referred to (just guessing here). Her first link (her comment above) is to the bio of creepy guy Dr. Peter Daszak. Notice the artwork at the top of the EcoHealth Alliance page, did you know that viruses look like that? A few edibles from his bio:

          “Dr. Daszak’s research has been instrumental in identifying and predicting the origins and impact of emerging diseases across the globe. This includes identifying the bat origin of SARS, the drivers of Nipah virus emergence, publishing the first global emerging disease ‘hotspots’ map, discovering SADS coronavirus, designing a strategy to identify the number of unknown viruses in wildlife”

          “he led the research that produced the first ever global emerging disease ‘hotspots’ map to determine where in the world viruses with pandemic potential are most likely to emerge, and developed a strategy to identify just how many of those viruses currently exist.”

          “Dr. Daszak is…Chair of the NASEM’s Forum on Microbial Threats.”

          “Dr. Daszak is a regular advisor to WHO on pathogen prioritization for R&D.”

          On his bio page, click on the box containing “six steps….” to see the six steps outlined, steps that will ensure that the oncoming viruses will not kill us off.

          How do we know they’re coming? Dr. Daszak says so:
          “”The science is clear: outbreaks of zoonotic viruses are increasing in frequency at alarming rates,” Dr. Daszak said.

          Back to Stephers’ comment (above), the second link reveals $$$ being poured into EcoHealth Alliance from all directions, to the tune of: “total U.S. government funding for EHA to-date stands at $123 million, approximately one third of which comes from the Pentagon directly.”

          In that article, just under the Pentagon pic, is a link to the Global Virome Project, part of EHA, and also headed by Dazsak. Working our way through the site, we come to these two pages, which I list here as must reads:

          “A single lethal microbe can emerge suddenly and spread rapidly to every household and every community without regard to national borders, or to social and economic standing. The SARS, Ebola and Zika outbreaks did little to prepare us for the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world and serves as a clarion call that we are vulnerable to emerging viral threats. Since the mid-20th century, new and deadly diseases have emerged at an alarming rate and the threats from this vast pool of unknown viruses are accelerating exponentially, driven by our expanding population and global travel.”

          (three bullet points of many)
          1.  The Global Virome Project (GVP) Bellagio forum attendees (see list below) support the development of a global alliance to carry forward the GVP, an international effort to identify and characterize, within a decade, 99% of all zoonotic viruses with epidemic/pandemic potential in order to better predict, prevent, and respond to future viral pandemic threats and to protect us all from their worst consequences.
          14. Characterizing the global zoonotic viral diversity and ecology would also result in a wide range of advances in human and animal health, including the development of critical new technologies and diagnostics, risk mitigation strategies, and eventually advances in vaccines and therapeutics. 
          18.  In short, the outcome of the GVP is designed to be the beginning of the end of the Pandemic Era.

          The pasture has been fenced, and the cattle (we) are being herded in. As it is set up now, the entire enclosure is virus; fence, barbed wire, and gate. Chickens are in the news, dogs, cats, swine, because of bird flu, dog flu, cat flu, swine flu, and many unknown and “exotic” microbes on the way. The Global Virome Project informs us there are at least 500,000 (estimated number of undiscovered animal viruses capable of transmission to people) of them, hiding in the edges of the forests, waiting for the right mutation to enable attack. Docs Fauci and Daszak should know.

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            1. OM – This guy from EcoHealth, Dr. Kevin Olival, is one whom I am very interested in: If inclined, you may want to take a look at his work with bat surveillance.

              Additionally (and somewhat tangentially), in a particular study (originally published in 2015):, the researchers note that presumed zoonotic infectious diseases are NOT even that transmissible from human-to-human (that’s presuming it’s even possible at all): “Even with programs such as EPT, prediction of which animal pathogens will become established as globally significant EIDs within the human population still remains beyond our capability. However, pathogens emerging from an animal source are often initially poorly adapted to their new human host in terms of sustained human to human transmission.[20] Mechanisms involved in adaptation are unclear and will presumably be idiosyncratic to the particular emerging pathogen, but have been suggested to impart a requirement for repeated introductions into the human population before a successful adaptation event results in full human adaptation.”

              What I am implying is that researchers admit therein that it would be difficult for a pathogen derived from animal wildlife to continue its transmission among the human population, once it made its magical leap from species to species. I suggest the concept of zoonotic transmission of a pathogen (such as a virus) is a fallacy. That said, I do consider that it could be possible for a self-disseminating “vaccine” (most likely, recombinant and synthetically derived) to be transmissible among a species population, and possibly even from one species to another. Accordingly, that is why I think bats (being highly bio-surveilled and experimented on, particularly in Asia) may possibly be an important factor in this COVID R&D equation (just not aligned with the mainstream narrative). My sense is that scientists (like those at EcoHealth Alliance) have a VERY clear notion of all the movement (utilizing satellite telemetry) within these bat populations, with the potential capability of even steering their movement and “zoonotic” influence.

              Sorry for the long reply, and if it is confusing without greater context.


          1. OM – Thank you, thank you, thank you – for taking the time to check this out, and for elaborating. You’ve gone the extra mile, and I so appreciate it (better than I could have done). On a macro level, I see the approach of Daszak et al. as creating the problem-reaction-solution scenario. They see where they want to go (years ahead of time, in most cases), and therefore, they need to create the problem (or appearance of said problem). I posit that “vaccines” (for any and all diseases – those considered infectious and also non-communicable) and bio-surveillance (down to the cellular and nano level of all living organisms, including humans) are two of their main goals.

            I ran into (or rather, re-connected to) the work of the EcoHealth Alliance, as I have been preparing for my next installment here at POM – with a focus on self-spreading vaccines. I also went back to notes I have from February 2020, at the beginning of this virus event, and the entity had already been popping up – mostly with respect to One Health, USAID, and PREDICT/PREDICT 2. For example, here is one document:
            Here is another document:
            Here is some background on the collaborative players (RE: One Health Global Network):

            The main reason I delved into the work of these groups (mentioned above) back in February 2020 was because I saw an interview on mainstream TV of a man named Frank Wucinski (involved with UKAID) who reported that he had been quarantined, and that his wife is Chinese and was still stuck in Wuhan. In any case, it just so happens his twin brother, Jason Wucinski, works for USAID and a program funded by the CDC. He worked on the PIOET program – which stands for Pandemic Influenza and Other Emerging Threats. I did not see anyone speak to this connection (mainstream, or independent media, or otherwise), but I did take note of it, and I still think it is very relevant. Below are the notes I took, indicating pertinent links:
            (I do not know if all of these links are still active, but I will list them here, and then report back if inactive/dead links)

            See Frank Wucinski:



   (partner with UKAID)


            Meet Jason Wucinski (twin brother of Frank):



            Click to access a01c16e6-d84f-4762-a3bd-9b68debfe604.pdf



  4. Sorry guys, I do not know what the grey box is above, nor how to delete it? I noticed that one of the links above – to the British Council – says “access denied” where it did not say that nearly a year ago.


    1. One of your links was to a PDF, and presto, we all see the PDF. This is perhaps recent? I had it happen to me a couple of weeks ago. If you click on the double arrow upper right, it offers an array of choices.


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